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Successful Integration of Infants and Toddlers through Training. Final Report of Outreach Grant.

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This final report describes the outcomes of a 3-year federally funded outreach project that was designed to increase access to quality center-based child care for infants and toddlers with disabilities. The project served 14 child care centers in West Virginia, 12 child care centers in Texas, 13 child care centers in Alabama and 6 child care centers in the Virgin Islands. A review of the relevant data sources showed that access to and enrollment in center-based child care for infants and toddlers with disabilities increased significantly in these programs during the three years of the project. These increases appeared to be related to four key outcomes: (1) changes in the attitudes of the program directors regarding the inclusion of young children with disabilities in typical settings; (2) an increase in collaborative relationships between local child care and early intervention programs; (3) changes in policies to reflect a commitment to inclusive child care, and; (4) changes in child care directors' perceptions of the competence of child care providers. The report includes a list of the project's dissemination activities, a discussion of the potential replicability of the project findings, recommendations for the future, and copies of 3 surveys used to evaluate the project. (SG)

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Author:Haggart, Ann G.; Craig, Susan E.; Hull, Karla
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Dec 18, 2000
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