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Agriculture department introduces low cost, improved variety of sugarcane. Jul 8, 2021 557
Agriculture deptt introduces low cost, improved variety of sugarcane. Jul 8, 2021 556
The rise of the water-guzzling crop. Jun 28, 2021 1168
Governor Punjab signs law to protect sugar cane farmers' rights. Jun 25, 2021 273
Agriculture sector witnessed 2.77% growth, livestock 3.06% in FY 2020-21. Jun 11, 2021 581
PM's intervention brings direct benefit of around Rs. 90 billion to sugarcane growers. Jun 9, 2021 566
Commissioner to appear before court directed. Jun 9, 2021 343
Mechanisation of Southeast Asia's sugar cane harvest, including Cambodia, gains ground. Jun 5, 2021 706
Farmers reject new Sugar Act. Jun 1, 2021 530
Farmer bodies blame PA secretariat for 'secret' changes to sugarcane law. Jun 1, 2021 461
Tando Allahyar's sugarcane and politics. May 31, 2021 1303
First record of Dysmicoccus boninsis Kuwana, 1909 (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) on sugarcane in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Sturza, V.S.; Peronti, A.L.B.G.; Nava, D.E. May 21, 2021 1748
Photo-Fenton Process Using Fe(III) Ions from Modified Sugarcane Bagasse for Reactive Black 5 Dye (RB5) Removal. de Almeida, Aline Rafaela; Pessoa, Christiana Andrade; Tiburtius, Elaine Regina Lopes; Fujiwara, Ser Report May 15, 2021 6082
Minimum cane price, import cuts will sweeten Kenyan Sugar. May 14, 2021 953
Migori bans heavy cane hauling tractors after bridge collapses. May 13, 2021 307
Cabinet okays THB6-billion subsidy to further reduce burning of sugarcane fields. May 12, 2021 227
Sugar output hits 1.849MMT in April-SRA. May 10, 2021 503
Bugiri Sugar factory gives outgrowers hope for better cane prices. May 2, 2021 1785
Inside Nigeria's new Sugar City in Kwara. Apr 27, 2021 1574
Dilemma of sugar and Indus riverine areas. Apr 24, 2021 953
Sugarcane farmers face heavy losses as millers renege on deal. Apr 21, 2021 329
Millers fear default on sugarcane dues, duties. Apr 14, 2021 543
Over 75, 000 bio-agent control cards provided to sugarcane growers under NAEP. Apr 13, 2021 336
web header; A Quilombo is a Brazilian hinterland settlement founded by people of African origin who call themselves Quilombolas. The 28 remaining families of Quilombo Senhor do Bonfim in the northeast state of Paraiba lived practically isolated for some 90 years until 2003 when a local organisation supported them to gain recognition as slave descendants. Most of the Quilombolas were escaped slaves who settled with their families in remote regions of Brazil. For nearly a century with no ownership of the land they lived in a regime similar to forced labor, working 18 hours a day in sugar cane fields in exchange for housing and food. May East Apr 13, 2021 587
Over 75,000 bio-agent control cards provided to sugarcane growers under NAEP. Apr 12, 2021 335
Production targets set for kharif crops. Apr 9, 2021 375
Farmers advised to use balanced herbicides, fertilizers in sugarcane crops. Apr 8, 2021 250
Agri implements distributed to sugarcane farmers. Apr 3, 2021 167
Sweet news for sugarcane farmers with earnings set to rise. Mar 31, 2021 382
Cane farmers want update on revival of Mumias. Mar 29, 2021 463
Ordinance protecting sugarcane growers expires. Mar 24, 2021 191
Ordinance protecting sugarcane growers lapses. Amjad Mahmood Mar 24, 2021 404
UPLB's Nutrio biofertilizer improves sugarcane yield --DOST. Mar 22, 2021 382
Mill owners evading tax showing less sugar production: Farmers body. MUHAMMAD AKRAM CHAUDHRY Mar 22, 2021 213
PSMA links sugar price raise to rupee devaluation, hike in taxes. Mar 21, 2021 493
Why mills produced less sugar despite record sugarcane production? Mar 21, 2021 193
Farmers advised to use balance fertilizers to increase sugarcane production. Mar 20, 2021 187
Awareness seminar held for lucrative Sugar cane production, increasing per acre yield. Mar 19, 2021 252
Experts find nanofertizer FertiGroe increases nutrient, reduces production costs of sugarcane. Mar 14, 2021 444
Help farmers on sugar imports, prices, Munya told. Mar 13, 2021 272
Greensill, from sugar cane fields to international empire and finally insolvency. Andrew Rosenbaum Mar 9, 2021 714
Fluid Quip Technologies to supply Flex Plant System to SA[pounds sterling]o Martinho's Boa Vista sugarcane ethanol facility. Mar 5, 2021 166
Poor transport frustrates supply of sugarcane to Atiak. Feb 19, 2021 535
Traditional 'Lali Gur' trade continues in Brahmanbaria. Feb 17, 2021 560
Sugar likely to cross Rs100 a kg. Mohammad Hussain Khan Feb 17, 2021 1014
LHC allows growers to sell sugarcane to other provinces. Feb 13, 2021 195
LHC allows growers to sell sugarcane to other provinces. Feb 13, 2021 193
LHC allows growers to sell sugarcane to other provinces. Feb 12, 2021 359
Mid February to mid March best suitable time for Baharia sugarcane cultivation. Feb 10, 2021 507
Livestock deptt warns farmers not to feed harmful sugarcane press mud to animals. Feb 8, 2021 157
Livestock deptt warns farmers not to feed harmful sugarcane press mud to animals. Feb 8, 2021 157
Mills challenge export of sugarcane decision in court. Feb 7, 2021 218
Feb 15 deadline: Mills' move to wind up crushing panics growers. Feb 6, 2021 331
Oldest K-P sugar mill closed down. Feb 5, 2021 401
Raw sugar output up 10.65% to 765,021 MT in JanuaryA-SRA. Feb 4, 2021 628
Cane commissioner allows inter-province sugarcane movement. Feb 2, 2021 398
Sugarcane farming continues to produce bitter produce in Western. Jan 31, 2021 1393
Experts recommend sugarcane consumption for boosting immunity, preventing cancer, others. Jan 31, 2021 528
Farmers to avail Rs 5000/acr subsidy on sugarcane cultivation. Jan 24, 2021 191
NEPRA is sleeping. Jan 22, 2021 266
0.85m tonnes sugar to be imported tax-free. Jan 18, 2021 715
False statement of PSMA. Jan 15, 2021 301
Ministry unravels sugar mills' bid to jack up rates. Jan 15, 2021 556
Minister reviews matters of sugarcane growers. Jan 14, 2021 239
Cane growers raise alarm over impending sugar importation. Jan 14, 2021 668
11 booked for setting up illegal sugarcane procurement centres. Jan 11, 2021 549
PSMA seeks PM's intervention in sugarcane procurement. Jan 10, 2021 486
Sugar sector stakeholders at loggerheads over cane price. Jan 10, 2021 969
Sugar prices likely to go further up as advisory board fails to fix sugarcane value. Jan 9, 2021 722
Millers accuse growers of holding sugar cane crop. Jan 5, 2021 718
Govt seeks applications to offer subsidy to sugarcane growers. Dec 31, 2020 191
Govt seeks applications to offer subsidy to sugarcane growers. Dec 31, 2020 191
Short Communication - Impact of Two Attending Ants, Crematogaster subnuda and Camponotus compressus(Hymenoptera: Formicidae), on the Parasitism of Sugarcane Aphid Melanaphis sacchari(Zehnt.). Report Dec 31, 2020 1769
Applications invited from sugarcane growers for subsidy. Dec 30, 2020 290
KP govt directs ensuring sugarcane crushing, flour availability. Dec 29, 2020 410
Call for expediting work on sugar panel report. Dec 21, 2020 276
Seven suspects to be indicted in sugarcane subsidy scam on Jan 7. Dec 17, 2020 305
Three mills closed due to lack of sugarcane supply. Dec 15, 2020 650
Agricultural sector expected to grow over 2.8pc: report. Dec 12, 2020 731
Cane molasses production in full swing as winter comes to Tangail. Dec 8, 2020 436
Rahim Yar Khan: riding the cane bandwagon. Dec 7, 2020 998
White sugar production hits 102,000 tonnes a year. Dec 4, 2020 288
Govt directs DCs to check 'off book' of sugarcane buying. Dec 4, 2020 232
Sugar millers want wheat procurement-like policy. Dec 3, 2020 464
Sugarcane growers protest for issuance of their outstanding dues. Abdullah Panhwar Dec 3, 2020 153
259 sugarcane growers get payments. Dec 2, 2020 234
Local sugar industry calls for fair competition. Dec 2, 2020 1055
MPs quash rules to shield farmers from cane cartels. Nov 25, 2020 428
House Agri Committee to hold hearings on bill seeking amendments to Sugarcane Industry Development Act. Nov 23, 2020 400
UAF to auction sugarcane crops on December 1-3. Nov 22, 2020 190
UAF to auction sugarcane crops on December 1-3. Nov 22, 2020 190
Millers threaten closures in face of cane shortages. Kalbe Ali Nov 21, 2020 342
Sugar millers express concern over cane shortage. Nov 20, 2020 395
Farmers call for extension of Comesa import safeguards. Nov 19, 2020 561
Punjab cabinet approves minimum support price of sugarcane. Nov 18, 2020 708
100pc scholarships for minority students: CM Cabinet fixes Rs200/40kg support price of sugarcane. Nov 18, 2020 512
Punjab cabinet approves minimum support price of sugarcane. Nov 18, 2020 660
Millers in race for cane crop as sugar rate in retail market remains high. Mohammad Hussain Khan Nov 17, 2020 860
Sugar mills begin production. Nov 15, 2020 634
Action demanded against mafia involved in illegal purchase of sugarcane. Nov 14, 2020 259
LHC withdraws stay order against sugarcane crushing season start. Nov 11, 2020 309
DC directs Food Dept to keep liaison with farmers during sugarcane crushing. Nov 10, 2020 247
Sugar millers call for ban on third party purchase of sugarcane. Nov 7, 2020 325
Sugar millers call for ban on third party purchase of sugarcane. Nov 7, 2020 365
Farmers petition Senate to stop sugar cane zoning. Nov 5, 2020 447
Siraj asks govt to immediately announce increase in support price of wheat, sugarcane and other major crops. Nov 5, 2020 348
LHC suspends notification for start of sugarcane crushing season in Punjab. Nov 5, 2020 265
Siraj calls for increase in support price of wheat, sugarcane. Nov 5, 2020 338
SAI demands fixing of sugar cane price at Rs300/40kg. Nov 4, 2020 371
Farmers converging at Thokar for 'decisive' sit-in PKI wants govt to fix wheat, sugarcane prices at Rs2,000 and Rs300. Nov 4, 2020 382
Sugarcane farmers want Nzoia MD removed over non-payment. Nov 2, 2020 458
Sindh govt enhances wheat support price to Rs2000 per 40 kg. Oct 30, 2020 1057
Cabinet fixes wheat support price at Rs2,000 per 40kg. Tahir Siddiqui Oct 30, 2020 666
Sindh cabinet fixes wheat procurement price at Rs2000/40 kg, sugarcane price at Rs 202/40 kg. Oct 30, 2020 874
Cabinet fixes wheat, sugarcane prices. Oct 30, 2020 802
Sindh cabinet fixes wheat procurement price at Rs2000/40 kg, sugarcane price at Rs202/40 kg. Oct 29, 2020 870
Sugar-cane board meeting ends without reaching any decision. Oct 24, 2020 1153
Sugarcane production swells across Pakistan. Oct 23, 2020 611
Sugar-cane board meeting ends without reaching any decision. Oct 23, 2020 1159
Production of Sugarcane, rice increase: FCA told. Oct 23, 2020 559
Production of sugarcane, rice increase: FCA. Oct 23, 2020 233
Sugar-cane board meeting ends without deciding price of sweetener. Mohammad Hussain Khan Oct 22, 2020 1114
Cabinet prepares bitter pill for sugar mafia. Oct 21, 2020 744
Meeting held to resolve sugarcane growers' issues regarding millers. Oct 20, 2020 316
Cordillera rural workers aided by DOST in new sugarcane equipment test run. Oct 19, 2020 170
Punjab CM approves to fix minimum price of sugarcane at Rs200 per maund. Oct 18, 2020 168
Punjab govt closely monitoring wheat, sugar situation. Oct 17, 2020 456
Rights of sugarcane growers to be safeguarded: Usman Buzdar. Oct 17, 2020 185
CM chairs meeting to fix sugarcane price. Oct 17, 2020 191
Punjab fixes sugarcane price at Rs 200 per maund. Oct 17, 2020 191
Punjab govt sets sugarcane price at Rs200 per maund. Oct 16, 2020 222
Meeting of sugar-cane board postponed, to be held on Oct 20. Oct 14, 2020 724
Sugarcane growers asked to have bank accounts. Oct 9, 2020 251
Punjab cabinet decisions. Oct 8, 2020 781
SCA demands Rs.300 per 40 kg rate for sugarcane crop, starting cane crushing from November 1. Oct 4, 2020 593
SCA demands Rs.300 per 40 kg rate for sugarcane crop, starting cane crushing from November 1. Oct 4, 2020 593
Farmers can earn Rs 200,000 per acre of sugarcane: Director Agri. Oct 1, 2020 197
Opportunities await sugarcane farmers if they change their way of thinking. Oct 1, 2020 438
Advanced Computational Methods for Agriculture Machinery Movement Optimization with Applications in Sugarcane Production. Filip, Martin; Zoubek, Tomas; Bumbalek, Roman; Cerny, Pavel; Batista, Carlos E.; Olsan, Pavel; Kriz, Oct 1, 2020 11063
Comparison of photoautotrophic and mixotrophic cultivation of microalgae Messastrum gracile (Chlorophyceae) in alternative culture media/Comparacao dos cultivos foto-autotrofico e mixotrofico da microalga Messastrum gracile (Chlorophyceae) em meios de cultura alternativos. Sipauba-Tavares, L.H.; Scardoeli-Truzzi, B.; Fenerick, D.C.; Tedesque, M.G. Oct 1, 2020 4676
Punjab govt plans to increase sugarcane support price. Sep 29, 2020 242
For sugarcane farmers. Sep 28, 2020 340
Rights of sugarcane growers will be safeguard: CM. Sep 27, 2020 194
Rights of sugarcane growers will be safeguard: CM. Sep 27, 2020 194
Rights of sugarcane growers will be safeguarded: CM. Sep 27, 2020 692
Govt revolutionizes health sector: CM Ordinance to protect sugarcane farmers rights promulgated. Sep 26, 2020 532
Growers advised of timely cultivation of sugarcane's better varieties for enhanced yield. Sep 26, 2020 233
Ordinance promulgated to protect sugarcane farmers' rights. Sep 26, 2020 201
Punjab promulgates Ord to protect rights of sugarcane growers. Sep 26, 2020 195
Sugarcane crushing, payments: Punjab drags its feet on amending law to penalise errant mills. Sep 23, 2020 576
Vigt Nam initiates anti-dumping investigation on sugar imported from Thailand. Sep 22, 2020 440
Commodity- Commodity Markets In 2020- Sugar industry needs to outsource field production, upgrade technology. Sep 20, 2020 190
Sugar firms struggle due toATIGA. Sep 18, 2020 609
Current and Prospective Strategies on Detecting and Managing Colletotrichumfalcatum Causing Red Rot of Sugarcane. Hossain, Md Imam; Ahmad, Khairulmazmi; Siddiqui, Yasmeen; Saad, Norsazilawati; Rahman, Ziaur; Haruna Sep 1, 2020 9849
Effect of Novel Penicillium verruculosum Enzyme Preparations on the Saccharification of Acid- and Alkali-Pretreated Agro-Industrial Residues. Karp, Susan G.; Osipov, Dmitrii O.; Semenova, Margarita V.; Rozhkova, Alexandra M.; Zorov, Ivan N.; Sep 1, 2020 6088
Reproductve potental and biological characteristcs of the parasitoid Cotesia favipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in Diatraea saccharalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) depending on parasitoid-host rato. Kassab, Samir Oliveira; Barbosa, Marcelo Sousa; Pereira, Fabricio Fagundes; Rossoni, Camila; Pastori Report Sep 1, 2020 3810
Aspergillus nidulans: A Potential Resource of the Production of the Native and Heterologous Enzymes for Industrial Applications. Kumar, Amit Aug 31, 2020 8420
Influence of Bioadditives Made from Sugarcane Bagasse on Interpenetrating Polymer Networks. Liu, Kuan-Liang; Kuo, Pei-Yu; Han, Jin-Lin; Hsieh, Kuo-Huang Aug 31, 2020 5165
Sugarcane workers in Region 6 get P1,000 cash aid from DOLE. Aug 29, 2020 303
Public private partnership needs to establish for new varieties, technologies development. Aug 28, 2020 529
Sugarcane farmers, workers protest for 11C arrears in Pabna. Aug 26, 2020 355
Sugarcane traders suffer losses as Kenya ban bites. Aug 25, 2020 615
Farmers advised to cultivate approved varieties of sugarcane. Aug 25, 2020 168
Millers, brokers leave bitter taste for sugarcane growers. Aug 18, 2020 1227
Vigt Nam promotes measures to manage local sugar market. Aug 18, 2020 317
Why you should eat sugarcane (2). Aug 15, 2020 572
Mauritius declares emergency after oil spill as Japanese operator apologises; The MV Wakashio, which was believed to have been carrying more than 4,000 tonnes of oil, ran aground on July 25 as fuel started leaking from the cracked vessel on Thursday. By, Sakura Murakami & Sam Elliott Aug 9, 2020 398
Busia farmers and millers oppose calls to lift cane import ban. Aug 7, 2020 533
Lift ban on sugarcane imports, KESMA tells CS Munya. Aug 5, 2020 482
Why you should eat sugarcane (1). Aug 1, 2020 580
Community of natural lactic acid bacteria and silage fermentation of corn stover and sugarcane tops in Africa. Cai, Yimin; Du, Zhumei; Yamasaki, Seishi; Nguluve, Damiao; Tinga, Benedito; Macome, Felicidade; Oya, Aug 1, 2020 9406
Productive Potential of Nitrogen and Zinc Fertigated Sugarcane. Cunha, Fernando Nobre; Teixeira, Marconi Batista; da Silva, Edson Cabral; da Silva, Nelmicio Furtado Aug 1, 2020 6480
Nitrogen Utilization from Ammonium Nitrate and Urea Fertilizer by Irrigated Sugarcane in Brazilian Cerrado Oxisol. Silva, Nelmicio Furtado da; Silva, Edson Cabral da; Muraoka, Takashi; Teixeira, Marconi Batista; Soa Aug 1, 2020 10291
Land Use Changes Affecting Soil Organic Matter Accumulation in Topsoil and Subsoil in Northeast Thailand. Kunlanit, Benjapon; Khwanchum, Laksanara; Vityakon, Patma Jul 31, 2020 10057
Sugar cane leaves now money-minting fodder for villagers. Jul 30, 2020 538
Rs 433 mln to be spent on 11 roads under sugarcane cess programme in Muzaffargarh. Jul 27, 2020 167
Rs 433 mln to be spent on 11 roads under sugarcane cess programme in Muzaffargarh. Jul 27, 2020 167
Customs asked to handle strictly sugar smuggling. Jul 17, 2020 532
Sugarcane prices drop. Jul 17, 2020 384
Kenya blocks Uganda sugarcane trucks. Jul 14, 2020 337
Mudavadi opposes planned leasing of five sugar cane mills. Jul 13, 2020 588
Farmers stuck with sugarcane. Jul 10, 2020 564
Targets set for kharif crops. Amin Ahmed Jul 9, 2020 713
Increase price of cane, farmers tell millers. Jul 9, 2020 357
XAG drones use signal increase in profit margin in South African sugar cane fields. Jul 7, 2020 297
XAG drones use signal increase in profit margin in South African sugar cane fields. Jul 7, 2020 280
Beet sugar: a win-win strategy. Dr Khalid Mahmood / Dr Abdul Wakeel Jul 6, 2020 949
Farmers hopeful ban on sugar imports will revive cane growing. Jul 5, 2020 545
Evaluation of the effects of sugarcane molasses as a carbon source for Ankistrodesmus gracilis and Haematococcuspluvialis (Chlorophyceae)/Avaliacao do efeito do melaco de cana-de-acucar como fonte de carbono para Ankistrodesmus gracilis e Haematococcus pluvialis (Chlorophyceae). Sipauba-Tavares, L.H.; Tedesque, M.G.; Scardoeli-Truzzi, B. Jul 1, 2020 4953
Genome-Wide Analysis of the Trehalose-6-Phosphate Synthase (TPS) Gene Family and Expression Profiling of ScTPS Genes in Sugarcane. Hu, Xin; Wu, Zhuan-Di; Luo, Zheng-Ying; Burner, David M.; Pan, Yong-Bao; Wu, Cai-Wen Jul 1, 2020 7474
A Gaussian-Process-Based Global Sensitivity Analysis of Cultivar Trait Parameters in APSIM-Sugar Model: Special Reference to Environmental and Management Conditions in Thailand. Bandara, W.B.M.A.C.; Sakai, Kazuhito; Nakandakari, Tamotsu; Kapetch, Preecha; Rathnappriya, R.H.K. Jul 1, 2020 7310
Straw Removal Effects on Sugarcane Root System and Stalk Yield. Melo, Paul L.A.; Cherubin, Mauricio R.; Gomes, Tamara C.A.; Lisboa, Izaias P.; Satiro, Lucas S.; Cer Jul 1, 2020 6838
A Dietary Sugarcane-Derived Polyphenol Mix Reduces the Negative Effects of Cyclic Heat Exposure on Growth Performance, Blood Gas Status, and Meat Quality in Broiler Chickens. Shakeri, Majid; Cottrell, Jeremy J.; Wilkinson, Stuart; Le, Hieu H.; Suleria, Hafiz A.R.; Warner, Ro Report Jul 1, 2020 8881
TREATMENT OF FOOD-AGRO INDUSTRY EFFLUENT BY PHYSICO-CHEMICAL METHODS. A. Panhwar, K. Faryal, A. Kandhro, K. Ahmed and M. Iqbal Jun 30, 2020 2568
Arsonists set on fire 200 acres of sugarcane farm in Narok. Jun 28, 2020 442
Pakistan's agri sector grows 2.7pc. Jun 28, 2020 514
Country no more self-sufficient in wheat, NA told. Amin Ahmed Jun 26, 2020 642
Sugarcane farmers seek state govt partnership with land infrastructure to reduce Nigeria's 90% sugar imports. Jun 22, 2020 353
Unravelling Water Use Efficiency in Sugarcane and Cotton Production in Pakistan. Anjum, Abedullah; Zia, Uzma Jun 22, 2020 2475
Cane farmers welcome end of zoning. Jun 21, 2020 433
Cane growers adopt new sugar regulations. Jun 20, 2020 561
8 schemes of sugarcane cess funds worth Rs 256.7 million approved. Jun 19, 2020 284
We're making progress on ethanol project, says Kebbi govt. Jun 18, 2020 635
IHC accepts sugarcane farmers' petition to become party. Jun 16, 2020 272
IHC accepts sugarcane farmers' petition to become party in inquiry commission matter. Jun 16, 2020 489
IHC to take up sugarcane farmers' petition today. Jun 15, 2020 379
Agriculture performance 'remarkable'. Amin Ahmed Jun 12, 2020 591
Despite overall contraction, Pakistan's agri sector grows 2.7%. Jun 12, 2020 785
Japan extends P377 million grant for sugar farmers. Jun 11, 2020 270
Sugar cane farmers need more money to revive dying mills. Jun 9, 2020 614
Elucidation of Computational 3D Models of Protein Drug Targets for Colletotrichum Falcatum A Fungal Plant Pathogen Causing Red Rot of Sugarcane. Sreenivas, B.K. Anirudh; Imran, Sabia; Ravi, Lokesh Report Jun 1, 2020 2977
Distribution of Root-Lesion and Stunt Nematodes, and Their Relationship with Soil Properties and Nematode Fauna in Sugarcane Fields in Okinawa, Japan. Kawanobe, Masanori; Sugihara, Soh; Miyamaru, Naoko; Yoshida, Koichi; Nonomura, Eito; Oshiro, Hiroaki Jun 1, 2020 7442
Challenges and Prospects of Biogas from Energy Cane as Supplement to Bioethanol Production. Hoffstadt, Kevin; Pohen, Gino D.; Dicke, Max D.; Paulsen, Svea; Krafft, Simone; Zang, Joachim W.; da Jun 1, 2020 8682
Enhancing Cation Exchange Capacity of Weathered Soils Using Biochar: Feedstock, Pyrolysis Conditions and Addition Rate. Domingues, Rimena R.; Sanchez-Monedero, Miguel A.; Spokas, Kurt A.; Melo, Leonidas C.A.; Trugilho, P Jun 1, 2020 9797
Soybean Fertilized by P-Phases from Bagasse-Based Materials: P-Extraction Procedures, Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films (DGT), and X-ray Diffraction Analysis (XRD). Herzel, Hannes; Dombinov, Vitalij; Vogel, Christian; Willbold, Sabine; Levandowski, Gabriel Vettoraz Jun 1, 2020 11534
Disturbance and Response in the Andean Cloud Forest: a Conceptual Review. Myster, Randall W. Jun 1, 2020 8452
Evaluation of Sugarcane-Derived Polyphenols on the Pre-Weaning and Post-Weaning Growth of Gilt Progeny. Wijesiriwardana, Udani A.; Pluske, John R.; Craig, Jessica R.; Cottrell, Jeremy J.; Dunshea, Frank R Report Jun 1, 2020 6150
Farmers' bodies laud Commission's report on sugar industry. May 29, 2020 491
Sugarcane farmers reduced to beggars but leaders silent. May 27, 2020 397
Sugarcane farmers in Soc Trang Province unable to sell crop. May 26, 2020 421
Ferrying 400 sugarcane growers from Busoga to Lamwo District doesn't make economic sense. May 7, 2020 909
Sugarcane growers in plight. May 6, 2020 493
Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Autumn Planted Sugarcane under Different Planting Patterns with Lentil Intercropping. Nadeem, Mubashar; Tanveer, Asif; Sandhu, Hardev; Javed, Saba; Safdar, Muhammad Ehsan; Ibrahim, Muham May 1, 2020 10158
Legume Cover Crop Effects on Temperate Sugarcane Yields and Their Decomposition in Soil. White, Paul M., Jr.; Williams, Gregory; Viator, Howard P.; Viator, Ryan P.; Webber, Charles L., III May 1, 2020 7553
Changes in Agronomic and Physiological Traits of Sugarcane Grown with Saline Irrigation Water. Watanabe, Kenta; Takaragawa, Hiroo; Ueno, Masami; Kawamitsu, Yoshinobu May 1, 2020 7665
Sony Sugar workers, farmers want firm bosses out. Apr 30, 2020 396
Outrage as farmer burns boy for stealing sugarcane. Apr 26, 2020 470
Sugar production rose by 9% in March. Apr 26, 2020 568
Report sees big drop in local sugar output this year and next due to land conversion. Apr 21, 2020 524
PSMA clarifies its position on sugar issue. Apr 16, 2020 338
Black lungs and sugarcane. Need to think of our future. Apr 11, 2020 497
32 sugar mills delay billions of rupees in payments to farmers. Apr 11, 2020 333
Pakistan is abandoning cotton for water guzzling sugarcane. Zofeen T. Ebrahim Apr 10, 2020 2867
Sugarcane growers biggest beneficiary of sugar export: PSMA The Association welcomes release of Inquiry Committee Report. Report Apr 7, 2020 374
Sugarcane growers biggest beneficiary of sugar export: PSMA The Association welcomes release of Inquiry Committee Report. Report Apr 6, 2020 376
Sugarcane growers biggest beneficiary of sugar exports: Exporters. Apr 6, 2020 524
Sugarcane growers biggest beneficiaries of sugar exports, PSMA claims. Apr 5, 2020 518
Outbreak of Dirkmeia churashimaensis Fungemia in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, India. Chowdhary, Anuradha; Sharada, Kothapalli; Singh, Pradeep Kumar; Bhagwani, Dalip Kumar; Kumar, Nitin; Apr 1, 2020 3074
Accelerating Genetic Gain in Sugarcane Breeding Using Genomic Selection. Yadav, Seema; Jackson, Phillip; Wei, Xianming; Ross, Elizabeth M.; Aitken, Karen; Deomano, Emily; At Apr 1, 2020 12292
Glyphosate Plus Carboxylic Compounds Boost Activity of Free Radical-Scavenging Enzymes in Sugarcane. de Almeida Moreira, Bruno Rafael; Viana, Ronaldo da Silva; de Figueiredo, Paulo Alexandre Monteiro; Apr 1, 2020 6979
Kadaga resurrects Sugar Bill. Mar 17, 2020 603
Gur becoming a sweet rage. Abid Mahmood Mar 11, 2020 425
Rains affect sugar cane harvest in Swabi. Mar 5, 2020 330
SC adjourns hearing regarding payment of sugarcane to farmers till March 25. Mar 5, 2020 255
Long-Term Effects of Different Nitrogen Levels on Growth, Yield, and Quality in Sugarcane. Zeng, Xu-Peng; Zhu, Kai; Lu, Jian-Ming; Jiang, Yuan; Yang, Li-Tao; Xing, Yong-Xiu; Li, Yang-Rui Mar 1, 2020 11404
Fidelity of Sugarcane Crosses Assessed with SSR Markers. Todd, James; Pan, Yong-Bao; Boykin, Deborah Mar 1, 2020 6888
Monitoring of Carcinogenic Environmental Pollutants in Women's Breast Milk. Hegazy, Ahmed Medhat; Fakhreldin, Ahmed R.; Nasr, Soad M. Report Mar 1, 2020 3706
Insecticidal compounds in Ricinus communis L. (Euphorbiaceae) to control Melanaphis sacchari Zehntner (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Sotelo-Leyva, Cesar; Salinas-Sanchez, Osvaldo David; Pena-Chora, Guadalupe; Trejo-Loyo, Gabriela Adr Mar 1, 2020 4341
Potential population growth of Melanaphis sacchari (Zehntner) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) under six constant temperatures on grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L). Souza, M.F.; Davis, J.A. Mar 1, 2020 7837
Punjab advisor wants sugarcane growers' dues cleared in 15 days. Feb 29, 2020 166
Sugar industry. ENGR SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER - Peshawar Feb 28, 2020 475
Divisional Sugar Cane Cess Fund Development Committee approves two schemes. Feb 21, 2020 233
District Sugar Cane Cess Committee meeting held. Feb 20, 2020 156
Stop setting fire on Atiak sugarcane - Acholi chief. Feb 18, 2020 625
Govt to develop feeds from sugarcane waste. Feb 17, 2020 477
Output of industrial crops dwindles in Q4. Feb 17, 2020 430
Mega Money Laundering case: 2 accused file acquittal plea in AC in the reference on embezzlement in sugarcane subsidy. Feb 7, 2020 215
Punjab govt to impose stricter laws for sugar industry. Feb 5, 2020 638
Sugarcane cannot expose Busoga to famine - experts. Feb 3, 2020 658
Local sugar sector eyes Thai model. Feb 1, 2020 570
Effects of Mixed Hardwood and Sugarcane Biochar as Bark-Based Substrate Substitutes on Container Plants Production and Nutrient Leaching. Yu, Ping; Huang, Lan; Li, Qiansheng; Lima, Isabel M.; White, Paul M.; Gu, Mengmeng Feb 1, 2020 5697
Sugar industry. Shahryar Khan Baseer Jan 30, 2020 297
Enjoy the spirit of South America in South Africa. Jan 30, 2020 263
Farmers demand probe into burning of sugar cane in Muhoroni. Jan 28, 2020 526
Govt plan to build more sugar factories poses threat to environment, says expert. Jan 26, 2020 418
Govt financial support sought to end sugarcane plantation burning problem. Jan 24, 2020 363
2020 Beverage & Sugar Crops - Cocoa, Coffee, Sugarcane & Tea. Jan 23, 2020 186
Sugar price registers a constant rise across Sindh. Mohammad Hussain Khan Jan 22, 2020 1001
Out growers stranded as factory delays to buy sugar cane. Jan 21, 2020 389
Mysterious decomposing corpse found in sugarcane plantation. Jan 21, 2020 189
Amuru calls for dialogue to end fires on sugar plantation. Jan 20, 2020 759
Sugar industry conundrum. Mohammad Hussain Khan Jan 20, 2020 1103
Keep a check on flour, sugar mills, CM tells officials. Jan 17, 2020 807
Sugarcane farmers in UP suffering, says Ajay Kumar Lallu. ANI Jan 17, 2020 258
CM reviews wheat, flour supply, sugarcane crushing situation. Jan 17, 2020 504
Sweet affairs: The art of jaggery making. Jan 15, 2020 535
Sugarcane farmers end stir signing a 5-point deal. Jan 15, 2020 466
Suphanburi offers reward for tip-off on burning of sugarcane farms. Jan 15, 2020 278
Sugar mills continue to exploit farmers. Hassan Naqvi Jan 14, 2020 803
Sugarcane cultivation must start from February. Jan 14, 2020 137
Farmers demand probe on firms licensed to import sugar. Jan 13, 2020 446
Agriculture: Soya bean a miracle crop for national food security. Dr Saeed A. Asad Jan 13, 2020 1034
Farmers' arm-twisting by sugar millers. Jan 11, 2020 347
News item: "Sugar Mills stopped buying sugarcane from growers" - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Jan 10, 2020 464
News item: "Sugar Mills stopped buying sugarcane from growers" - Press Note issued by Press Information Department. Jan 10, 2020 464
Sugar millers stop buying from farmers, close mills. Jan 10, 2020 760
Acridid ecology in the sugarcane agro-ecosystem in the Zululand region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Bam, Adrian; Addison, Pia; Conlong, Desmond Jan 10, 2020 5958
Govt prepares to arrest sugar mill owners for not paying farmers. Jan 8, 2020 302
Sugarcane farmers in agitation. Jan 8, 2020 175
Punjab CM chairs cabinet meeting, orders payment to sugarcane growers. Jan 8, 2020 575
PM Imran takes notice of sugar, cotton price issue. Jan 8, 2020 282
Closed sugar mills must be restarted by 10th: Buzdar Directs officials to protect rights of sugarcane growers. Jan 8, 2020 575
CM orders payment to sugarcane growers. Jan 8, 2020 679
BELIZE-SUGAR-Sugar cane factories to begin operations next week. Jan 8, 2020 517
Sugar millers owe over Rs44bn quality premium to cane growers. Mohammad Hussain Khan Jan 7, 2020 1078

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