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Supply Of Hydraulic Cylinderas Per Hec Drawing No:1251.00.111 technical Instruction:- double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Cushioned At Both Ends And Air Bleeding Screw With Trunnion Mounting And Matching Swivel Eye Having The Following Specifications 1)pi. Dec 27, 2019 103
Quality Control Services Of The Project Works Adaptation To The Technical Instruction Of Tunnels (itt) Of The Facilities And Finishes Defined In The Construction Project Of The Road Tunnels In The Area Of The Square Of The Glories, With Measures Of Sustai. Nov 1, 2019 116
Services: Control Of Quality Of The Works Of The Project For Adaptation To Tunnel Technical Instruction (itt) Of The Installations And Finishes Defined To The Construction Project Of The Tnels Viaris In The Setting Of The Place Of The Glories. Oct 31, 2019 105
Services Of Quality Control Of The Works Of The Project Of Adaptation To The Technical Instruction Of Tunnels (itt) Of The Facilities And Finishes Defined In The Project Of The Glorias Tunnels. Oct 31, 2019 171
Report: Daesh Gives Drones, Technical Instruction to Affiliate in West Africa. Oct 2, 2019 212
Technical Instruction Services For A "transnational Street Gangs Basic And Advanced" Course. Sep 28, 2019 126
Leaders promote CTE courses in middle school. Zalaznick, Matt Sep 1, 2019 736
Development Of The Master Plan Of The Rest And Service Areas Of The Dir Center East Network In Accordance With The Technical Instruction For The Management Plans Of The Rest And Service Areas Of 17 June 2016. Aug 9, 2019 136
Completion Of Project Studies Relating To The Technical Instruction On Rules For Preparation Of Operations Investissemen. Jun 14, 2019 146
35 special persons complete technical education course in GB. May 28, 2019 285
Procurement Of 100t Hook And Hook Nut As Per Nit And Technical Instruction. Apr 23, 2019 150
Apprenticeship Expansion -related Technical Instruction Grants. Nov 30, 2018 153
Students learn about challenges at UN session. Oct 21, 2018 263
Free tech-voc courses in STVIs. Oct 7, 2018 272
Control Of Handling Agents In Matters Of Operational Safety For Compliance With The Technical Instruction Apt-15-itc-105 Of Aesa. Oct 3, 2018 116
The Object Of Procurement Is 26 Denomination Peptides, The List Of Which Is Given In The Technical Instruction Of The Documents. Jul 2, 2018 124
India : Model Curriculum prepared by AICTE for various engineering and management courses. Apr 3, 2018 271
Adaptation Of The Electrical-technical Low-voltage Installations Of Technical-surgical Building (2nd Floor, Module B) To The Complementary Technical Instruction Itc-bt-038, For The University Hospital Of Bellvitge. Mar 4, 2018 132
Adaptation Of The Electrical-technical Low-voltage Installations Of Technical-surgical Building (2nd Floor, Module B) To The Complementary Technical Instruction Itc-bt-038, For The University Hospital. Mar 3, 2018 119
Technical Instruction Services For Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment Course. May 7, 2017 107
Getting your counselor to support technology education. Preble, Brian C. Oct 1, 2016 1338
Target: career training: high school programs address the skills gap. Rajala, Liisa Sep 2, 2016 1736
The critical need to evaluate and advocate for exemplary CTE programs. Myers, Lori A. Feb 1, 2016 1216
CTE: Connecting passion with purpose. Deflorian, Natasha Feb 1, 2016 1819
Career and technical exploration in middle school. Minichino, Mario J. Feb 1, 2016 2133
B-Tech classes in UT Nowshera to commence from spring 2016. Dec 7, 2015 293
B-Tech classes in UT Nowshera to commence from spring 2016. Dec 7, 2015 293
B-Tech classes in University of Technology from 2016. Dec 6, 2015 280
TEVTA revises curricula to meet industrial requirement. Brief article Jul 26, 2015 208
Technology to the core: Math-in-CTE and introductory technology courses get students off to a great start. Farmer, Tom Mar 1, 2015 1628
Consortia Formation and Characteristics under the "Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006". Staklis, Sandra; Klein, Steve Report Dec 1, 2014 589
Incorporating disciplinary literacy in technology and engineering education. Loveland, Thomas Report Nov 1, 2014 3107
Outreach partnerships to encourage or increase stem literacy in the classroom. Spellman, Zenora; Jones, Mildred V.; Katsio-Loudis, Petros Report Nov 1, 2014 2086
Pulaski county area technology center's focus on safety in natural gas program. Hargis, Beth Oct 1, 2014 1836
Usability engineering: can change our thinking. Flowers, Jim Report Oct 1, 2014 3245
Relationship of tech prep and dual credit to college readiness and retention. Kim, JoHyun Report Sep 1, 2014 5404
Good to GREAT: Creating a High-wuspiy CTE Program y. Stone, James R. Sep 1, 2014 3060
ACTE's Educator-in-Residence Program. Dimattina, Cara; Bradshaw, Sandra; Gehrki, Kristina Mar 1, 2014 1145
Solving the STEM education puzzle one piece at a time. Foster, Julie Smiley Mar 1, 2014 2815
Integrating and monitoring informal learning in education and training. Strimel, Greg; Reed, Patrick; Dooley, Geneva; Bolling, Jade; Phillips, Melissa; Cantu, Diana V. Mar 1, 2014 3794
Ridgewater College. Reese, Susan Mar 1, 2014 487
Social media advocacy. Jenkins, Brian Mar 1, 2014 626
High School Technical Education--High Prerequisite for Getting a Job. Paprokova, Anna Report May 1, 2013 221
The Common Core and next-generation assessments: preparing students for CTE. Willhoft, Joe Apr 1, 2013 1585
An interview with Geralyn Stephens. Interview Jan 1, 2013 1120
Forging New Pathways: The Impact of the Breaking through Initiative in Michigan. Executive Summary. Schanker, Jennifer B.; Taylor, Judith C. Abstract Nov 1, 2012 315
Structure in Community College Career-Technical Programs: A Qualitative Analysis. CCRC Working Paper No. 50. Van Noy, Michelle; Weiss, Madeline Joy; Jenkins, Davis; Barnett, Elisabeth A.; Wachen, John Report Oct 1, 2012 303
An interview with Darryl Miller, wrestler and CTE instructor: sports medicine teacher Darryl Miller will be traveling to London this summer with the U.S.A. Olympic wrestling team. Interview May 1, 2012 1529
Crossing the bridge: the role of lived experiences in shaping noncredit workforce education students' educational goals. Ozmun, Cliff D. Report Mar 22, 2012 5113
Integrating STEM into the gym for physical education. Jones, Cindy Mar 1, 2012 1431
Pedal power! Gates, John-Paul Mar 1, 2012 579
Ideas for integrating technology education into everyday learning. Jones, Krista Mar 1, 2012 775
Career Opportunities: Career Technical Education and the College Completion Agenda. Part II: Inventory and Analysis of CTE Programs in the California Community Colleges. Moore, Colleen; Jez, Su Jin; Chisholm, Eric; Shulock, Nancy Report Feb 1, 2012 501
Career Technical Education and Labor Market Demand. Report Jan 1, 2012 342
Baker: Apprenticeship Course Outline. Apprenticeship and Industry Training. 2412. Report Jan 1, 2012 240
Music as a vehicle for cross-subject integration. Van Loo, Bill Dec 1, 2011 1359
Making connections: integrating Computer Applications with the academic core. Harter, Christi Oct 1, 2011 1559
Using bell ringers in the CTE classroom. Boettner, Ernema T. Sep 1, 2011 1127
Advocacy on the front lines of CTE. Reese, Susan Sep 1, 2011 2415
An Analysis of Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Vocational Technical Education Framework for Culinary Arts and Its Effectiveness on Students Enrolled in Post-Secondary Culinary Programs. D'Addario, Albert S. Abstract May 1, 2011 330
Leading the charge to change CTE. Davis, Debbie Apr 1, 2011 1223
Teacher preparation: advancing a new image of CTE via high-quality. Sass, Heather Boggs Apr 1, 2011 1766
Public High School Teachers of Career and Technical Education in 2007-08. Web Tables. NCES 2011-235. Bersudskaya, Vera; Cataldi, Emily Forrest Abstract Feb 1, 2011 341
Postsecondary and Labor Force Transitions among Public High School Career and Technical Education Participants. Issue Tables. NCES 2011-234. Bersudskaya, Vera; Chen, Xianglei Abstract Jan 1, 2011 599
48th ATEA National Conference on Technical Education: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn. / March 30-April 1, 2011. Calendar Sep 22, 2010 752
Designing instruction for the distance learner. Asunda, Paul A. Cover story Sep 1, 2010 2028
Benefits of online courses in career and technical education. Metz, Kimberly Sep 1, 2010 2071
24/7 online learning: lessons learned. Butler, Jeffrey W. Sep 1, 2010 1803
Bringing effective professional development to educators. Reese, Susan Sep 1, 2010 2417
Preparing a skilled workforce. Bray, Janet B. May 1, 2010 490
Total CTE Program Model makes CTE the answer. Beltram, Patti May 1, 2010 967
Encourage your Member of Congress to be a hands-on CTE champion. DeWitt, Stephen Column May 1, 2010 725
Preparing workers for successful careers. Reese, Susan May 1, 2010 2865
Assessing students' technical skill attainment. Jorgensen, Haley May 1, 2010 1402
Learning traits in postsecondary CTE: a discussion on classroom and career. Brace, Robert May 1, 2010 1560
Reading frameworks in CTE: pilot study findings. Park, Travis D.; Santamaria, Laura A.; Keene, Barrett L.; Mandele, Liz van der May 1, 2010 1707
Practical literacy matters: teacher confidence is key. Santamaria, Laura A.; Taylor, Marissa K.; Park, Travis D.; Keene, Barrett L.; Mandele, Elizabeth van May 1, 2010 1529
A service to learning. Melott, Ed Apr 1, 2010 550
Making your classes come alive. Moye, Johnny J. Apr 1, 2010 1251
A new Role for CTE. Horne, Mary Apr 1, 2010 978
Learning and Serving through CTE. Reese, Susan Apr 1, 2010 2527
Making a meaningful connection--freshman transition and service-learning. Dedmond, Rebecca M.; Kestler, Erin T. Apr 1, 2010 1328
Students dig: for REAL School Gardens. Reeves, Lacey; Emeagwali, N.susan Apr 1, 2010 1180
Service-learning in our classroom. English, Kevin; Moore, Deb Apr 1, 2010 1045
Mapping the chapter: one way to tackle the CTE textbook. DeFelice, Catherine Laverick Apr 1, 2010 2275
Parallels in arts education and CTE: Some guiding Reflections. Hull, Bradley J. Essay Apr 1, 2010 1733
Caddo Kiowa Technology Center. Apr 1, 2010 454
WorkReady Philadelphia: preparing youth for job readiness. Pawlowski, Brett Mar 1, 2010 1526
CTE teachers as content area reading teachers. O'Connor, Patrick Feb 1, 2010 1308
Validation Study II: Alignment of Texas College and Career Readiness Standards with Entry-Level Career and Technical Education College Courses at Texas Postsecondary Institutions. Conley, David T.; McGaughy, Charis; Cadigan, Katie; Forbes, Jennifer; Young, Brittney Mar 1, 2009 504
Send students anywhere without leaving the classroom: virtual reality in CTE: virtual reality aims to simulate a 3-D location through computer-generated imagery and to give users a powerful sense of "being there," taking control, and interacting personally with the environment and its contents through one or more senses such as vision, hearing and touch. Ausburn, Floyd B.; Ausburn, Lynna J. Oct 1, 2008 1552
Analysis: CTE and adult literacy. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 260
Be a champion. Bray, Janet B. May 1, 2008 464
The role of the assistant principal. May 1, 2008 1120
Revving up students' skills with motorsports: not only are students getting hands-on experience, they will graduate from Parkland with skills that are applicable to real-life situations, such as teamwork, leadership and critical thinking. Thomas, Ingrid May 1, 2008 1362
Left for dead, manufacturing cries out for workers. May 1, 2008 229
The Decade for CTE. Herzek, Farley May 1, 2008 616
Lifelong learning through CTE. Keffeler, Colleen Apr 1, 2008 537
STEM, CTE integration under way to bolster workforce skills. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 170
CTE students--showcase your passion for CTE. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 164
Stop shortfall of CTE workers, say educators. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 291
A Cross-Case Analysis of Career Pathway Programs That Link Low-Skilled Adults to Family-Sustaining Wage Careers. In Brief. Bragg, Debra D.; Bremer, Christine D.; Castellano, Marisa; Kirby, Catherine; Mavis, Ann; Schaad, Don Report Nov 1, 2007 258
Start planning CTE month. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 212
More students focus schooling on skills to land job. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 194
Computer usage in the classroom. Williams, Amber Oct 1, 2007 568
Justesen discusses the future of CTE: Troy Justesen, assistant secretary for the Office of Vocational and Adult Education, sat down with ACTE's Catherine Imperatore to discuss career and technical education. Imperatore, Catherine Sep 1, 2007 1596
The status of CTE teacher education today: the old models for CTE teacher preparation are no longer producing adequate numbers of well-prepared teachers as they once did. Camp, William G.; Heath-Camp, Betty Sep 1, 2007 1989
Soft skills: the new curriculum for hard-core technical professionals. Bancino, Randy; Zevalkink, Claire May 1, 2007 1401
Conducting a social network audit: the social network audit can be an effective and teachable tool for student goal attainment. Gumm, Jim; Hatala, John-Paul May 1, 2007 2089
Texas State Technical College Waco. May 1, 2007 867
"Career classes make a comeback". Brief article May 1, 2007 261
"Making the grades". Brief article May 1, 2007 220
The three Rs redefined for a flat world. Boggess, John A. May 1, 2007 820
Manufacturing success: the success of the manufacturing industry is vital to our nation's economy, and career and technical education is vital to ensuring that success. Reese, Susan Mar 1, 2007 2404
Leading middle school students to career and technical education. Feb 1, 2007 640
"Vocational education is shifting focus". Brief article Feb 1, 2007 133
"The importance of technical education". Brief article Feb 1, 2007 127
"Career-technical education proposal worries educators". Brief article Feb 1, 2007 173
Electrician. Feb 1, 2007 1116
'Zimbabwe alive and kicking'. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 131
ACTE announces Webcast series of best practice. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 221
Integrating Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing for Technical Workforce Training at Two-Year Colleges. Abstract Aug 15, 2005 312
Oracle Academy: four success stories: model the competitive edge of CTE. Nov 1, 2004 1860
VET in Schools: A Post-Compulsory Education Perspective. Polesel, John; Helme, Sue; Davies, Merryn; Teese, Richard; Nicholas, Tanya; Vickers, Margaret Abstract Jan 1, 2004 318
Advancing the concept of technology education: the Advanced Technology Center in Virginia Beach City is more than a new facility--it's a whole new concept in career and technical training. The project is a joint venture between the city school system, Tidewater Community College and the city itself, designed to streamline the path from technical education to high-paying industry jobs.. Wright, Sara Mar 1, 2003 1843
Protecting and serving. Reese, Susan Sep 1, 2002 3381
Grants & gifts. (around campus). Brief Article Jul 8, 2002 721
California. (State Update). Brief Article May 1, 2002 156
High Schools That Work: Best Practices for CTE. Practice Application Brief No. 19. Wonacott, Michael E. Jan 1, 2002 287
Educating Career & Technical Education Teachers: Building a New Model. Symposium Proceedings (Washington, DC, June 13-14, 2000). Dykman, Ann; Mandel, David R. Jan 1, 2001 350
Proprietary schools and their students. Apling, Richard N. Jul 1, 1993 8761

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