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Successful ideas on the web: Aviko, the specialist fresh ideas, menu suggestions and practical tips on its new foodservice website.

AVIKO provides for sheer variation on the menu and for highest consumer satisfaction with a large choice of high quality potato specialities which are constantly supplemented with new quality products. Whether served as classic side order, seasonal speciality or trendy fingerfood Aviko's potato delicacies are always pleasing to the palate.

The company adapts to modern consumer needs and requirements. On the new foodservice website the potato specialist has put together an attractive menu with all relevant information and promotion ideas around the golden yellow titbits.

By one click on the menu button 'Our Strengths' information about the company's philosophy, about target groups and quality certificates as well as advantages of a strong partnership with Aviko is served.

Facts and information about single products as well as an extensive product database are found under the menu button 'Our Products'. Various search criteria such as product type and product benefits enable the visitor to obtain a quick answer to all questions. Logistical data such as EAN-code, article number and pallet configuration are immediately supplied.

Quality in itself is still no guarantee for a competitive edge. How to prepare the best added value with potato delicacies is revealed under the menu button 'Tips and News'. The cream of the cream: Aviko Brand News. A subscription to this news letter, which is published at a regular interval, grants access to all the latest news, the best turnover ideas and product innovations to keep you up to date.

Under the menu button 'Inspiration it is summarised how turnover can be increased with original menu suggestions, strong product concepts and creative ideas for seasonal promotions. A special section is dedicated to new products and each month one product is highlighted.

This spices up the life of the professional chef: professional tips for increasing turnover with only one click on the menu button 'Sales Promotion'. Examples of menu cost pricing for various menu suggestions are illustrated to help the operator set consumer selling prices while taking into account the desired gross profit margin.


Broad spectrum

* Complete concepts for guaranteed success

* Wide variety of potato specialities

* For each target group and each meal application

* Quality assurance guarantees highest product reliability

* Constant new innovative products

* Tailored to consumer needs

* Extensive market knowledge

* Creative sales tools

* Internationally successful: As a global player Aviko is familiar with the consumer preferences worldwide

* Co-operation with renowned research institutions, universities, market research agencies as well as other major food suppliers

* Aviko is Creating Value from Potatoes

Tel: +44 (0)1442 239 536




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Title Annotation:Chips & Potato Products
Comment:Successful ideas on the web: Aviko, the specialist fresh ideas, menu suggestions and practical tips on its new foodservice website.(Chips & Potato Products)
Publication:Frozen & Chilled Foods
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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