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Supplementary effects of higher levels of various disaccharides on processing yield, quality properties and sensory attributes of Chinese--style pork jerky. Chen, Chih-Ming; Lin, Hsien-Tang Report Dec 1, 2017 9251
Literature Review & Commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Dec 1, 2017 2554
Inhibition of CD38/Cyclic ADP-ribose Pathway Protects Rats against Ropivacaine-induced Convulsion. Zou, Yu; He, Xin; Peng, Qian-Yi; Guo, Qu-Lian Report Oct 5, 2017 4279
Equine nasopharyngeal cryptococcoma due to Cryptococcus gattii/Criptocoma nasofaringeo equino devido a Cryptococcus gattii. da Cruz, Raquel Aparecida Sales; de Oliveira Reis Ronaldo Viana Leite Filho, Matheus; Goncalves, Mai Oct 1, 2017 2439
Human infection with Burkholderia thailandensis, China, 2013. Chang, Kai; Luo, Jie; Xu, Huan; Li, Min; Zhang, Fengling; Li, Jin; Gu, Dayong; Deng, Shaoli; Chen, M Aug 1, 2017 1520
Cobbler Items Cobbler Shoe Making Iron Stand 01no Cobbler Battali (3.5 Inch) 01 Noscissor (size-10 No.) 0l No.hole Punch (size 0,1,2 &.3) 04 Nos.cutting Player (med. Size) Taparia 01 Nonose Player (8 Inch) Taparia 01 Noscrew Driver (8 Inch) Taparia 0l No. Jul 21, 2017 181
Production, characterization and purification of laccase by yeasts isolated from ligninolytic soil. Wakil, S.M.; Adebayo-Tayo, B.C.; Odeniyi, O.A.; Salawu, K.O.; Eyiolawi, S.A.; Onilude, A.A. Report Jun 1, 2017 12513
European apple canker: morphophysiological variability and pathogenicity in isolates of Neonectria ditissima in southern Brazil/ Cancro europeu da macieira: Variabilidade morfofisiologicas e patogenicidade de isolados de Neonectria ditissima no sul do Brasil. da Silva Campos, Jonatas; Bogo, Amauri; Valdebenito Sanhueza, Rosa Maria; Trezzi Casa, Ricardo; Nasc Ensayo May 1, 2017 6231
Supply Of Drug Items Iron Sucrose Injection 100 Mg Elemental Iron 5 Ml Amp (ferroject 100mg 5ml Inj), Inj. Ferricarboxy Maltose 500 Mg (encicarb 500mg Inj.), Nephrosteril 7% 500 Ml For Haemodialysis. Apr 13, 2017 159
Effect of inhibitors on ethanol production by Pichia stipitis in a complex culture media/Efeito de inibidores na producao de etanol por Pichia stipitis em um meio de cultura complexo. Abud, Ana Karla de Souza; da Silva, Augusto de Souza; de Oliveira Junior, Antonio Martins Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 4366
Effects of dietary carbohydrate sources on growth and body composition of juvenile abalone (Haliotis discus, Reeve). Lee, Ki Wook; Kim, Hyeon Jong; Kim, Hee Sung; Choi, Dong Gyu; Jang, Bok Il; Cho, Sung Hwoan; Min, By Report Apr 1, 2017 5876
Supply Of Xylose Lysine Decarboxylate Agar,lysine Decarboxylate Broth,jordans Tartrate Agar,salicine Medium,4-methylumbelliferyl B-d- Glucuronide (mug) Discs. Sep 30, 2016 134
Supply Of Lactophenol Cotton Blue, Kovacs Indol Regent, India Ink ( For Capsule Staining ), L (+) Arabinose, Ethyl Alcohal ( Ar Grade ). Sep 11, 2016 130
Supply Of Xylose Lysine Decarboxylate Agar Lysine Decarboxylate Brothornithine Decarboxylatebrothargnine Decarboxylate. Sep 4, 2016 168
Empanelment of suppliers for supply of ISS Grade S-30/S-31 Cane Sugar. Jun 8, 2016 124
Designation of semi-skimmed milk suppliers (UHT). Jun 1, 2016 328
Amul pro chacomalt boost protiyum maltose. May 29, 2016 122
Report Published: "Global Ketchup Market 2016-2020". May 27, 2016 498
United States : Ambassador Froman Announces FY 2017 WTO Tariff-Rate Quota Allocations for Raw Cane Sugar, Refined and Specialty Sugar and Sugar-Containing Products. May 27, 2016 565
United States : USDA Increases FY 2016 U.S. Sugar Overall Allotment Quantity and Raw Cane Sugar Import Access. May 18, 2016 620
United States : EPA, MPCA Reach $6 Million Agreement with Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative to Resolve Clean Water Act Violations. May 13, 2016 250
Supply Of Non Catalogue Items Articles :Fentanyl Citrate Inj.(100mcg/2ml),Ferric Carboxy Maltose Inj.(500mg),Gamma Linolenic Acid Tab(8mg),Hair Remover Cream (water Soluble) 25 gram,. May 12, 2016 105
(phno.:33019) ferric carboxy maltose 500mg inj. May 12, 2016 116
Provision of medication. May 10, 2016 133
New, neutral sugars not best for improving health. May 1, 2016 381
Ribose could have formed in space: key sugar in RNA found in lab-made 'interstellar' ices. Crockett, Christopher Apr 30, 2016 698
Osteomeles schwerinae extracts inhibits the binding to receptors of advanced glycation end products and TGF-[beta]1 expression in mesangial cells under diabetic conditions. Kim, Young Sook; Jung, Dong Ho; Lee, Ik-Soo; Pyun, Bo-Jeong; Kim, Jin Sook Report Apr 15, 2016 5446
P&G mouth rinse has cetylpyridinium chloride. Apr 1, 2016 199
Maltose Specifications Analytical Grade or its equivalent Minimum Assay : > 99%. Mar 22, 2016 125
Sugarie hosts event for bloggers and Facebook competition winners. Feb 29, 2016 232
New Report Available: Sucrose Esters Market - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020. Feb 22, 2016 422
Randomised double-blind comparative study of dexmedetomidine and tramadol for prevention of perioperative shivering in transurethral resection of prostate under spinal anaesthesia. Singh, Swati; Verma, Vinod Kumar; Prasad, Chandrakant; Prakash, Jay Clinical report Feb 15, 2016 3378
Ice castles: consumers are being treated like royalty with a next-generation of ices and pops featuring all-natural, simple ingredients. Turcsik, Richard Feb 1, 2016 456
Iron Sucrose Injection 100mg/5ml ,KDLWS/2015-16/IND348. Jan 28, 2016 109
supply of iss grade, s-30 / s-31 cane sugar for a quantity of 9000.0 mts @ 4500.0 mts per month, for two months i.e., february" 2016 & march% 2016 in 50 kg polythene bags on consignment basis at a con. Jan 23, 2016 144
Psychology and inclusive education: teaching, learning and development of students with disturbances/ Psicologia e educacao inclusiva: ensino, aprendizagem e desenvolvimento de alunos com transtornos/ Psicologia y educacion inclusiva: ensenanza, aprendizaje y desarrollo de alumnos con trastornos. Mori, Nerli Nonato Ribeiro Jan 1, 2016 6129
Mild-acid hydrolysis of a native polysulfated fraction from Acanthophora muscoides generates sulfated oligosaccharides displaying in vitro thrombin generation inhibition/Hidrolise acida branda de uma fracao polissulfatada de Acanthophora muscoides gera oligossacarideos sulfatados mostrando inibicao de geracao de trombina in vitro. Rodrigues, Jose Arievilo Gurgel; de Queiroz, Ismael Nilo Lino; Quindere, Ana Luiza Gomes; Benevides, Ensayo Jan 1, 2016 5543
The effects of caffeine supplements on exercise-induced oxidative damages. Zeraatpishe, Akbar; Malekirad, Ali Akbar; Nik-Kherad, Javad; Jafari, Afshar; Babadi, Saeed Yousefi; Dec 1, 2015 3576
Supply of Chemical items and Scientific equipment to SHC, Ballari : Sulphuric acid (CP), Potassium Dichromate, Sucrose (AR), Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Molybdate. Dec 1, 2015 119
Sucrose triggers honeydew preference in the ghost ant, Tapinoma melanocephalum (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Zhou, A.M.; Kuang, B.Q.; Gao, Y.R.; Liang, G.W. Report Dec 1, 2015 5067
Supply of Iron Sucrose (VenoferA). Nov 27, 2015 125
Raw sugar, cane and refined cane or beet sugar (sucrose); molasses (sugar - sand). Nov 27, 2015 101
Ferric carboxy maltose equalent to elemental iron 50 mg /ml in 10 ml vial. Nov 24, 2015 102
Glaukos Submits IND Application to US FDA to Study iDose Travoprost Intraocular Implant in Glaucoma Patients. Nov 19, 2015 554
10.81.1 Sugar - raw, cane and refined cane or beet sugar (sucrose); molasses (sugar - beet in the sand / g, packed /10.81.12-30.10/, vanilla sugar packed /10.81.13-00.00/)Quantity:sugar beet in / g, p. Oct 23, 2015 126
10.81.1 Sugar - raw, cane and refined cane or beet sugar (sucrose); molasses (sugar - beet in the sand / g, packed 1 / 50,0 kg /10.81.12-30.10/)Quantity:7000 kg. Oct 13, 2015 110
MDH Malate Dehydrogenase, cytoplasmic , PRK ribulose-5-P-kinase phosphoribulokinase , Item ,Cat no. AS13 2706 Pack size 50ul Cat no.. AS07 257 Pack size 50ug. Oct 11, 2015 131
Screening, isolation and identification of fresh water microalgae and factors influencing of polysaccharide production. Wongchawalit, Jintanart; Premsuriya, Jiraphan Report Oct 1, 2015 4331
Supply of Iron Sucrose Injection. Sep 19, 2015 107
Effects of post-harvest storage duration and variety on nutrient digestibility and energy content wheat in finishing pigs. Guo, P.P.; Li, P.L.; Li, Z.C.; Stein, H.H.; Liu, L.; Xia, T.; Yang, Y.Y.; Ma, Y.X. Report Sep 19, 2015 6782
Ferricarboxy maltose 500mg inj vial. Sep 18, 2015 468
Inj. ferric carboxy maltose equvalent to elemental iron 50 mg. per ml , vial of 10 ml. Sep 10, 2015 255
The mathematics of replacing sugar. Aug 24, 2015 2320
Mannitol as effective as d-mannose in treating urinary tract infections. Jul 1, 2015 660
Low-FODMAPs diet improves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 250
Risky sugar. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 185
Fericarboxy maltose 500mg inj vial. May 9, 2015 467
Quality harvesting in the basement cut of sugarcane soil management systems/ Qualidade do corte basal na colheita mecanizada de cana-de-acucar em dois tipos de manejo do solo. dos Reis, Gustavo Naves; Voltarelli, Murilo Aparecido; da Silva, Rouverson Pereira; de Toledo, Ander Apr 1, 2015 5881
WHO calls for sugar reduction. Apr 1, 2015 334
Inj. ferric carboxy maltose equvalent to elemental iron 50 mg. per ml. encicarb , vial of 10 ml. Mar 9, 2015 242
Artificial sweeteners: safe or unsafe. Feb 28, 2015 2345
Study of virulence factors in uropathogenic escherichia coli. Vijayalakshmi, J.; Hymavathi, R.; Devi, A. Renuka; Ramanamma, M.V.; Swarnalatha, G.; Surekha, A.; La Jan 26, 2015 2857
Corn Syrup More Harmful Than Sugar. Jan 7, 2015 339
Table sugar less toxic than fructose. Jan 6, 2015 138
PU scientists discover thermo-acidophilic enzyme. Nov 24, 2014 224
Low-disaccharide diet effective against crohn's disease. Gaby, Alan R. Nov 1, 2014 943
Local response rates on variable-ratio schedules of wheel-running reinforcement are relatively invariant compared to sucrose. BeIke, Terry W.; Kervin, Emily K.; Kervin, Lauren B.; Craig, Bethany P.; Ferdinand, Justin C.H.; Hen Report Sep 1, 2014 6007
Bioenergy Life Science (BLS). Sep 1, 2014 261
Gene Cloning and Characterization of a Type II Pullulanase Hydrolase from a Hyperthermophilic Archaeon Pyrobaculum calidifontis. Siddiqui, Masood Ahmed; Habib-ur-Rehman; Rashid, Naeem Report Aug 31, 2014 3381
Drug induced hypoglycemic coma in a nondiabetic with chronic liver disease: a case report of drug dispensing error. Baradol, Krishna M.; Ladhad, Dharmesh A. Aug 28, 2014 1501
Effects of L-proline on the growth performance, and blood parameters in weaned lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-challenged pigs. Kang, Ping; Zhang, Lili; Hou, Yongqing; Ding, Binying; Yi, Dan; Wang, Lei; Zhu, Huiling; Liu, Yulan; Report Aug 1, 2014 5342
Effects of xylanase supplementation on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and non-starch polysaccharide degradation in different sections of the gastrointestinal tract of broilers fed wheat-based diets. Zhang, L.; Xu, J.; Lei, L.; Jiang, Y.; Gao, F.; Zhou, G.H. Report May 22, 2014 5447
Dr. Wright does it again: D-mannose for UTI prophylaxis validated in a clinical trial. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial May 1, 2014 935
Investigation of an alimentation system in premature newborns from gustatory stimulation /Investigacao de um sistema de alimentacao em recem-nascidos prematuros a partir de estimulacao gustativa. Medeiros, Andrea Monteiro Correia; Alvelos, Conceicao Lima; de Sa, Thalyta Prata Leite; Barros, Alan Clinical report May 1, 2014 6498
The effect of mannose-6-phosphate in reducing transforming growth factor proliferation of McCoy fibroblast cells. Wilson, Gerri A.; Black, David A.; Tucci, Michelle A.; Benghuzzi, Ham A. Report Apr 1, 2014 2612
Cambodia Sugar Industry Profile. Mar 31, 2014 2236
Bioenergy life science, Inc. The ribose company[TM]. Mar 1, 2014 427
The effect of fluoride toothpaste on root dentine demineralization progression: a pilot study. Botelho, Juliana Nunes; Cury, Altair Antoninha Del Bel; da Silva, Wander Jose; Tenuta, Livia Maria A Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 2948
Supply of Iron Sucrose (Venofer). Nov 12, 2013 147
Sugar support now costs millions ... Oct 7, 2013 109
Formula polymeric specified for patient with kidney disease and dialysis. Liquid form, with disaccharides. Oct 5, 2013 104
Fructose may be key to weight gain. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Oct 5, 2013 145
Kyrgyzstan may completely provide itself with sugar, Economy Minister says. Oct 1, 2013 193
The scoop on Stevia and other sugar substitutes and alternatives. Oct 1, 2013 881
Infestation of Diatraea spp. Lima, Hully Monaisy Alencar; Rodrigues, Vanessa de Melo; Duarte, Alexandre Guimaraes; de Araujo, Jos Oct 1, 2013 3974
30% import duty on cane sugar not to affect prices -- Association of Suppliers. Sep 17, 2013 183
Effects of low level water-soluble pentosans, alkaline-extractable pentosans, and xylanase on the growth and development of broiler chicks. Sheng, Q.K.; Yang, L.Q.; Zhao, H.B.; Wang, X.L.; Wang, K. Report Sep 1, 2013 7426
Netherlands : Abolition of EU Sugar Quota Future looks sweet for competitive producers. Aug 7, 2013 435
Development of sugar industry in Indonesia. Aug 1, 2013 8051
Fructose fever. Vaughn, Art; Antonucci, Robert Letter to the editor Jul 13, 2013 161
Brew notes. Jul 8, 2013 1147
A supplement for heart failure? Sands, Art Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2013 135
Supplementing transglucosidase with a high-fiber diet for prevention of postprandial hyperglycemia in streptozotocin-induced diabetic dogs. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 276
Action of transglucosidase from Aspergillus niger on maltoheptaose and [U-(13)C]maltose. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 164
Canada : XYLITOL CANADA finishes demonstration of cellulosic xylose process. Jun 21, 2013 117
TRIOSE Inc. Awarded a Third Party Freight Management Agreement with the Premier Healthcare Alliance. Jun 4, 2013 425
Spherix Incorporated to develop and market D-tagatose with ChromaDex. May 3, 2013 206
Trailer semiosis from advertising to aesthetic experience/As semioses do trailer da publicidade a experiencia estetica. da Silva, Alexandre Rocha; Iuva, Patricia de Oliveira May 1, 2013 7837
Sweet nothings. Jacobson, Michael F. Mar 1, 2013 477
Your brain on fructose. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 137
Novel to distribute D-mannose, quercetin. Mar 1, 2013 196
Research and Markets: Cane Sugar Refining Industry - 2013 Edition: Industry's Revenue for the Year 2011 Was Reported At $2.7 Billion USD. Feb 27, 2013 364
Antitrypanosomal compounds from the essential oil and extracts of keetia leucantha leaves with inhibitor activity on trypanosoma brucei glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase. Bero, J.; Beaufay, C.; Hannaert, V.; Herent, M.-F.; Michels, P.A.; Quetin-Leclercq, J. Report Feb 15, 2013 4829
Artificial sweetener and table sugar may not increase fatty liver disease. Feb 13, 2013 256
Should Pepsi and Coke Kick High Fructose Corn Syrup For Sugar? It Probably Makes No Difference. Feb 13, 2013 825
New uses for sugar beet pulp. Bliss, Rosalie Marion Jan 1, 2013 524
All sugar is not the same--this kind harms your brain. Jan 1, 2013 843
Verdezyne's Xylose Isomerase Technology Acquired by DuPont Industrial Biosciences. Dec 17, 2012 431
Proterro Secures $3.5 Million in New Funding To Advance Development of Its Non-crop-based, Noncellulosic Sucrose for Biofuels and Biobased Chemicals. Dec 17, 2012 992
Comparison of soil microorganism abundance and diversity in stands of European aspen (Populus tremula L.) and hybrid aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx. x P. tremula L.)/Mulla mikroorganismide arvukuse ja mitmekesisuse vordlus hariliku haava (Populus tremula L.) ning hubriidhaava (Populus tremuloides Michx. x P. tremula L.) puistutes. Grantina-Ievina, Lelde; Saulite, Dace; Zeps, Martins; Nikolajeva, Vizma; Rostoks, Nils Report Dec 1, 2012 11490
Request of registration in the suppliers and mass transportation contractors lists for the year 2013 for transporting +/- 450,000 tons of beet sugar during the year 2013 from different governorates (i.e. Shakeyya, Alexandria, Kafr El Sheikh, Menia, Behira. Nov 23, 2012 143
Ribose increases energy 61% in CFS/fibromyalgia: a multicenter study. Teitelbaum, Jacob Report Oct 1, 2012 2691
Restoring cellular energy metabolism. Stokel, Kirk Report Oct 1, 2012 3662
Antioxidant capacity of phytic acid purified from rice bran/Capacidade antioxidante do acido fitico purificado de farelo de arroz. Canan, Cristiane; Delaroza, Fernanda; Casagrande, Rubia; Baracat, Marcela Maria; Shimokomaki, Massam Oct 1, 2012 4731
Zulka[R] Pure Cane Sugar Announces Non-GMO Project Verification. Sep 21, 2012 517
Zulka[R] Pure Cane Sugar Announces New Product Packaging. Sep 12, 2012 522
How sweet it is. Schwarcz, Joe Sep 1, 2012 689
Monitoring seasonal changes in microbial populations of spruce forest soil of the Northern Temperate Zone/Sesoonsed muutused parasvootme kuusemetsa mulla mikroobikoosluses. Grantina, Lelde; Bondare, Gunta; Janberga, Anna; Tabors, Guntis; Kasparinskis, Raimonds; Nikolajeva, Report Sep 1, 2012 8965
What's the difference? health focus. Aug 28, 2012 130
Research and Markets: Cane Sugar Refining Industry in the U.S. and its International Trade [2012 Q3 Edition]. Aug 2, 2012 527
'Six sugars' diet offers hope for people who can't digest fructose. Jul 8, 2012 498
Effects of fructose on the brain. Brief article Jun 22, 2012 204
Sucrose and menthol offer sweet and minty relief for cough. Jun 12, 2012 507
Can sugar make you stupid? Jun 8, 2012 547
Can sugar make you stupid? Jun 8, 2012 547
Research study questions fruit sugar role in hypertension. Jun 5, 2012 476
Omega XL Announces New Study: High Sugar Diet Sabotages Memory, Omega-3's Can Offset Damage. Jun 4, 2012 732
FDA approval for Arteriocyte's Magellan technology. Jun 4, 2012 150
Honest Tea introduces fresh brewed iced tea for food service retailers. Jun 1, 2012 243
Sensitivity, specificity and diagnostic efficiency of serum sialic acid as a biochemical marker in alcohol abuse. Arumalla, Veerendra Kumar; Narender, G.; Kathaini, R.; Pullaiah, A. Report Jun 1, 2012 2156
Binging on sweets may make you stupid. May 16, 2012 755
High fructose intake may up risk of liver disease in obese and diabetics. May 3, 2012 637
Impact of silver thiosulfate and sucrose solution on the vase life of rose cut flower Cv. Cardinal. Hayat, Sikandar; Amin, Noor Ul; Khan, Muhammad Ali; Soliman, Tarek M.A.; Nan, Ma; Hayat, Kashif; Ahm Report May 1, 2012 5256
The effect of pectolytic enzyme treatments of Merlot red grape mashes on the microbiological quality of wines. Mojsov, Kiro Report May 1, 2012 2494
Sweetener suppliers engaged in dispute. Apr 16, 2012 273
The CR way[TM] to great glucose control. BMcGlothin, Paul; Averill, Meredith Report Apr 1, 2012 1848
Identificacion inmunohistoquimica de transportadores de glucosa intestinal y absorcion de glucosa durante el desarrollo y maduracion del intestino delgado de crias de alpacas. Rodriguez G., Jose; Cueva M., Sergio; Lira M., Boris; Espinoza B., Juan; , Maria Vasquez C. Report Apr 1, 2012 4686
AMAG Pharmaceuticals Announces Preliminary Results from its Phase III Study Evaluating Feraheme Compared to IV Iron Sucrose in Patients with Iron Deficiency Anemia. Mar 7, 2012 1859
Change your sweets. Mar 1, 2012 257
Calcium binding to S. mutans grown in the presence or absence of sucrose. Leitao, Tarcisio Jorge; Tenuta, Livia Maria Andalo; Ishi, Guilherme; Cury, Jaime Aparecido Mar 1, 2012 2956
Arcadia Biosciences and United States Sugar Corporation Enter Into Agreement to Develop Nitrogen Use Efficient and Water Efficient Sugar Cane. Feb 16, 2012 615
Research and Markets: 2012 Report on the $7 Billion US Sugar Manufacturing Industry - Major Companies Include American Crystal Sugar, Imperial and Florida Crystals. Industry overview Feb 16, 2012 370
Danshen-Gegen decoction protects against hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced apoptosis by inhibiting mitochondrial permeability transition via the redox-sensitive ERK/Nrf2 and PKC8/mKATP pathways in H9c2 cardiomyocytes. Chin, Po Yee; Leung, Hoi Yan; Leong, Pou Kuan; Chen, Na; Zhou, Limin; Zuo, Zhong; Lam, Philip Y.; Ko Report Feb 15, 2012 6953
Specific Salmonella detection with Lab M. Geographic overview Feb 1, 2012 202
2 common sweeteners in diets differ in their effects on body. Jan 24, 2012 427
New uses for sugar beet pulp. Dec 22, 2011 254
The truth is slow as molasses. Dec 3, 2011 676
AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces Positive Data from the FIRST Trial, A Head-to-Head Comparison Trial of Ferumoxytol (Feraheme[R]) Compared to Iron Sucrose. Nov 12, 2011 1384
Effects of carbohydrate and water temperature on nutrient and energy digestibility of juvenile and grower rockfish, Sebastes schlegeli. Lee, Sang-Min; Pham, Minh Anh Report Nov 1, 2011 4164
Egypt sugar beet, cane planting area seen steady: paper. Oct 27, 2011 280
Comparative investigation of monosaccharides and sugar alcohols in mistletoes (Viscum album L.) from different host trees. Kohl, Mira; Backer, Christian; Wurster, Martina; Lindequista, Ulrike; Meyer, Ulrich; Stintzing, Flor Report Oct 15, 2011 351
Dr Pepper Snapple Group to Dublin Bottler: Honor the Agreement You Signed. Aug 10, 2011 568
Research and Markets: Cane Sugar Refining Industry in the US and its International Trade [2011 Q3 Edition] - The Industry's Revenue for the Year 2010 Was Approximately $3.0 Billion USD. Jul 25, 2011 459
Dairy-free pud is a real treat. Recipe Jul 5, 2011 305
Tissue culture technique as new approach to combat Striga Hermonthica. Hassan, M.M.; Osman, M.G.; Ahmed, M.M. Mohammed; Abdalaleem, Kh.G.; Abdel gain, M.E.; Babiker, A.G.T Report Jul 1, 2011 2909
Comparative advantages of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa in sugar manufacturing over other parts of Pakistan. Aurangzeb, M. Jul 1, 2011 5077
Sucrose synthase, ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase and aldolase levels in relation to grain development of wheat. Houshmandfar, Alireza; Asli, Davood Eradatmand; Eghdami, Anoosh Report Jun 1, 2011 2856
The effect of energy supplementation on intake and utilisation efficiency of urea-treated low-quality roughage in sheep I. rumen digestion and feed intake. Migwi, P.K.; Godwin, I.; Nolan, J.V.; Kahn, L.P. Report May 1, 2011 9021
Astarta beet sugar production. May 1, 2011 158
Arterial scurvy: a unified theory of the etiology, prevention, and reversal of coronary atherosclerosis. Levy, Thomas E. Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2011 10353
A novel method for determining the nutritional condition of seed green-lipped mussels, Perna canaliculus. Sim-Smith, Carina J.; Jeffs, Andrew G. Report Apr 1, 2011 4407
Teaching principles of experimental design while testing optimal foraging theory. Schwagmeyer, P.L.; Strickler, Stephanie A. Report Apr 1, 2011 3538
Douglas Laboratories obtains exclusive distribution rights of Corvalen D-Ribose for health-care practitioner market. Apr 1, 2011 509
Sweetener Showdown. Canning, Kathie Apr 1, 2011 1810
Supply of (a) 1,680 tons white crystal cane sugar, (b) 1,680 tons natural wide grain rice of not more than 12 % break component, (c) 1,680 tons macaroni per specs & (d) 840,000 bottles of 0.75 Kg size of mixed edible oil. Mar 17, 2011 166
Egypt raises procurement prices for key crops. Mar 3, 2011 508
Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. Mar 1, 2011 411
Identification of some biologically active compounds in the hemolymph of honey-bee (Apis mellifera carpatica) by chemical and chromatographical means. Nicolae-Daniel, Condur; Petruiga, Dumitru; Iga, Sylvia; Nicolae, Velicu; Petrut, Tanase; Duica, Flor Report Mar 1, 2011 914
Research concerning carbohydrate composition and electrical conductivity of different monofloral honeys from Romania. Tudor, Aneta Laura; Simion, Violeta-Elena; Galis, Ana Maria Report Mar 1, 2011 2722
Adding trehalose improves physical, sensory properties of smoked frozen sausages. Feb 1, 2011 381
Ileal digestibility of amino acids in conventional and low-Kunitz soybean products fed to weanling pigs. Goebel, K.P.; Stein, H.H. Report Jan 1, 2011 6052
Using the model SiB 2 in assessing the dynamics of soil water between an cultivation of sugar cane and a tropical Atlantic rainforest/Utilizacao do modelo SiB 2 na avaliacao da dinamica da agua do solo entre o cultivo de cana-de-acucar e a floresta tropical Atlantica. Andreoti, Eduardo Claudio Jan 1, 2011 1662
New yeast strain 'cuts major drawbacks of biofuel production methods'. Dec 28, 2010 364
Polygonatum cyrtonema lectin induces murine fibrosarcoma L929 cell apoptosis via a caspase-dependent pathway as compared to Ophiopogon japonicus lectin. Zhang, Zi-Ting; Peng, Hao; Li, Chun-Yang; Liu, Jun-Jie; Zhou, Ting-Ting; Yan, Yi-Fang; Li, Yan; Bao, Report Dec 15, 2010 4885
Bioengineers develop bacterial strain to hike ethanol biofuel production. Dec 10, 2010 342
Enzymatic variations among different species of marine macroalgae from Okha Port, Gulf of Kutch, India. Kumar, J.I. Nirmal; Chakraborty, Sudeshna; Kumar, Rita N.; Amb, Manmeet Kaur; Bora, Anubhuti Dec 1, 2010 3572
Research and Markets: US Sugar Manufacturing Report: 40 Companies such as Imperial Sugar and American Crystal Sugar with Combined Annual Revenue of About $7 Billion. Nov 26, 2010 368
Avaliacao de uma chave de identificacao simplificada para Staphylococcus coagulase-positivos isolados de mastite bovina. Marcio da Costa, Geraldo; Vilela Paiva, Luciano; Hilsdorf Piccoli, Roberta; Junqueira Figueiredo, De Oct 1, 2010 2073
Research and Markets: The 2011 Import and Export Market for Raw Cane Sugar in Ecuador. Oct 1, 2010 455
Effects of rosemary extract on the stability of the acerola frozen pulp/Efeito do extrato de alecrim na estabilidade da polpa de acerola congelada. da Silva, Quesia Jemima; Maciel, Maria Ines Sucupira; Melo, Enayde de Almeida; de Lima, Vera Lucia A Oct 1, 2010 3690
Frying quality of potato, with regard to reducing sugar and nonreducing sugar, during storage at room temperature/Qualidade de batata para fritura, em funcao dos niveis de acucares redutores e nao-redutores, durante o armazenamento a temperatura ambiente. de Quadros, Diomar Augusto; Iung, Mauricio Cesar; Ferreira, Sila Mary Rodrigues; de Freitas, Renato Oct 1, 2010 2945
Isolation, phylogeny and characterization of new [alpha]-amylase producing thermophilic Bacillus sp. from the Jazan region, Saudi Arabia. Alamri, Saad A. Oct 1, 2010 3536
Effect of different carbohydrates sources on the formation of cormlets of economic important plant: Gladiolus Pacifica. Ojha, Ashish; Sharma, Vinay; Sharma, V.N.; Rawat, Anita Sep 1, 2010 1743
Adolescencia e psicose: traumatismo e violencia do pubertario. Matos do Amparo, Deise; Tarouquella R. Brasil, Katia; dos Santos Wolff, Lana Report Sep 1, 2010 6195
High performance UV/Vis spectrophotometer. Aug 1, 2010 296
First isolation and characterization of a novel lectin with potent antitumor activity from a Russula mushroom. Zhang, G.; Sun, J.; Wang, H.; Ng, T.B. Report Aug 1, 2010 6202
Research and Markets: US Sugar Manufacturing Industry Report: 40 Companies such as American Crystal Sugar and Imperial Sugar with Combined Annual Revenue of $7 Billion. Jul 12, 2010 368
American Sugar confirms Tate & Lyle's European sugar ops buy. Jul 1, 2010 139
Sustaining their industry: sugar growers provide textbook example of how co-ops position members for new opportunities. Reynolds, Bruce J. Cover story Jul 1, 2010 2271
Efecto de la presion de vacio, solidos solubles totales y tiempo de procesamiento sobre la deshidratacion osmotica de rebanadas de melon. Chaparro, Luis; Soto, Naudy; Garcia, Tonny; Gutierrez, Julio; Palmero, Jhonny Report Jul 1, 2010 3349
Research and Markets: Updated Report on the $2.6 Billion Cane Sugar Refining Industry in the U.S. and Its International Trade [2010 Edition]. Report Jun 15, 2010 385
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A Shining Moment for Naturally Sweet Couples. Sep 15, 2009 746
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Fairtrade sees a sweet success in UK as iconic firm Tate & Lyle becomes latest logo converts. Feb 27, 2008 216
Torani introduces two new sweeteners--Cane Sugar sweetener and Sugar Free sweetener. Jan 1, 2008 83
Adventist Health System Installs the EndoTool(TM) Glucose Management System. Oct 18, 2007 477
Increasing Prevalence of Diabetes Creates High Growth Potential for Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Devices in Asia Pacific. Oct 11, 2007 626
Home Diagnostics, Inc. Connects with Microsoft HealthVault. Oct 4, 2007 420
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CSPI, corn refiners defend corn syrup. Sep 24, 2007 380
Metabasis Therapeutics Presents Promising Preclinical Results with Its Novel Glucagon Antagonist for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. Sep 17, 2007 696
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