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Suck it up on hose care.

Once your M17-series decon's suction hose dies, so does your deconning. You can't decon without water and you can't get water without a suction hose.

The reason a suction hose gives out is usually that a section of it collapses. Anytime water pressure starts dropping, make the suction hose your first check. If the hose has collapsed, there's no fix except to replace the hose. That's why it's a good idea to have backup hoses available. When you have any MI7 hoses made, order extras. You'll need them.

Suction hoses usually collapse either from the heat or from being stuffed in the storage box. There's not much you can do about the heat, but you can store hoses correctly. Here's how:

* Starting with the filter end, coil the suction hose inside the box, making sure the hose is not kinked. It takes two people to do this.

* Coil the branch hose on top of the suction hose, placing the wands and shower in the center.

* Coil the pressure hoses individually and put them at each end of the box.

* Coil the syphor injector hose and put it in the middle.
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