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Suggested Preparation for Careers in Security/Loss Prevention.

This book, which is written by established individuals in the security field, provides a lot of information useful to people interested in careers in security. Fourteen chapters cover specific security career issues, such as career opportunities, future technology, and academic programs. Other chapters deal with specialized topics, such as Department of Defense (DoD) security, fire science, computer security, legal issues, disaster management, and personnel screening.

Each chapter is well written and provides the reader with a good overview of the topic. The chapters are also frank and straightforward, which is crucial for anyone seeking career guidance.

The chapters on specialized subjects of security are informative, and the chapter on DoD security provides an excellent explanation of the topic. These chapters would be useful to individuals teaching security at colleges and vocational schools, and they also make Suggested Preparation for Careers in Security/Loss Prevention useful as a supplemental text for an introduction to security course.

The chapter on risk management and insurance is particularly noteworthy. This chapter does an outstanding job of demonstrating the relationship of insurance and risk management concepts to security and loss prevention. It clearly explains the totality of loss control and the role of security in the loss control process.

The only negative aspect of the book is its vague target audience. Some chapters are appropriate for high school seniors and vocational school students, others for college students, and still others for instructors.

Suggested Preparation for Careers in Security/Loss Prevention is a valuable addition to security literature. For too long career guidance counseling for criminal justice majors has been ignored. This book provides perspective on the opportunities and requirements for careers in security. It is valuable and long overdue.

Reviewer: Christopher A. Hertig, CPP, CPO (Certified Protection Officer), teaches security and criminal justice classes at York College of York, Pennsylvania. He is a member of ASIS and author of Careers in Security and Investigation.
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Author:Hertig, Christopher A.
Publication:Security Management
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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