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Articles from Style (June 22, 2008)

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Title Author Type Words
A response to Joseph Carroll. Jackson, Tony 1951
An evolutionary paradigm for literary study. Carroll, Joseph 15206
Apriorism for empiricists. Crews, Frederick 2364
Art and religion: co-evolved phenomena. Storey, Robert 2548
Art as adaptation: a challenge. Boyd, Brian 2467
Beyond words: can literary Darwinism address the unsaid and inexpressible in literary creation and response? Dissanayake, Ellen 1746
Brief introduction to Joseph Carroll and the special issue of Style: an evolutionary paradigm for literary study. Knapp, John V. 861
Completing the paradigm: in pursuit of evidence. Miall, David S. 1936
Complex realities, adequate reductions: a reply to Joseph Carroll. Kelleter, Frank 2811
Compliments and complements. Cooke, Brett 1897
Disciplinary fitness. Galt Harpham, Geoffrey Critical essay 1912
Do we need literary Darwinism? Goodheart, Eugene 1984
Evoluntionary theory and the naturalist fallacy. Grodal, Torben 1834
Evolution and paradigms in the study of literature. Burghardt, Gordon M. 2184
Evolutionary psychology and literary studies. Jannidis, Fotis 2180
For evolutionary criticism, against genetic absolutism. Hogan, Patrick Colm 1832
Four ways to skin a cat: evolution and literary study. Swirski, Peter 1997
Good and bad reductionism: acknowledging the power of culture. Slingerland, Edward 2171
How might literature do harm? Foy, Jeffrey E.; Gerrig, Richard J. 1508
Human nature's human nature. Fromm, Harold 530
Ideas of order: artists describing the arts. Saunders, Judith P. 2819
Information is the stuff of narrative. Sugiyama, Michelle Scalise 2559
Literary Darwinism as science and myth. Seamon, Roger 1764
Literature as self-engineering: an evolutionary hypothesis. Smith, David Livingstone 1946
Misleading alternatives. Eibl, Karl; Mellmann, Katja 2200
Reflections on literary Darwinism. Salmon, Catherine 1239
Rejoinder to the responses. Carroll, Joseph 17894
Rejoinder to the responses. Carroll, Joseph 8429
Rejoinder to the responses. Carroll, Joseph 10812
Response to Joseph Carroll. Vermeule, Blakey 1882
Response to Joseph Carroll. Michelson, David 1658
The bottlenecks of literary Darwinism. Mallory-Kani, Amy; Womack, Kenneth 1979
The centrality of the exceptional in literary study. Spolsky, Ellen 1911
The evolutionary paradigm: the view from film studies. Smith, Murray 3287
The evolving study of literature. Eslinger, Lyle 1183
The Rape of Troy: Evolution, Violence, and the World of Homer. Knapp, John V. 2703
The unkempt art. Horvath, Tim 1972
What are literary scholars for? What is art for? Gottschall, Jonathan 2474

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