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Police investigating Islamophobic outburst by London Underground commuter. Arab News Nov 30, 2021 426
London Underground: Disgruntled commuter redesigns Tube map so South London is as well served as North; The utopian vision sees South London's transport links extended at the expense of the North. By, John James Nov 27, 2021 395
London Underground live: Updates as Tube drivers go on strike with several lines closed; A number of lines are affected. By, Lucy Williamson Nov 26, 2021 177
London Underground strikes: Uber raises prices by 150% to capitalise on demand surge amid closures; Closures are expected until Saturday (November 27) as RMT transport workers union strike against pay and conditions. By, Ben Kempton Nov 26, 2021 472
London Underground: The Tube line that 'could be closed in 3 weeks' over 'funding crisis'; More than 100 buses are also at risk of being shut down. By, Tara Cobham Nov 26, 2021 689
London Underground commuters share 'horror journey' after being evacuated by armed police in darkness; Londoners share their tube horror stories with one person's story being every passenger's worst nightmare. By, Rory Bennett Nov 25, 2021 781
London Underground: There's now a use for your old Oyster cards -here's what you can do with them; There are several ways to donate your old Oyster cards. By, Lucy Williamson Nov 25, 2021 316
Channel 4 Grand Designs: Fans slam home the size of a London Underground carriage saying 'no way could I live in it'; A lot has been squeezed into the 2.8 metre gap but fans were not convinced. By, Tara Cobham Nov 24, 2021 388
Metro line a vital link from airport to the city centre. David Morton Nov 20, 2021 552
Anger after opening of new Metro line delayed. Graham Young Staff Reporter Nov 18, 2021 790
London Underground: What 'fast' and 'semi-fast' mean on the Metropolitan line and why we have them; The only Tube line where trains skip stations out explained. By, Callum Marius Nov 18, 2021 957
New PS83m Metro line 'won't run until 2022'. GRAHAM YOUNG News Reporter Nov 17, 2021 344
London Underground: TfL's highest paying Tube stations across London revealed; Looking for a new job? Aim for these areas. By, Rafi Mauro-Benady Nov 16, 2021 522
Night Tube: When will it reopen and what London Underground lines will it be on? The Night Tube is making a return after it was shut amid the pandemic; The Night Tube is making a return after it was shut amid the pandemic. By, Josiah Mortimer Nov 16, 2021 581
Cat Linh - Ha eong metro line after its first week of operation. Nov 15, 2021 638
Health Ministry opens COVID-19 vaccination booths at Cairo Metro stations. Daily News Egypt Nov 14, 2021 173
London Underground timetable creator shares amazing secrets about the Tube network that you won't believe; Why does the Circle Line exist? By, Ayokunle Oluwalana Nov 13, 2021 778
The best London Underground line to apply your make-up on and it's not Central; No more poking yourself in the eye with a mascara wand. By, Tara Cobham Nov 13, 2021 568
Mayor Binay announces job vacancies for Makati Subway project. Nov 13, 2021 260
New London Underground map shows closest green spaces to every Tube stop; The Circle Line has the lowest average walk to a nature spot -just three minutes. By, Lucy Williamson Nov 12, 2021 935
London Underground Night Tube drivers announce strikes before the service even restarts; The RMT is in dispute with London Underground over plans to make night shifts compulsory for drivers. By, Lucy Williamson Nov 11, 2021 466
Subways in Metro Manila soon. Nov 9, 2021 930
FIRB grants tax perks to Makati subway. Nov 8, 2021 376
Government gives tax breaks to P81-B Makati City subway project. Nov 8, 2021 286
P81-B Makati subway project granted tax incentives. Nov 8, 2021 366
Makati Subway project gets tax perks. Nov 8, 2021 441
London Underground: TfL reveals it made more than £800,000 in a year from items lost on public transport; In one year Transport for London made nearly a million quid from selling unclaimed items. By, Finn Byrne Nov 8, 2021 428
London Underground fanatic who defied parents' lawyer dreams now drives trains and dances; 'I was so happy I literally cried'. By, Charlie Lawrence-Jones Nov 8, 2021 640
Cat Linh-Ha eong metro line begins commercial operation. Nov 6, 2021 334
The London Underground District line trains starting a new life on Isle of Wight; They are replacing even older Tube trains from 1938 which were on the island. By, Callum Marius Nov 6, 2021 492
Cat Linh-Ha eong metro line to begin commercial operation before November 10. Nov 3, 2021 407
Commuters post 'gross' photo of London Underground seat that shows just how dirty they REALLY are; The post showing the two Underground chairs was shared to Reddit. By, Ella Bennett Nov 1, 2021 378
London Underground: The hilariously innocent reviews Americans have left for the Tube on TripAdvisor; One person was ecstatic they didn't meet any werewolves on the Tube.. By, John James Oct 31, 2021 470
London Underground: The full list of line closures for the week ahead; This is everything you need to know. By, John James Calendar Oct 31, 2021 301
London Underground: Heathrow travellers livid as TfL suspends service and leaves customers 'stuck'; Underground services to and from the airport are suspended on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st. By, Ella Doyle Oct 30, 2021 347
Aggressive dad on subway punches woman who told him to 'take a chill pill'; The assault was filmed by a horrified passenger who said the man was hostile when he first boarded the New York subway train. He squared up to his victim when she told him to 'relax'. By, Ryan Fahey Oct 29, 2021 526
All the London Underground, Overground and bus closures and changes over Halloween weekend; Travellers should be aware of expected transport changes over the weekend. By, Ella Bennett Oct 29, 2021 770
Police Officers Will Selectively Check Vaccination Certificates In Subway Cars And Land Transport In Kyiv. Oct 29, 2021 226
Egypt to sign agreement for modernization of Cairo Metro trains. Egypt Today staff Oct 28, 2021 465
Budget 2021: Sadiq Khan 'disappointed' at lack of London Underground funds; Sadiq Khan hits out at Rishi Sunak as London was deprived of transport cash. By, Josiah Mortimer Oct 27, 2021 461
Police come out against subway. JAMES HARRSION Local Democracy Reporter Oct 27, 2021 414
France to construct Line 6 of Cairo Metro. MENA Oct 25, 2021 225
London Underground: Woman launched 'appalling' assault against TfL staff after she refused to wear face mask; Body cameras worn by enforcement officers helped secure the conviction. By, Ian Molyneaux Oct 25, 2021 440
London Underground: Hundreds of Londoners spend £2.40 for the shortest Tube journey that is quicker to walk; Lazy or lost-who is taking this journey? By, Rory Bennett Oct 22, 2021 323
London Underground: Person mugged on Tube just two days after moving to capital; The shocked commuter was accosted by a man who threatened them with 'something wrapped in a bandana'. By, John James Oct 22, 2021 445
London Underground staff 'lacked PPE' to deal with poo-ridden floods; Dozens of Tube stations have been forced to shut because of flooding this year. By, Josiah Mortimer Oct 22, 2021 507
Woman spends 'hundreds' on Ubers after London Underground sex attack where 'drunk climbed on top of her'; She feels like 'nothing has really changed'. By, Sam Ormiston Oct 22, 2021 1118
London Underground: Londoners share their pet commuting peeves and one takes the top spot; Londoners were quick to share their thoughts on the rudest Tube etiquette. By, Sylvie Wilkinson Oct 21, 2021 364
'Pay with your face': The alternatives to Oyster being used around the world that could come in on London Underground; From now on, passengers on Moscow's Metro use their face to double up as their ticket. By, Callum Marius Oct 20, 2021 972
London Underground: Londoner sparks fiery debate about Tube etiquette but not everyone agrees; Rush hour has come back with a vengeance. By, John James Oct 20, 2021 441
Cairo Metro announce vaccinating all of the 1st,2nd lines workers against Covid-19. Egypt Today staff Oct 18, 2021 425
The London Underground station you should run to if a nuclear apocalypse breaks out on Earth; It's time to start getting serious about preparing for the worst. By, Ian Molyneaux Oct 18, 2021 553
Heathrow Airport London Underground station became a world first in 1977 and revolutionised going abroad; Throughout its history the London Underground has evolved and innovated. By, Ian Molyneaux Oct 18, 2021 348
London property: What £250k can get you in each London Underground zone; It's a mixed bag across the capital. By, Aoife Mawn Oct 17, 2021 533
London Underground: The bizarre law that effectively stops massive dogs ever going on the Tube; Most people would not even be aware the law exists. By, Ian Molyneaux Oct 15, 2021 336
London Underground: Police hunt man who flashed 4 women on Piccadilly line in one day; The perpetrator is said to have rustled a carrier bag to get victims' attention. By, Tara Cobham Oct 14, 2021 241
Night Tube: London Underground passengers angry that 'most important line' will remain closed as 2 lines reopen; While most welcomed the news others could not understand the Underground lines selected. By, Ian Molyneaux Oct 14, 2021 562
Cairo's Green Metro Line 3 takes step further into digital inclusion with online subscription forms. Daily News Egypt Oct 13, 2021 288
London Underground boss who's married to an Insulate Britain supporter to 'step down'; Benedict Plowden, 58, works as a director for London's transport network while his wife protests for Insulate Britain. By, John James Oct 13, 2021 337
'Mrs Murals' transforms Plymouth subways; talented artist brightens up plympton. ERIN BLACK @erinnblackk Oct 12, 2021 837
The incredible salaries earned by London Underground, bus, tram and train drivers; The annual incomes for drivers in London on the transport network can be above average in the capital. By, Ian Molyneaux Oct 11, 2021 629
London Underground: Londoners divided over how many Tube changes are tolerable on daily commute; Londoners couldn't seem to agree. By, Lucy Williamson Oct 9, 2021 366
London Underground: Sadiq Khan gives major update on when Night Tube could return; Lots of Londoners want it back over safety fears. By, Seren Hughes Oct 7, 2021 636
London Underground: Sadiq Khan urged to move Woolwich DLR station from Zone 4 to 3; Not everyone likes the current set up. By, Whelan Barzey Oct 6, 2021 349
Another shipment of metro rail carriages arrives at Mongla port. Oct 2, 2021 229
London Underground: Tube closures for the weekend of London Marathon; Several lines will be affected this weekend. By, Tom Haynes Oct 1, 2021 527
European funding supports Cairo metro upgrade. Oct 1, 2021 340
London Underground: Londoners flock to Tube, trains, and buses to avoid fuel chaos; There has been a seven per cent rise in London Underground travel in the last week. By, Seren Hughes Sep 28, 2021 436
London Underground: The beautiful but tragic story behind the statue we've all walked past outside Liverpool Street station; Commuters will pass it everyday and not think about its history. By, Bea Isaacson Sep 28, 2021 429
London Underground: Man who groped women on public transport has sexual assault sentence extended; Gurvinder Singh has seen his sentence increased after it was found to be too lenient. By, Sylvie Wilkinson Sep 25, 2021 230
London Underground: Falls on Tube escalators are through the roof for this bizarre reason; The amount of people falling down the escalator at Tube stations has reportedly skyrocketed. By, Sylvie Wilkinson Sep 25, 2021 309
London Underground: Man thrown to floor in 'unprovoked attack' at Oxford Circus station; He was approached by a stranger on the platform. By, Isabella D'Emilio Sep 22, 2021 213
London Underground: What the most expensive journey across all zones costs; It takes some work, but if you spend enough time planning your commute, you can miss out on some of the pricier fares. By, John James Sep 22, 2021 357
London Underground: I skipped zones on the longest uninterrupted section of track and had the time of my life; Once you've skipped zones, travelling will never be the same again. By, John James Sep 21, 2021 506
The abandoned London Underground station that hid national treasures during the war and is now a Hollywood film set; Aldwych Underground station has quite the history. By, Sam Ormiston Sep 21, 2021 330
Slow ground clearance hindering NhA?n-Ha NA?i Railway station metro line. Sep 20, 2021 867
London Underground: The lost neighbourhood near a Tube station that went from thriving into decline; From hung politicians to banished princesses. By, Bea Isaacson Sep 19, 2021 340
The strange reason why some London Underground signs are coloured in and others are not; As Londoners we think we know all about the Tube but there might still be some more to learn. By, Finn Byrne Sep 19, 2021 414
The Kent town where a 'Disney princess' is randomly buried which might before too long be on the London Underground map; Pocahontas is buried in the Kent town which could see a Crossrail extension. By, Seren Hughes Sep 18, 2021 387
'Night Tube return will be a disaster': Residents fear London Underground service coming back after job posting; Some London residents aren't keen for the late-night service to come back. By, Finn Byrne Sep 18, 2021 501
Old London Underground Northern line Tube trains that now randomly run on Channel Islands; The only place you can see France from the Northern line. By, Lucy Williamson Sep 18, 2021 477
London Underground: Huge rise in people falling down Tube escalators because they're frightened to hold handrails; People are worried about the Covid risk. By, Beth Gulliver Sep 17, 2021 421
London Underground: Commuters vote on London's worst Tube line and there's a clear loser; Londoners complained this line was always hot and busy. By, Seren Hughes Sep 15, 2021 339
Turkey to open 91-km metro lines by 2023. Sep 13, 2021 440
Seoul subway workers' strike imminent. Sep 12, 2021 210
Man found injured in subway. Sep 11, 2021 167
The London Underground extension from Angel to Croydon that was almost built; Croydon and Chelsea still have no underground stations. By, Callum Cuddeford Sep 10, 2021 394
London Underground: Londoners reveal their Underground secret short-cuts and they could change your commute forever; We've all had several minutes added to our journeys due to long walks between platforms. By, Seren Hughes Sep 9, 2021 686
Experts: Chaos likely at Agargaon point, may spoil Metro Rail's image. Sep 9, 2021 696
Hytera Signs USD 30M Contract with Shenzhen Metro Line 12. Sep 8, 2021 248
Hytera Signs USD 30M Contract with Shenzhen Metro Line 12. Sep 8, 2021 247
Hytera Signs USD 30M Contract with Shenzhen Metro Line 12. Sep 8, 2021 236
EastEnders' shocking transport errors from Kush's impossible murder on the London Underground to that London bus crash; The chances of these ever happening in London's actual East End are very, very slim or impossible. By, Callum Marius Sep 8, 2021 946
Cabinet Allocates UAH 100 Million For Adjusting Design Documentation For Construction Of Kyiv Subway. Sep 1, 2021 154
There's a species of mosquitoes that's evolved to live in the London Underground and it's just as terrifying as it sounds; As if we needed more pests on the Tube. By, Lea Dzifa Seeberg Aug 31, 2021 261
Clone clown's PS1m compo payout after subway deal bungle; POLITICIANS CALL FOR QUANGO TRANSPARENCY Shamed boss personally brokered sum. John Ferguson Political Editor Aug 29, 2021 436
London Underground: Tube passenger numbers rise to more than half of pre-pandemic levels; The number of people using the London Underground is still far off from 'normal' levels. By, Ella Bennett Aug 29, 2021 362
August bank holiday travel: London Underground, Tube and Overground weekend closures; Here's a list of closures you should be aware of before travelling in London this long weekend. By, Nuray Bulbul Aug 28, 2021 402
London Underground: How the Tube picks announcers -and it can take up to 18 months; The Tube announcers are a fixture of London life -but how many can say they've honestly given them any thought? By, Niamh Lynch Aug 22, 2021 402
Police officer rescues man from subway tracks. Aug 20, 2021 236
When is the London Underground strike? Severe disruption to Tube network expected this August; Union members are planning to hold industrial action soon. By, Jonathon Crump Aug 20, 2021 555
What happens to retired London Underground trains from being rehomed on an island to being put on the roof; After their working life is done they rest out their days at some interesting locations. By, Gabrielle Rockson Aug 14, 2021 365
Filipina assaulted while giving face masks in New York subway. Aug 13, 2021 434
HCM City urges speedy ODA disbursement for first metro line. Aug 12, 2021 580
London Underground: Baffling game sees you play as the Night Tube cleaning up vomit, lager and credit cards; Severe Delays is a new London Underground racing game that's been making waves online. By, John James Aug 11, 2021 334
New London Underground map published just for kids; It might be time to let the kids take charge. By, James Bayley Aug 11, 2021 491
London Underground: Ridiculous video shows man doing the upside down splits on the Northern line; The video shows a man performing a ridiculous gymnastics routine on the ceiling of a Northern Line service. By, John James Aug 10, 2021 276
Subway unions in 6 cities consider joint strike. Aug 8, 2021 485
Anti-regime protests multiplying over water, power, pay and everything else. Nelson, Warren L. Aug 6, 2021 1513
Rescuers help victims of a rare flood in a relatively dry part of China. Aug 5, 2021 982
London underground closure: Where are the Circle and District lines affected? List of tube stations shut; London underground closures starting tomorrow are set to affect many stations on the Circle and District lines -here's the full list of those impacted. By, Talya Honebeek Aug 3, 2021 468
Dozens of Metro trains cancelled on Saturday as driver shortage runs into third day; The Metro line say 45 services will be affected today starting with the first train from Regent Centre to South Hylton at 5.21am. By, Barry Ellams & Max Channon Jul 31, 2021 307
London Underground travel hacks that will cut your commute time, from secret entrances to the quickest lines; It's time to dust off that Tube map -you could be saving some serious time on your commute. By, Ramsha Khan & James Bayley Jul 28, 2021 1256
Dhaka's first-ever metro rail set to start by December 2022. Jul 28, 2021 228
SFA, Japan envoy exchange notes for Metro Manila Subway Project Phase 1. Jul 28, 2021 295
London Underground: Every station forced to close as Londoners struggle against waist-deep flood waters; Heavy flooding has caused havoc in the capital today with numerous stations closed due to high water levels. By, John James Jul 25, 2021 253
118-Year-Old Subway Car Brought Out Of Retirement In New York. Jul 24, 2021 201
The London Underground stations where masks are and aren't mandatory; Face masks are mandatory on all TfL services -but not necessarily on services run by other operators. By, Seren Hughes Jul 20, 2021 632
Entire Metropolitan Line suspended after NHS app pings London Underground staff; Piccadilly and District line services were also affected after London Underground control room staff were 'pinged' by the NHS Covid-19 app to self-isolate. By, Tom Pilgrim & Adam Barnett Jul 17, 2021 493
London Underground: Metropolitan line suspended after staff told to self-isolate by NHS Covid app; Staff were told to self-isolate on Saturday morning (July 17). By, Tom Pilgrim & Sam Truelove Jul 17, 2021 464
Face masks must be worn on London Underground and buses past July 19, says Sadiq Khan; The government enforced rules regarding masks will be lifted from July 19. By, Ella Bennett Jul 14, 2021 637
London Underground: The pretty market town 68 minutes from London you can get to on the Tube; This beautiful town's location on the Tube line provides a hassle-free journey perfect for a day trip out of the city. By, Blathnaid Corless Jul 13, 2021 394
London flooding: 'Severe delays' to London Underground, Overground and rail services; Commuters will be in for another difficult day travelling around London. By, Talia Shadwell & Whelan Barzey Jul 13, 2021 492
London Underground: Enforcing masks on Tubes and London buses after July 19 will be a 'shambles', transport chief warns; The legal requirement to wear a mask on public transport will lift on July 19. By, Ella Bennett Jul 12, 2021 483
London Underground timetable changes being brought in on Northern and Jubilee lines; It's all to do with the new Northern line extension. By, Callum Marius Jul 10, 2021 617
Debt-ridden subway. Jul 8, 2021 338
Seoul to reduce bus, subway schedules by 20% after 10 pm. Jul 7, 2021 168
Metro line to shut for new rails. Jul 1, 2021 218
Korea to test mmWave 5G tech in Seoul subways. Jun 28, 2021 292
Egypt's Transport Minister witnesses full operation of Cairo Metro Line 3 by RATP Dev. Daily News Egypt Jun 27, 2021 280
London Underground: Face masks may still be mandatory on the Tube after July 19; There have been calls for a campaign to promote a 'culture of mask wearing'. By, Lucy Williamson Jun 25, 2021 448
Discover Azercell's mobile internet speed in the subway trains! Jun 24, 2021 602
Subway, venue of generational conflicts. Jun 24, 2021 968
London Underground: Map shows how far Tube would go if South London had as many stations as North; The amount of stations north of the river greatly outnumber those down south. By, Harry Higginson & Ella Bennett Jun 20, 2021 447
All a boar-d! Wild pig takes Hong Kong subway journey. Jun 19, 2021 213
London Underground weekend closures: Full list of Tube disruption plus bus and train changes June 19 and June 20; There will be disruptions and delays across the capital's transport network. By, Whelan Barzey Jun 19, 2021 814
Council tight-lipped on subway contract at centre of police probe. HANNAH NEARY Local Democracy Reporter Jun 16, 2021 574
'Asian hate' strikes anew: PH diplomat verbally harassed in New York subway. Jun 13, 2021 418
Ticket machine problem means it is cash only on Sunderland Metro line; Commuters will need cash to travel on the Tyne and Wear Metro in Sunderland today. Kevin Clark Jun 11, 2021 200
London Underground weekend closures: Full list of Tube disruption plus bus and train changes; Major changes to London's National Rail services all weekend. By, Callum Marius Jun 11, 2021 515
HCM City sends metro line 3a plans to Government. Jun 10, 2021 159
Letter: Disabled access can only properly happen if Chinley Station is moved; Regarding Chinley Station, disabled access could only be gained by one of three methods: a subway, lifts or a ramped footbridge. Letter to the editor Jun 10, 2021 266
No raise in Cairo Metro tickets prices: Minister of Transport. Egypt Today staff Jun 7, 2021 151
The only six cities in the world with more Underground stations than London; The London Underground might be the oldest metro system in the world, but when it comes to size, other cities around the world have the edge. By, Rachael Davis May 24, 2021 694
Turning Alexandria's Abou Qir rail line into underground metro line to begin in 2022. Egypt Today staff May 14, 2021 200
Children warned to stay away from flooded subway in Daventry after swimmers spotted taking a dip; Daventry residents are being urged to stay away from a flooded subway on Staverton Road - after children were reported swimming in it earlier this week. Lucie Green May 14, 2021 178
Engineers work throughout the night to repair storm damage to Metro lines; Repair work has been carried out throughout the night to repair overhead lines which came down as a storm hit the North East. Fiona Thompson May 11, 2021 219
HCM City receives 2 more trains for 1st metro line. May 10, 2021 286
Siemens and Stadler consortium to upgrade and modernise Lisbon Metro. May 10, 2021 212
The London Underground stations that nobody can pronounce correctly; Read our handy guide to learn how it should be done. By, Hayley Clarke May 9, 2021 617
Marks and Spencer shares summer outfits to wear in London but shoppers have spotted one problem; A YouTube vlogger showcased M&S' summer range on the London Underground and in front of Buckingham Palace. By, Neha Gohil May 6, 2021 242
Mexico City subway collapse kills 24. Sheridan, By Mary Beth; Cunningham, Erin; Post, Miriam Berger The Washington May 5, 2021 769
Mexico City subway collapse kills 24 Collapse: Second disaster for city's metro system this year. Sheridan, By Mary Beth; Cunningham, Erin; Post, Miriam Berger The Washington May 5, 2021 769
The pandemic upended public transit and forced city planners to rethink their priorities. Now they're trying to map out what comes next. Surico, John; Kasinger, Chona May 1, 2021 2354
Man on London Underground discovers multiple uses for his face mask; Who needs sunglasses when you've got a face mask? By, James Bayley Apr 30, 2021 354
Egypt, Hyundai Rotem sign deal to modernize Cairo metro. Mohamed Abu Zeid Apr 29, 2021 303
How the London Underground and London buses could change depending on who becomes the city's Mayor; The Tube is an integral part of the city -but where do the Mayoral candidates stand when it comes to the London Underground? By, Blathnaid Corless Apr 28, 2021 1128
First set of metro rail coaches reaches Dhaka. Apr 21, 2021 237
Hilarious photo of London Underground's 'under-seat storage' has travellers in stitches; "I could fit my ex under there," said one commuter. By, James Bayley Apr 20, 2021 202
All the things that'll be different on the London Underground when lockdown eases on April 12; Your guide to safe travel in the post-lockdown city. By, April Curtin Apr 9, 2021 703
Plans to develop Cairo's 1st, 2nd metro lines at LE 38 Bln: Official. Egypt Today staff Apr 8, 2021 318
Metro rail lines have 337 COVID cases; limited operations announced. Apr 4, 2021 680
Vessel carrying Metro rail coaches to anchor at Mongla Wednesday. Mar 30, 2021 316
'Cairo Metro harasser' sentenced to 3 years in jail. Egypt Today staff Mar 25, 2021 296
Subway to be constructed despite challenges. Mar 24, 2021 1124
Filipino from Iloilo harassed on New York City subway. Mar 22, 2021 293
Why the DLR isn't considered a London Underground line but it's still on the map; For a start, you don't need a driver. By, James Bayley Mar 19, 2021 454
KONE to provide 152 escalators for Grand Paris Express Metro Line 16. Mar 18, 2021 162
KONE to provide 152 escalators for Grand Paris Express Metro Line 16. Mar 18, 2021 161
Cairo Metro considers installing surveillance cameras inside trains: Spokesperson. Egypt Today staff Mar 15, 2021 277
Singapore's Redco withdraws Makati Subway share purchase deal. Mar 12, 2021 397
Phil. Infradev seals JV deal for subway lots. Mar 10, 2021 314
PHL Infradev unit, Richer Today sign subway term sheet. Mar 10, 2021 405
First phase of metro rail project now visible. Feb 28, 2021 377
NCC wins construction contract for new subway station in Stockholm. Feb 23, 2021 207
NCC wins construction contract for new subway station in Stockholm. Feb 23, 2021 208
Crime halves in the city centre despite hotspots; SUBWAY NEAR POLICE HQ SUFFERS MORE THAN ONE CRIME A DAY. STAFF REPORTER Feb 22, 2021 414
Opening of first metro line in HCM City delayed to 2022. Feb 22, 2021 578
I was seconds from death.. thug who headbutted me on to a subway line should be locked up; VICTIM SPEAKS OUT ABOUT SHOCK AT SENTENCE Dad lucky to be alive after he tried to grab live rail to get back to his feet. / Derek Alexander Feb 21, 2021 548
I was seconds from death.. thug who headbutted me on to a subway line should be locked up; Dad lucky to be alive after he tried to grab live rail to get back to his feet. / Derek Alexander Feb 21, 2021 538
Dad headbutted onto subway track seconds before train arrived "lucky to be alive"; Brian Cleary was just inches away from the 600-volt rail at a Glasgow station after he was attacked by thug David Russell. By, Derek Alexander Feb 21, 2021 511
subway thug nutted dad on to the track; STATION ATTACKER AVOIDS JAIL Assault left victim just 10 seconds from being hit by train. CONNOR GORDON Feb 18, 2021 514
Metro rail to start from Victory Day. Feb 17, 2021 355
The quietest station in London with just 30K visitors a year -and it's not on the London Underground; Millions of people still visited London's stations in 2020 despite the pandemic. By, Tom Haynes Feb 16, 2021 287
'Subway Ripper' charged with killing two in chilling spate of New York stabbings; Rigoberto Lopez, 21, was taken in to custody reportedly drenched in blood before being charged in connection with the deadly stabbings, and has been charged with murder. By, Barbara Goldberg & William Walker Feb 15, 2021 329
Lagos Assembly Wants Buhari Implement Jakande's Metro Rail Project. Feb 12, 2021 336
BREAKING: Why Buhari Must Implement Jakande's Metro Rail Project - Lagos Assembly. Feb 11, 2021 226
Councillor quits in subway deal storm. HANNAH NEARY Local democracy reporter Feb 10, 2021 688
Promising commuter experience seen after mega subways completion. Feb 9, 2021 366
100 stitches for Filipino who was slashed by another passenger in NYC subway. Feb 8, 2021 160
Government officials witness the arrival of the Cutter Head of KAUNLARAN Tunnel Boring Machine No. 1 that will be utilized for the Metro Manila Subway Project. Feb 8, 2021 1044
CONTRACT SHOCK; Councillor resigns in row over PS7,798 deal for subway refurbishment. HANNAH NEARY Local Democracy Reporter Feb 7, 2021 925
Works for Metro Manila Subway may start soon as 74-ton cutter head from Japan arrives. Feb 5, 2021 331
'Drop dead,' Roque tells Duterte critics, as tunnel boring machine for subway arrives. Feb 5, 2021 505
Lego? Nah, they're tunnel borers for your Metro Manila Subway. Feb 5, 2021 203
Concentration and Composition in Subway Systems in the Northeastern United States. Luglio, David G.; Katsigeorgis, Maria; Hess, Jade; Kim, Rebecca; Adragna, John; Raja, Amna; Gordon, Report Feb 1, 2021 15232
TfL urges builders to avoid London Underground and walk or cycle to work instead; The transport body has updated its guidance, telling the construction industry 'to reduce the overall numbers using local public transport stations'. By, James Twomey Feb 1, 2021 461
Cairo Metro Line III reaches 49% completion mark. Angitha Pradeep Jan 31, 2021 209
Cairo Metro Line III reaches 49% completion mark. Angitha Pradeep Jan 31, 2021 209
Kyiv Not To Increase Cost Of Subway Fare. Jan 27, 2021 158
The Metro Manila Subway Project. Jan 25, 2021 626
Opening of parts of Chom Chao flyover and subway to ease traffic congestion. Jan 25, 2021 160
Man gets jail sentence for attacking subway passengers over face mask dispute. Jan 22, 2021 267
Metro lines to be shut for fortnight. SONIA SHARMA Reporter Jan 19, 2021 328
No Pants Subway Ride Canceled For 2021. Jan 16, 2021 290
Worrying figures show the number of people travelling on the London Underground compared to first lockdown; Londoners are urged to avoid any unnecessary travel as the vicious virus continues to spread. By, April Curtin Jan 10, 2021 566
One dead after fire hits Mexican capital's subway headquarters. Jan 10, 2021 227
Synectics Sees First Phase Of S-Bahn Project In Berlin Go Live. Jan 7, 2021 221
Cubic's business division and MTA deploys OMNY payment system across all New York City subway stations. Jan 6, 2021 349
Cubic's business division and MTA deploys OMNY payment system across all New York City subway stations. Jan 6, 2021 351
Study on Settlement and Deformation of Urban Viaduct Caused by Subway Station Construction under Complicated Conditions. Luo, Cong-shuang; Cheng, Yi-hong; Bai, Zhe; Shen, Tong; Wu, Xu-Yang; Wang, Qing-guo Jan 1, 2021 4999
Analysis of Three-Dimensional Vibration Characteristics of Single-Circle Double-Track Subway Tunnel under Moving Load. Dai, Chunquan; Yang, Mengying; Wang, Quanlei; Yang, Tingzhi; Jiang, Kun Report Jan 1, 2021 6377
Study on the Loess Immersion Test of Metro Line 2 in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. Xu, Yuanjun; Wang, Jiading; Gu, Tianfeng; Zhang, Dengfei; Ma, Weiqian Report Jan 1, 2021 7431
Study on Sensitivity Parameters Analysis of Grouting Reinforcement Underpassing Existing Subway Tunnel by Numerical Modeling. Hu, Zaiqiang; Ma, Bin; Chen, Xingzhou; Chen, Lili Jan 1, 2021 5532
Study on Deformation Law of Subway Construction under Passing Existing Line in Short Distance. Luo, Cong-Shuang; Cheng, Yi-Hong; Bai, Zhe; Shen, Tong; Wu, Xu-Yang; Wang, Qing-Guo Report Jan 1, 2021 5188
Stability Analysis of TBM Tunnel Undercrossing Existing High-Speed Railway Tunnel: A Case Study from Yangtaishan Tunnel of Shenzhen Metro Line 6. Zhao, Mingji; Cheng, Yun; Song, Zhanping; Wang, Tong; Zhang, Yuwei; Gong, Yitong; Song, Yuncai Case study Jan 1, 2021 8877
Analysis of Propagation Characteristics for Various Subway Tunnel Scenarios at 28GHz. Wang, Chengjian; Ji, Wenli; Zheng, Guoxin; Saleem, Asad Jan 1, 2021 6547
Pasternak Model-Based Tunnel Segment Uplift Model of Subway Shield Tunnel during Construction. Tao, Xiang-Ling; Su, Yun-He; Zhu, Qi-Yin; Wang, Wen-Long Jan 1, 2021 5068
Deformation Response and Safety Evaluation of Buildings Affected by Subway-Station Construction. Feng, Chunlei; Zhang, Dingli; Wang, Hualao; Zhang, Xuan Jan 1, 2021 9018
First tunnel boring machine for metro line construction installed. Dec 30, 2020 421
Criticism rises over subway ad on lawyer for sex offenders. Dec 29, 2020 376
Another [pounds sterling]8 million of emergency funding has been announced for Edinburgh trams and Glasgow Subway; The Scottish Government is to provide a further [pounds sterling]8 million of emergency funding for Glasgow Subway and Edinburgh Trams in response to the on-going financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Beth Murray Dec 23, 2020 421
London Underground network could be closed after 'rapid spread' of mutated Covid strain; Reports suggest Government looking at ways to stop travel into and around London. By, Ian Molyneaux Dec 19, 2020 506
Metro Subway partial operations 'a crowning achievement of PH-Japan partnership', Duterte tells PM Suga. Dec 15, 2020 541
'Missing' Doctor Who episodes from 1968 set on London Underground to be released; The episodes were recently discovered in Nigeria. By, Lucy Skoulding Dec 14, 2020 506
'Confrontational' talks as Glasgow Subway driverless trains delayed to 2022; Glasgow Subway's new driverless trains have been delayed until 2022 amid "confrontational" discussions with contractors, its operator revealed today. Alastair Dalton Dec 11, 2020 747
Blueprint for $2bn Bahrain metro rail unveiled. Jason Saundalkar Dec 9, 2020 185
Right-of-way partnership signed for P355.6-B Metro Manila Subway. Dec 6, 2020 439
Right-of-way usage agreement for Metro Manila subway signed. Dec 4, 2020 450
Deal signed to let DOTr use DND lands for Metro Manila subway project. Dec 4, 2020 439
Beijing, Shanghai metro launches interconnected QR code payment. Dec 3, 2020 214
Sections of Metro line to close for 12 weeks. CHRIS BINDING Local democracy reporter Dec 2, 2020 478
Seoul Metro begins storage rental service in subway stations. Dec 1, 2020 430
'Scrap new Metro lines and offer free buses' Mayoral hopeful's radical transport vision for region. Mark Cardwell Local Democracy Reporter Nov 26, 2020 614
AFD, Egypt sign financing agreement for Cairo Metro Line 1 renovation. Daily News Egypt Nov 25, 2020 358
Construction contracts signed for Phase 1 of Cairo Metro Line 4. Nihal Samir Nov 24, 2020 428
Hassan Allam Construction awarded new contract for Cairo Metro Line 4. Daily News Egypt Nov 23, 2020 390
The impressive six-storey [pounds sterling]16.5m Mayfair mansion where founder of London Underground lived; It's got a massive entertainment space, a roof terrace and two balconies. By, Lucy Skoulding Nov 22, 2020 703
Horrifying moment man pushes stranger in front of train on New York subway; Footage shows a man run at and push a woman onto the tracks as a train approaches at 14th Street-Union Square on the New York subway. By, Lucy Skoulding Nov 20, 2020 370
London Underground signs transformed into PlayStation icons ahead of UK PS5 launch; In honour of the PlayStation 5 launch tomorrow, the London Underground signs at Oxford Circus station have been transformed into PlayStation icons. By, Shivali Best Nov 18, 2020 404
Modernisation of historic Glasgow Subway boosted by new five-year contract; A five-year contract has been awarded as part of the modernisation of Glasgow's subway system. Scott Reid Nov 18, 2020 386
Bangladesh seeks Korean finance for its 1st subway. Nov 14, 2020 1060
London Underground closures: The tube lines closed on November 14 and 15; Travellers are being advised to use services during quieter times. By, Laura Hartley Nov 13, 2020 1060
'I travelled on the London Underground in the second lockdown and it certainly looked different to last time'; How things have changed since the start of 2020. By, April Curtin Nov 11, 2020 392
'Weekend Quarantine' Will Not Envision Subway Shutdown - Liashko. Nov 11, 2020 281
Early in 2021: Alexandria's tramway to be transformed into metro line. Egypt Today staff Nov 9, 2020 189
What TfL says about whether London Underground stations will close during second lockdown; Many stations were shut during the first lockdown due to staff shortages. By, April Curtin Nov 6, 2020 379
Back Bay Birch to step up and score; TODAY'S BEST BETS Subway Surf 1.37 Market Rasen 1pt win Dell' Arca 2.30 Newbury 1pt each-way with firms offering four places The Bay Birch 3.05 Newbury 1pt each-way with firms offering four places. Paul Kealy Nov 5, 2020 734
Crossing takes place of trouble-hit subway. THOMAS PARKES Nov 5, 2020 280
London Covid: What TfL says about using London Underground and buses in second lockdown; Many people will still have to use public transport to get around London. By, April Curtin Nov 3, 2020 558
PH, Japan to sign new loan for subway in Q1 next year. Nov 2, 2020 370
Egypt, Japan agree to complete procedures for implementing 4th metro line. Egypt Today staff Oct 28, 2020 246
Egypt, Japan discuss procedures to implement Cairo Metro Line 4. Daily News Egypt Oct 28, 2020 266
Spanish firm eyes PH subway project. Oct 26, 2020 333
Inside the oldest abandoned London Underground station that you've probably never heard of; It was only open for ten years. By, April Curtin Oct 26, 2020 492
4 London Underground stations that are still partly closed and when TfL says they will fully reopen; Londoners are asked to plan their journeys ahead under Tier 2 rules. By, April Curtin Oct 23, 2020 347
Metro lines up track for attraction. Oct 22, 2020 338
Sadiq Khan furious at Government plan to make the London Underground and buses way more expensive; The Mayor of London has accused the Government of being 'vindictive towards London'. By, Ian Molyneaux Oct 21, 2020 559
Three arrested in connection with theft at Glasgow Subway station; Three men have been arrested after reports of a theft at Bridge Street subway station in Glasgow, which remains closed due to the incident. Gary Flockhart Oct 20, 2020 224
armed masked robber in raid on takeaway; Subway staff terrified as gunman demands cash then flees on bicycle. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Oct 18, 2020 229
9 new totally unrealistic but amazing ideas to make the London Underground even better; The people of London have spoken. By, April Curtin Oct 17, 2020 710
HCM City receives first train for Metro Line No 1. Oct 14, 2020 463
New [pounds sterling]4 million funding announced for Edinburgh Trams and Glasgow subway; Transport Scotland has announced a [pounds sterling]4 million funding boost for Edinburgh Trams and the Glasgow Subway to help deal with measures put in place as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Beth Murray Oct 13, 2020 383
The secret London Underground hack that stops you having to use stairs to change platform; It only works at certain stations... By, Ellie McKinnell Oct 6, 2020 268
Campaign to support Glasgow Subway as funding package nears end; The Scottish Greens have launched a campaign to protect Glasgow's Subway system as emergency funding comes to an end. Craig Paton Sep 30, 2020 419
Ha Ngi proposes investing $2.9b in Vgn Cao-Hoa Lgc urban metro line. Sep 22, 2020 403
Was this tunnel built on a Highland estate as part of the London Underground? It is one of the Highlands' least known but most mysterious structures - a tunnel mouth built into a Wester Ross hillside by the Victorian engineer responsible for the Forth Bridge. Alastair Dalton Sep 20, 2020 965
Uber in collaboration with Hyderabad Metro Rail launches Public Transport feature in Hyderabad. Sep 18, 2020 192
Sisi approves agreement with EIB to develop Line 2 of Cairo Metro. Egypt Today staff Sep 17, 2020 194
Mitsubishi Electric To Supply Propulsion Equipment For Delhi Metro. Sep 17, 2020 154
London coronavirus: Why people who are caught without face masks on the London Underground should have to quarantine; Call it harsh, but it's got to be done, argues April Curtin. By, April Curtin Sep 13, 2020 652
India to resume subway train services after more than five months of COVID-19 lockdown. Sep 7, 2020 266
India to resume subway train services after more than five months of COVID-19 lockdown. Sep 7, 2020 262
DOTr accepts first 2 tunnel boring machines for P355-B Subway Project. Sep 6, 2020 345
Metro Manila subway works still on track DOTr. Sep 5, 2020 718
Metro Manila subway project 'early Christmas gift' to Filipinos - Tugade. Sep 5, 2020 648
DOTr says Metro Manila Subway will be flood-proof. Sep 5, 2020 333
Kyiv City Council Provides Guarantees To EBRD To Attract EUR 50 Million For Purchase Of Rolling Stock For Kyiv Subway. Sep 3, 2020 171
Fuzzy Preference Programming Framework for Functional Assessment of Subway Networks. Abouhamad, Mona; Zayed, Tarek Report Sep 1, 2020 8857
The Influence of Complex Subway Station Construction on High Retaining Walls and Appropriate Countermeasures. Wang, Kai; Li, Zhaoping; Xu, Xuezhao; Shi, Leilei; Zhang, Fanbo Aug 31, 2020 6430
Seismic Response Study of Tunnels Running underneath a Subway Station in Parallel. Sun, Fuxue; Wang, Guo-bo; Peng, Xiang-jun; Jin, Zhou-zhou; Li, Xiao-chun; Zhao, Jie-lin Aug 31, 2020 6749
Manhunt after attacker tries to rape screaming woman in front of bystanders at station; Shocking images show a man who was filmed pushing a woman to the ground and climbing on top of her at a busy subway station in the Upper East Side in New York as a crowd gathered and filmed it. By, Dave Burke Aug 30, 2020 307
French company wins tender to supply ticket vending machines for Cairo metro lines. Egypt Today staff Aug 25, 2020 175
British music teacher to walk London Underground route to raise money for Beirut. Arab News Aug 22, 2020 376
LG Display supplies 'transparent' OLED for China's subways. Aug 21, 2020 281
Passengers arriving at London Heathrow who need to quarantine are still allowed on the London Underground; It doesn't make any sense. By, Ellie McKinnell Aug 20, 2020 351
Flooded pedestrian subway in Wadi Kabir forces people to jaywalk. Aug 19, 2020 509
Egypt's Transport Ministry increases Cairo Metro fares. Fatma Lotfi Aug 17, 2020 325
Egyptian President El Sisi opens Cairo Metro Line 3 Phase 4B. Ranju Warrier Aug 17, 2020 299
Sisi to inaugurate 4th phase of Cairo Metro Line 3. MENA Aug 16, 2020 151
Sisi in inauguration of 4th phase of Cairo Metro Line 3: Egypt keen to improve people's lives. Egypt Today staff Aug 16, 2020 455
Al-Sisi inaugurates 4th phase of Cairo Metro Line 3. Daily News Egypt Aug 16, 2020 281
Man called 'racist' and floored with brutal punch on London Underground; Footage has gone viral of a man shouting at a group of black people on the London Underground, calling them 'pets' and singing that they're 'lesser' than him before he is punched. By, Milo Boyd Aug 16, 2020 355
Renewal work shuts Metro line. HANNAH GRAHAM Reporter Aug 4, 2020 447
Leasing of Cairo 3rd metro line to RATP Group postponed. Egypt Today staff Aug 4, 2020 410
Egypt plans to invest LE3.5B in Cairo 4th metro line construction in FY2020/21. Egypt Today staff Aug 4, 2020 154
'Iconic' subway will remain as plans for new route confirmed. Jul 27, 2020 490
Makati subway builders start paying affected landowners. Jul 27, 2020 650
Zamalek residents evacuate iconic building near Cairo metro work. Arab News Jul 27, 2020 302

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