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Study on the application of computer network in aerobics teaching in normal colleges.

1. Introduction

The internet connects the whole world with information network, and the whole world becomes a global village. Based on this, the information is soaring with a big leap (Chen, 2014; Li, 2015). Therefore, education and teaching is also facing new challenges. How to cultivate excellent talents with good abilities to adapt to the society is a topic which is highlighted by the society.

In college aerobics teaching, the traditional teaching mode pays attention to the cultivation of techniques, learning methods and misconceptions. However, it cannot recognize the dynamic characteristics of students' development, and only evaluate students based on their learning results without taking into consideration their differences (Guan, 2014). At the same time, teachers act as the dominators in class while students do everything passively. As a result, the lack of subjectivity cannot provide support for the all-round development for students and they will lose interest in learning with poor passion (Panikhina, 2012). Therefore, by taking advantage of network and information technology to support the aerobics is f significant importance (Wang, 2013; Zhang, 2014). The constitutions of assisted network teaching system includes: projector, computer, audio system etc., which can integrate their advantage with the classroom and the concrete system is shown as follows:


2. Research objects and methods

2.1. Research objects

Take 400 students and 16 teachers of physical education from 8 normal colleges in XX cities as research objects, see the table 1.

2.2. Research technique

1. Literature Review Method

By searching the key words such as normal colleges, aerobics, current conditions in online libraries and China National Knowledge Infrastructure, we can check, summarize and analyze the literatures. At the same time, we have to have a good knowledge of relevant physical education policies, to further collect and organize it and acquire important theoretical basis for this paper.

2. Questionnaire survey

By referring to relevant researches and questionnaire design methods, we should communicate with physical teachers and relevant people in charge to obtain professional suggestions. In addition, we designed questionnaire for the application of network in aerobics in normal colleges and carried out validity test by consulting 10 professionals.

We sent out 410 questionnaires for this survey, and reclaimed 400 (without invalid ones), so the valid return rate is 97.56%; there are 16 questionnaires for teachers and all of these are recycled and the valid return rate is 100%.

3. Interview method

By communicating with parts of teachers, deans and students from 8 normal colleges of XX cities, we collected real data information for this survey.

3. Research results and analysis

3.1. Basic information of research objects

Basic information of teachers

3.2. The application condition of computer network in college aerobics teaching

1. Application range of computer network in college aerobics teaching

According to content, we can know that all these 8 schools have adopted computer network in aerobics teaching; 7 schools (87.5%) adopt computer network in theoretical aerobics teaching; 6 schools (75%) can fully take advantage of computer network to integrate aerobics theory with practical teaching.

2. Application of computer network in aerobics theoretical teaching and practical teaching in colleges


According to figure 3, we can know that the application of computer network in aerobics teaching includes three aspects: the source of teaching courseware for you to design and download with charges; the course design frequency includes often, rare and none; the course contents include selecting texts, images, combination of voice and audio, texts, images, combination of video and animation, combination of texts, images, audio, animation and hyperlink.


From figure 3 we can see that in aerobics practical teaching in colleges, the application of computer network mainly shows in four aspects: common aerobics, sports aerobics, combination of mass competition and self-made teaching.

3. Teachers and students' attitude toward computer network application in aerobics teaching

According to figure 5, we can see that only 115 (27.64%) students strongly support computer network application in aerobics teaching; 239 (57.52%) people commonly support it; 20 people support it (4.81%) and 42 people (10.10%) do not support it.

Based on this, we can see that only parts of teachers and students support it and most of students and teachers prefer traditional teaching mode.

4. Comparison between traditional aerobics teaching and computer assisted teaching

According to figure 5, the advantages of computer network application in aerobics teaching include the following: it is more active and vivid, which will stimulate their passion and the teaching environment is better while the teaching resources are diversified; disadvantages include: it is difficult to control the class order, teachers have limited ability in information technology application and the teaching video, to some extent will reduce the effect.

According to table 5, we can see that the advantages of aerobics include the following: the teaching blackboard writing is clearer and teachers can fully play their role while the demonstration is vivid, which can contribute a harmonious relation. The disadvantages include the following: students do not have passion and the quality of teachers will affect the teaching while the age, physical conditions will all contribute to the demonstration.

4. Conclusions and suggestions

4.1. Conclusions

1. The teaching ability of aerobics teacher for computer network assisted teaching remains to be improved. The ability of aerobics teacher for computer network assisted teaching is poor and most of the teachers take demonstration as the main methods. In addition, they rarely participate in training, which is not beneficial to the scientific development to aerobics teaching.

2. The teaching philosophy of traditional aerobics lags behind. Aerobics teachers did not fully realize the specialties of the teaching content and they still adopt methods such as oral explanation with demonstration. What's more, they strengthen practices and mistake correcting and cannot fully play the advantages of computer network assisted teaching.

3. The teaching mode of aerobics is traditional. In aerobics teaching mode, we can adopt computer network to carry out assisted teaching in both theoretical teaching and practical teaching. However, the combination and implementation needs to be improved.

4. Teachers and students in normal colleges still prefer traditional teaching modes to carry out aerobics practice and learning. Even though the computer network assisted teaching has been realized and promoted in different subjects and levels with good effects, students and teachers are still relying on the traditional teaching mode.

4.2. Suggestions

Timely update teaching philosophy. In the background of information technology and education reform, aerobics teachers should positively change the teaching philosophy of teaching materials and teachers-centered and highlight the main body of students. By properly and scientifically taking advantage of computer network assisted teaching, we can trigger students' passion and let them master basic techniques. For example, teachers can adopt group teaching with 2 to 3 people in one group and let them carry out independent practice along with internal, external discussion and comment. In addition, teachers can comment based on their performance to timely master the learning condition of students.

Fully take advantage of computer network assisted teaching. The advantages of computer network assisted teaching are prominent. For example, students' passion can be trigged and there are diversified online teaching resources, which can help to improve the accuracy. Therefore, teachers should fully play the advantages of computer network and reasonably control to avoid the disorder of classes. Based on this, we can improve the computer network teaching quality.

Organically combine computer network assisted teaching and traditional teaching. We should change the single teaching mode and take advantage of the glittering array of network resources to enrich the contents of aerobics teaching and combine the advantages of regular, basic, standard and dominant features of traditional teaching to organically combine these two together.

Strengthen the ability for computer network assisted teaching. Teachers should constantly improve their theoretical knowledge and take computer network assisted teaching as their important targets to directly and vividly the demonstrations based on videos. Based on this, we can stimulate students' passion from the perspective of listening, and visibility to stimulate their thinking ability and improve their learning motivation.

Recebido/Submission: 03/07/2016

Aceitacao/Acceptance: 13/10/2016


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Questionnaires for Studying on the Application of Computer Network in Aerobics Teaching in Normal Colleges

1. Gender A Male B Female

2. Age:___________

3. Main methods you adopted to carry out aerobics:__________

4. Information technology ability:

A Excellent B Good C Ordinary D Poor

5. Application condition of adopting computer network in aerobics teaching

A Mainly in theoretical class B Mainly in practical class C Combination of both theoretical classes and practical classes

6. Views toward computer network application in aerobics teaching

A Strongly support B Support C Basically Support D Do not support

7. Teaching arrangement of aerobics teaching in your school

A Freshmen year B Freshmen year and sophomore year C Freshmen year to junior year C Freshmen year to senior year

8. Which kind of teaching modes do you prefer for aerobics teaching

A Traditional mode B Computer network assisted teaching C Combination of both

9. Disadvantages and advantages of traditional teaching

10. Disadvantages and advantages of computer network assisted teaching

Zhihua Xu*

Sport Department, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Hohhot, China

* Zhihua Xu,
Table 1--The object of study basic distribution table

University & college  The number    The number
                      of teachers   of students

A1 University         2             58
A2 University         2             51
A3 University         2             47
A4 University         2             34
B1 college            2             62
B2 college            2             41
B3 college            2             30
B4 college            2             77

Table 2--The questionnaire validity of test results

                        Structure validity   Content validity
                           (on average)        (on average)

Teacher Questionnaire          8.26                8.21
Student Questionnaire          8.54                8.35

Table 3--Basic information of Aerobics teachers in
Normal Colleges [n/(%)]

Basic                     number of people   ratio

gender   male             3                  18.75
         female           13                 81.25
age      21-25            5                  31.25
         25-30            7                  43.75
         19~25            2                  12.5
         26~30            1                  6.25
         [greater than    1                  6.25
         or equal to]31

Table 4--Basic information of Aerobics students in Normal Colleges

Basic information of students

Basic                  number of people   ratio

gender        male     187                46.75
              female   213                53.25
age           18-20    97                 24.25
              21-23    112                28
              24-26    115                28.75
              >26      76                 19

Table 5--The advantages and disadvantages of college computer
network auxiliary aerobics teaching

Advantages                         Disadvantages

More intuitive, image teaching     Teaching order is difficult to
demonstration                      control

Effectively stimulate interest     Teachers' information technology
in learning                        application ability is limited

The classroom atmosphere more      Teaching video reducing the
active                             learning effect

More abundant teaching resources

The teaching method more

Table 6--Regular institutions of higher learning aerobics the
advantages and disadvantages of traditional teaching

Advantages                         Disadvantages

Teaching blackboard writing        Students' lack of learning
clearly                            motivation

Teachers' active role is obvious   Teacher's specialty influence
                                   the teaching quality

Teachers' demonstration action     Teachers' age, physical
leading is stronger                condition influence the teaching

More harmonious relationship       Teaching demonstration actions
between teachers and students      lack of accuracy

Figure 2--Scope of computer net work application in aerobics

theory course                    87.5%
practice course                  100%
theory course& practice course   75%

Note: Table made from pie chart.

Figure 4--Computer networks and the application status o

mass aerobics                          8, 40%
competitive aerobics                   4, 20%
mass aerobics & competitive aerobics   5, 25%
self-made teaching content             3, 15%

Note: Table made from pie chart.

Figure 5--General attitude of the teachers and students of
computer network application

Very supportive   27.64%
More support      57.52%
Basic support     20, 4.81%
Don't support     42, 10.10%

Note: Table made from pie chart.
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