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Sue Carroll Column: JENNY DOMED TO FAIL.

BY all accounts former Dome boss Jenny Page spoke to journalists like a headmistress addressing a gang of primary school children.

Her background, unlike that of her successor, Pierre-Yves Gerbeau, was that of a high-flying civil servant.

She was, in short (albeit, an intelligent, organised and intellectual woman) a pen-pusher.

Why this never dawned on her puppetmasters Tony Blair or his chum Dome Minister Lord Falconer is beyond me.

For weeks, when it became obvious that the Millennium Dome was not the commercial success they claimed, the pair continued to pull Jenny's strings.

And she danced to their increasingly changing tune, returning baffled from meetings saying: ''Why don't these f****** politicians get on with politics and leave me to get on with the Dome.''

The truth is, Westminster couldn't leave it alone.

The place is full of their ludicrous muddled messages which they left to Jenny Page to deliver. And when it didn't work, she got shafted.

It reminds me, chillingly, of the whispering campaign designed to undermine Mo Mowlam. She, at least, is able to react to claims that a fight against a brain tumour left her unable to cope.

And, of course, Mandleson is proving daily that the Northern Ireland situation is no better or worse in his hands than it was in hers.

But I bet the note on his CV will not be "Sacked", as it was on Mo's.

Just as Tony's crony Lord Falconer will hang onto high office.

Blair boasts that he is happy to promote women.

But he is swift, too, to knock them down.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Carroll, Sue
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 9, 2000
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