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Suil Eile translated.

FROM PAGE EIGHT THE news from North Korea sends a shudder across the world.

The dictator Kim Jong Un has put his uncle to death as a traitor against the Communist state.

The device of the Court of the Red Tzar, when Stalin was murdering ministers, no one knows who will get the bullet next or what will happen.

Kim Jong Un could wreck the world with nuclear weapons at any time.

For 10 years, while the eyes of the West were on the Yugoslav wars, we didn't notice the growing danger of the Islamists, even the first attack on the Twin Towers.

After 9/11, we woke to a war against terror and al-Qaeda. All that time the balance of power was changing in south Asia.

The map now looks very dangerous. North Korea, a maverick state; the military strength of China growing; Japan seeking nuclear arms, and everyone still seeking vengeance on Japan.

Sailing through the middle between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland, the USA's nuclear fleet.

That is a situation that causes me to shudder.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 16, 2013
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