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Study to show thyself approved.


This website is the online home of LANDWARNET eUNIVERSITY. This eUNIVERSITY will provide you and your Soldiers training on almost every piece of signal equipment in the Army. It will also instruct you in the many areas an advancement-minded signal NCO needs to know.

To access the website, you'll need a valid AKO login ID and password.

Once at the website, scan the Main Menu, the Popular Links, the Latest Downloads and the Popular Downloads. From these you'll find hot issues that need your attention.

To find courses for specific signal equipment, type the equipment name in the SEARCH function. You'll be surprised at all the instruction available at your fingertips.

There's no substitute for training. Yet, too often, training stops after a Soldier leaves Ft Gordon. It shouldn't. And now, it doesn't have to. For the moment, put down PS, get on the Internet and explore the LANDWARNET eUNIVERSITY.

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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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