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Sue Beer Honey Ale in Wisconsin. (Weekly Specialty Beer Report).

Sioux Bee Honey, the leading brand of honey in the World, has teamed with Dunes Marketing, LLC to expand the market for Sue Bee Honey Ale, a microbrew made with the famous Sue Bee Honey.

"Sue Bee Honey Ale is an exciting new brew that we believe will appeal to beer lovers of all types who are looking for a light, crisp, beer," said Jerry Probst, president of the Sioux Honey Association, makers of Sue Bee Honey. "It's refreshing taste with a hint of honey is ideal for those who prefer light beers, micro brews and imports. We're very proud to lend our name to this outstanding product."

Sue Bee Honey Ale was formulated at Sioux City Iowa's 4th Street Brewing Company, founded in 1998, and is marketed and distributed by Dunes Marketing, LLC. Dunes owns the bottling and distribution rights to the entire family of 4th Street Brewing Company micro beers.

"The main effect the honey has in the brewing process is it enables the yeast to produce more alcohol, creating a light beer that is about 5 percent alcohol," says Bob Burnett, who markets Sue Bee Honey Ale, and serves as chief technical officer for Gateway Computers in his spare time. "I discovered this beer in Iowa a few years ago. Since my associate, Mike Rogers, lives in Racine, WI, it made sense to test it in the area, and if it was well-received, continue throughout Wisconsin."

Joe Dean, co-owner of Club Garibaldi of Racine, WI, commented, "Sue Bee Honey Ale is the best honey brew out there--it's better than any of the others. We're going to pretty much carry only this one and get rid of the other honey brews."

Rick Smetana, owner of Ricky's Place in Racine. WI, said," So much of the time, women seem to like the honey ales better than men do. But, Sioux Bee Honey Ale seems to be the exception - it appeals as much to men as it does to the women. Sue Bee Honey Ale has good gusto and a great taste in both the tap beer and the bottled beer," added Smetana.

Sue Bee Honey Ale is currently distributed in Rhode Island, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and now, Wisconsin. Future plans are to distribute in Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

The Sioux Honey Association, the midwestern honey cooperative that makes Sue Bee honey, plans to copromote the ale with its other Sue Bee products, which include the honey and other products, including honey-based barbecue sauce.
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Title Annotation:Sioux Honey Association works with Dubes Marketing L.L.C. to expand distribution of Sue Bee Honey Ale
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Jan 13, 2003
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