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Success at work has made hubby jealous; Lovefact Studies have shown that 92 per cent of single parents only want to date other single mums and dads.

Byline: DearColeen

Dear Coleen, I'VE always loved my job in marketing. When I met my husband he was proud of everything I achieved.

But then he started to feel disillusioned in his own career and last year he was made redundant.

He's struggled to find another job since and I think a large part of this is due to the fact he clearly hates his line of work.

During this time I've been promoted twice and, while I try not to rub his nose in it, I do feel proud of myself and I'd like him to feel proud too. But instead he makes catty comments and implies that I'm too ambitious.

If I have to work late he has a go at me and makes me feel bad for it.

And if I start to talk about work, he rolls his eyes and tells me to change the subject because I'm becoming boring.

How can I get him to support me more? Coleen says.. IT sounds like there's a touch of the green-eyed monster going on here.

He's probably thinking that his wife is doing better than him and so is feeling jealous.

I'm the main breadwinner in our house and there are times when my husband Ray doesn't like it. It's hard for him, yet there are increasing numbers of female breadwinners all across Britain.

But as much as we think men have changed and moved with the times, I believe it's difficult for them to feel outshone by their wives when it comes to career and money.

Yes, your husband should be proud of you but your success is clearly getting to him.

You have to remember that you've been promoted twice and he's been made redundant.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be happy for you, but be aware of his feelings.

I think he needs to be more supportive, but I think you need to be more sympathetic.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 31, 2012
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