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Successful in the Saudi Arabian market: Best Brand Ready Mixes for both bakeries and the retail market.

The Refined Food Co, based in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was founded in 1990 for the purpose of supplying bakeries, caterers and retail customers with baking concentrates and flour-based pastry and bakery mixes. In a specially designed plant, ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, powdered milk and egg, flavouring and colouring agents and emulsifiers are blended and mixed. Depending on the particular product formula, they be enriched with fats and oils. All that is needed for baking or pastrymaking is to add, for example, water and possibly yeast, to produce the doughs. This reduces working time, cuts inventories and improves the quality of the baked goods.

In 1991 the Refco company arranged contracts with three partners to implement the project:

Macphie Export Ltd of Scotland as marketing advisor and licensor for the products to be made;

Buhler Ltd of Switzerland for the overall engineering and supply of the mechanical and electrical/electronic equipment.

And Al Mofti Engineering Consultants for designing and constructing the production building and infrastructure.

The 24m high blending tower houses not only the ingredient bins for various flours, sugar and starch but also the storage tank and metering and weighing system for liquid fats. The building is air conditioned, so the storage and processing temperatures do not exceed 25 [degrees] C, to maintain product quality. Following careful design and construction, and successful start-up, the plant was handed over to managing director M Najib Kheder in 1993.

Proportioning, Weighing, Mixing

The stainless steel DFMF-10 batch mixer is mounted directly on an electronic 500kg scale. First, the major ingredients are proportioned and weighed. Then the minor ingredient scale is discharged and the manually loaded ingredients added. Liquid fat is injected between the dry and the wet mixing operations. Before the batch - weighing 500kg and blended according to product formula is conveyed to the packaging section, it undergoes homogenization in an MOZJ unit. The proportioning and weighing system for minor ingredients, Type MWBU, includes six storage hoppers of stainless and mild steel for salt, emulsifiers and baking powders. The MZML microdosing units feed the ingredients into the pivoting batch scale, which is also of stainless design. Complete discharge into the mixer ensures both the accuracy of the product formula and a high degree of hygiene. Colouring and flavouring agents, and the baking aids, stored in twelve micro-ingredient containers, are manually proportioned and tipped into the mixer. The stainless steel movable hand dump container incorporates an MKSA-75 oscillating sieve that can be docked with any container. And connection to the exhaust system ensures dustfree loading of the micro-ingredients.

Grinding, Classification

Low protein cake flours are being increasingly used in private households. However, the flour made from Saudi Arabian wheat is strong and therefore unsuitable for a number of baked goods. For this purpose, a classifier mill has been installed in the fine grinding and air classification section for milling normal bread flour to such a fineness that it can be fractionated, in the subsequent air classifier, into low protein coarse and high protein ultrafine fractions.

Automatic or Manual

The control system consists of standard modules developed by Buhler. The plant can be operated through the mimic diagram in the automatic or manual mode. For job processing, a colour visual display unit is available, offering the following functions: Material definition, Product formula management. Job processing with queues, Construction and formula statistics, and a Weighing log.

Quality Inspection and Assurance

In the in-plant experimental bakery, the ready mixes are tested, processed, presented and tasted. Product formula technology is under the responsibility of Macphie Export Ltd, a company that has established a reputation for speciality products by innovation and development work.

This text was first published in Diagram No.108, the house magazine of Buhler Ltd, CH-9240, Uzwil, Switzerland, fax:(41) 73 51 84 90.

RELATED ARTICLE: Mimic Diagram of the control panel:

1. Bulk reception of flour

2. Bag dump for sugar and starch

3. Air classification system with classifier mill (a) and air-sizing sifter (b)

4. Major-ingredient bins

5. DFMF mixer on main scale 500 kg

6. MWBU minor ingredient scale 20 kg

7. Oil and fat scale 100 kg

8. MOZJ homogenizer for fat-enriched products

9. MWBW bagging unit for packages of 10 to 25 kg.

10. Form-fill and seal system for 40 pouches/min.

11. MWPO single-spout bagging unit for packages of 1 to 5 kg.

12. Collator/bundle packer for small bags and boxes

13. Shrink-wrapping tunnel

14. Micro-ingredient containers with manual discharge
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