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Connecting with STEM Through Movement and Dance. Champion, Dionne N.; Sonke, Jill; Nixon, Sara Jo; Cottier, Linda B. Oct 1, 2020 1132
A Springboard into the High-quality CTE Program Framework: Can the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education Help Agriculture Teachers Create a High-quality CTE Program? Fritsch, Julie May 1, 2020 2070
Engaging Bored, Checked-out Students: Coding and robotics delivered with familiar technology and tools can do the trick. Barr, Erin May 1, 2020 678
The anatomy of a design brief: The hallmark of engineering/technology education should continue to be to promote technological literacy through engineering design, and a design brief is an important part of this heritage. Kelley, Todd R. Apr 1, 2020 3060
Teaching about biodiversity: links to the primary science curriculum. Peters, Henricus Mar 22, 2020 355
Early childhood educators' attitudes toward science teaching in Chinese schools. Oon, Pey-Tee; Hu, Bi Ying; Wei, Bing Dec 1, 2019 6439
Kyrgyz Education Ministry to pilot science, math teaching in English in high school since 2020. Nov 1, 2019 160
Evolution Instruction Under Fire In Several States. Nov 1, 2019 225
State run schools asked to focus on teaching of science subjects. Sep 2, 2019 346
Exploration de la resolution de problemes a la maternelle a l'aide d'une approche interdisciplinaire en sciences et en arts. Allard, Edith; Samson, Ghislain Report Jun 22, 2019 8078
teach wood science: As with project-based instruction, experimentation in the classroom or educational laboratory can be weak if teachers or students see the goal as completing the activity rather than focusing on the underlying learning. Flowers, Jim Mar 1, 2019 3221
Effect of Existing Teaching of Chemistry on Ninth Graders' Achievement in Sindh, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2018 10117
PSF to launch web portal to educate students about scientific information. Nov 26, 2018 465
PSF to launch web portal to educate students about scientific information. Nov 21, 2018 524
Innovative Communities: Embedding Special Education Faculty in Science Methods Courses. Zimmer, Kate E.; McHatton, Patricia Alvarez; Driver, Melissa K.; Datubo-Brown, Christiana A.; Steffe Sep 22, 2018 7885
SPAWAR camps encourage students to pursue STEM careers. Sep 13, 2018 889
MTC, USC partner to meet STEM workforce needs. Brief article Aug 27, 2018 304
Coventry University teams up with WCG to offer top animal science courses to students; Nine new courses in animal science will be available to students at the historic Moreton Morrell College. Aug 16, 2018 688
School students learn about careers,college life at CMU-Q-hosted event. Jul 28, 2018 409
Qatar High School Students Learn About Careers, College Life at CMU-Q Summer Program. Jul 25, 2018 399
The Top Producers of Minority STEM Graduates. Statistical table Jul 1, 2018 4884
"It's 1000 Degrees in Here When I Teach": Providing Preservice Teachers With an Extended Opportunity to Approximate Ambitious Instruction. Stroupe, David; Gotwals, Amelia Wenk Report May 1, 2018 10718
STEM Career Exploration Using Digital Badges and Community Connections. Pereira, Ashley Mar 1, 2018 2189
Apply for uni's unique science teaching course. Feb 16, 2018 121
Framing evidence: STEM students significantly improve in class after video-based instruction. Pritzker, Moshe Feb 1, 2018 863
The Role of Cooperative Learning Method in Teaching of Science Subject at Elementary School Level: An Experimental Study. Saad, Ismail Report Dec 29, 2017 5681
Controversial issues in the science classroom: Teaching students how to consider some of the most difficult science issues of our time will better prepare them to be scientifically literate citizens. Owens, David C.; Sadler, Troy D.; Zeidler, Dana L. Dec 1, 2017 2358
Who is teaching science in our high schools? Exploring factors influencing pre-service secondary science teachers' decisions to pursue teaching as a career. McDonald, Christine V. Report Dec 1, 2017 6469
Learn better by doing study: fourth-year results: Students learn by "doing" standards-based, hands-on activities. Moye, Johnny J.; Dugger, William E., Jr.; Starkweather, Kendall N. Report Nov 1, 2017 5939
The Role of Cooperative Learning Method in Teaching of Science Subject at Elementary School Level: An Experimental Study. Saad, Ismail Report Aug 31, 2017 5681
Teaching of Physics with Physics Suite on the Achievement of Secondary Students. Salma Akhtar,; Hafiz M. Irshadullah,; Inamullah, Hafiz M.; Tariq, Muhammad Report Jun 30, 2017 3955
Learning from dealing with real world problems. Akcay, Hakan Report Jun 22, 2017 2464
College Student and Professional Poster Sessions 9:00-10:15 PM and 1:30-3:00 PM Tangeman University Center Great Hall (4th Floor, Room 465). Apr 1, 2017 17990
An Evaluation of Formative "In-Class" versus "E-Learning" Activities to Benefit Student Learning Outcomes in Biomedical Sciences. Donkin, Rebecca; Askew, Elizabeth Report Jan 1, 2017 4404
State education board focuses again on teaching of evolution. Nov 16, 2016 892
Getting better together: an elementary school uses improvement science to help students express and share their thinking. MacConnell, Kristen; Caillier, Stacey Nov 1, 2016 3263
I-STEM Ed Exemplar: implementation of the PIRPOSAL Model. Wells, John G. Oct 1, 2016 5436
Where does the water go? Development of students' questions through the use of their photography of local water catchments. Francis, Marj; Paige, Kathryn; Hardy, Graham Jun 1, 2016 5951
A science classroom that's more than a game. Barlow, Tim; Fleming, Barry Case study Jun 1, 2016 3268
Understanding the specificity and random collision of enzyme--substrate interaction. Kin, Ng Hong; Ling, Tan Aik Report Jun 1, 2016 3063
Nurturing quality science learning and teaching: the impact of a reading group. Fitzgerald, Ange; Cooper, Rebecca; Sarkar, Mahbub Report Jun 1, 2016 4515
The sky is no longer the limit for Alice. Monge, Louise Jun 1, 2016 606
RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon to Visit Reinberg Elementary School on the Northwest Side of Chicago to Teach Students About History and Science of Ballooning. May 25, 2016 393
Teaching in the professional Exact Sciences Masters' Degree program: conceptions and knowledge of teachers in training/Ensino em mestrado profissional de Ciencias Exatas: concepcoes e saberes de professores em formacao/ Ensenanza en maestria profesional de Ciencias Exactas: concepciones y saberes de profesores en formacion. Schuck, Rogerio Jose; Martins, Silvana Neumann; Marchi, Miriam Ines; Grassi, Marlise Heemann May 1, 2016 4113
O-to-O via social media--a novel initiative for enhancing teaching learning process. Selvarani, M. Pradhiba; Sankar, S. Hari; Duraisamy, Vendhan Report Apr 1, 2016 2764
Aboriginal students learn how the Inuit use chemistry. Mar 1, 2016 258
Performance of first-year undergraduate students attending exact sciences courses in problems of the additive conceptual field/Desempenho dos academicos ingressantes nos cursos de ciencias exatas em problemas do campo conceitual aditivo/Desempeno de los academicos que entraron en los cursos de ciencias exactas en problemas del campo conceptual aditivo. Kato, Lilian Akemi; Geronimo, Joao Roberto; Cardoso, Valdinei Cezar; Zanella, Marli Schmitt; Niro, K Oct 1, 2015 5133
Engaging students regarding special needs in technology and engineering education. White, David W. Oct 1, 2015 2755
Who teaches the "STE" in STEM? Bartholomew, Scott Oct 1, 2015 3211
Foundation fights disparity: Verizon partners with HBCUs to draw young Black males into STEM fields. Arnett, Autumn A. Sep 10, 2015 1099
Exploring student persistence in STEM programs: a motivational model. Simon, Rebecca A.; Aulls, Mark W.; Dedic, Helena; Hubbard, Kyle; Hall, Nathan C. Report Jul 1, 2015 6960
Coding from kindergarten to graduation: districts expand computer science instruction to give students critical job skills. Remis, Katie Kilfoyle May 1, 2015 1883
Robotic fish: swimming outside the school to aid informal science education. Phamduy, Paul; Porfiri, Maurizio Report Mar 1, 2015 2445
Colour, magnets and photosynthesis. O'Brien, Frances; Herbert, Sandra Report Feb 1, 2015 3351
STEM: The education frontier to meet 21st century challenges. Capraro, Robert M.; Han, Sunyoung Report Dec 22, 2014 1590
Construct validation of student attitude toward science, technology, engineering, and mathematics project-based learning: The case of Korean middle grade students. Han, Sun Young; Carpenter, Daniel Report Dec 22, 2014 7369
Surfacing students' prior knowledge in middle school science classrooms: exception or the rule? Mesa, Jennifer C.; Pringle, Rose M.; King, Natalie Report Dec 22, 2014 6041
Bridging the science gap: the City College of San Francisco is preparing students for biological science and tech careers. Cooper, Kenneth J. Dec 18, 2014 1309
STEM thinking! Reeve, Edward M. Column Dec 1, 2014 5081
Is "learning by doing" important? A study of doing-based learning: this is the second in a series of articles discussing the Doing-Based Learning study. Moye, Johnny J.; Dugger, William E., Jr.; Starkweather, Kendall N. Report Nov 1, 2014 4549
Outreach partnerships to encourage or increase stem literacy in the classroom. Spellman, Zenora; Jones, Mildred V.; Katsio-Loudis, Petros Report Nov 1, 2014 2086
Portsmouth team takes STEM to elementary school. Rajala, Liisa Oct 17, 2014 721
Interactivity beneficial. Davis, Crystal Brief article Oct 9, 2014 105
Unveiling ITEEA's newest resources for Safer integrative STEM education. Love, Tyler S. Column Sep 1, 2014 1202
"Learning by doing research--introduction. Moye, Johnny J.; Dugger, William E., Jr.; Starkweather, Kendall N. Column Sep 1, 2014 2734
Students slip a bit in math, but sparkle on computers. Aug 8, 2014 978
Science education and challenges. Jul 27, 2014 409
How a serious digital game affected students' animal science and mathematical competence in agricultural education. Bunch, J.C.; Robinson, J. Shane; Edwards, M. Craig; Antonenko, Pavlo D. Report Jul 1, 2014 7064
Factors that contribute to the persistence of minority students in STEM fields: this exploratory study examined factors that contributed to the college persistence of minority students in STEM graduate programs at LMCU, providing nuance and texture to the existing theory and research. Foltz, Laura G.; Gannon, Sam; Kirschmann, Stephanie L. Report Jul 1, 2014 7342
Teaching the brain to learn: here's how educators can use the latest neurological research to help improve math and science instruction. Thompson, Greg May 1, 2014 1626
Cleveland State Community College (Tenn.) recently implemented a year-round Aquaponics teaching lab in the Cleveland/Bradley Innovation Center for students in the Environmental Science and Wildlife Fisheries classes. Apr 28, 2014 168
Neural mechanisms underlying school-based learning. Pera, Aurel Report Jan 1, 2014 2078
The Impact of Project GLAD on Students' Literacy and Science Learning: Year 1 Results from a Cluster-Randomized Trial of Sheltered Instruction. Deussen, Theresa; Autio, Elizabeth; Roccograndi, Angela; Hanita, Makoto Report Jan 1, 2014 494
iPads help students learn science effectively: Study. Dec 5, 2013 197
Describing What College Physics Students Learned and How They Learned. Taganahan, Teresita D. Report Dec 1, 2013 4710
CERN scientist promotes physics teaching in Africa. Oct 1, 2013 399
Serious about STEM: youth across the state are diving into science, technology, engineering, and math fields thanks to innovative college, cooperative extension, and 4-H programs. Boscia, Ted Cover story Sep 22, 2013 1879
Teacher, researcher, and accountability discourses: creating space for democratic science teaching practices in middle schools. Buxton, Cory A.; Kayumova, Shakhnoza; Allexsaht-Snider, Martha Sep 22, 2013 8619
Gavilan College (Calif.) computer graphics and design instructor Colette Marie McLaughlin was among 152 Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education's educators who spent their summer vacations learning firsthand how the STEM concepts they teach are applied in cutting edge industries. Sep 16, 2013 220
Qatari educators hone maths, science teaching skills in US. Sep 12, 2013 338
Pak students attend London science forumPosted In Volume 04 Issue 33 By Technology Times in News. Conference news Sep 4, 2013 478
STEM is here. Now what? Roberts, Amanda Sep 1, 2013 2394
Pak students attend London science forum. Brief article Aug 20, 2013 242
A novel curriculum model for undergraduate biology. Lysne, Steven Report Jun 1, 2013 154
Influence of Scientific Stories on Students Ideas about Science and Scientists. Erten, Sinan; Kiray, S. Ahmet; Sen-Gumus, Betul Report Apr 1, 2013 327
Transfer of Learning in Mathematics, Science, and Reading among Students in Turkey: A Study Using 2009 PISA Data. Shelley, Mack; Yildirim, Atila Report Apr 1, 2013 348
Integrated Programs for Science and Mathematics: Review of Related Literature. Kurt, Kursat; Pehlivan, Mustafa Report Apr 1, 2013 234
Science Teachers' Views about the Science Fair at Primary Education Level. Tortop, Hasan Said Report Apr 1, 2013 272
Need for operational science centre. Mar 17, 2013 452
STUDENTS LEARN CSI SKILLS ON NEW COURSE; Forensic science lessons at crime scenes. Mar 15, 2013 313
Science Education and the Challenges Facing Its Integration into the 21st Century School System in a Globalized World: A Case of Igbo Nation. Ezeudu, F. O.; Nkokelonye, C. U.; Ezeudu, S. A. Report Mar 1, 2013 200
Curriculum Implementation and Reform: Teachers' Views about Kuwait's New Science Curriculum. Alshammari, Ahmad Report Mar 1, 2013 284
Teaching about teaching science: aims, strategies, and backgrounds of science teacher educators. Berry, Amanda; Van Driel, Jan H. Report Mar 1, 2013 9589
Science Education and Challenges of Globalization in Igbo Nation. Ezeudu, F. O.; Nkokelonye, C. U.; Adigwe, J. C. Report Feb 1, 2013 207
How can we improve science teaching and learning.....? Cheema, Sidra Jan 6, 2013 938
Great Explorations in Math and Science[R] (GEMS[R]) The Real Reasons for Seasons. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jan 1, 2013 293
Developing nontraditional biology labs to challenge students & enhance learning. Cherif, Abour H.; Siuda, JoElla E.; Movahedzadeh, Farahnaz Report Jan 1, 2013 2691
SoSTI Course: An Elective Science Course for Thai Upper Secondary School Non-Science Students. Pruekpramool, Chaninan; Phonphok, Nason; White, Orvil L.; Musikul, Kusalin Report Jan 1, 2013 330
The Students' Views Related to the Given Homeworks in the Science and Technology Courses: A Qualitative Study. Deveci, Isa; Onder, Ismail Report Jan 1, 2013 313
Impact of inquiry stations on visitor time. Gill, Sarena Randall Report Jan 1, 2013 2949
The role of intrinsic motivation in a science field trip. Benton, Gregory M. Report Jan 1, 2013 4854
Science and Technology Teachers' Views of Primary School Science and Technology Curriculum. Yildiz-Duban, Nil Abstract Jan 1, 2013 243
Examining Teacher Actions Supportive of Cross-Disciplinary Science and Literacy Development among Elementary Students. Norton-Meier, Lori A.; Hand, Brian; Ardasheva, Yuliya Abstract Jan 1, 2013 278
How to promote science culture in Pakistan? Cheema, Sidra Dec 30, 2012 920
SCIENCE IS GOLDEN; School's top marks for teaching and learning. Nov 16, 2012 473
English proficiency level among science students. Hassan, Nasruddin Oct 1, 2012 2338
The self-efficacy of preservice elementary teachers in Kuwaiti science programs. Ebrahim, Ali H. Report Sep 22, 2012 4111
Quantum leaper; BU lecturer brings new dimensions to physics instruction. Jun 6, 2012 632
New Digital Energy Game, the Use of Games to Influence Attitudes, Interests, and Student Achievement in Science. Holmes, Venita Report May 31, 2012 456
Inquiry-based education vital to boost students learning: PSF. May 22, 2012 743
The Nation's Report Card: Science 2011. National Assessment of Educational Progress at Grade 8. NCES 2012-465. Abstract May 1, 2012 351
The Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools (LeTUS) Program[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Abstract May 1, 2012 339
Technology Enhanced Elementary and Middle School Science (TEEMSS). What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Abstract May 1, 2012 282
A Parallel Mixed-Methods Exploration of Inclusion Strategies Being Used by Middle School Math and Science Teachers for Included Students with Autism. Moores-Abdool, Whitney Abstract Apr 13, 2012 188
Performance in Science on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments--Series II for Students in Grades 5 and 8. Issues & Answers. REL 2012-No. 138. Condon, Chris; Greenberg, Ariela; Stephan, Jennifer; Williams, Ryan; Gerdeman, R. Dean; Molefe, Ayri Abstract Apr 1, 2012 797
Performance in Science on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments--Series II for Students in Grades 5 and 8. Summary. Issues & Answers. REL 2012-No. 138. Condon, Chris; Greenberg, Ariela; Stephan, Jennifer; Williams, Ryan; Gerdeman, R. Dean; Molefe, Ayri Abstract Apr 1, 2012 756
The Potential of Wiki Technology as an E-Learning Tool in Science and Education; Perspectives of Undergraduate Students in Al-Baha University, Saudi Arabia. Alzahrani, Ibraheem; Woollard, John Abstract Apr 1, 2012 172
Reading, Mathematics, and Science Achievement of Language-Minority Students in Grade 8. Issue Brief. NCES 2012-028. Mulligan, Gail; Halle, Tamara; Kinukawa, Akemi Abstract Apr 1, 2012 511
Determining annealing temperatures for polymerase chain reaction. Porta, Angela R.; Enners, Edward Report Apr 1, 2012 2969
Taking flight: colleges tap research to improve science instruction. Bradley, Paul Mar 5, 2012 1400
A Comparative Study of Science Achievement and Self-Concept during a Historical Transition. Wang, Jianjun Report Feb 1, 2012 216
Using Conceptual Change Theories to Model Position Concepts in Astronomy. Yang, Chih-Chiang; Hung, Jeng-Fung Report Jan 1, 2012 242
Unequal Achievement of Science Undergraduates: Does Sex Influence the Differences? Patrick, Ajaja O. Report Jan 1, 2012 294
Exploring the Influences of Elementary School Students' Learning Motivation on Web-Based Collaborative Learning. Chin-Fei, Huang; Chia-Ju, Liu Report Jan 1, 2012 286
Balancing Self-Directed Learning with Expert Mentoring: The Science Writing Heuristic Approach. Shelley, Mack; Fostvedt, Luke; Gonwa-Reeves, Christopher; Baenziger, Joan; McGill, Michael; Seefeld, Report Jan 1, 2012 301
Multiply Your Child's Success: Math and Science Can Make Dreams Come True. A Parent's Guide. Report Jan 1, 2012 219
Analyzing Breadth and Depth of a Virtual Charter School's Science Curriculum. Vick, Matthew Report Jan 1, 2012 290
Conceptions of Environment in a Continuing Education Course for Science Teachers in Brazil. dos Santos Matos, Mauricio; Barbosa, Paulo; Coelho-Matos, Myrna Elisa Chagas Report Jan 1, 2012 233
The Model of the Rectilinear Propagation of Light and the Study of the Variation of the Size of a Shadow. Metioui, Abdeljalil; Trudel, Louis Report Jan 1, 2012 242
Honors analytics: science, an interdisciplinary lab-based course on visual perception. Campbell, Stephen R.; Grammer, Robert T.; Yandell, Lonnie; Hooper, William H. Report Jan 1, 2012 3321
An Elementary School Teacher's Reflection on Implementing Constructivist Instruction in Science Classroom. Hsu, Kuo-Chung; Wang, Jing-Ru Abstract Jan 1, 2012 211
Measuring Fidelity of Implementation--Methodological and Conceptual Issues and Challenges. CRESST Report 811. Osmundson, Ellen; Herman, Joan; Ringstaff, Cathy; Dai, Yunyun; Timms, Mike Abstract Jan 1, 2012 222
Addressing the STEM Workforce Challenge: Missouri. BHEF Research Brief. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 277
Science Education and Teachers' Training: Research in Partnership. Pilo, Miranda; Gavio, Brigitte; Grosso, Daniele; Mantero, Alfonso Abstract Jan 1, 2012 276
A Review of Studies on Worksheets in Turkey. Kaymakci, Selahattin Abstract Jan 1, 2012 228
Multilevel Models for Estimating the Effect of Implementing Argumentation-Based Elementary Science Instruction. Shelley, Mack; Gonwa-Reeves, Christopher; Baenziger, Joan; Seefeld, Ashley; Hand, Brian; Therrien, W Report Jan 1, 2012 204
SMART Money: Do Financial Incentives Encourage College Students to Study Science? Evans, Brent J. Report Jan 1, 2012 184
Untapped Potential: The Status of Middle School Science Education in California. Strengthening Science Education in California. Hartry, Ardice; Dorph, Rena; Shields, Patrick; Tiffany-Morales, Juliet; Romero, Valeria Abstract Jan 1, 2012 271
How Do Interest in Sciences Vary with Gender? Gafoor, K. Abdul Report Sep 2, 2011 363
Science Instruction in Newark Public Schools. CPRE Research Report # RR-71. Corcoran, Thomas B.; Gerry, Gail B. Abstract Sep 1, 2011 289
Review of the National Research Council's Framework for K-12 Science Education. Gross, Paul R. Abstract Sep 1, 2011 274
Designing STEM Pathways through Early College: Ohio's Metro Early College High School. North, Charlotte Abstract Aug 1, 2011 348
Teachers Perspective of Using English as a Medium of Instruction in Mathematics and Science Subjects. Mansor, Norudin; Badarudin, Mohamed Ishak; Mat, Azman Che Abstract Jul 1, 2011 236
Third International Mathematics and Science Study 1999 Video Study Technical Report: Volume 2--Science. Technical Report. NCES 2011-049. Garnier, Helen E.; Lemmens, Meike; Druker, Stephen L.; Roth, Kathleen J. Abstract Jul 1, 2011 424
Two Decades of Increasing Diversity More than Doubled the Number of Minority Graduate Students in Science and Engineering. InfoBrief. NSF 11-319. Einaudi, Peter Report Jul 1, 2011 546
Slow off the Mark: Elementary School Teachers and the Crisis in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education. Epstein, Diana; Miller, Raegen T. Abstract May 1, 2011 441
Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Inquiry: An Instrument to Assess It and Its Application to High School In-Service Science Teachers. Espinosa-Bueno, Juana Silvia; Labastida-Pina, Diana Veronica; Padilla-Martinez, Kira; Garritz, Andon Abstract May 1, 2011 376
Students' Difficulties With Multiple Representations in Introductory Mechanics. Nguyen, Dong-Hai; Rebello, N. Sanjay Abstract May 1, 2011 228
Eight big challenges for effective student learning of biology. Leonard, Willim Editorial May 1, 2011 1485
Simulating real-world STEM skills. Chase, Jennifer Elise Feb 1, 2011 660
The Nation's Report Card Science 2009 Trial Urban District Snapshot Report. Milwaukee Public Schools. Grade 4, Public Schools. Abstract Feb 1, 2011 353
The Nation's Report Card Science 2009 Trial Urban District Snapshot Report. Los Angeles Unified School District. Grade 4, Public Schools. Abstract Feb 1, 2011 356
The Nation's Report Card Science 2009 Trial Urban District Snapshot Report. Fresno Unified School District. Grade 8, Public Schools. Abstract Feb 1, 2011 353
The Nation's Report Card Science 2009 Trial Urban District Snapshot Report. Atlanta Public Schools. Grade 4, Public Schools. Abstract Feb 1, 2011 357
The Nation's Report Card Science 2009 Trial Urban District Snapshot Report. Boston Public Schools. Grade 8, Public Schools. Abstract Feb 1, 2011 355
Action call on science teaching in Wales; LACK OF SKILLS AMONG PUPILS AND GRADUATES HIGHLIGHTED. Jan 28, 2011 484
Applying Insights from Faculty Teaching Practices to Science and Math Education Reforms. WISCAPE Policy Brief. Hora, Matthew Tadashi Abstract Jan 25, 2011 216
Quantifying the inhalation of tar from smoking: a guided-inquiry activity. Ricker, Melissa; Gardner, Grant E.; Aune, Patricia Jan 1, 2011 1801
A Sample Science Education Activity in Multicultural Environment. Onder, Ismail; Kaplan, Aysun Oztuna; Besoluk, Senol Abstract Jan 1, 2011 218
"WordSift": Supporting Instruction and Learning through Technology in San Francisco. The Senior Urban Education Research Fellowship Series. Volume IV. Hakuta, Kenji Abstract Jan 1, 2011 547
Year 3 ASK/FOSS Efficacy Study. CRESST Report 782. Osmundson, Ellen; Dai, Yunyun; Herman, Joan Abstract Jan 1, 2011 285
Comparative Study of Effectiveness of the Multimedia Handbook and Internet Methods in Education of Students and Teachers of Science. Jagodzinski, Piotr; Wolski, Robert Abstract Jan 1, 2011 184
High Hopes--Few Opportunities: The Status of Elementary Science Education in California. Strengthening Science Education in California. Dorph, R.; Shields, P.; Tiffany-Morales, J.; Hartry, A.; McCaffrey, T. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 322
Performance Analysis of Science Education Undergraduates: A Case Study of Biology Education Students. Ochonogor, Chukunoye Enunuwe Abstract Jan 1, 2011 197
Enhancement of Elementary School Students' Science Learning by Web-Quest Supported Science Writing. Min-Hsiung, Chuang; Jeng-Fung, Hung; Quo-Cheng, Sung Abstract Jan 1, 2011 203
Reconceptualizing Science Classroom Discourse towards Doing Science through a Game-Based Learning Program. Jan, Mingfong; San, Chee Yam; Tan, Ek Ming Abstract Jan 1, 2011 239
Developing a Culturally Sensitive Curriculum: Teaching Native American Children about Psychological and Behavioral Health. Warzak, William J.; Dogan, Rebecca K.; Godfrey, Maurice Abstract Jan 1, 2011 253
The Chemistry Teaching Program for Developing the Senior High School Students' Entrepreneurial Attitudes. Susianna, Nancy Abstract Jan 1, 2011 325
The Impact of Curriculum-Based Professional Development on Science Instruction: Results from a Cluster-Randomized Trial. Taylor, Joseph; Kowalski, Susan; Getty, Stephen; Wilson, Christopher; Carlson, Janet Clinical report Jan 1, 2011 604
Deconstructing the Instruction of the Control of Variables Strategy: Key Components of Science Instruction. Freer, Benjamin D.; Lorch, Elizabeth P.; Lorch, Robert F., Jr.; Calderhead, William Jan 1, 2011 638
An Investigation of Children's Interested and Not Interested Science Topics in Textbooks. Hsieh, Fu-Pei; Lee, Sung-Tao Abstract Jan 1, 2011 256
Combining learning and assessment to improve science education. Linn, Marcia C.; Chiu, Jennifer Jan 1, 2011 4192
Abu Dhabi teachers get crash course on Lego. Dec 18, 2010 303
Astronomy education milestone in Hermanus. de Villiers, Pierre Dec 1, 2010 822
The Emotions in Teaching and Learning Nature Sciences and Physics/Chemistry in Pre-Service Primary Teachers. Brigido, Maria; Bermejo, M. Luisa; Conde, M. Carmen; Mellado, Vicente Abstract Dec 1, 2010 352
The Techbook Wars. Nov 24, 2010 1098
Can computer technology improve the quality of science education at urban universities? Bamshad, Maryam; Foster, Gina Rae; Kreuzer, Paul G. Oct 1, 2010 4716
Conceptualizing RTI in 21st-century secondary science classrooms: video games' potential to provide tiered support and progress monitoring for students with learning disabilities. Marino, Matthew T.; Beecher, Constance C. Report Sep 22, 2010 7821
What States Should Know about International Standards in Science: Highlights from Achieve's Analysis. Report Sep 1, 2010 314
Taking the Lead in Science Education: Forging Next-Generation Science Standards. International Science Benchmarking Report. Report Sep 1, 2010 459
Taking the Lead in Science Education: Forging Next-Generation Science Standards. International Science Benchmarking Report. Appendix. Report Sep 1, 2010 216
The Role of Research on Science Teaching and Learning. Sep 1, 2010 226
Renk encourages promotion of science education. Aug 16, 2010 466
Problem-oriented education and cross-cultural collaboration: experiences and comments on the Scientific Summer School in Turkey 2010/Probleme-dayali egitim ve kulturler-arasi isbirligi: Turkiye-2010 Bilimsel Yaz Okulundaki deneyim ve yorumlar. Hakacova, Nina; Baysan, Oben; Bell, Samuel Justin Aug 1, 2010 1026
Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Learning in the Sciences. Ainsworth, Heather L.; Eaton, Sarah Elaine Report Jul 31, 2010 283
To innovate, educate. Rothkopf, Arthur J. Jun 22, 2010 529
Early childhood teachers' empowerment and implementation of teaching method programs for child development in science education. Seung-Yoeun, Yoo Jun 22, 2010 1895
BeeSign: Designing to Support Mediated Group Inquiry of Complex Science by Early Elementary Students. Danish, Joshua A.; Peppler, Kylie; Phelps, David Abstract Jun 9, 2010 169
The next generation of Science standards. Pascopella, Angela Jun 1, 2010 448
Agricultural Sciences taught in Bihar school. May 21, 2010 202
Measuring the Teaching Self-Efficacy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Graduate Teaching Assistants. DeChenne, Sue Ellen; Enochs, Larry Report Apr 4, 2010 167
A decision-tree-oriented guidance mechanism for conducting nature science observation activities in a context-aware ubiquitous learning environment. Hwang, Gwo-Jen; Chu, Hui-Chun; Shih, Ju-Ling; Huang, Shu-Hsien; Tsai, Chin-Chung Report Apr 1, 2010 6514
Initiative grants access to STEM curriculum: AIHEC partnership helps tribal colleges build capacity to develop and sustain STEM education and research programs. Pember, Mary Annette Mar 18, 2010 815
National Science Board says U.S. lead in STEM slipping. Emeagwali, N. Susan Mar 1, 2010 976
CTE's Role in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Hyslop, Alisha Mar 1, 2010 2026
Ignite zeal for STEM learning. Morales, Hector Mar 1, 2010 1602
Bolstering a STEM pipeline in Ohio: we STEM, do you? Miami Valley Career Technology Center's answer to implementing STEM. Herzog, Kelly J. Mar 1, 2010 1362
STEM and career exploratory classes. Chase, Darrell Mar 1, 2010 1575
Teaching math, teaching anxiety. Ornes, Stephen Feb 10, 2010 634
Engaging Students to Perceive Nature of Science through Socioscientific Issues-Based Instruction. Nuangchalerm, Prasart Report Feb 1, 2010 210
Florida teachers' attitudes about teaching evolution. Fowler, Samantha R.; Meisels, Gerry G. Report Feb 1, 2010 3193
A Priority for California's Future: Science for Students. Analysis of Public Opinion Research. Strengthening Science Education in California. Jan 1, 2010 569
National Board for Education Sciences 2010 Annual Report, July 2009 through June 2010. NBES 2010-6004. Abstract Jan 1, 2010 330
The Impacts of Upward Bound Math-Science on Postsecondary Outcomes 7-9 Years after Scheduled High School Graduation: Final Report. Seftor, Neil S.; Calcagno, Juan Carlos Abstract Jan 1, 2010 297
STEM. Dec 3, 2009 433
Laboratory technicians in Australian secondary schools: a technician's perspective. Gigengack, Teresa Dec 1, 2009 1323
Context-based chemistry: creating opportunities for fluid transitions between concepts and context. King, Donna Report Dec 1, 2009 6670
An explicit representational focus for teaching and learning about animals in the environment. Tytler, Russell; Haslam, Filocha; Prain, Vaughan; Hubber, Peter Report Dec 1, 2009 4592
Teaching and learning about birds in the early years--a few ideas for getting started. Smith, Ann Cover story Dec 1, 2009 1903
Need an upgrade from 'Once upon a time ...'? Try this storybook. Coffman, Margaret; Eidietis, Laura; Gardiner, Lisa; Hatheway, Becca; Henderson, Sandra; Rutherford, Report Dec 1, 2009 3160
Developing students' ideas about magnets. Cheng, Meng-Fei Report Dec 1, 2009 1664
Using portfolios as a learning tool to develop preservice teachers' inquiries and perspectives in early science teaching in South Korea. Yoo, Seung-Yoeun Sep 22, 2009 2109
Astronomy education for schools and colleges. Bowdley, David Aug 1, 2009 945
Restoring science to science education: what is taught in schools today is a caricature of science. Young people need to be introduced to science's full riches. Alberts, Bruce Jun 22, 2009 2743
To teach science, tell stories: we need to incorporate the human dimensions of individual struggle, creativity, and adventure into the way we teach science. Eldredge, Niles Jun 22, 2009 2325
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