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How water in deep earth triggers earthquakes and tsunamis. Jul 1, 2020 177
An evidence-based approach to teaching plate tectonics in high school. Price, Colin Report Jun 1, 2019 5051
Huge amount of water dragged into Earth's interior: Study. Nov 15, 2018 401
Tsunami a lurking calamity risk to the coastal region. Nov 6, 2018 667
Earthquake off Polis coast. Aug 6, 2018 122
Geology and Tectonics of Subduction Zones: A Tribute to Gaku Kimura. Book review Aug 1, 2018 179
Fluids, Metals, and Mineral/Ore Deposits. Ding, Xing; Harlov, Daniel E.; Chen, Bin; Sun, Weidong Jan 1, 2018 4432
Flatter Faults Cause Bigger Quakes. Nov 25, 2016 421
Five myths about the Pacific Rim. May 2, 2016 1251
Magmatic evolution and compositional characteristics of tertiary volcanic rocks associated with the Venarch manganese mineralization, Sw Qom, Central Iran/Evolucion Magmatica y caracteristicas de composicion en rocas volcanicas terciarias asociadas con la mineralizacion de manganeso en la mina de Venarch, al Suroeste de Qom, en la Region Central de Iran. Mahdavi, Mansoureh; Dabiri, Rahim; Hosseini, Elham Shah Report Dec 1, 2015 3358
Computer models help solve geologic riddle from millions of years. Mar 25, 2014 270
Earth's plate boundaries may nurture diamond formation. Popkin, Gabriel Brief article Jan 11, 2014 132
Giant Earthquakes Likely to Occur in New Zealand. Jan 10, 2014 398
Scientists Draw Map Predicting Where Giant Earthquakes Will Hit. Dec 12, 2013 407
GPS system can accurately predict post-quake tsunami within 3 mins. May 18, 2013 451
Geodynamics of south-eastern part of the Central European subsidence zone. Grzempowski, Piotr; Badura, Janusz; Cacon, Stefan; Kaplon, Jan; Rohm, Witold; Przybylski, Boguslaw Report Jul 1, 2012 5146
Plate tectonics got a bumpy start: crustal motions may have started sporadically on early Earth. Witze, Alexandra Jun 2, 2012 349
Venice hasn't stopped sinking: subsidence continues as soil compacts beneath city. Powell, Devin Brief article May 5, 2012 242
Subduction-Related Metamorphism and Southwest Vergence in the Footwall Block Below Kaghan Eclogite Thrust Sheets, Swat, Pakistan, Western Himalaya. Author abstract Dec 31, 2011 1447
Discovery of a dismembered metamorphic sole in the Saga ophiolitic mElange, South Tibet: Assessing an Early Cretaceous disruption of the Neo-Tethyan supra-subduction zone and consequences on basin closing. Carl Guilmette, REjean HEbert, Jaroslav Dostal, Aphrodite Indares, Emilie BEdard and Chengshan Wang Report Dec 31, 2011 317
The Main Central Thrust Zone in Western Nepal. Report Dec 31, 2011 996
Numerical modeling and tsunami inundation for potential earthquake at Makram subduction zone, Pakistan. Rafi, Zahid Report Dec 31, 2010 150
New discoveries resolve debate over oxygen in Earth's mantle. Dec 15, 2010 386
New theory on why some mountains form, crumble. Jul 16, 2010 303
International Year of Planet Earth 9. Geology in the urban environment in Canada. Karrow, P.F.; Clague, John J. Report Jun 1, 2010 11360
Scientists report lower rate of quakes along some subduction zones. Dec 5, 2009 243
Global 3D map indicates presence of water in certain areas of Earth's mantle. Aug 20, 2009 412
The basal tectonic melange of the Cabo Ortegal Complex (NW Iberian Massif): a key unit in the suture of Pangea/La melange tectonica basal del Complejo de Cabo Ortegal (NW del Macizo Iberico): una unidad clave en la sutura de Pangea. Arenas, R.; Sanchez Martinez, S.; Castineiras, P.; Jeffries, T.E.; Diez Fernandez, R.; Andonaegui, P Report Jul 1, 2009 22882
The basal tectonic melange of the Cabo Ortegal Complex (NW Iberian Massif): a key unit in the suture of Pangea. Arenas, R.; Martinez, S. Sanchez; Castineiras, P.; Jeffries, T.E.; Fernandez, R. Diez; Andonaegui, P Report Jan 1, 2009 22568
Finding fault: trace of old subduction zone found in Italy. Perkins, Sid Feb 9, 2008 489
Geometric model of the Nazca plate subduction in Southwest Colombia. Garcia, Patricia Pedraza; Vargas, Carlos Alberto; Monsalve J., Hugo Report Dec 1, 2007 4495
Inferences on the geometry of the Nazca plate in Northwestern Peru based on data collected by a local seismograph network. Tavera, Hernando; Vilca, Renzo; Marin, Gloria Jun 1, 2006 3565
The Romeral Fault System: a shear and deformed extinct subduction zone between oceanic and continental lithospheres in northwestern South America. Chicangana, German Jun 1, 2005 10126
New Hydrothermal Vents Discovered. Feb 1, 2005 1048
Global graveyard: new images of Earth's interior reveal the fate of old ocean floor. Monastersky, Richard Cover Story Jul 19, 1997 1818
Fluid composition in subduction zones. Kastner, Miriam; Martin, Jonathan B. Dec 22, 1993 1588
When plates collide: convergent-margin geology. Taira, Asahiko Dec 22, 1993 1181
Continental margins. Hutchinson, Deborah R. Dec 22, 1992 3409

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