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Stylish protection.

The new line of upscale condoms from "000" boutique is designed to appeal to sophisticated, fun-loving urbanites. Company officials say that with the launch of its unique line of sophisticated and stylish condoms, "ooo" boutique has turned a must-have accessory into an opportunity to stimulate conversation and make a distinct and confident personal statement.

"ooo" boutique condoms suit a variety of moods, adventures and relationships. Expressive in ways entirely unique to the condom industry, they reflect young urbanites' self-confidence, taste and consideration for their partners. There are six varieties of packaging for three different condoms: exquisite ultra thin condoms (feel me), stimulating pleasure-shaped condoms (rock me) and sumptuous flavored condoms (savor me).


Packaging features photographs of whimsical erotic locales, Kung Fu Sutra pen-and-ink artwork, limited edition series from up-and-coming artists and several other designs to suit different occasions and personalities. The entire line is available as gift sets and most are available as singles. They are also FDA approved and individually tested, exceeding all international standards for quality and reliability. Retail prices range from $1.99 (singles) to $24.95 (gift sets).

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Title Annotation:NONFOODS NEWS
Author:Mendelson, Seth; Levitt, Craig
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Feb 1, 2011
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