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Violy: A Peek Into The Future Of Classical Music Education. Dec 18, 2019 818
Glenbard students earn Illinois Music Education Association honors. Mannion, Peg Dec 18, 2019 220
Glenbard students earn Illinois Music Education Association honors. Mannion, Peg Dec 14, 2019 220
Exploring the Effect of Professional Development on Practice in World Music Education: A Mixed Methods Study. Mellizo, Jennifer Sep 1, 2019 7835
Disparate Trajectories in Pre-Tertiary Music Education in Ghana: Implication for Holistic Education. Nii-Dortey, Moses; Arhine, Adwoa Sep 1, 2019 8129
Best Communities for Music Education. Jun 1, 2019 131
5 suburban school districts lauded for music education. Mar 30, 2019 368
Wheeling Jazz 1 Performs at Illinois Music Education Convention. Feb 7, 2019 175
A Practical Application of Technology in the Music Classroom. Lane, Ann Marie Report Jan 1, 2019 1606
Hersey students perform at Illinois Music Education Association music festivals. Nov 19, 2018 295
LET THE MUSIC PLAY: "There are mountains of research supporting the positive correlation between music education and success in school". James, Vincent Sep 1, 2018 1603
Making a difference through music education. Aug 8, 2018 479
The NAMM Foundation--2018 Best Communities for Music Education. Brief article Aug 1, 2018 118
Something's Missing from My Jazz Band's Bulletin Board: An Autoethnographic Reflection on Making Space for Girls and Women in Jazz Education. Teichman, Eric; Wright, Ruth Essay Jun 22, 2018 4847
Beginning with Familiarity: Popular Music as a Motivational Tool in Music Education. Paris, Zach Jun 22, 2018 1473
East meets West in music education. Apr 9, 2018 607
Music Education Matters Conference. Apr 1, 2018 116
Canadians at ISME 2018 Report on ISME 2018, Baku, Azerbaijan 33rd World Conference of the International Society for Music Education "Life's Journey through Music". Willingham, Lee; Kelly, Mary; O'Neill, Susan; Schmidt, Patrick; Mantie, Roger; Benedict, Cathy; Bold Conference notes Mar 22, 2018 8498
Immigrant Families, Music Education, and Social Mobility in Canada. (recurring motifs: Canadian music in education/education musicale canadienne: Pat Shand Canadian Music in Education Essay Contest). Benjamins, Laura Essay Mar 22, 2018 5552
'It was the best music education' FEATURE Legendary jazz and bluesman Mike Harries was a staple of the live music scene in Wales for more than 50 years. Here Danny KilBride, who shared a stage with the musician for much of that time, gives his own unique insight into life with the colourful band leader. Jan 20, 2018 1423
Help children get the most out of music education. Jan 3, 2018 290
Multicultural Music Education in North America: Achievements and Obstacles. Reyes, Francisco Luis Essay Jan 1, 2018 6974
Music Education In Remote Rural South Australian Schools: Does A Partnership With A Non-Government Organisation Work? Hardwick-Franco, Kathryn Gay Jan 1, 2018 8270
Making music instruction more relevant to Gen Z. Oct 1, 2017 615
Motivation in Secondary Music Education. Squires, McKenzie Essay Sep 22, 2017 3048
Truth and Reconciliation: Treaty People in Instrumental Music Education. Tremblay-Beaton, Katie Sep 22, 2017 2780
A Community Music Approach to Popular Music Teaching in Formal Music Education. Reyes, Francisco Luis Essay Sep 22, 2017 6883
Music Education: The Heart of the Matter. Howell, Crystal-Anne Column Jun 22, 2017 1816
Nothing in-between. Berr, Bruce Column Jun 1, 2017 751
Mixed social media reaction to music course in Riyadh. Sep 23, 2016 342
Music in motion: student choreographers and musicians get collaborative. Friscia, Suzannah Jun 1, 2016 445
Empowering musicians: teaching, transforming, living: promoting health and wellbeing when making music: a holistic approach in music education. Altenmuller, Eckart Jun 1, 2016 1498
Reaching out through music: El Sistema is changing lives in Lethbridge. Helm, Jon Feb 1, 2016 663
Athletics, music, languages, and leadership: how parents influence the extracurricular activities of their children. Ashbourne, Dianne; Andres, Lesley Report Oct 1, 2015 11672
All that jazz: while performance of the music remains strong at HBCUs, scholars want to see more degree programs take root. Roach, Ronald Aug 27, 2015 2204
Attitudes and perspectives of teacher performers on pedagogy and perceived student learning in the elementary and secondary school music classroom. Vitale, John L. Report Jul 1, 2015 7594
NAMM Foundation invests in music education. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 275
Notable Minnesota Rock Musicians Join School of Rock Twin Cities in Music Festival to Raise Funds for Music Education. Apr 11, 2015 724
Orange Music Education musicboard. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 245
An entrepreneurial music industry education in secondary schooling: the emerging professional learning model. Kelman, Kristina Report Jan 1, 2015 8429
Coalition for Music Education in Canada. Nimmons, Holly Jan 1, 2015 174
School for Handel; Music education for young people should come from everywhere. The benefits, says Michael Garvey, director of the BBC National Orchestra and Chorus of Wales, are clear to see. Dec 13, 2014 935
New poll on music education. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 293
Music education helps stimulate and maximize brain development in children. Oct 1, 2014 341
Social justice issues and music education in the post 9/11 United States. Wagoner, Cynthia L. Report Sep 1, 2014 8113
Linda C. Lindell Has Been Recognized as the Professional of the Year 2014 in Music Education in America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals. Jul 11, 2014 186
Challenges to music documentation: design and implementation of a web-based content management system for East Asian Music education documents. Chae, Hyun Kyung; Kim, Eun-Ha; Lee, Min-Soo; Myagmar, Otgonjargal Report Jul 1, 2014 2535
San Francisco Symphony updates music education website. Jun 1, 2014 290
Teaching instrumental students to play musical theater. Ringering, Rhonda Jun 1, 2014 1918
Brazilian musicians hear sound of North; Music education experts from Brazil will be getting a taste of traditional North East folk today, as DAVID WHETSTONE reports. May 24, 2014 650
International academia. Apr 29, 2014 605
Coalition for Music Education. Caines, Jennifer Mar 22, 2014 385
The simple/simplistic test. Berr, Bruce Feb 1, 2014 747
Coalition for Music Education in Canada. Phillips, Spencer Jan 1, 2014 280
Music teaching service to cut jobs and raise prices. Dec 12, 2013 535
Amping music instruction: a nonprofit program reduces the achievement gap in low-income schools. Kowarski, Ilana Dec 1, 2013 962
Edmodo in your music classroom. Matthie, Laura Lee Sep 22, 2013 649
St. Augustine Symposium on the History of Music Education. Sep 1, 2013 248
A community of peer interactions as a resource to prepare music teacher educators. Shin, Jihae Sep 1, 2013 5475
Assessment in music education: relationships between classroom practice and professional publication topics. McQuarrie, Sarah H. Sep 1, 2013 5373
A new school of thought in music teaching; A new music school is opening in Birmingham next month. Zoe Chamberlain talks to headteacher SallyAlexander about why children in the city need new ways of learning. Aug 22, 2013 669
Feeling the sound: reflections on claiming one's own musical voice. Johnson, Jessica Essay Aug 1, 2013 3613
Social and Emotional Dynamics of College Students with Musical Intelligence and Musical Training: A Multiple Case Study. Pelayo, Jose Maria G., III; Galang, Edgar Report May 1, 2013 236
Empty repeating canvas and favourite sounds. Friesen, Douglas Mar 22, 2013 665
The duality of music education. Yorke-Slader, Neil Mar 22, 2013 296
Multicultural approach to Korean contemporary music with the traditional folk song bird, bird, blue bird. Choi, Eunjung; Kwon, Sumi Feb 1, 2013 3189
What's new in pedagogy research. Johnson, Rebecca Grooms Report Feb 1, 2013 1148
How important is music education? Duax, Kathryn Proctor Jan 1, 2013 1558
Coalition for Music Education in Canada. Nimmons, Holly Jan 1, 2013 1164
SoSTI Course: An Elective Science Course for Thai Upper Secondary School Non-Science Students. Pruekpramool, Chaninan; Phonphok, Nason; White, Orvil L.; Musikul, Kusalin Report Jan 1, 2013 330
Singing to Learn in an All-Select Choir. Revised. Broer, Kathleen Report Jan 1, 2013 153
Teaching modern production and songwriting techniques: what makes a hit song? Tough, David "Dave" Report Jan 1, 2013 8740
Study details costs of music education. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 194
The art of reflection in music learning. Lapp, Beverly Report Aug 1, 2012 3014
Music masterclasses: from The Ladies' Home Journal, 1890-1919. Vogel, Dorothy Aug 1, 2012 2502
Students get music education in summer vacation. Jul 3, 2012 299
Where does one start? Tupman, Dennis Column Jun 22, 2012 857
Music education trend grows among youngsters. May 7, 2012 421
What Works Clearinghouse Quick Review: "Academic Music: Music Instruction to Engage Third-Grade Students in Learning Basic Fraction Concepts". Abstract Jan 1, 2012 305
Taking responsibility for music education in the primary school: a case study. de Vries, Peter; Albon, Nerissa Jan 1, 2012 5235
Final year music students' identities: music student or music teacher? Rowley, Jennifer L. Jan 1, 2012 6925
Music teaching and learning in a regional conservatorium, NSW, Australia. Klopper, Christopher; Power, Bianca Jan 1, 2012 6747
Music: integrative education. McLaughlin, Charlie Editorial Dec 1, 2011 588
Music as a vehicle for cross-subject integration. Van Loo, Bill Dec 1, 2011 1359
Integrate technology and music through Apple's GarageBand. Kaluf, Kevin J. Dec 1, 2011 1124
Finding flow: in the midst of preparing for festivals and exams. Mitchell, Nancy Essay Oct 1, 2011 3064
Playing with fire. Bolden, Benjamin Editorial Sep 22, 2011 1392
Report from Manitoba Music educators association. Marshall, Eric Sep 22, 2011 638
Music Matters: How Music Education Helps Students Learn, Achieve, and Succeed. Sep 1, 2011 236
What's new in pedagogy research. Johnson, Rebecca Grooms Jun 1, 2011 885
Mary teaching musical youth value of education. May 25, 2011 355
Creating School Communities through Music. Marasco, Katelyn Abstract May 2, 2011 204
Sound investment: a Juilliard-trained pianist dedicates her life to providing free music education. Griner, Allison Interview May 1, 2011 1563
Motivation in the applied voice studio: an overview. Frey-Monell, Robyn Nov 1, 2010 3516
Adding chamber music to the piano studio. Breth, Nancy O'Neill Oct 1, 2010 2751
Six tips to avoid becoming the teacher you always dreaded. Biggs, Nicole Essay Oct 1, 2010 2373
Repertoire choices: for the intermediate-level pianist. Zimmerman, Crystal Renee Oct 1, 2010 2481
When quantity is quality. Berr, Bruce Oct 1, 2010 760
Editorial. Forrest, David Editorial Jul 1, 2010 272
Musical futures in Victoria. Jeanneret, Neryl Report Jul 1, 2010 9449
What's new in pedagogy research. Johnson, Rebecca Grooms Jun 1, 2010 1141
Jeff Nelsen, hornist with the Canadian Brass and horn professor at Indiana University, presented a master class in January at Illinois State University with students Elizabeth Jones, Joshua Wagner, Allison Bellot, Megan Starrett, and Nancy O'Neill. Johnson, Heather Brief article May 1, 2010 108
Mademoiselle. Leonard, Kendra Preston Video recording review Mar 1, 2010 510
High note for music education; The last few months at Meriden Church of England Primary School have been particularly busy for pupils and staff with a host of events and activities. Education reporter LUCY LYNCH visited the school in Fillongley Road, Meriden.: YOUR schools. Jan 11, 2010 127
Responding to the challenge: giving pre-service classroom teachers a musical language and understanding. Munday, Jenni; Smith, Wyverne Report Jan 1, 2010 4160
NAMM launches music education fund. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 223
Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions. Shekhter, Pia Oct 1, 2009 578
"There is no end to learning": lifelong education and the joyful learner. Pearsall, Tom Oct 1, 2009 2637
The joys of making music recreationally: the benefits of adult music study. Jutras, Pete Oct 1, 2009 854
ISME establishes new music education forum, requests submissions. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 133
Arts awareness and advocacy: if not now, when? Rockley, Liane Aug 1, 2009 652
Rites and beliefs of music in the Thailand's Lanna region. Binson-Sumrongthong, Bussakorn Jul 1, 2009 5948
The effect of participation in a Music Mentorship Program on the self esteem and attitudes of at-risk students. Darrow, Alice-Ann; Novak, Julie; Swedberg, Olivia; Horton, Monica; Rice, Brenda Report Jul 1, 2009 6048
Improvisation as communication: students with communication disabilities and autism using call and response on instruments. McCord, Kimberly Report Jul 1, 2009 6288
Teen duo get the young to enjoy classical music; EDUCATION WALES. Feb 26, 2009 569
Music Education Suites. Kemp, Wayne Report Jan 1, 2009 141
Teaching voice teachers. Randall, Martha; Barnes-Burroughs, Katherine Column Nov 1, 2008 3291
In support of Contemporary Commercial Music (nonclassical) voice pedagogy. Sep 1, 2008 2069
Team teaching for studio class success. Deeter, Alissa Walters; Peavler, Robert Sep 1, 2008 1682
University/collegiate master class: the combined studio model. Errante, Valerie; Lavonis, William Sep 1, 2008 2589
YogaVoice: balancing the physical instrument. Moliterno, Mark Sep 1, 2008 4170
Questions and answers. Mabry, Sharon Sep 1, 2008 1423
A comparison of Mexican children's music compositions and contextual songs. Riley, Patricia Report Sep 1, 2008 6549
Embracing new music: all music was once new music. But how many of us regularly fold "new notes" into our performing and our teaching? Zaimont, Judith Lang Aug 1, 2008 2814
Backtalk: Musiq Soulchild on music education. Richardson, Nicole Marie Interview Jul 1, 2008 756
Developing talent in music. Johnsen, Susan Jun 22, 2008 592
Polyphony. Magrath, Jane Jun 1, 2008 1648
Collaborative music making for pre-college students. Graves, Jody Jun 1, 2008 728
Teaching methods for correcting problematic vibratos: using sustained dynamic exercises to discover and foster healthy vibrato. Kirkpatrick, Adam May 1, 2008 3999
Vibrato vs. Nonvibrato: the solo singer in the collegiate choral ensemble. Olson, Margaret May 1, 2008 2710
The seduction of nasality. McCoy, Scott May 1, 2008 1928
Finding a voice doctor and voice care team. Heman-Ackah, Yolanda D.; Sataloff, Robert T.; Hawkshaw, Mary J.; Divi, Venu May 1, 2008 6629
An appeal for patience and longsuffering by singing teachers in their assessment of the value of voice science. Titze, Ingo R. May 1, 2008 961
Singing in French: between theory and practice. Neron, Martin May 1, 2008 6416
Music theater singing ... let's talk. Part 2: examining the debate on belting. Spivey, Norman May 1, 2008 5381
Managing voice problems in the private studio. Brunk, Amanda May 1, 2008 2310
Polyphony. Magrath, Jane Apr 1, 2008 1687
It's all your business: having it all without doing it all. Thickstun, Karen Apr 1, 2008 1728
Random access: wither your digital media? Litterst, George F. Apr 1, 2008 1326
School revival for overlooked chamber music; EDUCATION MATTERS. Mar 17, 2008 262
What's new in pedagogy research? Johnson, Rebecca Grooms Feb 1, 2008 1024
Accommodating non-music majors in the applied music studio. Murray, Kathleen M. Feb 1, 2008 722
Music education supplies. Jan 1, 2008 103
Inspired by the language of music. Vaishnav, Chaitali Jan 1, 2008 819
A little bit of rhythm & 'rithmatic. Dec 1, 2007 334
Riffing the canon. Schiff, David Dec 1, 2007 2832
The canon of ethnomusicology: is there one? Danielson, Virginia Dec 1, 2007 3561
Arts Education. Brief article Nov 30, 2007 175
Voice science and vocal art, Part one: in search of common ground. Helding, Lynn Nov 1, 2007 6712
Reality check! Training for an operatic career. White, Robert C., Jr.; Rosenberg, Lenore Nov 1, 2007 3506
Students with ADHD. Swanson, Carl Nov 1, 2007 2985
Independently curious. Mabry, Sharon Nov 1, 2007 1351
2007 MTNA Foundation Fellows. Oct 1, 2007 1272
A Study of the Pedagogy of Selected Non-Western Musical Traditions in Collegiate World Music Ensembles. Morford, James B. Report May 1, 2007 268
Lessons learned in starting a community youth orchestra. Sorenson, Burke Apr 1, 2007 1631
Pedagogic activities of music instructors at postsecondary institutions in Florida. Barros, Maria das Dores; Piotrowski, Chris; Hernandez, Alberto Mar 22, 2007 1699
Implementation of Music Activities to Increase Language Skills in the At-Risk Early Childhood Population. Seeman, Elissa Report Mar 6, 2007 278
Supporting the development of musical talent. Chin, Christina S.; Harrington, David M. Jan 1, 2007 5715
Turn up the music with digital technologies. Lamb, Annette; Johnson, Larry Dec 1, 2006 2876
Factors that predict participation in choral music for high-school students. Siebenaler, Dennis James Report Sep 1, 2006 346
Factors that predict participation in choral music for high-school students. Siebenaler, Dennis James Report Sep 1, 2006 3892
The politics of implementing local cultures in music education in Taiwan. Ho, Wai-Chung Report Sep 1, 2006 280
The politics of implementing local cultures in music education in Taiwan. Ho, Wai-Chung Report Sep 1, 2006 7298
Random access: do Music teachers have a responsibility to teach with technology? Kirk, Shana Aug 1, 2006 1643
Polyphony: group teaching, busy schedules and phrasing. Magrath, Jane Aug 1, 2006 1871
MTNA co-sponsors Best 100 Communities for Music Education. Jun 1, 2006 82
Use "American Idol" to amp up the music curriculum. Brief article May 1, 2006 160
Saving music by injecting it across the curriculum: Grades K-8. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 272
Global Song, Global Citizens? Multicultural Choral Music Education and the Community Youth Choir: Constituting the Multicultural Human Subject. Bradley, Deborah Jan 1, 2006 493
Pre-service teachers' efficacy in teaching music. Choy, Doris Dec 22, 2005 2961
High school credit for applied music study. Malnes, Carolyn Dec 1, 2005 661
Regaining America's voice. Ezarik, Melissa Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 238
Essential skills for promoting a lifelong love of music and music making: part 3 of 4: introduction. Smith, Scott McBride Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 187
From sea to shining sea. Fzarik, Melissa Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 157
WEB WATCH: Music Technology Labs. Mozee, Ben Jan 1, 2005 804
Summertime collaborations. Gray, Susan Keith Jun 1, 2004 804
New music and the wounded dragon. Thurmaier, David Mar 22, 2004 1315
Winona State University Action Research in Music Education. Sherman, Thomas F., Ed.; Lundquist, Margaret, Ed. Abstract Jan 1, 2004 221
From art instrument to 'plastic fantastic': the revival of the recorder. Williams, Alexandra Critical essay Jan 1, 2004 10779
Certification and the new teaching standards. Tuley, Pat Dec 1, 2003 675
Puede afectar la instruccion en musica el desarrollo cognitivo de los ninos? ERIC Digest. (Can Music Instruction Affect Children's Cognitive Development? ERIC Digest). Rauscher, Frances H. Nov 1, 2003 330
Can Music Instruction Affect Children's Cognitive Development? ERIC Digest. Rauscher, Frances H. Sep 1, 2003 329
Sound Ways of Learning: Anchoring Music Education to the PDS P-16 Reform Movement. Frierson-Campbell, Carol Mar 28, 2003 358
Training teachers. (Dear Reader). Johnson, Rebecca Grooms Dec 1, 2002 501
Free online children's music. (Items of Interest). Dec 1, 2002 125
Rehearsal resource center available. (Music Marketplace). Dec 1, 2002 187
Cherished tradition: the Curtis Institute of Music at Mid-Century. Rezits, Joseph Dec 1, 2002 3057
Key signatures: do we teach them "backside-to-the-front"? Cogswell, Ann Dec 1, 2002 1398
Off the beaten path. Workman, Karen Dec 1, 2002 1916
Music teacher's library. Ingle, Gary L. Bibliography Dec 1, 2002 2027
Encourage music for everyone. (Association News). Dec 1, 2002 212
South Central Division. (Division News). Harrington, Karen Dec 1, 2002 204
Polyphony. (Professional Resources). Magrath, Jane Dec 1, 2002 1914
Random access: doing the little things. (Professional Resources). Litterst, George F. Dec 1, 2002 2014
It's all of your business: do we need an attitude adjustment? (Professional Resources). Klingenstein, Beth Gigante Dec 1, 2002 1570
Beginning here, beginning now. (Independent Music Teachers Forum). Lee, Kenneth Dec 1, 2002 896
A model music business curriculum. McCain, Claudia Mar 22, 2002 2742
Is It Possible To Teach Music in a Classroom from a Distance of 1000 km? Learning Environment of Music Education Using ISDN-Videoconferencing. Maki, Jukka Jan 1, 2001 367
Missouri Journal of Research in Music Education, 1995-2000. Hylton, John B., Ed.; Bergee, Martin J., Ed.; Robinson, Charles R., Ed.; Fredrickson, William E., Ed Jan 1, 2000 575
Missouri Journal of Research in Music Education, 1989-1994. Koch, Franklin W., Ed.; Sims, Wendy L., Ed.; Pembrook, Randall G., Ed. Jan 1, 1994 781
La Creativite dans la Pedagogie Musicale (Creativity in Music Education). Wirthner, Martine, Ed. Jan 1, 1994 272
Missouri Journal of Research in Music Education, 1982-1988. Stephenson, Jack R., Ed.; Koch, Franklin W., Ed. Jan 1, 1988 602

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