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IT Deptt, HOPE join hands for technical educational programs for youth, Afghan refugees. Dec 18, 2020 284
IT Deptt, HOPE join hands for technical educational programs for youth, Afghan refugees. Dec 18, 2020 284
1st till 3rd Grade Students, to Attend Their Classes in Mosques. Dec 6, 2020 247
Trash for teaching: School in India helps students fight poverty, plastic waste. Sanjay Kumar Dec 4, 2020 625
Educational program teaching kids about oral health goes virtual. Submitted by Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation Nov 17, 2020 500
Entrepreneurship can be taught -- so why don't we teach it more? Sam Dumitriu Sep 22, 2020 773
FG Advocates Use Of Nigerian Languages To Teach School Children In Science Subjects. Feb 26, 2020 230
Beethoven for children at St David's Hall; A new event by the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama aims to introduce children to the joys of Beethoven... Royal Welsh Feb 1, 2020 408
Gwen to impose English as instruction medium in Cebu public schools. Dec 18, 2019 414
Fifth Grade Students Learn Key Life Skills at BizTown. Dec 11, 2019 307
Entrepreneur says young should be taught to follow passions, not just jobs. Farah Heiba Nov 26, 2019 531
Reading, studying conducive at Baguio's public library. Nov 19, 2019 670
Classes in quake-hit NoCot town remain suspended. Nov 11, 2019 301
Teach 'Sarkodie' in schools - Hammer. Aug 22, 2019 355
Classes in Albay suspended due to heavy rains. Aug 22, 2019 166
Clashes between Army, BIFF disrupt classes in Cotabato. Jul 27, 2019 385
Classes in Marawi City suspended due to 'Falcon'. Jul 16, 2019 124
Thousands of pupils taught in classes of MORE than 30; A drop in teacher numbers combined with an increase in the number of children being taught in classrooms with more than 30 pupils is all adding up to more headaches for staff in schools across Birmingham. CLAIRE MILLER and ALICE CACHIA report. Jul 4, 2019 434
Jogos didaticos no ensino da eletrodinamica Didactic games in the teaching of electrodynamics. Maciel, Mariele Andressa Auler; Evangelista, Fabio Lombardo; Alvarenga, Luciano Lewandoski Jul 1, 2019 5557
12,000 primary school children in Surrey being taught in classes of more than 30 pupils; Labour says the figures show children are paying the price for the government's lack of funding for education. Jun 28, 2019 488
'My son was stabbed to death at 18 - I'm begging any teen with a knife to think twice'; Alison Cope, 45, now works with schoolchildren to teach them about knife crime after the death of son Joshua Ribera. May 22, 2019 670
The benefits of this working world On-campus retail jobs help students with disabilities Work: Special-needs students learn to get, then keep a job. May 14, 2019 849
Bangash inaugurates second shift classes in government schools. May 11, 2019 459
Meet the tech-savvy kids teaching pensioners to use iPads and the internet; Primary school pupils become Digital Heroes to help fight isolation and loneliness among older folk. Feb 13, 2019 649
Active teaching and learning methodologies in food and nutrition education for children: a national view/METODOLOGIAS ATIVAS DE ENSINO E APRENDIZAGEM NA EDUCACAO ALIMENTAR E NUTRICIONAL PARA CRIANCAS: UMA VISAO NACIONAL. de Oliveira, Anderson Melgar; Masiero, Fabiula; da Silva, Otavio Cristiano Gomes; Barros, Sandra Gon Sep 1, 2018 3393
35,000 pupils being taught in crowded classrooms. Jul 19, 2018 236
'Masturbation should be taught to schoolchildren as young as 11' sex expert reveals; Outspoken sexpert Nadia Bokody thinks schools need to move with the times. Jun 28, 2018 455
Kenya cannot teach in all local languages. Jun 23, 2018 253
Students learn about the environment at ACES Day. May 30, 2018 418
Students teach students in new venture. May 16, 2018 310
Students teach students in new outreach programme. May 16, 2018 310
Giving children the language of repentance, gratitude. Musick Nussbaum, Melissa Column May 4, 2018 966
Helping to create a better way to learn. Apr 26, 2018 412
AIOU-JICA promotes educational program for out-of-school children. Apr 2, 2018 567
AIOU-JICA promotes educational program for out-of-school children. Apr 2, 2018 316
AIOU-JICA promotes educational program for out-of-school children. Apr 2, 2018 556
AIOU-JICA promotes educational program for more than 22 million out-of-school children. Apr 1, 2018 560
Woman whose life was saved by liver donor wants schoolchildren to be taught about organ transplantation; Lucinda Roberts said introducing presumed consent will not solve the organ shortage. Mar 21, 2018 785
American kids get crash course on PHL. Feb 3, 2018 309
43 events held by Dubai civic body in 2017 to help students learn waste management. Jan 15, 2018 287
Queen of the Rosary students learn to code. Jan 5, 2018 193
Calls for pupils to be taught how to shoot. Sep 28, 2017 185
Pupils could be taught to shoot. Sep 28, 2017 486
Selfies teach students to write and reflect. Rogan, Emily Jun 1, 2017 557
"One World'' song to be taught in German schools. May 29, 2017 243
Multi grade teaching techniques to improve literacy in Pakistan: Chairperson NCHD. May 13, 2017 708
Making the case for exploratory world language instruction in catholic elementary schools through university partnerships/Argumentar el caso para la ensenanza exploratoria de lenguas extranjeras de escuelas elementales catolicas a colaboracionesuniversitarias. Burke, Brigid M.; Howard, Eric D. Report Mar 1, 2017 11986
Garden of education: seeds take root and teach students the value of fresh food and nutrition. Buckley, Sandra Massey Mar 1, 2017 1150
South Carolina Reviewing Teaching Islam In Schools. Feb 16, 2017 413
Sport education and direct instruction units: comparison of student knowledge development in athletics. Pereira, Jose; Araujo, Rui; Farias, Claudio; Bessa, Cristiana; Mesquita, Isabel Report Dec 1, 2016 7476
Student and teacher outcomes of the class-wide function-related intervention team efficacy trial. Wills, Howard; Kamps, Debra; Fleming, Kandace; Hansen, Blake Report Oct 1, 2016 9892
To manage the stress of trauma, schools are teaching students how to relax. Jun 19, 2016 1670
H'BORO SHOULD BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS; Wirral teacher wants the disaster on curriculum. Jun 5, 2016 299
Students learn basics of road safety. May 22, 2016 524
Programming for generalization of oral reading fluency using computer-assisted instruction and changing fluency criteria. Keyes, Starr E.; Cartledge, Gwendolyn; Gibson, Lenwood, Jr.; Robinson-Ervin, Porsha Report May 1, 2016 10914
A powerful way to learn about energy conservation. Apr 11, 2016 269
Children must be taught the word no; NOSTALGIA LETTERS&. Apr 3, 2016 247
Morning news headlines: More than 500,000 primary school children taught in 'super-size' classes; Bereaved relatives 'blocked on in seven organ donations'; The latest news from around the world. Jan 15, 2016 950
Using technology effectively to teach about fractions. Hensberry, Karina K.R.; Moore, Emily B.; Perkins, Katherine Report Dec 22, 2015 3461
Teaching kids to read one flash card at a time. Nov 1, 2015 693
Top-notch tutors: volunteers help D.C. students learn. Radtke, Sarah Nov 1, 2015 694
More than one in 20 primary school pupils taught in oversized classes across region; EXCLUSIVE. Jun 17, 2015 740
Bataan village kids hold classes in chapel, convent. Jun 1, 2015 274
What's a real 2D shape? Designing appropriate geometric instruction. Hourigan, Mairead; Leavy, Aisling Mar 22, 2015 2980
Maryland school incorporates learning through food across the curriculum. Mar 1, 2015 253
A comparative study of students' track and field technical performance in sport education and in a direct instruction approach. Pereira, Jose; Hastie, Peter; Araujo, Rui; Farias, Claudio; Rolim, Ramiro; Mesquita, Isabel Mar 1, 2015 7904
Studying the effect of teaching creativity to the teachers on the creativity of second grade elementary students in Dezfool in 2013-2014. Afshari, Margan; Harandi, Setareh Kanaani; Ahmadi, Amineh Report Nov 1, 2014 3982
Portsmouth team takes STEM to elementary school. Rajala, Liisa Oct 17, 2014 721
Children's emotions and multimodal appraisal of places: walking with the camera. Mills, Kathy; Unsworth, Len; Bellocchi, Alberto; Park, Ji Yong; Ritchie, Stephen Oct 1, 2014 7480
Kazakhstani schoolchildren to be taught patriotism on Sept 1-2. Sep 1, 2014 131
The effects of instruction on the degree of bad effects of child abuse on properties of children's personality to parents by using electronic educational software method. Habibi, Samira; Moghadam, Maryam Gohari; Fallah, Mohammad Hossein; Amoopour, Masoud Report Jul 23, 2014 3483
School garden impresses congressman; Summer students learning nutrition. Schweiger, Sara Jul 22, 2014 553
Effects of computer-assisted instruction on learning natural sciences by 2nd grade elementary students. Mashizi, Meisam Khodadadpour; Rezaian, Firouz Report May 1, 2014 1395
Lion King characters to teach children about safety. Apr 29, 2014 444
Israel To Begin Teaching About The Holocaust in Kindergarten. Butnick, Stephanie Apr 24, 2014 109
Effect of heuristic teaching on scores of elementary schools' students. Tiari, Keyvan; Ghaemi, Mahdi; Naghezade-Anhar, Abdolhossin; Asadi, Hadi Apr 15, 2014 2982
Instruction in motion: giving students a much-needed brain break--and academic boost--with exercises in class. Whitmer, Regina Apr 1, 2014 1794
The effects of direct instruction flashcard and math racetrack procedures on mastery of basic multiplication facts by three elementary school students. Skarr, Adam; Zielinski, Katie; Ruwe, Kellen; Sharp, Hannah; Williams, Randy L.; McLaughlin, T. F. Report Feb 1, 2014 5566
The Impact of Teacher Evaluation Reform on Student Learning: Success and Challenges in Replicating Experimental Findings with Non-Experimental Data. Jiang, Jennie Y.; Sartain, Lauren; Sporte, Susan E.; Steinberg, Matthew P. Report Jan 1, 2014 522
An Empirical Comparison of Randomized Control Trials and Regression Discontinuity Estimations. Barrera-Osorio, Felipe; Filmer, Deon; McIntyre, Joe Report Jan 1, 2014 392
Efficacy of the Social Skills Improvement System--Classwide Intervention Program (SSIS-CIP) in the Primary Grades. DiPerna, James C.; Lei, Puiwa; Bellinger, Jill; Cheng, Weiyi Report Jan 1, 2014 650
Mathematics Formative Assessment System--Common Core State Standards: A Randomized Field Trial in Kindergarten and First Grade. Lang, Laura B.; Schoen, Robert R.; LaVenia, Mark; Oberlin, Maureen Report Jan 1, 2014 415
On the effectiveness of team teaching in promoting learners' grammatical proficiency. Aliakbari, Mohammad; Nejad, Ali Mansouri Nov 1, 2013 5483
Laz language to be elective course in middle school. Sep 13, 2013 153
LEARNING THROUGH INTERNET & ICT AWARD Sponsored by Teesside University. Jul 25, 2013 329
LEARNING THROUGH INTERNET & ICT AWARD; Sponsored by Teesside University. Jul 25, 2013 328
TEACHERS UNDER ATTACK IN SCHOOLS; 600 complaints made to council in three years. Jul 22, 2013 548
Students teach students about the environment. May 31, 2013 223
Dudley students learn to escape SAFE House. May 10, 2013 538
Coding for middle schoolers: next-generation programming languages for children are taking up where Logo left off and teaching young students how to code to learn. Pierce, Margo May 1, 2013 1701
Effects of patterning instruction on the academic achievement of 1st-grade children. Kidd, Julie K.; Carlson, Abby G.; Gadzichowski, K. Marinka; Boyer, Caroline E.; Gallington, Debbie A Apr 1, 2013 6905
'Mr. Mac' sees teacher, deacon as one vocation: Iowa deacon is motivated to teach as Jesus did, especially in serving 'the least among us'. Hoverman, Carol Feb 1, 2013 1129
Slice of Mandarin for school pupils. Jan 30, 2013 362
Improving At-Risk Learners' Understanding of Fractions. Fuchs, Lynn S.; Schumacher, Robin F.; Long, Jessica; Namkung, Jessica; Hamlett, Carol L.; Cirino, Pa Report Jan 1, 2013 389
Kids need to be taught how to prevent Hepatitis: Experts. Dec 4, 2012 612
Hanging on the clothesline. Morris, Katie Dec 1, 2012 483
With Toolkits and Robots, Schools Teach Kids About Water Conservation. Nov 2, 2012 857
City takes architecture, engineering to classroom. Oct 31, 2012 281
School kids urged to learn pornography from age 10. Oct 25, 2012 351
The 'reasons to believe' generation. Sullivan, Maureen Oct 11, 2012 600
New way of teaching aims to raise next generation of sporting dragons; SCHEME TO FOCUS ON GETTING BASIC PHYSICAL SKILLS RIGHT. Sep 27, 2012 690
Albanian students and their parents from village Gorno Lisice protested Tuesday outside the Ministry of Education because the elementary school "Goce Delcev" recently made a decision to reduce the classes in Albanian language from three to two. Sep 26, 2012 101
NEW RULES. Sep 12, 2012 920
Composition instruction and cognitive performance: results of a pilot study. Bugos, Jennifer; Jacobs, Edward Report Sep 1, 2012 5007
Breaking barriers; Language skills pave the way to success in school. May 24, 2012 1180
Comparing results of systematic reviews: parallel reviews of research on repeated reading. O'Keeffe, Breda V.; Slocum, Timothy A.; Burlingame, Cheryl; Snyder, Katie; Bundock, Kaitlin Report May 1, 2012 11833
Teaching children to read must not be left to volunteers; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Mar 31, 2012 354
Can Khan move the bell curve to the right? Math instruction goes viral. Kronholz, June Mar 22, 2012 2974
The Native American Shelf. Book review Mar 1, 2012 552
NYC students get singer Natalie Merchant for a teacher. Feb 1, 2012 220
Classes in curry are a hot topic; A top restaurant boss is currying favour with schools across Tyneside, as GORDON BARR finds out Video To watch a video of Bob's cooking class, log on to: Dec 21, 2011 597
Life's a grind; Naquag students learn early New England skill. Dec 1, 2011 429
Charity demand for kids to get free suncream; Tenovus wants protection for primary pupils. Oct 4, 2011 412
Hands on teaching! Primary school kids learn to give each other massages. Oct 2, 2011 450
A new age for algebra: a renewed emphasis on this math course can make or break a pupil's success in school. Oishi, Lindsay Oct 1, 2011 2520
Modifying health education instruction for middle school children with disabilities. Lucas, Matthew D.; Kosarchyn, Chrystyna Sep 22, 2011 2104
Making waves as pool visits Splashington; Double Commonwealth Champion helping to teach youngsters. Jul 6, 2011 552
Loc@l: local year one children @ your library. Campbell, Michelle Jun 1, 2011 933
Geografia escolar e paisagem sonora. Mayer Malanski, Lawrence Report Jun 1, 2011 6222
Pupils' cracking time. May 3, 2011 206
The effect of teacher coaching with performance feedback on behavior-specific praise in inclusion classrooms. Duchaine, Ellen L.; Jolivette, Kristine; Fredrick, Laura D. Report May 1, 2011 6273
Collaborative Action Research: Teaching of Multiplication and Division in the Second Grade. Vula, Eda; Berdynaj, Lirika Apr 1, 2011 237
Pupils take a capital trip to pick up a special award; Primary school pupils enjoyed a trip to London and the presentation of a special award, says NICOLA WEATHERALL. Mar 31, 2011 737
Fury as Brit students as young as 5 are taught about sex in an explicit way. Mar 10, 2011 338
Hello'hello, from 999 to online; Northumbria Police are launching a new website today aimed at primary school pupils, their parents and teachers. Education Reporter NICOLA JUNCAR reports. Website overview Feb 10, 2011 526
Increasing teachers' use of praise with a response-to-intervention approach. Myers, Diane M.; Simonsen, Brandi; Sugai, George Feb 1, 2011 8566
She's strict for a good reason: highly effective teachers in low-performing urban schools: studying the work of highly effective teachers can help us better understand what really works to improve student learning and help us avoid practices that are complicated, trendy, and expensive. Poplin, Mary; Rivera, John; Durish, Dena; Hoff, Linda; Kawell, Susan; Pawlak, Pat; Hinman, Ivannia S Feb 1, 2011 2888
Equity and the arts. Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2011 705
The effects of tier 2 literacy instruction in sixth grade: toward the development of a response-to-intervention model in middle school. Graves, Anne W.; Brandon, Regina; Duesbery, Luke; McIntosh, Angela; Pyle, Nicole B. Report Jan 1, 2011 9129
Mid Day Meal Programme in Himachal Pradesh: a district level MDMS analysis (kangra). Pattanaik, B.K.; Agnihotri, Sunil Jan 1, 2011 2525
Proximal Effects of Robust Vocabulary Instruction in Primary and Intermediate Grades. Apthorp, Helen; McKeown, Margaret; Igel, Charles; Clemons, Trudy; Randel, Bruce; Clark, Tedra Jan 1, 2011 613
A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Response-to-Intervention (RTI) Tier 2 Literacy Program: Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI). Ransford-Kaldon, Carolyn; Flynt, E. Sutton; Ross, Cristin Jan 1, 2011 544
Relations between Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching, Mathematics Instructional Quality, and Student Achievement in the Context of the "Responsive Classroom (RC)" Approach. Ottmar, Erin R.; Rimm-Kaufman, Sara E.; Larsen, Ross; Merritt, Eileen G. Jan 1, 2011 487
Deconstructing the Instruction of the Control of Variables Strategy: Key Components of Science Instruction. Freer, Benjamin D.; Lorch, Elizabeth P.; Lorch, Robert F., Jr.; Calderhead, William Jan 1, 2011 638
My temple with a frieze: learning from the Greeks and Romans. Fritsche, Susan Dec 29, 2010 853
St John Wales teach in India; BREAKING HEALTH newsbulletin. Nov 22, 2010 162
Textbooks preach violence and hate; Forty British schools use Saudi books. Nov 22, 2010 391
A measure of reaction times for a diverse group of fifth grade boys and girls. Jeffreys, Arcelia T.; Wirth, William "Bill" Sep 22, 2010 2574
Students learn about bullying; Dawson distributes friendship-building kits. Sep 16, 2010 283
Rachel gets her kicks out of passing on skills; Rachel Brown, teacher, The Everton Foundation My Dream Job. Jul 10, 2010 578
Sex ed: an alternative program: values-based sex education appeals to head, heart. Pentin, Edward Jul 1, 2010 1294
Teachers' Beliefs on Foreign Language Teaching Practices in Early Phases of Primary Education: A Case Study. Caner, Mustafa; Subasi, Gonca; Kara, Selma Jul 1, 2010 420
Parting gifts. Jun 18, 2010 775
Rachel achieves her goal by passing on her skills; EMMA THOMPSON meets Rachel Brown, teacher, The Everton Foundation. Jun 10, 2010 379
20,000 children taught in large classes. May 14, 2010 246
Creating adult learning communities through school-college partnerships. Gould, Holly C.; Brimijoin, Kay; Alouf, James L.; Mayhew, Mary Ann Report Mar 22, 2010 2514
THERE'S A HOLE NEW WAY TO LEARN; Computers in walls. Mar 8, 2010 413
James Floyd. Mar 1, 2010 134
Integrating the design mathematical trail in mathematics curriculum for the sixth grade student. Tsao, Yea-Ling Report Mar 1, 2010 5431
Pupils can count on new numeracy aid; Teaching plan all adds up for schoolchildren. Feb 25, 2010 608
Effects of Differentiated Instruction on Students' Attitudes Towards Turkish Courses: An Action Research. Karadag, Ruhan; Yasar, Sefik Jan 1, 2010 255
Interdisciplinary approaches to school readiness. Winter, Suzanne M. Dec 22, 2009 624
Elementary-school mathematics instruction and achievement of fourth-grade students in Japan: findings from the TIMSS 2007 assessment. House, J. Daniel Dec 22, 2009 2680
Can Interim Assessments Be Used for Instructional Change? Policy Brief. RB-51. Goertz, Margaret E.; Olah, Leslie Nabors; Riggan, Matthew Dec 1, 2009 628
THOSE SIMPLE BEAR NECESSITIES OF LIFE; Medical students teaching children about health with Teddies. Nov 26, 2009 438
Fifth grade students' perceptions of reading motivation techniques. Corcoran, Carol A.; Mamalakis, Abby Sep 22, 2009 2276
Jax lawyers respond on a moment's notice to assist the court's Justice Teaching program. Jul 1, 2009 217
Pupils sound alert on parking threat; DANGER: Bad drivers taught a lesson in safety by Hall Green schoolchildren. Apr 25, 2009 322
Strength-training as an alternative physical education pilot program for non-active middle-school girls. Vanata, David F.; Patton, Beth J. Report Mar 22, 2009 6142
The Culture of Teaching ELL Students Successfully: A Two-Way bilingual. Camarena, Mario Feb 21, 2009 278
Newman filling education gaps. Jan 22, 2009 285
Using "Student Center Activities" to Differentiate Reading Instruction: A Guide for Teachers. Kosanovich, Marcia; Weinstein, Connie; Goldman, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2009 242
The EdVantage of eFolios. Vermilion, Emilee R. Dec 1, 2008 3233
Pupils will be boxing clever on new course; GCSE' offered in the noble art. Nov 26, 2008 440
Call for early sex lessons. Oct 23, 2008 165
KIDS SET FOR SEX LESSONS. Oct 23, 2008 250
Call on sex education. Oct 23, 2008 103
Sex lessons for primary pupils; Children to be taught the basics. Oct 23, 2008 388
Sex lessons for primary pupils; Basics set to become compulsory. Oct 23, 2008 390
Young students inspired by book program. Sep 22, 2008 1871
Vote on temporary rooms as asbestos closes school. Jul 31, 2008 333
40,000 KIDS TAUGHT IN HELL-HOLE CLASSES; Gilmore anger at prefab population of schoolchildren. Jun 19, 2008 425
Want to be a spider? Brief article May 1, 2008 192
Using Task Based Writing Instruction to Provide Differentiated Instruction for English Language Learners. Bantis, Alexandros Merkouris May 1, 2008 241
Golden times at the 'Matchpoint Club' Youngsters learning through fun. Apr 26, 2008 185
Financial risks 'should be taught in schools'. Apr 17, 2008 285
Students learn to make every minute count. Apr 3, 2008 532
Standardized curriculum is stifling students. Mar 5, 2008 823
Fun ways to learn about litter; sponsored by Environment Agency. Feb 5, 2008 374
Increasing Social Skills of Elementary School Students through the Use of Literature and Role Playing. Awbrey, Colleen; Longo, Amy; Lynd, Amanda; Payne, Colleen Report Jan 1, 2008 523
The Effectiveness of Scaffolding Interactive Activities in Developing the English Listening Comprehension Skills of the Sixth Grade Elementary Schoolgirls in Jeddah. Al-Yami, Salwa Ahmed Jan 1, 2008 455
State honors teacher for family caregiver service; Students learn lessons of caring for parent. Nov 16, 2007 595
A Story Well Told: Rich Narrative Engages California Fifth Grade Students in American History. Huson, Julie Alice Author abstract Nov 8, 2007 294
Listening as a vital element in synergistic argumentation during mathematics problem solving. Cassel, Darlinda; Reynolds, Anne Sep 22, 2007 7416
Data Implementation Manual for Enrolments for the 2008 School Year. National Goals for Schooling in the 21st Century. Collection of Information on Student Background Characteristics. For Use by Schools, School Systems and Testing Agents. Third Edition. Sep 1, 2007 503
1IN 4 IRISH KIDS ARE TAUGHT IN OVERCROWDED CLASSROOMS; Opposition anger as 100,000 pupils in cramped lessons. Aug 25, 2007 351
Radical schooling methods. Houghton, Bob Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2007 279
Former head is honoured with an OBE. Jun 16, 2007 227
Using an RTI Model to Guide Early Reading Instruction: Effects on Identification Rates for Students with Learning Disabilities. FCRR Technical Report #7. Torgesen, Joseph K. Jun 1, 2007 251
Tributes to Welsh teacher killed in motorbike crash in Thai capital. May 24, 2007 582
Improving Community Involvement and Citizenship among Elementary School Students through Service Learning Experiences. Smith, Mandi Apr 20, 2007 482
The BIRMINGHAM POST: Early lesson will teach truth about gun crime. Apr 5, 2007 397
Promise or Peril?: NCLB and the Education of ELL Students. Clewell, Beatriz Chu Author abstract Apr 1, 2007 267
Examining the Characteristics of Literacy Practices in a Technology-Rich Sixth Grade Classroom. Eryaman, Mustafa Yunus Author abstract Apr 1, 2007 196
Co-taught middle school mathematics classrooms: accommodations and enhancements for students with specific learning disabilities. Miller, Kevin J. Mar 22, 2007 7467
Creating a chemical bond with students. Mar 1, 2007 323
Reading First: States Report Improvements in Reading Instruction, but Additional Procedures Would Clarify Education's Role in Ensuring Proper Implementation by States. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-07-161. Ashby, Cornelia M. Feb 1, 2007 318
Power Teaching. Fluellen, Jerry E., Jr. Jan 31, 2007 161
National Report on Schooling in Australia, 2007. Preliminary Paper. National Benchmark Results Reading, Writing and Numeracy Years 3, 5 and 7. Jan 1, 2007 474
Visions inspired by Howard Finster. Anthos, Jeannette Smith Jan 1, 2007 1398
Ex-votos: a way to say thank you. Joyce, Michele Jan 1, 2007 692
Poinsettia perfection. Moore, Temple Skelton Dec 1, 2006 803
Weaving sophisticated expression. Buban, Marcia Cover story Dec 1, 2006 979
Mola inspired. Hinshaw, Craig Dec 1, 2006 758
Puppets speak a universal language. Skophammer, Karen Dec 1, 2006 734
What is a snoval? Haussler, Mary Ellen Dec 1, 2006 593
Southwestern style: a fibers lesson. Joyce, Teri Dexheimer Dec 1, 2006 1054
Effects of Fluency Instruction on Literacy Skills in the First Grade Classroom. Buchanan, Susan A. Dec 1, 2006 175
Union warns of dangers of teaching primary pupils about contraception. Oct 23, 2006 895
Teach children aged 10 how to have safe sex, says 'progressive' think tank. Oct 23, 2006 676
It doesn't add up. Sep 29, 2006 286
Thousands taught in large classes. Sep 29, 2006 296
Effects of explicit timing on elementary students' oral reading rates of word phrases. Cates, Gary L.; Rhymer, Katrina N. Sep 22, 2006 3611
Then and now: what we've gained (no more dittos!) and lost (respect) in a generation. Kopkowski, Cynthia Cover story Sep 1, 2006 4159
WALES: How to have safe gay sex will be taught in ls... if pupils agree; Church groups oppose survey. May 29, 2006 486
Africa mission for students. May 26, 2006 195
Pop Art Pharaohs. Yarborough, Bill May 1, 2006 361
Metacognitive strategies help students to comprehend all text. Eilers, Linda H.; Pinkley, Christine Mar 22, 2006 4546
Sixth graders' oral retellings of compare word problems. Monroe, Eula Ewing Mar 22, 2006 6578
The Impact of a Teacher Education Course Taught in a University Laboratory School Setting. Weih, Timothy G.; Ensworth, Lynne Jan 1, 2006 296
National Report on Schooling in Australia, 2006. Preliminary Paper. National Benchmark Results Reading, Writing and Numeracy Years 3, 5 and 7. Jan 1, 2006 429
A hit melody. Rajagopalan, Megha Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 122
Really broken numbers: Peter Gould provides insights into children's thinking about fractions through their drawings and explanations. Gould, Peter Sep 22, 2005 3074
Longer is larger--or is it? Anne Roche outlines some student misconceptions about decimal fractions, examines some tasks and suggests teaching strategies. Roche, Anne Sep 22, 2005 2483
Hot ideas: equivalence. Bobis, Janette Sep 22, 2005 592
Decimals, denominators, demons, calculators and connections: Len Sparrow and Paul Swan provide some practical activities for overcoming some fraction misconceptions using calculators specially designed for learners in primary years. Sparrow, Len; Swan, Paul Sep 22, 2005 2557
Modelling proportional thinking with threes and twos: Paul Tabart, Jane Skalicky and Jane Watson supply some clarification of proportional thinking as they share an exploration of a ratio task with some teachers and students. Tabart, Paul; Skalicky, Jane; Watson, Jane Sep 22, 2005 2087
National Report on Schooling in Australia, 2005. Preliminary Paper. National Benchmark Results Reading, Writing and Numeracy Years 3, 5 and 7. Jan 1, 2005 410
Map Construction as a Context for Studying the Notion of Variable Scale. Yiannoutsou, Nikoleta; Kynigos, Chronis Abstract Jul 1, 2004 175
Being Sensitive to Students' Mathematical Needs: What Does It Take? Axiak, Cettina Abstract Jul 1, 2004 160
Spreadsheet Generalising and Paper and Pencil Generalising. Wilson, Kirsty; Ainley, Janet; Bills, Liz Abstract Jul 1, 2004 158
From Function to Equations: Introduction of Algebraic Thinking to 13 Year-Old Students. Farmaki, Vasiliki; Klaoudatos, Nikos; Verikios, Petros Abstract Jul 1, 2004 204
Students' Overreliance on Proportionality: Evidence from Primary School Pupils Solving Arithmetic Word Problems. Van Dooren, Wim; De Bock, Dirk; Hessels, An; Janssens, Dirk; Verschaffel, Lieven Abstract Jul 1, 2004 156
Efficiency and Adaptiveness of Multiple School-Taught Strategies in the Domain of Simple Addition. Torbeyns, Joke; Verschaffel, Lieven; Ghesquiere, Pol Abstract Jul 1, 2004 192
The Development of Structure in the Number System. Thomas, Noel Abstract Jul 1, 2004 157
Children's Conceptual Understanding of Counting. Slovin, Hannaha; Dougherty, Barbara J. Abstract Jul 1, 2004 162
Send kids back home with a pack full of learning: grades K-3. Apr 1, 2004 355
Second-Language Issues in Early Literacy and Instruction. Publication Series No. 1. Pang, Elizabeth S.; Kamil, Michael L. Report Jan 1, 2004 302
National Report on Schooling in Australia, 2004. Preliminary Paper. National Benchmark Results Reading, Writing and Numeracy Years 3, 5 and 7. Jan 1, 2004 377
A Comparison between the Test Scores of Third Grade Children Who Receive Drama in Place of Traditional Social Studies Instruction and Third Grade Children Who Receive Traditional Social Studies Instruction. Fernsler, Hannah Marie Jul 1, 2003 336
Artistic homage. (Teaching art with art). Hubbard, Guy Jun 1, 2003 2793
Windows to art excitement. Laird, Shirley; Crumpecker, Cheryl Jun 1, 2003 953
Horizontal and vertical line designs. (Recycling renaissance). Johns, Pat Jun 1, 2003 715
Build a castle! (Recycling renaissance). Farris, Cynthia Cox Jun 1, 2003 952
Sixth-grade gallery project. Clem, Frances Jun 1, 2003 1048
Water artists. (Children's art diary). Szekely, George Jun 1, 2003 1421
Blob flowers. (Children's art diary). Canfield, Elaine Jun 1, 2003 299
Life-size sculptural heads: a lesson in three-dimensional design. (Cover Story). Gamble, Harriet May 1, 2003 1037
Imagination visualized with wire. (artful Inclusion). Skophammer, Karen May 1, 2003 982
Plaster people ... a la George Segal. Boulay, Michele May 1, 2003 1861
Looking into space. (Integrating the curriculum). Hinshaw, Craig May 1, 2003 1253
Basic metal plate jewelry construction. Petersen, Hugh Brief Article May 1, 2003 467
It Works! Bridge, Maryellen Brief Article May 1, 2003 127
"Designing the Matwork on Your Art ... or the Artwork on Your Mat". Navah, Jan Brief Article May 1, 2003 231
Fall Into Autumn". Langsner, Lori Brief Article May 1, 2003 182
"Developing Images on Clay ... a New Approach". Guhin, Paula Brief Article May 1, 2003 127
"Pass the Salt, Please". Staten, Donna Brief Article May 1, 2003 160
"Trompe L'oeil in the Loo". Saggers, Cheryl Brief Article May 1, 2003 257
"Cardboard Loom Weaving". Navah, Jan Brief Article May 1, 2003 234
"Figurative Departures from Realism". Slack, Joyce Brief Article May 1, 2003 176
"Looking at Faces from a New Angle". Anthos, Jeannette Smith Brief Article May 1, 2003 115
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