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Suarez has not only destroyed his own World Cup... he's in danger of wrecking the rest of his life.

Byline: WORLD CUP LEGEND FROM ESPANA 82 Gerry Armstrong

Gerry Armstrong scored Northern Ireland's famous winner over hosts Spain 32 years ago. Now Sky Sports' top La Liga pundit analyses the World Cup for Sunday Mirror Sport.

I'M SICK of people letting Luis Suarez play the sympathy card after his World Cup shame.

When I saw what Suarez did I couldn't believe my eyes. Okay, he's been there and done it before - twice - but this is the World Cup.

The really sad thing is that it could have been HIS World Cup. The difference he makes to his country's side is frightening, but not quite as frightening as him coming at you with his mouth open!

Let's be honest, Uruguay were awful in their first game when Costa Rica beat them, but put Suarez in the side and they are a completely different proposition.

England are already home because of him, but after hearing what he had to say after that game, he probably thought that was job done.

As a footballer I think Luis is one of the very best on this planet, but his character is worrying.

He reacts to situations in a very bad way, something you don't see in many walks of life.

To bite an opponent once is odd in the extreme, but could perhaps be explained away.

But to do it for a third time on the pitch is indefensible. I remember my daughter going through a biting stage - but she was two-and-a-half years old and grew out of it quickly after learning it was wrong.

For some reason this guy can't do that and that is the extremely worrying thing about the whole sorry tale.

We all awaited FIFA's decision with a little bit of scepticism but I don't think Suarez has any room for complaints about the severity of their punishment.

His nine-game international ban will perhaps amount to two years, and I think that is fair enough.

The fine he received means nothing because it is a couple of day's wages to a player of his ability, but missing out on games is what hopefully will hurt him the most. I have a great deal of sympathy for Liverpool because they have to make plans without him until the beginning of November.

He is their best player, as he showed time and time again last season but no one can condone what he has done.

Diego Maradona was undoubtedly one of the best players ever to walk the earth but I find it hard to listen to him talk about how hard-done by Suarez has been.

Maradona was a genius but on more than one occasion he was caught out as a cheat, so forgive me if I take his views with a pinch of salt.

Then there was the reaction of the Uruguayan FA. They tried to defend their man, as you'd expect, but their statements were nonsense.

Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini and the whole world saw it. End of story.

To turn a blind eye to that is just crazy.

I understand they have a duty of care to him but they also have a duty of care to every young child who wants to become the next Luis Suarez.

Liverpool also have a huge call to make now.

Even before he received his third strike, I thought he would go to Spain this summer.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are both still interested, despite the latest controversy and now might be the time for Brendan Rodgers to cash in.

At the end of this ban he will have missed almost a season's worth of fixtures for Liverpool through suspension in four years, without ever receiving a red card. That's not on.

They won't sell him on the cheap, and nor should they, because he is one of the best players in the game.

But if he doesn't sort this out now, his career will suffer much more than it has done already.

He needs help, professional help. Biting opponents on the pitch is not normal and there are clearly issues he is going to have to deal with. Not just for the sake of his career but for the rest of his life long after football.


THE TOOTH WILL OUT... Luis Suarez left mark on Chiellini (right) - but problems are more than skin deep
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 29, 2014
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