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Effects of Gamified Comparison on Sixth Graders' Algebra Word Problem Solving and Learning Attitude. Sun-Lin, Hong-Zheng; Chiou, Guey-Fa Report Jan 1, 2019 7029
analyzing 3D-printed artifacts to develop mathematical modeling strategies: While working on the modeling activity, the students also experienced the benefits of teamwork and persistence. Corum, Kimberly; Garofalo, Joe Oct 1, 2018 3797
Playing your cards right: Integers for algebra. Tillema, Erik; Gatza, Andrew; Ulrich, Catherine Dec 22, 2017 3698
Effects of Self-explanation and Game-reward on Sixth Graders' Algebra Variable Learning. Sun-Lin, Hong-Zheng; Chiou, Guey-Fa Report Oct 1, 2017 6694
Eliciting algebraic reasoning with hanging mobiles. Otten, Mara; van den Heuvel-Panhuizen, Marja; Veldhuis, Michiel; Heinze, Aiso; Goldenberg, Paul Sep 22, 2017 3126
Learning Mathematics in Secondary School through Technology Enabled Explorations: A Perspective from India. Ghosh, Jonaki B. Report Feb 1, 2017 7107
Structure sense: a precursor to competency in undergraduate mathematics. Vincent, Jill; Pierce, Robyn; Bardini, Caroline Report Jan 1, 2017 3860
Addition chains: a resolve lesson. Turner, Paul; Thornton, Steve Report Jan 1, 2017 2485
Counter conjectures: using manipulatives to scaffold the development of number sense and algebra. West, John Essay Sep 22, 2016 2725
Using a framework for three levels of sense making in a mathematics classroom. Moss, Diana L.; Lamberg, Teruni Column Jun 22, 2016 3761
Build an early foundation for algebra success. Knuth, Eric; Stephens, Ana; Blanton, Maria; Gardiner, Angela Mar 1, 2016 2729
Students' Algebraic Thinking and Attitudes towards Algebra: The Effects of Game-Based Learning using Dragonbox 12 + App. Siew, Nyet Moi; Geofrey, Jolly Report Feb 1, 2016 6790
Use of an accessible iPad app and supplemental graphics to build mathematics skills: feasibility study results. Beal, Carole R.; Rosenblum, L. Penny Report Sep 1, 2015 5039
Connecting algebra and geometry to find square and higher order roots. Elstak, Iwan R.; Goel, Sudhir Report Jun 22, 2015 2497
Reform of teaching a trigonometry course. Goel, Sudhir; Elstak, Iwan R. Report Jun 22, 2015 4057
Extended sections for at risk students in College Algebra. Harrell, Gregory; Lazari, Andreas Report Jun 22, 2015 1998
Redesigning college algebra for success: an analysis of student performance. Porter, Rhonda C.; Ofodile, Chinenye; Carthon, Janis Report Jun 22, 2015 2305
Two of everything: developing functional thinking in the primary grades through children's literature. Muir, Tracey; Bragg, Leicha A.; Livy, Sharyn Mar 22, 2015 3243
Numerals, letters, and superstition. McGaughey, A.W. Column Mar 22, 2015 1655
Thinking visually about algebra. Baroudi, Ziad Essay Mar 22, 2015 1842
Is Algebra an Issue for Learning Mathematics at Pre-College Level? Kayani, Mubashar; Ilyas, Syed Zafar Report Dec 31, 2014 2122
Learning to like algebra through looking: developing upper primary students' functional thinking with visualisations of growing patterns. Wilkie, Karina J. Essay Dec 22, 2014 4436
Graphs and networks for years 7 to 10: reasons for and ways of using digital technologies to teach algebra and the standard normal curve. Padula, Janice Report Sep 22, 2014 3825
Australian curriculum linked lessons: reasoning in number and algebra. Day, Lorraine Report Sep 22, 2014 1777
Making the most of unanticipated opportunities. Stockero, Shari L.; Van Zoest, Laura R. Report Mar 22, 2014 2905
Paper 3: Content and Rigor of Algebra Credit Recovery Courses. Walters, Kirk; Stachel, Suzanne Report Jan 1, 2014 582
Effects of Expanding Summer Credit Recovery in Algebra. Allensworth, Elaine; Michelman, Valerie; Nomi, Takako; Heppen, Jessica Report Jan 1, 2014 444
Evaluating Phase II of a New York City-Wide STEM Initiative Using Propensity Score Methods: A Replication Study. Thomas, Ally S.; Bonner, Sarah M.; Everson, Howard T. Report Jan 1, 2014 672
Effects of 8th Grade Algebra on High School Course-Taking and Math Achievement: Evidence from Changing Practices in a Large Urban District. Rickles, Jordan; Phillips, Meredith; Yamashiro, Kyo Report Jan 1, 2014 315
Algebra for All: The Effect of Algebra Coursework and Classroom Peer Academic Composition on Low-Achieving Students. Nomi, Takako; Raudenbush, Stephen W. Report Jan 1, 2014 372
Updating Algebra for All?: Evidence of a Middle-Grades Math Acceleration Policy. Dougherty, Shaun M.; Goodman, Joshua; Hill, Darryl; Litke, Erica; Page, Lindsay Report Jan 1, 2014 393
Targeting Summer Credit Recovery. Eno, Jared; Heppen, Jessica Report Jan 1, 2014 414
College algebra--Large Section versus Traditional size. Lazari, Andreas; Reid, Denise Report Jun 22, 2013 2514
Nixing Algebra II Not Out of the Equation in Texas. Apr 12, 2013 1516
Using multiplication grids within algebra. Maenpaa, Marjut Mar 22, 2013 521
Using meaningful contexts to promote understanding of pronumerals. Linsell, Chris; Cavanagh, Michael; Tahir, Salma Report Mar 22, 2013 3494
Effect of Teaching of Algebra through Social Constructivist Approach on 7th Graders' Learning Outcomes in Sindh (Pakistan). Ilyas, Bhutto Muhammad; Rawat, Khalid Jamil; Bhatti, Muhammad Tariq; Malik, Najeeb Report Jan 1, 2013 286
Doubling Up: Intensive Math Instruction and Educational Attainment. Cortes, Kalena; Goodman, Joshua; Nomi, Takako Jan 1, 2013 514
A double dose of algebra: intensive math instruction has long-term benefits. Cortes, Kalena; Goodman, Joshua; Nomi, Takako Dec 29, 2012 3348
Two volunteer to make sure math adds up for students. Dec 28, 2012 968
From routine to rich: developing an algebraic reasoning task for a middle/upper primary class. Bridge, Courtney; Day, Lorraine; Hurrell, Derek Dec 22, 2012 2769
Developing "algebraic thinking": two key ways to establish some early algebraic ideas in primary classrooms: we encourage readers to review this article twice--once to comprehend the arguments put forth--and a second time to appreciate the nuances of what Christine Ormond has written. Ormond, Christine Dec 22, 2012 3653
Broadening Access to Algebra I: The Impact on Eighth Graders Taking an Online Course. [Research Brief]. Heppen, Jessica Report Nov 1, 2012 315
Looking at groups. Jones, John W. Report Oct 1, 2012 4157
A blueprint for aligning high school algebra with state standards: one school's journey. Neher, Mallory Jane; Plourde, Lee A. Report Sep 22, 2012 5225
Making the case for online education: eighth-grade algebra: a better question than "Does online learning work?" might be "Under what circumstances and conditions does it have a positive impact on educational outcomes?". Clements, Peggy; Heppen, Jessica Jun 1, 2012 1444
Music program adds up to better fraction action. May 1, 2012 256
The Aftermath of Accelerating Algebra: Evidence from a District Policy Initiative. Working Paper 69. Clotfelter, Charles T.; Ladd, Helen F.; Vigdor, Jacob L. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 225
Analyzing Algebraic Thinking Using "Guess My Number" Problems. Patton, Barba; De Los Santos, Estella Abstract Jan 1, 2012 198
Differences in Fidelity of Implementation Measures: What Videos and Surveys Reveal about Algebra Instruction. Durkin, Kelley; Pollack, Courtney; Star, Jon R.; Rittle-Johnson, Bethany Report Jan 1, 2012 226
High School Dual Enrollment Programs: Are We Fast-Tracking Students Too Fast? NCPR Brief. Speroni, Cecilia Report Jan 1, 2012 452
How problem solving can develop an algebraic perspective of mathematics: Will Windsor provides a brief overview of problem solving and links it to algebraic thinking. Readers are encouraged to try the tasks with their own students and then re-read the article. Windsor, Will Dec 3, 2011 2143
Access to Algebra I: The Effects of Online Mathematics for Grade 8 Students. NCEE 2012-4021. Heppen, Jessica B.; Walters, Kirk; Clements, Margaret; Faria, Ann-Marie; Tobey, Cheryl; Sorensen, Ni Abstract Dec 1, 2011 363
The impact of purposeful movement in Algebra instruction. Beaudoin, Colleen R.; Johnston, Pattie Report Sep 22, 2011 4904
Determination of the Effectiveness of Intermediate Algebra-Accelerated (Math 255) as Preparation for Student Success in a Transferable Mathematics Course. Sworder, Steven C. Abstract Aug 15, 2011 406
Capitalising on inherent ambiguities in symbolic expressions of generality. Samson, Duncan Mar 22, 2011 1851
Computer-aided explorations of modular spaces of real polynomials: giving geometric life to routine algebra. Katz, Gabriel; Nodelman, Vladimir Report Feb 1, 2011 4143
One Teacher's Dilemma in Mediating Translation from Written to Symbolic Form in a Multilingual Algebra Classroom. Essien, Anthony A. Report Jan 1, 2011 170
Asynchronous algebra I preparation programs. Skramstad, Erik Jan 1, 2011 3690
Three phase ranking framework for assessing conceptual understanding in algebra using multiple representations. Panasuk, Regina M. Report Dec 22, 2010 9742
Are Two Algebra Classes Better Than One? The Effects of Double-Dose Instruction in Chicago. Policy Brief. Durwood, Claire; Krone, Emily; Mazzeo, Christopher Author abstract Aug 1, 2010 214
Instructional Strategies for Teaching Pre-Algebra to a Diverse Group of Learners. Ojeda, Robert Author abstract May 1, 2010 263
Raising Expectations for Mathematics Instruction in California: Algebra and beyond. Policy and Practice Brief. Bitter, Catherine; O'Day, Jennifer Abstract Mar 1, 2010 348
Associations of students' beliefs with self-regulated problem solving in college algebra. Cifarelli, Victor; Goodson-Espy, Tracy; Chae, Jeong-Lim Report Jan 1, 2010 7730
Problem solving: best of four methods of teaching College Algebra. Montero, Jennifer M. Report Dec 1, 2009 4649
Using Technology's Internet Resources in Algebra 1. Crespo, Irma S. Z. B. Author abstract Nov 2, 2009 252
Cognitive Tutor[R] Algebra I. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract Jul 1, 2009 262
A comparison of teaching college algebra courses in the morning versus evening. Lazari, Andreas Report Jun 22, 2009 1647
Why It Is Important to Learn Algebra. Parent/Student Guide. Author abstract May 1, 2009 152
Algebra Policy in California: Great Expectations and Serious Challenges. Executive Summary. Report May 1, 2009 139
Using spreadsheets to make algebra more accessible: Part 2: Solutions to equations. Green, John Mar 22, 2009 1978
Evaluation of alternative delivery systems on academic performance in College Algebra. Wynegar, Robert G.; Fenster, Mark J. Report Mar 1, 2009 1837
Forming the concept of parameter through the work with computer algebra software. Wadon-Kasprzak, Katarzyna Report Feb 1, 2009 4503
Exploration of the Learning Expectations Related to Grades 1-8 Algebra in Some Countries. Chen, Jung-chih; Cai, Wang-ting Author abstract Jan 1, 2009 168
The algebra hoax. Bracey, Gerald W. Dec 1, 2008 1255
American Diploma Project. Algebra II End-Of-Course Exam: 2008 Annual Report. Report Aug 1, 2008 397
California's Approach to Math Instruction Still Doesn't Add Up. CenterView. Author abstract Jul 1, 2008 174
Math and Science magnet prepares students for Algebra and beyond. Mar 27, 2008 2053
Algebra progress monitoring and interventions for students with learning disabilities. Foegen, Anne Report Mar 22, 2008 9151
Core features of a legitimate school algebra course and prerequisite concepts that need to be taught in elementary school. Brief article Mar 22, 2008 108
Algebra for Babies: Exploring Natural Numbers in Simple Arrays. Occasional Paper Five. Fluellen, Jerry E., Jr. Author abstract Mar 1, 2008 280
Using pedagogical maps to show the opportunities afforded by CAS for improving the teaching of mathematics. Pierce, Robyn; Stacey, Kaye Report Jan 1, 2008 2081
From an operational to a relational conception of the equal sign: third graders' developing algebraic thinking. Molina, Marta; Ambrose, Rebecca Report Jan 1, 2008 7890
Investigating the relationship between fraction proficiency and success in algebra. Brown, George; Quinn, Robert J. Report Dec 22, 2007 4006
Branch completeness in school mathematics and in computer algebra systems. Tonisson, Eno Report Oct 1, 2007 5429
Fraction proficiency and success in algebra: what does research say? Brown, George; Quinn, Robert J. Report Sep 22, 2007 4187
Does the number of lectures a week make a difference in the learning of concepts and retention of students in college algebra? Lazari, Andreas Report Jun 22, 2007 1346
Algorithmic variations and measurements of the WebMA: online algebra system. Nguyen, Diem M. Jun 1, 2007 3751
Revisit Mean Value, Cauchy Mean Value and Lagrange Remainder Theorems. Yang, Wei-Chi Jun 1, 2007 4060
Cognitive Tutor[R] Algebra I. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Author abstract May 29, 2007 343
Algebra for All? An Evaluation of Academic Achievement of College and Tech Prep Students. Terry, Madonna H.; Fenster, Mark J.; Fowler, Tara B. Author abstract Apr 10, 2007 195
Algebra students' difficulty with fractions: an error analysis. Brown, George; Quinn, Robert J. Dec 22, 2006 8019
Algebra's at-risk solution: districts deploy software to enhance and accelerate algebra instruction. Fratt, Lisa Oct 1, 2006 1945
Closing the achievement gap in math: the long-term effects of eighth-grade algebra. Spielhagen, Frances R. Report Sep 22, 2006 7381
Easing students' transition to algebra. Baroudi, Ziad Jun 22, 2006 3626
8th grade algebra: finding a formula for success: if your district is considering this trend, here's some advice on mathematics' good news/bad news situation. Fratt, Lisa Jun 1, 2006 1319
Using repeating patterns to explore functional thinking: Elizabeth Warren and Tom Cooper lead us through a series of teaching activities designed to develop young children's algebraic thinking. Warren, Elizabeth; Cooper, Tom Mar 22, 2006 2253
Enlist parents as math tutors with refresher courses: Grades 6-12. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 202
Two Important Invariant Tasks in Solving Equations: Analyzing the Equation and Checking the Validity of Transformations. Cortes, Anibal; Kavafian, Nelly Report Jan 1, 2006 155
Student perceptions of the web-based homework program WeBWorK in moderate enrollment college algebra classes. Segalla, Angelo Sep 22, 2005 8367
A modeling-based approach to college algebra. Ellington, Aimee J. Sep 22, 2005 2977
Spreadsheets, Pedagogic Strategies and the Evolution of Meaning for Variable. Wilson, Kirsty; Ainley, Janet; Bills, Liz Abstract Jul 10, 2005 147
Young Children's Ability to Generalise the Pattern Rule for Growing Patterns. Warren, Elizabeth Abstract Jul 10, 2005 188
Generalization Strategies of Beginning High School Algebra Students. Becker, Joanne Rossi; Rivera, Ferdinand Abstract Jul 10, 2005 178
The Duality of Zero in the Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra. Gallardo, Aurora; Hernandez, Abraham Report Jul 1, 2005 126
Young Children's Ability to Generalise the Pattern Rule for Growing Patterns. Warren, Elizabeth Report Jul 1, 2005 188
An Investigation of a Preservice Teacher's Use of Representations in Solving Algebraic Problems Involving Exponential Relationships. Presmeg, Norma; Nenduradu, Rajeev Report Jul 1, 2005 174
Generalization Strategies of Beginning High School Algebra Students. Becker, Joanne Rossi; Rivera, Ferdinand Report Jul 1, 2005 178
WEB WATCH: Interactive Algebra Websites for Students. Ferrucci, Michelle; Brock, Maureen May 1, 2005 725
The mathematics of stopping your car. Wood, Eric Jan 1, 2005 1902
Oregon instructors strive to solve algebra angst. Sep 13, 2004 385
Spreadsheet Generalising and Paper and Pencil Generalising. Wilson, Kirsty; Ainley, Janet; Bills, Liz Abstract Jul 1, 2004 158
Generalising Arithmetic: Supporting the Process in the Early Years. Warren, Elizabeth Abstract Jul 1, 2004 174
From Function to Equations: Introduction of Algebraic Thinking to 13 Year-Old Students. Farmaki, Vasiliki; Klaoudatos, Nikos; Verikios, Petros Abstract Jul 1, 2004 204
Constructing Meanings and Utilities within Algebraic Tasks. Ainley, Janet; Bills, Liz; Wilson, Kirsty Abstract Jul 1, 2004 163
How Do High School Students Interpret Parameters in Algebra? Ursini, Sonia; Trigueros, Maria Abstract Jul 1, 2004 190
Teaching Arithmetic and Algebraic Expressions. Subramaniam, K.; Banerjee, Rakhi Abstract Jul 1, 2004 167
An Introduction to the Profound Potential of Connected Algebra Activities: Issues of Representation, Engagement and Pedagogy. Hegedus, Stephen J.; Kaput, James J. Abstract Jul 1, 2004 162
A New Practice Evolving in Learning Mathematics: Differences in Students' Written Records with CAS. Ball, Lynda; Stacey, Kaye Report Jul 1, 2004 181
Teachers learning mathematics to modify pedagogy. Ohana, Chris Jun 22, 2004 2785
Ignorance is bliss. May 1, 2004 180
Building a vision of algebra for preservice teachers. Stump, Sheryl; Bishop, Joyce; Britton, Barbara Nov 1, 2003 3254
DVD math. Holcombe, Carl D. Brief Article Oct 13, 2003 111
Pint-sized algebra: this district, and others like it, are starting to emphasize math concepts as early as kindergarten. Pascopella, Angela Oct 1, 2003 646
The algebra divide: essentials on education data and analysis from research authority AEL. Oct 1, 2003 727
Developing elementary teachers': "Algebra eyes and ears". Blanton, Maria L.; Kaput, James J. Oct 1, 2003 3925
Generalising the Context and Generalising the Calculation. Ainley Janet; Wilson, Kirsty; Bills, Liz Report Jul 1, 2003 159
Fourth Graders Solving Equations. Brizuela, Barbara M.; Schliemann, Analucia D. Report Jul 1, 2003 189
Particular and General in Early Symbolic Manipulation. Bills, Liz; Ainley, Janet; Wilson, Kirsty Report Jul 1, 2003 155
Metaphors as Vehicles of Knowledge: An Exploratory Analysis. Ferrara, Francesca Report Jul 1, 2003 140
Dialectics Between Theory and Practice: Theoretical Issues and Aspects of Practice from an Early Algebra Project. Malara, Nicolina A. Report Jul 1, 2003 230
A Cognitive Model of Experts' Algebraic Solving Methods. Cortes, Anibal Report Jul 1, 2003 150
Preservice Teachers' Conceptions about Y=X+5: Do They See A Function? Hansson, Orjan; Grevholm, Barbro Report Jul 1, 2003 223
A Theoretical Model of Analysis of Rate Problems in Algebra. Guzman, Jose; Bednarz, Nadine; Hitt, Fernando Report Jul 1, 2003 198
The Effect of a SimCalc Connected Classroom on Students' Algebraic Thinking. Hegedus, Stephen J.; Kaput, Jim Report Jul 1, 2003 140
Effective vs. Efficient: Teaching Methods of Solving Linear Equations. Ivey, Kathy M. C. Report Jul 1, 2003 187
Recognising Equivalent Algebraic Expressions: An Important Component of Algebraic Expectation for Working with CAS. Ball, Lynda; Pierce, Robyn; Stacey, Kaye Report Jul 1, 2003 203
Algebra in Elementary School. Schliemann, Analucia; Carraher, David; Brizuela, Barbara; Earnest, Darrell; Goodrow, Anne; Lara-Roth Report Jul 1, 2003 161
Comparing Competence in Transformational and Generational Algebraic Activities. Wilson, Kirsty; Ainley, Janet; Bills, Liz Report Jul 1, 2003 202
Algebraic problem solving in the primary grades. Femiano, Robert B. Apr 1, 2003 3241
The competition between numbers and structure: why expressions with identical algebraic structures trigger different interpretations. Livneh, Drora Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2002 7452
Should Algebra be mandatory? (Mathematics). Ezarik, Melissa Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 288
Summing up the rising importance of algebra. (What They're Saying). Moses, Robert P. Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 101
What Is Algebra in Elementary School? (Principles and Standards). Bay-Williams, Jennifer M. Dec 1, 2001 2606
Improving instruction: it's better together. (Mathematics). Ezarik, Melissa Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 220
The Use of Graphing Calculators with Symbolic Calculations on Performance Gains in a College Algebra Class. Durmus, Soner Author abstract Sep 5, 2001 210
Organizing Algebra: The Need to Voice A Demand. Moses, Robert P; Cobb Jr., Charles Jun 22, 2001 5043
Grades 3-6: Do The Hand Squeeze. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 366
Fundamentals and Modern Technology Working Together. WAKEFIELD, CHARLES B. Mar 22, 2001 3412
Effects of a Graduated Instructional Sequence on the Algebraic Subtraction of Integers by Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities. Maccini, Paula; Ruhl, Kathy L. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2000 8146
Review of Algebra Textbooks. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 120
Children's Understanding of Equality: A Foundation for Algebra. Falkner, Karen P.; Levi, Linda; Carpenter, Thomas P. Dec 1, 1999 3421
A FLYING START TO ALGEBRA. MacGregor, Mollie; Stacey, Kaye Oct 1, 1999 3778
Exploring interplanetary algebra to understand earthly mathematics. Berkman, Robert M. Oct 1, 1998 2630
Using spreadsheets to promote algebraic thinking. Battista, Michael T.; Van, Caroline; Borrow, Auken Apr 1, 1998 4491
Number operations from an algebraic perspective. Vance, James H. Jan 1, 1998 2502
Computer Algebra Systems in the Junior High School. Brown, Roger Jan 1, 1998 231
Algebra for a new century. Moses, Barbara Feb 1, 1997 1235
Preparing students to enter the gate. Chappell, Michaele F. Feb 1, 1997 1390
Probing the foundations of algebra: grade-4 pattern items in NAEP. Kenney, Patricia Ann; Silver, Edward A. Feb 1, 1997 3332
Experiences with patterning. Ferrini-Mundy, Joan; Lappan, Glenda; Phillips, Elizabeth Feb 1, 1997 4012
Literature and algebraic reasoning. Lubinski, Cheryl A.; Otto, Albert D. Feb 1, 1997 3361
What does algebraic thinking look like and sound like with preprimary children? Curcio, Frances R.; Schwartz, Syndey L. Feb 1, 1997 3416
Liz's pattern. Land, Jill E.; Becher, Paul G. Feb 1, 1997 1900
Becoming very-able with variables. Speer, William R.; Hayes, David T.; Brahier, Daniel J. Feb 1, 1997 2368
Patterns and functions. Holly, Karen A. Feb 1, 1997 1260
Functions from kindergarten through sixth grade. Willoughby, Stephen S. Feb 1, 1997 2328
Computers support algebraic thinking. Clements, Douglas H.; Sarama, Julie Feb 1, 1997 3817
Algebraic thinking: a professional-development theme. Ruopp, Faye Nisonoff; Cuoco, Al; Rasala, Sue M.; Kelemanik, M. Grace Feb 1, 1997 2051
Spreadsheets, patterns, and algebraic thinking. Ploger, Don; Klingler, Lee; Rooney, Michael Feb 1, 1997 3532
Mathematics of change: ins and outs or ups and downs. Tierney, Cornelia C.; Nemirovsky, Ricardo Feb 1, 1997 3185
Patterns as tools for algebraic reasoning. Herbert, Kristen; Brown, Rebecca H. Feb 1, 1997 2523
Doing algebra in grades K-4. Usiskin, Zalman Feb 1, 1997 4671
A bridge from math to algebra. Nov 1, 1996 520
Student Learning in Linear Algebra: The Gateways To Advance Mathematical Thinking Project. Manes, Michelle Jun 1, 1996 245
Mississippi learning: algebra as political curriculum. Chevigny, Bell Gale Mar 4, 1996 2825
Rethinking "algebra for all." Silver, Edward A. Mar 1, 1995 1994
The right algebra for all. Chambers, Donald L. Mar 1, 1994 794

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