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Study shows supermarket employees stealing more.

Supermarket employees have admitted to ripping off their employers more this year than in years past. According to the "Third Annual Report on Employee Theft In the Supermarket Industry" conducted by London House and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), the average supermarket employee admitted to stealing approximately $168 from his or her employer in 1991, up from $45 in 1989 and $144 in 1990.

The survey also revealed that fewer theft incidents were reported in 1991, indicating that the amount stolen per incident has increased. Respondents further estimated that their average coworker stole approximately $1,040 per year. Based on this estimate and the employee admissions, a typical 100-store supermarket could lose between $2.5 million and $15.6 million annually to employee theft.

According to the survey, the most common types of employee misconduct were related to counterproductivity (81 percent), such as arguing with customers or supervisors, and time theft (58 percent).

Supermarkets that used professionally developed integrity tests to select their employees, however, reported significantly less theft than supermarkets not using these tests.

The survey results are based on data collected from 1,206 respondents from as many stores. The stores represent 30 companies. Survey participants were primarily retail clerks and cashiers selected at random from all areas of the country.

For a free copy of the report, contact London House, 9701 West Higgins Road, Rosemont, IL 60018; 800/221-8378. In Illinois, call 708/292-1900.
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Publication:Security Management
Date:Dec 1, 1992
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