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Stupid to the last drop - How Alberta is bringing environmental Armagedon to Canada (and doesn't seem to care).

Stupid to the Last Drop - How Alberta is Bringing Environmental Armagedon to Canada (And Doesn't Seem to Care).

Published by Knopf Canada. About the author William Marsden.

Mr. Marsden is a senior investigative reporter for the Montreal Gazette and has co-authored international bestsellers Angels of Death and The Road to Hell.


Feedback on Stupid to the Last Drop has been emotional to say the least. As one reader attests Alberta used to be known as wild rose country.

"Today, (it is more like) drop the rose and cover your nose," writes Stephen Gadsden.

"It has run amok fueled by the frenzy of oil barons and their insatiable appetite for profit, at all cost."

Can Northern Ontario learn lessons from Alberta's self destructive behavior?

Author William Marsden writes Alberta's epitaph as he tours the provinces' oil and gas industry and reveals that one of Canada's richest provinces is squandering any chance at a sustainable future.

Alberta plunges ahead with uncontrolled fossil fuel development and a levelling of the northern boreal forest to erect thousands of gas wells to access the the oil sands, in spite of the world teetering on the brink of catastrophic climate change. As a result, they are running out of water, destroying its land range by their massive industry footprint that is wiping out forests, wildlife and contributing to greenhouse gases at a rate that is unrivalled anywhere else in the world.

"It's digging, drilling and blasting its way to oblivion, becoming the ultimate symbol of Canada's - and the world's - pathological will to self-destruct," writes the publisher.
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