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Suicide bombers kill 28 in Iraq.

Suicide bombers struck Iraq yesterday, killing at least 28 and wounding dozens more in three attacks on an army recruiting centre, a police convoy and civilians, authorities said. The attacks pushed the death count to over 1,500 people killed in violence since April 28, when Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari announced his Shiite and Kurd-dominated government in a country under attack from an insurgency led by Iraq's Sunni Arab minority.

In the deadliest blast, a man strapped with explosives blew himself up at a west Baghdad airfield now used as a military recruiting centre, police said.

The explosion occurred just before 9am (0600 BST) at the centre, which had been hit several times before by suicide attackers.

Separately, a suicide car bomber rammed into a police convoy near the northern city of Mosul, killing four policemen and wounding three, police said.
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 11, 2005
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