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Subject: Life Cycle Management Plan (LCMP).



MAR 3 2005


SUBJECT: Life Cycle Management Plan (LCMP)

About a year ago a Product Support Working Group (PSWG) was formed, chartered and empowered to look at how we address product support and develop a streamlined acquisition and sustainment policy and process. Specifically, the task was to review the need for a stand-alone Product Support Management Plan (PSMP). The impetus for establishing this group was in response to an Eagle Look investigation on product support.


AF/IL was the lead for this group with SAF/AQ as a core member. A recommendation went forth to incorporate the PSMP into section 8, "Product Support Concept," of the Single Acquisition Management Plan (SAMP). In addition, the PSWG recommended a name change to the SAMP to ensure consistency with the intent of total life cycle responsibility addressed in DoD 5000 series. The basis of the LCMP is a blending of the former SAMP and PSMP into one "cradle to grave" document. The PSWG ensured the core overarching methodology of the SAMP remained intact. Section 8, which addresses product support concepts, is the only major change that you should notice from the SAMP. This revolutionary approach will ensure the sustainment strategy is locked in providing all support requirements of a system, subsystem, or major end item from definition to disposal.

The LCMP is to be a "living document" in response to the evolution of DoD acquisition policy and updates to current statutory requirements. Combining the SAMP and PSMP into a single product support document eliminates redundancy, avoids potentially conflicting guidance, lays out full life cycle product support strategies and maximizes system effectiveness from the perspective of the warfighter.

The LCMP will be implemented as follows:

a. All ACAT I and II non-space programs--LCMP implementation is mandatory.

b. Existing acquisition programs with SAMPs approved before 1 May 2005 will continue the program under the current SAMP guidance.

c. After 1 May 05, programs operating under a SAMP will transition to an LCMP when the program:

(1) Enters a new milestone;

(2) Updates the PSMP and/or SAMP (AFFARS 5307.104(v)); or

(3) Implements a major system modification. At the discretion of the portfolio authority (PEO or ALC/CC), the LCMP may be limited to the modification versus the entire system.

d. For ACAT III programs, LCMP may be prepared at the Milestone Decision Authority's discretion.

Our intention is to make the transition from the PSMP/SAMP to the LCMP as seamless as possible. Our staffs have worked diligently to minimize the impact to the field. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact SAF/AQXA, Mr. Mark Humphrey ( or AF/ILMM, Mrs. Sharon Hardern (

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Peter B. Teets

Acting Secretary of the Air Force
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Author:Teets, Peter B.
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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