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Subject: Department of Defense (DoD) Support for the SmartBUY Initiative.



WASHINGTON, DC 20301-6000

DEC 22 2005


SUBJECT: Department of Defense (DoD) Support for the SmartBUY Initiative

SmartBUY is a government-wide enterprise software initiative led by 0MB to streamline the acquisition process and provide best priced, standards-compliant commercial software. SmartBUY does not mandate the use of a particular brand; rather, it mandates the use of the cost-effective common vehicle when an agency decides to purchase the software of a designated brand. GSA manages the SmartBUY initiative and leads the interagency team in negotiating government-wide enterprise agreements for software.

DoD implements SmartBUY through the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (DoD ESI) Team, which works closely with SmartBUY leaders to provide DoD commercial software requirements, to manage selected SmartBUY agreements and to assist DoD buyers with use of all SmartBUY agreements. Information about current SmartBUY agreements (including ordering and waiver procedures) is located at the DoD ESI website:

Use of SmartBUY agreements is mandatory, where requirements evaluation has led to the designated brand name software product or service. Your agency is expected to support the SmartBUY initiative through the following actions:

* Acquire commercial software from one of the existing ESI or SmartBUY agreements listed on the left side of the DoD ESI website, Designated Agreements ( Follow the procedures directed by DFARS subpart 208.74--Enterprise Software Agreements.

* As per DoDI 5000.2, para E4.2.7--Operation of the Defense Acquisition System, always consult with the ESI Team prior to negotiating directly with software publishers or resellers for large requirements, even if there is no ESI or SmartBUY agreement yet in place for the commercial software in question.

* Ensure that new large commercial software contracts and licensing arrangements, regardless of the acquisition method, are flexible enough to permit migration to a SmartBUY vehicle within twelve months.

The DoD Smart BUY points of contact are: Rex Bolton, OASD (NII)/DoD CIO, 703-602-0980 ext 171,; Floyd Groce, DON CIO, 703-607-5658, floyd,; and Jim Clausen, OASD (NII)/DoD CIO, 703-602-0980 ext 169, The AT & L point of contact is Mark Krzysko, OUSD (AT & L), 703-614-3883 ext 121,

Domenic C. Cipicchio

Acting Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy

Priscilla E. Guthrie

Deputy Chief Information Officer
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Author:Guthrie, Priscilla E.
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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