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Subject to a greenwash.

headlines, lies another far more important story? Doesn't the fact that the city centre is brilliantly rejuvenated in a relatively short period of time highlight that so much of our manufacturing heritage, which would traditionally blow smoke into the sky, is gone.

Doesn't the clean air also suggest that the North East doesn't travel far because it doesn't have the transport network to do so? The A1 is rubbish, the high-speed rail link debate never ends or starts, and airlines have been looking at justifying services into the region.

While the city is beautiful, doesn't this survey actually paper over the issue of regional industrial decline coupled with poor transport systems? Now, obviously I am not saying we go back there. I'm saying the survey highlights a void.

Strange though, that Sunderland came in way below, which classically sums up the environmental problem.

Namely, that there would be no point in me saving the planet if my next door neighbour wasn't going to bother. It is clear there is no uniform action or a level playing field of investment or commitment.

That is, if the poll is not a work of fiction.

Apparently, one of the benchmarks for awarding the greenest city to Newcastle is, er, the quality of the salmon.

No, I'm not joking. You've been busting a gut for years separating your glass and plastic, so a man in wellies with a clipboard can jump in the Tyne and declare: "Eeh, salmon's lovely today!" Psychotic Shroom is right. Another day, another survey, another spin. Same old BS!
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Nov 20, 2009
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