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Such sweet memories for James; in association with TV Choice.


CELEBRITY chef James Martin continues to share his love of puddings with the nation in a show that could easily undo all of Jamie Oliver's good work.

In this series that cares little for calorie-counting, Martin cooks up some sensational sweets inspired by times and places in his life.

Each week he visits places from his culinary past to show the source of his best dessert recipes, then returns to his kitchen to prepare some fantastic sweets, helped by his talented assistant chef, Will Torrent.

This week's theme is restaurant classics. James takes Will to the first eaterie he ever worked at, London's 190 Queen's Gate, which was one of the hottest restaurants in the country and run by Antony Worrall Thompson.

Along the way, James calls into the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, where the traditional afternoon tea has been given a fashionable twist - pastries inspired by the catwalk.

He also looks into heritage fruit. This is the latest food fad and is, in fact, our indigenous hedgerow produce undergoing something of a revival.

The show climaxes with a return to 190 Queen's Gate, where James shares his puddings with his old chef Sebastian Snow, and Roy Ackerman, ex-president of The Restaurant Association of Great Britain and author of The Ackerman Guides.


AS SIR Alan Sugar's search for an apprentice approaches the half-way point, he decides to throw the candidates completely out of their comfort zones.

Anybody would think he was trying to make life difficult for them.

He calls them to Christie's, in London's St James's, where works of art regularly sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The candidates' task is to choose photographs and then flog them in an east London gallery.

Natalie - a housewife with a business degree - is project manager of the Eclipse team.

They are split on the best approach: should they go in for the kill or do artists and their customers prefer a softly, softly tactic?

Over on the other team, marketing consultant Tre objects to some nude pictures which his project manager, Kristina, has chosen.

If all goes well, the teams could sell thousands of pounds' worth of photographs.

One team still has to lose, however, and after a grilling from Alan in the boardroom, one person in that team will get fired.

This series, the businessman seems to be truly revelling in his primetime slot and increased exposure, and gives vent to every acerbic line that crosses his mind.


SWEET TOOTH... James Martin revisit's London's 190 Queen Gate, the restaurant he worked in when he first moved down to the capital which was one of the hottest eateries in town; TASKMASTER... Sir Alan Sugar seeks a new employee.
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Date:Apr 25, 2007
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