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Subsurface amd atmospheric influences on solar activity; proceedings.


Subsurface amd atmospheric influences on solar activity; proceedings.

National Solar Observatory (2007: Sunspot, New Mexico) Ed. by R. Howe et al.

Astronomical Soc./Pacific


440 pages



Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series; v.383


Drawn from those presented at the April 2007 workshop, this collection of papers focuses on solar active regions and their origin and evolution on the sun as indicated by helioseismology, magnetometry and modeling. Nine posters join the one keynote, 12 invited and 27 contributed talks represented here, and the collection covers flows around active regions on the surface and below (including surface flows from magnetograms and large eddy simulation of solar photosphere convection with realistic physics), flux emergence and cancellation (including hinode observations of flux emergence in quiet an active regions), space weather and active regions from back to front (including challenges created by active regions in global models), the morphology of active regions and filaments (include the life and death of solar active regions), and magnetic flux and magneto-acoustic waves (including a report on the interaction between magneto-acoustic waves and magnetic fields).

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