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Subject: Elective Requirements to Obtain Certification in FY 04.



WASHINGTON, D.C. 20301-3000

26 NOV 2003


SUBJECT: Elective Requirements to Obtain Certification in FY 04

This memorandum is to provide clarification regarding the elective requirements for three Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT & L) workforce career fields, specifically, Contracting, Industrial and/or Contract Property Management, and Purchasing. These new requirements were identified in a memorandum dated August 1, 2003, Subject: "Position Category Descriptions and Experience, Education and Training Requirements for Fiscal Year 2004," Release #04-01. However, since publication, it has become increasingly evident that supervisors are requesting more information pertaining to how electives are defined. Accordingly, it is imperative that addressees give this memorandum the widest possible dissemination within your component.

The Contracting, Industrial and/or Contract Property Management, and Purchasing career fields have an elective requirement for all three levels of certification. An explanation of an elective is as follows:
 "As agreed to by the supervisor, the elective may be any training
 opportunity related to the employee's job, or necessary for career
 development, or for cross training. The elective may include no-cost
 distance learning or other training opportunity; assignment-
 specific courses funded by DAU/DACM; other training opportunity
 funded by the student's organization."

To simplify, the elective can be any training opportunity that meets the approval of the employee's supervisor. Neither the subject matter nor the length of the training opportunity are delineated in the description of the elective training event; this was an intentional notion designed to allow greater managerial flexibility and provide a wider range of possible (supervisory approved) elective training events for the employee.

As these elective events may be DAU courses, functionality protocols have been incorporated into the Acquisition Training Application System (ACQTAS), the registration system for civilian AT & L workforce members assigned to the DoD Agencies outside the Military Departments. DAU training events that are determined to be electives will be identified using the ACQTAS registration protocols. During the ACQTAS registration process, employees will have the opportunity to identify the course as a DAU course that is being taken as an elective training event, and supervisors and quota managers will be required to validate the event as an elective training event. We also plan to incorporate elective tracking for non-DAU training events in the ACQTAS for Continuous Learning (ACQTAS for CL) module that is currently being developed.

Should you have any questions regarding this memorandum or the elective training requirement, please contact Mr. Jay Boller at (703) 681-3442, or e-mail address, or the undersigned at (703) 681-3443,

Editor's note: To view the distribution list, go to the Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy Web site at <>.

Cynthia P. Taylor

Deputy Director, Acquisition

Career Management
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Author:Taylor, Cynthia P.
Publication:Defense AT & L
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Date:May 1, 2004
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