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"In the Beginning". Engel, Barbara Personal account Jun 22, 2019 2314
A Journey through Feminism. Levin, Eve Personal account Jun 22, 2019 2356
My Women's History, My Memory. Pushkareva, Natalia Personal account Jun 22, 2019 2468
A Circuitous Path. Worobec, Christine D. Personal account Jun 22, 2019 4128
A Side Door to Women's History. Ransel, David L. Personal account Jun 22, 2019 3054
The makings of feminist schools across the globe. Nuamah, Sally A. Oct 1, 2018 1782
The Latin American/Latin@ feminisms course as an example of feminist popular participatory education: A conversation. Gajardo, Lorena M.; Martin, R. Magaly San Discussion Sep 22, 2016 6297
Design and Development of Training Course on Leading for Gender Equality and Womens Rights. Apr 20, 2016 135
Collaborative examinations as a feminist pedagogical strategy. Howard, Jay R. Report Mar 1, 2015 5068
'Bending and morphing': the department of women's studies at the University of Adelaide continues past its twenty year anniversary. Papadelos, Pam; Michell, Dee; Eate, Penelope Report Nov 1, 2014 8024
Les Gender studies en France. Affaire des femmes ou affaire d'Etat?/ Etat de lieu de recherche, prises de position, politiques mises en place, institutionnalisation. L'emergence d'une pensee, l'adhesion a une perspective. Oktapoda, Efstratia Essay Jan 1, 2014 6179
Diving (Back) into the Wreck: Finding, Transforming, and Reimagining Women's Studies and Sexuality Studies in the Academy. Fahs, Breanne Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 2302
The nature of feminist science studies. Phillips, Patti; Phillips, Catherine Editorial Sep 22, 2010 3188
Instructional Performance of Feminist Pedagogy in Boys' English Language Teaching Classrooms. Report Jun 30, 2010 4274
The Young Feminist Movement. Khaxas, Florence Jun 1, 2010 492
Items of note. Dachenbach, Amy Jan 1, 2009 1028
Keyword: feminism: evaluating representations of feminism in Youtube. Eudey, Betsy Essay Dec 22, 2008 562
Deconstructing masculinity in a 'female bastion': ambiguities, contradictions and insights. Fonchingong, Charles C. Report Nov 1, 2008 7308
Your Views; AN author has called for feminism to be taught in schools to counter the influence of 'negative' role models for girls. Will it be a good idea? Aug 15, 2008 190
e-sources on women & gender. Lehman, JoAnne Jun 22, 2008 1050
The education of miss Mariko. Tamaki, Mariko Sep 22, 2007 716
Identity, difference and new feminisms: introduction: winning and short-listed entries for the 2005 Feminist and Women's Studies Association, U.K. annual essay competition. Roberts, Celia; Waters, Melanie Feb 1, 2007 1069
"Perestroika in the groves of academe": feminism and the future of the humanities as a profession. Rampure, Archana Jun 1, 2005 1922
Feminist teaching in counselor education: promoting multicultural understanding. Smith-Adcock, Sondra; Ropers-Huilman, Becky; Choate, Laura Hensley Dec 1, 2004 5505
Toward integrating feminist and multicultural pedagogies. Enns, Carolyn Zerbe; Sinacore, Ada L.; Ancis, Julie R.; Phillips, Julia Dec 1, 2004 4448
Feminist education in the global south: a visit to Sudan. Hale, Sandra Jul 1, 2003 1455
Paradoxes of empowerment: interdisciplinary graduate pedagogy in women's studies. Gardiner, Judith Kegan Jun 22, 2003 5429
Ph.D. programs and the research mission of women's studies: the case for interdisciplinarity. Kitch, Sally L. Jun 22, 2003 5361
Consciousness raising 101: inside the gender studies classroom. (Columns). Young, Cathy Column Feb 1, 2003 1297
Feminist pedagogy and Daedalus Online. (The scholarship of teaching and learning). Pace, Sara P. Mar 22, 2002 3317
Class conflict: Student resistance and nationalism in the classroom. Hase, Michiko Column Feb 1, 2002 3000
Hyphenation generation: Rosane Rocher reflects on ten years of cultural change on campus. Interview Feb 1, 2002 2162
Gifted students and philosophy: feminism and social justice. (In the Classroom). White, David Gordon Jan 1, 2002 5153
Break-Throughs, Break-Ins and Break-Ups: The Impact of Gender Studies Across the Disciplines. (Introduction). McCallum, Pamela; Radtke, Lorraine Sep 22, 2001 5242
Studying men and masculinity. (Articles). Connell, R.W. Sep 22, 2001 5410
La difficile pratique de la recherche feministe interdisciplinaire. (Articles). Bertrand, Marie-Andree Sep 22, 2001 4738
Waving, not drowning: Personal narratives, feminist pedagogy, and the gesture in psychoanalysis. Summers-Bremner, Eluned Sep 22, 2001 11731
Feminist Contentions in Contemporary Rhetorical Studies: Toward a Postmodern Feminist Rhetoric. (Abstracts). Abstract Mar 22, 2001 209
From Transgression to Transformation: Negotiating the Opportunities and Tensions of Engaged Pedagogy in the Feminist Organizational Communication Classroom. (Abstracts). Abstract Mar 22, 2001 173
Teaching Medieval Women: An Introduction. Jeffrey, Jane E. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2001 1432
The F-Word as "Fashion": Gendering the Sophomore Survey. Chance, Jane Critical Essay Mar 22, 2001 6236
Giving Voice to Women: Teaching Feminist Approaches to the Mystery Plays. Normington, Katie Critical Essay Mar 22, 2001 10435
Thoughts on the Study of Gender in Ethnomusicology: A Pedagogical Perspective. SARKISSIAN, MARGARET Jan 1, 1999 6768
Remembering the women of history. Van Howe, Annette Sep 1, 1996 1294
Teen magazines and feminist pedagogy. Gonick, Marnina Cover Story Sep 1, 1996 1873
You say you want a revolution? Pro-life philosophy and feminism. Maloney, Anne Sep 22, 1995 4939
Backtalk: Faludi lashes back; Lehrman responds. Faludi, Susan; Bart, Pauline B.; Wenzel, Lynn; Lehrman, Karen Letter to the Editor Nov 1, 1993 5039
Off course. Lehrman, Karen Cover Story Sep 1, 1993 4697
A womanly spiritual space within a patriarchal place. Sterk, Helen M. Mar 22, 1993 4272

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