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Success at Work: A Guide for African-Americans.

Don't be misled by the size or simplicity of this book. Success At Work: A Guide For African-Americans uncovers and discusses those intangible factors that contribute to accomplishment in the corporate world. It covers the basics that many other books assume readers know, but there's something here for everyone--especially those about to enter the workforce. At first, you may wonder at author Anita Diggs' method, but read on and you'll see that it makes good sense. Everyone agrees that business is just a game, and Diggs helps you learn how to play it well and win.

Success At Work is both a humorous account of the work experience and a handy reference book. With this as a guide, you'll be able to cut a path through business myths, while learning how to get leads and find a job that you'll love. It demystifies job interviews by telling you what to wear, how to act, how to speak and how to answer and ask questions.

For those in the workforce, the chapters on getting along with the boss, handling difficult co-workers and entertaining at home will be helpful. Personal anecdotes and interviews with black professionals are sprinkled throughout--you will undoubtedly find yourself chuckling with recognition over some of the experiences that she relates. As a reference book, it has a useful list of black-owned businesses, organizations and resources for entrepreneurs.

According to Diggs, she wrote the book "to help blacks who do not come from middle-class backgrounds learn how to get along in the business world, move up the ladder and branch out into their own enterprises. Then and only then can you return to your community and provide employment for others." If you can't use this information, pass it on to a young person who can.
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Author:Randall, Iris
Publication:Black Enterprise
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1994
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