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Study balustrades ... they're sandwiched.

Sturdy balustrades . . . they're sandwiched

Sandwiching boards together made it possible to build the three balustrades shown here and on page 181. ("Balustrade' refers to the whole railing system: top rail, vertical balusters, and bottom rail, if there is one.) The sandwiching strengthens each balustrade, while the repeated rhythm of the wooden parts adds visual interest.

In the two examples on this page, vertical wall trim extends to become single or double balusters.

Designer Ralph Cereghino created the clean, linear staircase treatment above for Portland homeowners Linda and Don Desimini. Pairs of 1-by-2s rise from the main floor and stairwell to flank a 1-by-6 that runs beneath the 2-by-4 top rail.

In the second installation, rough-sawn fir 1-by-4s trim the walls and extend upward to become the upper-stairway balusters, sandwiched between two 1-by-3s running below a top rail. Tom Ward of Village Design Group in Petaluma, California, was designer and builder.

The third example (above) works more like a complex jigsaw puzzle and requires more skill to build. All the parts have a redwood 1-by-4 sandwiched between outer layers of pine. The top and bottom rails lock into the balusters with miter joints. Sebastian Davi of Monterey, California, designed the system.

Photo: Rising from slatted wall, paired oak 1-by-2s flank and support 1-by-6 rail. Underside of top rail was routed to slip over the 1-by-2s. Blind dowels secure rail to corner posts

Photo: Rough-sawn verticals are nailed to upper stair stringer and to blocking behind gypsum wall. Detail shows how offset cutouts follow incline of stairs; at top, 1-by-3s with quarter-round trim flank balusters beneath top rail

Photo: Stair-step rhythm of bottom rail is accentuated by dark center band of redwood between strips of lighter pine

Photo: Complex joinery below top rail required careful measurement, piece-by-piece cutting
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Date:Oct 1, 1984
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