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Sugar Confectionery Manufacture.


SUGAR CONFECTIONERY MANUFACTURE. Edited by E B Jackson. 424 pages with index. Price: 58.00 [pounds]. (UK: Blackie/ Food Trade Press Ltd).

This is a practical book that provides a review of the sugar manufacturing industry. It is divided into three parts dealing with the production and properties of raw materials, the technical details of the manufacturing processes used and quality control.

Many contributors have been involved in creating this text to ensure that the information is complete and up to date. In fact, this book is a useful companion volume to the same publishers' Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use that was brought out last year.

The chapter titles themselves are fully descriptive and run: Sugar; Alternative bulk sweeteners; Glucose syrup and starch hydrolysates; Gelling and whipping agents; Oils, fats and related products; Colour and flavour; General technical aspects of industrial sugar confectionery manufacture; Boiled sweets; Caramel, toffee and fudge, Gums and jellies; Licquorice paste, cream paste and aerated confectionery; Tablets, lozenges and sugar panning; Medicated confectionery and chewing gum; Centres, fondants marzipan and crystallized confectionery, Countlines and cereal bars; Confectionery and extrusion cooking technology; Structure of sugar confectionery; Quality control and chemical analysis; Wrapping and shelf-life evaluation; and Sugar confectionery in the diet.

There follows a useful glossary of terms used and a full index, altogether a useful text for those in and around the confectionery business.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Nov 1, 1990
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