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Study of the effect of self-care behaviours on the quality of life in patients with heart failure in medical centres affiliated to Iran and Tehran universities of medical sciences and health services, 1385.

BACKGROUND: Heart failure, as a common disabling and fatal disorder, imposes a great burden on patients suffering from it. Finding ways to promote the quality of life of the patient will consequently diminish her/his problems and in this way nurses are those whom play the most important role.

OBJECTIVE: Study of the effect of self-care behaviours on the quality of life of patient with heart failure.

DESIGN: it was a correlational-descriptive study in which questionnairs were used to gather the data.

SAMPLE: The research sample included 250 patients with heart failure, selected by convenience random sampling method.

RESULTS: Based on the findings, there was a statistically meaningful relation between self care behaviours and the quality of life (p = 0.00). Also, all dimensions of the quality of life were related to self-care behaviours. This reveals that whenever self care behaviours are promoted, the quality of life would be more satisfactory. Besides 76.4% of the patients possessed moderate and low self-care behaviours level.

CONCLUSION: Overall, we found that the majority of the sample group possessed undesirable and low level quality of life and self-care behaviours. Patients with better quality of life reckoned that they had had more desirable self-care behaviour. So, it is recommended that in order to improve the quality of life of patients with heart failure, self care behaviours be enhanced by teaching and consulting programmes.
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Author:Asemi, S.; Shojaei, F.; Yarandi, A.N.; Hosseini, F.
Publication:Southern African Journal of Critical Care
Article Type:Clinical report
Geographic Code:7IRAN
Date:Aug 1, 2007
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