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Stun in the sun; From mascara that can survive the roughest sea to foundation that doesn't melt off with the first rays of sunshine, our reader panel has picked the best make-up for summer. By Charlotte Ward.

Byline: Charlotte Ward


Alex Latham, 21 from Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, tested Vichy Derma Blend Foundation Stick, pounds 18.50 available from "You can use the stick to put this on instead of spreading the foundation yourself. It's also easy to carry around in your bag.

It stayed on longer than my usual foundation and I only had to top it up once.

It's easier, quicker and less messy than liquid foundation and doesn't leave any streaks or make your face look orange!"

SCORE 8/10

Maureen Lynch, 52, from Huntingdon, Cambs, tested Skin Wisdom Tinted Moisturiser, pounds 6, available from Tesco.

"I didn't like the colour used for the packaging as I think a shade of gold or silver would have been better. The product was easy to use and it lasted all day but I did not like the feel of my skin - it felt dry, not moisturised."

SCORE 5/10

Sophie Cloughlan, 23, from Hampton Hill, Middlesex, tested Daly Tint, pounds 12, from M&S. "This fared well in terms of a tinted moisturiser but only lasted for about three hours before it started going patchy. I do think foundation lasts longer but I liked it, although its colour was a bit orangey."

SCORE 5/10

Natalie Fairbank, 29, from Wallingford, Oxfordshire, tested Avon Smooth Minerals. pounds 10.50, from

"This was perfectly easy to use but I don't think the foundation lasted as long as some other brands. I felt like I wanted to re-apply it at lunchtime as it appeared to be wearing off."

SCORE 6/10


Carla Challis, 28, of Southfields, North We st London, tested Marks and Spencer Lip and Cheek Tint, pounds 3, available from M&S stores nationwide.

"This lip tint wa s quite silky-textured and lasted well, giving even coverage on my cheeks and a nice pinkish lip tint. I would definitely use it again."

SCORE 7.5/10

Sandrine Wyatt-Gonord, 38, of Basingstoke, Hants, tested Vie Be Cheeky Satin Cheek Cream, pounds 10, from

"I was slightly disappointed with the matt grey colour of the plastic container but applied the product on top of my foundation and fo und it very easy to use and to blend to achieve the right effect. It stayed on fine for about half the day. After that, I needed a retouch. I found it much better than the powder I normally use."

SCORE 8/10

Carol Hunter Lewis, 56, of Newtow nabbey, Co Antrim, tested Sue Moxley's Famous Bronzer, pounds 6 from Superdrug.

"While it seems a nice product, it is too young for me - there is too much sparkle in the powder for daytime. The main problem was the case started to crack."

SCORE 9/10

Susannah Jones, 33 , of Tu nbridge Wells, Kent, te sted Elizabeth Arden Cera mide Cream Blush Product, pounds 18.70, from

"I was satisfied with the lasting effect and loved the texture. It wasn't greasy but not dry either and gave a natural sheen

SCORE 6/10


Aba Noah, 25, from Purley, Surrey, tested Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes: Flutter, pounds 15,

"I have the shortest, stubbiest little lashes ever and although this mascara doesn't fully lengthen lashes, it makes up in volume and gave my lashes a soft fluttery effect, which I really liked.

It is definitely water-resilient as it took a few attempts to remove. I particularly liked how it separates the lashes - no smudges and no clumps, just fairy-like lashes. I couldn't be happier!"

SCORE 8/10

Elaine Buckley, 51, from Royton, Oldham, tested Bobbi Brown Mascara, pounds 18, from

"I liked this mascara very much. It separated the lashes nicely, making the most of my sparse, stubby, lashes and the consistency was smooth, not lumpy or claggy. I used about three or four coats to get the desired effect as the filaments lengthened the lashes with each coat."

SCORE 9/10

Jayne Barker, 31, from Crewe, tested Tesco Barbara Daly Lash Boost Mascara, pounds 6.75, available from Tesco.

"I thought this mascara was really good, especially as it lasted 12 hours.

It was also smooth in consistency and there was no clumping at all. It had a pleasant smell and didn't irritate my eyes at all despite the fact that they are very sensitive. I'd definitely use it again."

SCORE 10/10

Alex Joyce, 19, from Leighton Buzzard, Beds, tested Avon SuperShock Mascara, pounds 8.50, available from

"Although the bottle was a little plain, it came with a large brush, which distributed the mascara nicely and didn't have that extra gloop that some mascaras do. I thought it made my eyelashes look thick and long whilst also separating them really well."

SCORE 9/10


Laura Betts, 26, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, tested Barbara Daly eyeshadow, pounds 3.75, available from Tesco.

"This was a standard eyeshadow that is possibly good for daywear, but I wouldn't use it or trust it for best occasions - not much of the product comes up on the brush, which was frustrating when I was applying heavy amounts of make-up!"

SCORE 3/10

Natalie Trice, 36, from Marlow, Bucks, tested MUA Academy Eyeshadow, pounds 1, from Superdrug.

"These were very simple, standard eyeshadows and really easy to use. The colour glided on to give good coverage.

At first I was a bit worried they were too bright for me, but I ended up really liking all three colours as they were really pretty and lit up my eyes."

SCORE 9/10

Viv Smith, 31 from Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, tested M&S Trio Eyeshadow, pounds 3.50, from M&S stores nationwide.

"I initially thought it was a budget brand as the packaging was very simple, then I read the label on the back and it was surprised to find it was M&S.

The colour stayed put with little creasing but I did use a nude eyeshadow of my own as a base underneath, as I always do.

I wasn't overly taken with the colours as they were a bit brasher than I would normally opt for, however, I remedied this by using the shadows lightly."

SCORE 5/10

Karen Kelly, 36, from Crosby, Liverpool, tested Neal's Yard Remedies Eyeshadow in Truffle, pounds 11.25, from

"This was a little grainy but easy to use, blended well and you only need to use a tiny amount for a lovely matte finish.

But it started to crease within a few hours and after four to five hours you could hardly see it."

SCORE 5/10


Amelia Avossa, 21, from Leicester, tested Missguided LipSplash, pounds 5, available from

"I liked the look of this lippy. It was very stylish and cute and I loved the packaging. When I applied it to my lips, the colour had great texture and glided over my lips leaving them soft and it lasted well over a few hours."

SCORE 8/10

Bettina Hunt, 33, from Theydon Bois, Essex, tested Pure Anada Natural Liquid Gloss for Lips in Caramel, pounds 8, available from

"I thought this lip gloss went on very evenly and smoothly and it had a lovely soft applicator. It looked more shimmery than glossy but unfortunately I wasn't keen on the smell and found the texture a little heavy on the lips."

SCORE 6/10

Sandra Hart, 34, from Norwich, tested Madara Moonkissed Lipgloss, pounds 9.90, available from

"This looks pretty average when you first look at it but the tone suited my complexion and didn't add too much colour. I've had problems for years with dry and chapped lips but this gloss softened them quickly and made them look all lovely again. The only downside was that the dispenser was quite rough on lips."

SCORE 6/10

Jane Watchman, 32, from Lincoln, tested i-shine SuperShiny Lip Gloss, pounds 12.50, from

"I loved the Daiquiri colour, which had a lovely shimmer to it, but it didn't stay on very long and came off very easily if you had a drink."

SCORE 6/10
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