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Nursing school to teach degree courses. Sep 2, 2019 481
Interprofessional education in the undergraduate Medicine and Nursing courses in primary health care practice: the students' perspective. dos Santos, Lucas Cardoso; Simonetti, Janete Pessuto; Cyrino, Antonio Pithon Nov 15, 2018 5188
Tracheostomy Education for Parents Utilizing Simulation: A New Paradigm In Parental Education. Tofil, Nancy M.; Schier, Sarah; Benningfield, Branden; Cooper, Alyssa; Sloane, Peter A.; Zinkan, Lyn Report May 1, 2018 3444
Checklist Developed for Parents of Children With Cancer; Checklist covers primary, secondary, and tertiary topics that should be taught at different points. Apr 30, 2018 223
Advisory Committee Updates. Report Jan 1, 2018 768
Transition to Practice--Part 3: Implementing an Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Residency Program: RN Residency and Transition to Professional Practice Programs in Ambulatory Care--Challenges, Successes, and Recommendations. Jones-Bell, L. Jessie; Halford-Cook, Cathryn; Parker, Nancy Weaver Report Jan 1, 2018 4907
Summary of Actions: A regular meeting of the Board of Nursing was held October 26-27 2017, in Austin. The following is a summary of Board actions taken during this meeting. Report Jan 1, 2018 643
Teaching and Learning in Bougainville: Working as a nursing school management adviser with Volunteer Service Abroad in Bougainville has been professionally satisfying, amidst the challenges of working in a post-conflict society. O'Connor, Teresa Dec 1, 2017 1526
Nursing Education Actions - July 2017 Board Meeting. Oct 1, 2017 201
Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC): Expanding the Borders of Nursing. McDermott, Elise Oct 1, 2017 1473
PREVALENCE OF SMOKING AMONG NEW ZEALAND NURSING STUDENTS 2017. Walker, Leonie; Willis, Jinny Report Sep 1, 2017 3060
Nursing Education Actions - April 2017 Board Meeting. Report Jul 1, 2017 286
Advisory committee on education issued new charges. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 231
Can caring be taught? Is caring innate, or can it be taught, like other essential nursing attributes such as communication? Hawke-Eder, Sonia Apr 1, 2017 3451
Nephrology nursing in Rwanda: creating the future through education and organizational partnership. Mukamana, Donatilla; Dushimiyimana, Violette; Kayitesi, Jacqueline; Mudasumbwa, Gisele; Nibagwire, J Jul 1, 2016 4058
Using innovative teaching strategies to improve outcomes in a pharmacology course. Thomas, Valarie; Schuessler, Jenny B. Report May 1, 2016 1864
Non-acute-care virtual simulation: preparing students to provide chronic illness care. Patterson, Barbara J.; Tilton, Kathleen J.; Tiffany, Jone; Hoglund, Barbara A. Report Nov 1, 2015 1562
Integrating collaborative interprofessional simulation into pre-licensure health care programs. New, Sandra N.; Huff, Deborah Cooley; Hutchison, Lisa C.; Bilbruck, Timothy J.; Ragsdale, Patricia S Report Nov 1, 2015 1760
Persons with disability: their experiences as standardized patients in an undergraduate nursing program. Smeltzer, Suzanne C.; Mariani, Bette; Ross, Jennifer Gunberg; de Mange, Elizabeth Petit; Meakim, Col Report Nov 1, 2015 2187
Using simulation to introduce nursing students to caring for victims of elder abuse and intimate partner violence. Bryant, Susan G.; Benson, Kim H. Report Nov 1, 2015 1909
Clinical boot camp: an innovative simulation experience to prepare nursing students for obstetric and pediatric clinicals. Hogewood, Connie; Smith, Tedra; Etheridge, Sherita; Britt, Sylvia Report Nov 1, 2015 1593
Interprofessional simulation and education: physical therapy, nursing, and theatre faculty work together to develop a standardized patient program. Swift, Marcie C.; Stosberg, Tobey Report Nov 1, 2015 1703
An introduction to unexpected grief for pre-licensure nursing students: a simulation and interprofessional expert panel regarding fetal demise. Knight, Candace C.; Dailey, Kelly D.; Currie, Erin R. Report Nov 1, 2015 1890
Is a "coach" the same as a preceptor in a nursing education program? Oct 1, 2014 439
Modern apprenticeship in action: the Western Institute of Technology's undergraduate nursing programme aims to get students thinking and acting like registered nurses, right from the start of their education. Bingham, Helen Jul 1, 2014 2408
Black nursing students: strategies for academic success. Dapremont, Jill A. Report May 1, 2014 4137
Academic policies and practices to deter cheating in nursing education. Stonecypher, Karen; Willson, Pamela Report May 1, 2014 8684
The connected age: mobile apps and consumer engagement. Skiba, Diane J. May 1, 2014 1989
Striving for excellence in nursing education. Adams, Marsha Howell May 1, 2014 721
Nursing faculty characteristics and perceptions predicting intent to leave. Roughton, Susan E. Jul 1, 2013 5038
From bedside to classroom: the nurse educator transition model. Schoening, Anne M. May 1, 2013 4862
Double testing: a student perspective. Parsons, Susan D.; Teel, Virginia Report Mar 1, 2013 1164
Effect of the utilization of psycho-spiritual modules on the nursing students' Determined Mind-Success (DMS) self-assessed skills. Tomas, S. Maria Anita S. Report Jan 1, 2013 3198
Building innovative curricula for academic progression. Halstead, Judith A. Sep 1, 2012 654
Teaching nursing psychomotor skills in a fundamentals laboratory: a literature review. McNett, Susan Sep 1, 2012 5006
Focus on retention: identifying barriers to nurse faculty satisfaction. Bittner, Nancy Phoenix; O'Connor, Margaret Jul 1, 2012 3095
Professional guides: bridging the gap between student and professional an assessment and challenge. Massey, Will Jun 1, 2012 626
Standardized Nursing Languages. Position Statement. Revised. Duff, Carolyn; Endsley, Patricia; Chau, Elizabeth; Morgitan, Judith Report Jun 1, 2012 254
Enhancing an academic-practice partnership with creation of a geriatric nurse instructor position. Harvey-McPherson, Lisa; Petrolino-Roche, Sarina; Sauda, Valerie C. May 1, 2012 2000
Nurse Educators' Lived Experiences with Values Changes in Baccalaureate Nursing Education. Wenda, Skip Abstract Mar 13, 2012 262
Death--planning for the inevitable: a hybrid honors course. Gresham, Jennifer; Bowles, Betty Carlson; Gibson, Marty; Robinson, Kim; Farris, Mark; Felts, Juliana Report Jan 1, 2012 4237
Embracing ethical principles for nursing education. Halstead, Judith A. Jan 1, 2012 714
Practical nurses' health and safety in nursing homes. Palumbo, Mary Val; McLaughlin, Vicki; McIntosh, Barbara; Rambur, Betty Report Dec 22, 2011 6980
An examination of the role of nurse practitioners in prenatal counseling. Bruyere, Marlis Report Nov 1, 2011 2159
Service-learning in nursing education: its impact on leadership and social justice. Groh, Carla J.; Stallwood, Lynda G.; Daniels, John I. Nov 1, 2011 4512
New English language skills registration standard: Nursing and Midwifery Board revises standard for testing registrants' knowledge of English. Oct 1, 2011 519
The next generation of nurse educators stands at the bedside today. Chappell, Kate K. Oct 1, 2011 729
Simulation as a teaching strategy in nursing education: literature review/ Simulacao como estrategia de ensino em enfermagem: revisao de literatura/ Simulacion como estrategia de ensenanza de enfermeria: revision de literatura. Teixeira, Ilka Niceia D'Aquino Oliveira; Felix, Jorge Vinicius Cestari Report Oct 1, 2011 5375
The ethical-humanistic education of nurses: analyzing the pedagogic projects of the nursing courses in Goiania (GO, Brazil)/ A formacao etico-humanista do enfermeiro: um olharpara os projetos pedagogicos dos cursos de graduacao em enfermagem de goiania, brasil/ La formacion etico-humanista del enfermero: una mirada a los proyectos pedagogicos de los cursos de enfermeria en Goiania/GO, Brasil. Roque, Juliana Lima de Oliveira; Esperidiao, Elizabeth; Munari, Denize Bouttelet; Brasil, Virginia V Oct 1, 2011 7126
The benefits of debriefing as formative feedback in nurse education. Cant, Robyn P.; Cooper, Simon J. Sep 1, 2011 5636
Nursing aids for students; maes ROUND-UP. Aug 6, 2011 115
The impact of a simulation lab experience for nursing students. Lewis, Deborah Y.; Ciak, Ann D. Jul 1, 2011 2373
National League for Nursing. Malone, Beverly Jun 27, 2011 888
This is my unit: ICU, Svendborg Hospital, Denmark/Esta es mi unidad: UCI, Hospital Svendborg, Dinamarca. Christensen, Lone Juhl Report Jun 22, 2011 1864
Program evaluation of nursing school instruction in measuring students' perceived competence to empathetically communicate with patients. McMillan, Libba R.; Shannon, David May 1, 2011 3528
Poster presentations as a teaching strategy in web-based courses. Siegrist, Beverly; Garrett-Wright, Dawn; Abel, Cathy H. May 1, 2011 1409
FRM ties were overlooked in school shutdown: how Ponzi firm's investment in nursing school fell through the regulatory cracks. Sanders, Bob Mar 25, 2011 2235
Main factors related to passing the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE). Robichaud-Ekstrand, Sylvie; Marquis, France L.; Ouellet, Suzanne; Cormier, Pierrette; Frenette, Caro Mar 22, 2011 838
Global service-learning and nursing education: merging with the world through pedagogy. Shultz, Cathleen M. Mar 1, 2011 626
Student achievement and NCLEX-RN success: problems that persist. Carrick, Jo Anne Mar 1, 2011 4143
Save the vein: what nurses need to know. Ray, Timothy Jan 1, 2011 656
Michelle L. Foley. Nov 1, 2010 684
Immersive virtual reality simulations in nursing education. Kilmon, Carol A.; Brown, Leonard; Ghosh, Sumit; Mikitiuk, Artur Sep 1, 2010 3081
About accreditation. Tanner, Sharon J. Sep 1, 2010 787
Everyone's answering: using technology to increase classroom participation. Filer, Debra Jul 1, 2010 2638
Carving out an enduring career in education: the last decade has been a turbulent one for nursing education. Heads of nursing schools have come and gone but the head of one of the country's largest nursing schools has survived in the top job for ten years. O'Connor, Teresa Jun 1, 2010 2050
Opening Doors to Nursing Degrees: A Proposal from Ontario's Colleges. Abstract Jun 1, 2010 220
Using the Clark Simulation Evaluation Rubric with associate degree and baccalaureate nursing students. Gantt, Laura T. Mar 1, 2010 3899
What competencies do nurse educators need? What are the competencies needed by nurses teaching in the country's nursing schools? A survey last year asked nurse educators for their views. Here are some preliminary findings. Seccombe, Judy Survey Nov 1, 2009 738
Extolling the benefits of postgraduate education: postgraduate study has set one nurse on a continuing quest to improve nursing care--her own and that of the areas she has worked in. It has been a rewarding journey, both personally and professionally. Walker, Sarah Nov 1, 2009 2489
Moving beyond either/or toward improved patient outcomes. Tagliareni, M. Elaine May 1, 2009 746
Meaning of boundaries to rural preceptors. Yonge, Olive Report Mar 22, 2009 3929
Empowerment of nurse educators through organizational culture. Johnson, Barbara H. Report Jan 1, 2009 4232
A partnership approach to the preparation of preceptors. Smedley, Alison; Penney, Dawn Report Jan 1, 2009 4190
Intergenerational communication in the classroom: recommendations for successful teacher-student relationships. Gibson, Sandra E. Report Jan 1, 2009 2133
Teaching with AJN. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 118
Nursing 2.0: should we as educators be crafting the next generation of nursing practice? Skiba, Diane J. Essay Jan 1, 2009 1539
Web 2.0 tools in medical and nursing school curricula. Lemley, Trey; Burnham, Judith F. Report Jan 1, 2009 1892
CCBC and Towson University join to offer MSN. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 206
After one year as president: some lessons learned. Tagliareni, M. Elaine Sep 1, 2008 766
The #1 cause of faculty shortage? It's the money! Fitzpatrick, Joyce J. Sep 1, 2008 540
Faculty matters. Sep 1, 2008 1584
Investing in nursing's future. Block, Leslie Sep 1, 2008 375
Recent RN graduate perceptions of educational preparation. Candela, Lori; Bowles, Cheryl Sep 1, 2008 3909
Teachers' stories: how faculty help and hinder students at risk. Poorman, Susan G.; Mastorovich, Melissa L.; Webb, Cheryl A. Report Sep 1, 2008 4480
Student voices on faculty incivility in nursing education: a conceptual model. Clark, Cynthia M. Report Sep 1, 2008 3968
Improving feedback to students in online courses. Bonnel, Wanda Report Sep 1, 2008 3590
In the shelter of each other: Respite Care for Students as a partnership model. Stolder, Mary Ellen; Rosemeyer, Ann K.; Zorn, Cecelia R. Report Sep 1, 2008 3334
Core competencies of nurse educators: inspiring excellence in nurse educator practice. Kalb, Kathleen A. Report Jul 1, 2008 2072
Clinically high tech: clinical simulation centers help to prepare students for nursing careers. McClure, Ann Mar 1, 2008 1243
Establishing a practice-based research network: lessons from the Massachusetts experience. Pulcini, Joyce; Sheetz, Anne; DeSisto, Marie Mar 1, 2008 1316
Embracing education in its broadest sense. Tagliareni, M. Elaine Essay Jan 1, 2008 795
The certified nurse educator exam: a plan for success. Kohtz, Cindy; Ferguson, Pmaela; Sisk, Rebecca; Gowda, Connie; Smith, Joyce; Fortson, Anna Jan 1, 2008 1147
The successful use of problem-based learning in an online nurse practitioner course. Rounds, Linda R.; Rappaport, Bethany A. Jan 1, 2008 3220
A nursing faculty's transition to teaching online. Johnson, Arlene E. Report Jan 1, 2008 4052
Passing the torch: a faculty mentoring program at one school of nursing. Blauvelt, Margaret J.; Spath, Mary L. Report Jan 1, 2008 3032
The year in review and trends to watch in 2008. Skiba, Diane J. Jan 1, 2008 1751
About accreditation. Tanner, Sharon J. Jan 1, 2008 856
Cultivating healthful work environments in nursing education. Gazza, Elizabeth A. Jan 1, 2008 1321
Clinical transition of baccalaureate nursing students during preceptored, pregraduation practicums. Wieland, Diane M.; Altmiller, Geralyn M.; Dorr, Mary T.; Wolf, Zane Robinson Report Nov 1, 2007 4704
Students' perceptions of the learning experience in a large class environment. Leufer, Therese Nov 1, 2007 4132
Twenty-first century doctoral education: online with a focus on nursing education. Leners, Debra Woodard; Wilson, Vicki W.; Sitzman, Kathleen L. Nov 1, 2007 3115
UNCG: the epitome of excellence in nursing education. House, Crystal Nov 1, 2007 1084
Little lessons for nurse educators. Caputi, Linda Brief article Nov 1, 2007 264
Not enough nurses may be pursuing advanced degrees. Aug 1, 2007 365
Faculty notes. Jul 1, 2007 593
Continuing nursing education series posttest. May 1, 2007 906
Gathering wisdom in the global nursing village. Bargagliotti, L. Antoinette May 1, 2007 588
Preceptorship rural boundaries: student perspective. Yonge, Olive Mar 22, 2007 3281
Proposed changes in University of Iowa College of nursing curriculum. Craft-Rosenberg, Martha Mar 1, 2007 468
100% by the 100th. Nov 1, 2006 263
CPIT changes cultural safety delivery. Nov 1, 2006 350
Innovations in the public policy education of nursing students. Houck, Noreen M.; Bongiorno, Anne Watson Sep 22, 2006 4102
Baccalaureate student participation in a faculty research project: a win-win experience. Ireland, Mary Sep 22, 2006 4702
New master's program in South Georgia accepts first class. May 1, 2006 411
Nursing education classes offered. Luparell, Susan; Winters, Charlene A. Oct 1, 2005 310
Honors research in nursing: integration of theory and evidence-based practice using multiple modalities of thinking. Buckner, Ellen B. Mar 22, 2004 3259
Setting the direction for the nature and direction of change: a request for responses from our readers. Hills, Roberta G.S.; Hanchett, Effie S. Column Jan 1, 2002 714
Honors and the creative arts in nursing: music therapy to decrease anxiety in critical care patients. Buckner, Ellen B.; Leach-Fuller, Cynthia Sep 22, 2001 2519
Martha Rogers and the polar bears: a cross-cultural study session on the principles of homeodynamics. Hikosaka, Azumi; Hiramatsu, Naoko; Oikawa, Madoka; Shibata, Mari; Hanchett, Effie Column Jan 1, 2001 1286

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