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Suggest cancer preventive.

Cancer could be drastically reduced if people were not such gluttons and if increasing income and food supply did not overfeed the average person.

This way to reduce the second most common cause of death is advocated in an authoritative publication of the Nutrition Foundation by Dr. Harold P. Rusch, University of Wisconsin professor of oncology, which is the study of tumor growth, and editor of the journal, Cancer Research.

The difficult part about applying this preventive measure is that people would have to be hungry most of the time, or as Dr. Rusch puts it:

"In the opinion of the writer, there is no doubt that a drastic reduction in the incidence of almost all forms of cancer would be achieved if the caloric intake were reduced sufficiently to decrease the weight of all people to slightly below the accepted optimum."

Unfortunately, the kind of diet Dr. Rusch prescribes is usually found only in the very poorest regions of the world, or for a short time in other areas right after a war.

The desire to eat is one of the first to be satisfied when more money and more food are at hand, Dr. Rusch reports, and the average person will not give up the joy of eating just to reduce his chances of getting a tumor, especially since it might not happen even if he becomes a glutton.

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