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Subject: The Secretary of Defense Performance Based Logistics Awards Program.



WASHINGTON, DC 20301-3010

JUN 16 2005



SUBJECT: The Secretary of Defense Performance Based Logistics Awards Program

Performance Based Logistics (PBL) is the Department of Defense strategy to improve weapon system readiness by purchasing weapon system sustainment as an integrated package, based on output measures, such as weapon system availability, rather than input measures, such as parts and technical services. The Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) and the Defense Planning Guidance directed the application of PBL to new and legacy weapon systems.

Utilizing the best mix of public/private capabilities is a fundamental enabler of successful PBL strategies. A long-term relationship based upon a foundation of trust and mutual accountability for achieving the outcome performance goals in managing reliability, supportability, and total ownership cost over the life cycle of a weapon system is critical for implementation of a successful PBL program.

To enhance PBL awareness and encourage PBL excellence, DoD is instituting an awards program to recognize government/industry teams responsible for outstanding achievements in PBL development, implementation and execution. The Secretary of Defense PBL Awards program shall be implemented to annually recognize outstanding PBL performance in three categories: the System Level, the Sub-system Level and the Component Level. The PBL Awards will recognize successful PBL programs that demonstrate exceptional operational readiness.

The DoD will display the PBL Award in a prominent location so that it is afforded suitable public viewing access. This award will be maintained in perpetuity and updated annually. The public and private winners in each category will receive a plaque acknowledging their achievement. The awards will be presented annually in the Fall timeframe commencing in calendar year 2005. Application for the awards and criteria is contained in the enclosure.

Overall management of the PBL Awards program will be carried out by the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics and Materiel Readiness) in affiliation with the Defense Acquisition University and Aerospace Industries Association. PBL Award instructions and format are attached.

The principal point of contact for administration of the PBL Awards program is Mr. Lou Kratz, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics Plans and Programs), 703-614-6327,


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Title Annotation:Acquisition & Logistics Excellence
Author:Krieg, Kenneth J.
Publication:Defense AT & L
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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