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Sturdy trellis for rambunctious vines.

In need of solid support for rambunctious vines of Chinese long beans, Warren Klimpke of Phoenix designed two strong yet attractive 5- by 8-foot trellises to handle the load.

The simple frames, shown above, are

made of 9 1/2-foot-long redwood 2-by-4s tied together with three rungs of 1/2-inchdiameter thin-walled (EMT) electrical conduit. Two lengths of 24-inch-wide 2by 3-inch vinyl-coated wire mesh fencing run between the posts (the vinyl coating makes it easier to remove old vines).

You can assemble the trellises in a convenient work area, like a garage, and then set them up. Using the drawings as a guide, drill holes on the insides and outsides of the posts to hold the conduit and to countersink the lag screws; drill smaller holes all the way through for inserting the screws. Push lead expansion anchors into both ends of the conduit (they're a tight fit, so you'll probably need to hammer them in), set the conduit between the posts, and thread in the lag screws, using a socket wrench.

Cut two lengths of mesh fencing about 5 inches wider than the distance between the posts, then clip off the first row of vertical wires on each end. Drill small holes through the posts corresponding with wire ends, stretch the fencing across, and thread the ends through. On the outside, bend ends down and secure with wire staples.

Move the frames to their permanent location and sink the posts at least 18 inches into the ground. Pack soil firmly around the posts to stabilize the structure.

The Klimpkes grow Chinese long beans (also called yard-long beans or asparagus beans) on the trellises in spring, snow peas in fall.
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Date:Sep 1, 1988
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