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Research on Dynamic Design of Ideological and Political Education Based on Intelligent Algorithm. Cheng, Youming Report Mar 27, 2022 7183
FORSAKING NEUTRALITY IN POLITICAL SCIENCE: Making the Case to Intellectually Assassinate. Mackey, Janiece Z. Essay Jan 1, 2017 6475
Disciplining Southeast Asian studies. Pepinsky, Thomas B. Essay Mar 1, 2015 3568
Introduction of political education for the propagation of democracy in Africa: the perspective of African academics, Part II. Boaduo, Nana Adu-Pipim; Boaduo, Saline Monicah Babitseng Feb 1, 2014 5080
Ad hoc publications/Publikasies. Bibliography May 1, 2011 354
Advancing civic and democratic learning. Ezarik, Melissa Brief article Jan 1, 2011 158
Editorial comments. Schoeman, Maxi; Henwood, Roland Editorial Nov 1, 2010 581
Ad hoc publications/Publikasies. Bibliography Nov 1, 2010 353
Strategic review/Strategiese oorsig, ISSN 1013-1108. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 187
Building a better politics. Dornan, Christopher; Waddell, Chris Sep 22, 2010 2550
A gender lens on pedagogical choice in academia: revisiting Hartlaub and Lancaster's study on teaching methodologies. Wigfall, Patricia Moss; Hall, Paula Quick Report Jun 22, 2010 10341
The revolution in presidential studies. Moe, Terry M. Report Dec 1, 2009 12220
A new chair in parliamentary democracy at Carleton University. Cross, William Jun 22, 2009 3704
Attitudes of undergraduate students toward people with intellectual disabilities: considerations for future policy makers. Rice, Craig J. Report Mar 1, 2009 3826
Is polis the answer? Hannah Arendt on democracy/Ar polis yra atsakas? Hannah Arendt apie demokratija. Bokiniec, Monika Report Mar 1, 2009 3762
Get real: teaching about the presidential election: enabling students to experience a presidential campaign and election firsthand offers a pathway to develop their interest and skills as voters. McGuire, Margit; Waldman, John Oct 1, 2008 2229
Editorial. Skoble, Aeon J. Editorial Sep 22, 2008 180
Window into the White House. van Hover, Stephanie; Selverstone, Marc J.; Preston-Grimes, Patrice Essay Apr 1, 2008 3579
A school for politicians and political staffers. Arterton, Chris Sep 22, 2007 3115
10 questions for John Green: director, Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. Interview Dec 1, 2006 664
10 questions for Christopher Arterton: dean, Graduate School of Political Management. Interview Dec 1, 2006 708
The devils in curriculum studies: multitude and multiplicity. Reynolds, William M. Mar 22, 2006 5399
The danger of a federal curriculum: concealed within a Trojan horse of civic education, the federal government is well on its way to establishing a federal curriculum in our public schools. Gilmore, Jodie Oct 17, 2005 1971
Origin, operation, and significance: the federalism of William H. Riker. Volden, Craig Sep 22, 2004 9426
Stepping up for civics. Ezarik, Melissa Jul 1, 2004 170
A reply to my critics. Manent, Pierre Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2004 1403
Calif. instructor draws fire for 'kill the president' assignment. Brief Article Aug 4, 2003 218
Myths about the Physical Sciences and Their Implications for Teaching Political Science. Hill, Kim Quaile Aug 1, 2003 236
Anxiety, anonymity, amnesia: day to day in the nation's capital. (Letter From Washington). Biddle, Wayne Feb 1, 2003 2119
Politizing American universities. (Education). Euben, J. Peter May 1, 2002 2009
Ideology and the web. Lee, John K. Apr 1, 2002 4109
More Meaningful Analysis of Civic Education Is Needed. Dec 1, 2000 1159
What I Wish Political Scientists Would Teach about Congress. Hamilton, Lee Dec 1, 2000 5106
Innovative Teaching in Political Science: 2000 Rowman & Littlefield Award Winner Mark A. Boyer. Dec 1, 2000 726
Virtual Field Trips: Bringing College Students and Policymakers Together through Interactive Technology. Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M.; Grant, J. Tobin; Meinke, Scott R.; Tomlinson, Andrew R. Dec 1, 2000 4600
Simulating Issue Networks in Small Classes Using the World Wide Web [*]. Josefson, Jim; Casey, Kelly Dec 1, 2000 2908
Congressional Committee Simulation: An Active Learning Experiment. Ciliotta-Rubery, Andrea; Levy, Dena Dec 1, 2000 4067
Take the Plunge: A Plea for, and Advice on, Entering University Administration [*]. Waltzer, Herbert Dec 1, 2000 4395
Information Technology and Politics. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 137
Race, Ethnicity and Politics. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 271
The Failure of the Academy. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 779
A Concept Model for Learning. DIJKUM, C. VAN Sep 22, 2000 6304
Student Attitudes toward Instructional Technology in the Large Introductory U.S. Government Course. Mayer, Kenneth R.; Coleman, John J. Sep 1, 2000 5746
Service Learning as Justice Advocacy: Can Political Scientists Do Politics? Robinson, Tony Sep 1, 2000 6103
Service Learning in Political Science: An Introduction. Battistoni, Richard M. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 859
Service Learning in College Political Science: Queries and Commentary. Hepburn, Mary A.; Niemi, Richard G.; Chapman, Chris Sep 1, 2000 4602
Social Capital and Service Learning. Campbell, David E. Sep 1, 2000 3062
The Service/Politics Split: Rethinking Service to Teach Political Engagement [*]. Walker, Tobi Sep 1, 2000 2258
Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center Visiting Scholars Program. Sep 1, 2000 393
Minority Politics Courses: Moving Beyond Controversy and Toward Active Learning [*]. Alex-Assensoh, Yvette Jun 1, 2000 4303
Teaching Introductory American Politics as Part of a Learning Community. Sanders, Arthur Jun 1, 2000 4992
Drawing Out Theory: Art and The Teaching of Political Theory. Miller, Char R. Jun 1, 2000 5482
Saul Alinsky Goes to Church. Slessarev, Helene Mar 1, 2000 2348
INSTITUTE NOTES. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 427
Teaching Politics Abroad: The Internationalization of a Profession? [*]. Smith, Thomas W. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 6654
The Environmental Science/Policy Interface: Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries with a Team-Teaching Approach. Schlosberg, David; Sisk, Thomas D. Mar 1, 2000 3972
APSA Produces Political Science Careers Video. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 192
A New Science of Politics? Jan 1, 2000 1165
German Politics auf Deutsch: Teaching Comparative Politics in a Language Across the Curriculum Format [*]. Hallerberg, Mark; Cothran, Bettina Dec 1, 1999 2790
Countering Popular Misconceptions of Federal Bureaucracies in American Government Classes. Lorenzo, David J. Dec 1, 1999 4197
"Pure Futility and Waste": Academic Political Science and Civic Education. Leonard, Stephen T. Dec 1, 1999 5477
The Past Need Not Be Prologue: Why Pessimism about Civic Education Is Premature. Bennett, Stephen Earl Dec 1, 1999 2556
Making the Past into Prologue: A Response to Professor Bennett. Leonard, Stephen T. Dec 1, 1999 1488
Rebuttal to Response by Stephen Leonard. Bennett, Stephen Earl Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 625
Who's Money Is It, Anyway? Donlow, J.P. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 544
Teaching Process and Product: Crafting and Responding to Student Writing Assignments [*]. Zeiser, Pamela A. Sep 1, 1999 2516
The Secondary Consequences of Conducting Polls in Political Science Classes: A Quasi-Experimental Test. Jones, Lloyd P.; Meinhold, Stephen S. Sep 1, 1999 2644
Teaching Ph.D. Students to Teach Political Science: The Emory TATTO Program [*]. Knotts, H. Gibbs; Main, Eleanor C. Sep 1, 1999 2434
Civic education: lessons learned. Ehrlich, Thomas Jun 1, 1999 4635
Enlivening political science courses with Kolb's learning preference model. Brock, Kathy L.; Cameron, Beverly J. Jun 1, 1999 4494
Running for elected office: a ten-week political campaign simulation for upper-division courses. Kathlene, Lyn; Choate, Judd Mar 1, 1999 7344
"Bringing it all back home": the issues involved in teaching a U.S. regional politics course. Melcher, James P. Mar 1, 1999 5111
The Internet and film: teaching Middle East politics interactively. Kiasatpour, Soleiman M. Mar 1, 1999 5101
The golden rule of grading: being fair. Glenn, Brian J. Dec 1, 1998 1802
Using "World Series shares" to fight free riding in group projects. Maranto, Robert; Gresham, April Dec 1, 1998 2478
Plato meets Lawnmower Man in the virtual polis: the case of PS 776. Yanarella, Ernest J. Dec 1, 1998 4327
Weber's critique of advocacy in the classroom: critical thinking and civic education. Weaver, Mark Dec 1, 1998 2545
Teaching at its best: a passionate detachment in the classroom. Gardner, Paul Dec 1, 1998 2392
Some proposed guidelines for advocacy in the classroom. West, Ellis M. Dec 1, 1998 2592
"Truth" and advocacy: a feminist perspective. Myers, JoAnne; Tronto, Joan C. Dec 1, 1998 2119
Service learning: what's a political scientist doing in Yonkers? Beamer, Glenn Sep 1, 1998 4118
Internet Lite: short Internet assignments for American government courses. Crawford, Sue E.S. Sep 1, 1998 3082
Evaluating implementation of Web-based teaching in political science. Garson, G. David Sep 1, 1998 3962
Why do they tax dogs in West Virginia? Teaching political science through comparative state politics. Mooney, Christopher Z. Jun 1, 1998 3399
Gulliver's interview. Connor, George E. Jun 1, 1998 2788
Encouraging the better angels: on designing the introductory course in American politics. Canfield, Kimberley P.; Reeher, Grant Mar 1, 1998 4029
The challenge of the large lecture class: making it more like a small seminar. Hensley, Thomas R.; Oakley, Maureen Mar 1, 1998 3739
Coming soon to your department: institutional effectiveness plans. Lasher, Kevin J.; Kitts, Kenneth Mar 1, 1998 3908
The politics teacher: once resourceful, now well resourced. Robins, Lynton; Greenwood, John Jan 1, 1998 3847
On site, not out of mind: the role of experiential learning in the political science doctoral program. Marando, Vincent L.; Melchior, Mary Beth Dec 1, 1997 5006
A dramaturgical approach to teaching political science. Freie, John F. Dec 1, 1997 3515
Learning styles of political science students. Fox, Richard L.; Ronkowski, Shirley A. Dec 1, 1997 3521
Crosscutting the subfields: learning from our colleagues. Wasby, Stephen L. Dec 1, 1997 3950
The future of our discipline: the status of doctoral students in political science. Dolan, Julie; Kropf, Martha E.; O'Connor, Karen; Ezra, Marni Dec 1, 1997 3821
Beyond Bosnia: contextualizing the politics of southeastern Europe. King, Charles Sep 1, 1997 3255
Teaching Political Science 1: a hermeneutic approach. Lustick, Ian S. Sep 1, 1997 4657
American government: a comparative approach. Reitano, Richard; Elfenbein, Caleb Sep 1, 1997 7210
"Citizens and Governance": an alternative approach to American government. Bradley, Robert C. Sep 1, 1997 2409
Teaching American government: an alternative to Ogg and Ray. Stroup, Daniel G.; Garriott, William Mar 1, 1997 3911
The electoral college: a misunderstood institution. Adkison, Danny M.; Elliott, Christopher Mar 1, 1997 2674
Brief field experiences: an instructional tool for undergraduate political science classes. Young, Rosalie R. Dec 1, 1996 1078
Deconstructing the other: teaching the politics of the Middle East. Tetreault, Mary Ann Dec 1, 1996 4296
Teaching the Iran-contra affair. Masker, John Scott Dec 1, 1996 2341
Researching Congress. Unekis, Joseph K. Dec 1, 1996 2591
Mission impossible? Making a political science final exam that's fun to grade. Seitz, John L. Sep 1, 1996 902
Political science departments report declines in enrollments and majors in recent years. Mann, Sheilah Sep 1, 1996 2746
Teaching democratic principles in a traditional Russian university: fomenting a quiet revolution. Stolz, Barbara Ann Sep 1, 1996 4776
Political scientists examine civics standards: introduction. Mann, Sheilah Mar 1, 1996 2064
Review of national standards for civics and government. Dry, Murray Mar 1, 1996 3175
Symbols as substance in national civics standards. Merelman, Richard M. Mar 1, 1996 3218
Civics is not enough: teaching barbarics in K-12. Hibbing, John R.; Theiss-Morse, Elizabeth Mar 1, 1996 3810
Using the Internet as a teaching tool: why wait any longer? Ball, William J. Dec 1, 1995 2449
USENET discussion groups in political science courses. Bailey, Martha Dec 1, 1995 1552
Bringing the world into the classroom: POS302-L - the race and ethnicity seminar discussion list. Klass, Gary M. Dec 1, 1995 2169
Poughkeepsie to Persian Gulf revisited: ICONS, the Internet and teaching international politics. Vavrina, Vernon J. Dec 1, 1995 2289
Press briefings exercise. Frantzich, Stephen Dec 1, 1995 1592
Teaching about American democracy through historical cases. Appleton, Sheldon Dec 1, 1995 3342
Define your terms! Dictionaries, medievals, and thinking about concepts. Rejali, Darius M. Sep 1, 1995 4987
The quote analysis: teaching political science students to read with focus. Hersch, Charles Sep 1, 1995 1034
Getting students to think (comparatively): teaching the introductory course in the 1990s. Wilsford, David Jun 1, 1995 4277
A comparison of Washington Semesters at public colleges and universities: who gets what, when and how. Pederson, William D.; Provizer, Norman W. Jun 1, 1995 2816
Organizing a course that is attentive to issues of racial and sexual difference. Silverberg, Helene Dec 1, 1994 866
Social hierarchies as systems of power. Peterson, V. Spike Dec 1, 1994 821
Teaching against the double couplet of problem/victim. Githens, Marianne Dec 1, 1994 774
Mainstreaming gender, race, and sexual orientation in teaching: a student's point of view. Parker, E. Joyce Dec 1, 1994 672
Political colony in a lunar economy: a simulation relationship between technology and politics. McIntosh, Daniel Dec 1, 1994 1543
Using Prodigy and other online services in the political science classroom. Bowers, David Alexander, Jr. Dec 1, 1994 3383
Mainstreaming gender, race and sexual orientation in the teaching of political science. Black, Naomi Dec 1, 1994 974
Incorporating a women's studies dimension into mainstream political science courses. Gruberg, Martin Dec 1, 1994 691
Teaching politics panoramically: American government and the case method. Taylor, Andrew J. Sep 1, 1994 2367
Critical thinking and the use of optical illusions. Hoefler, James M. Sep 1, 1994 5238
Twisting arms and holding hands: M.A. students and conference participation. Ryan, Jeffrey J.; Breuning, Marijke Jun 1, 1994 3326
Giving flesh to ideas: constructing a cultural dialogue. Hammer, Dean C. Jun 1, 1994 1159
Newspapers as texts for students' political education: the case of Argentina. Morduchwicz, Roxana Jun 1, 1994 3479
Intellectual fads in political science: the cases of political socialization and community power studies. Peng, Yali Mar 1, 1994 7345
Capitalism and democracy: a play. Lonowski, Delmer Dec 1, 1993 2700
Honoring mentors of distinction. Hochschild, Jennifer Dec 1, 1993 1836
Writing in political science: A brief guide to resources. Londow, David Z. Bibliography Sep 1, 1993 4362
Making political activity a requirement in introductory political science courses. Chesney, James D.; Feinstein, Otto Sep 1, 1993 2180
Techniques, technologies, and Tocqueville: alternatives for introductory American government. Cushman, Reid Jun 1, 1993 4466
The advent of dynamic graphics statistical computing. Weisberg, Herbert F.; Smith, Charles E., Jr. Jun 1, 1993 4032
The objectionable utterance: a moment for teaching. Miller, Hugh T. Jun 1, 1993 1751
Making critical thinking a classroom reality. Cohen, Mel Jun 1, 1993 3278
Collaborative education in Taft seminars energizes political science education of teachers. Hepburn, Mary A. Jun 1, 1993 4179
Bringing law to bear on International Relations Theory courses. Onuf, Nicholas G.; Taulbee, James Larry Jun 1, 1993 4503
Only connect: politics and literature 10 years later, 1982-92. Whitebrook, Maureen Jun 1, 1993 4644
Alleviating professional immobility in political science: faculty exchanges as a remedy. Coughlin, Richard M.; Lockhart, Charles Jun 1, 1993 1116
Teaching political science in a foreign language. Morris, Michael A. Mar 1, 1993 2820
Asia in the core curriculum. Mar 1, 1993 784
The case for the case study; what Imelda Marcos, Nikita Khrushchev, and Niccolo Machiavelli could teach the American Political Science Association. Boo, Katherine Jun 1, 1989 3723
Put the politics back into political science. Waldman, Steven Sep 1, 1985 3454

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