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'But you said this ...': Students' management of disagreement within a dialogic approach to literacy instruction. Davidson, Christina; Edwards-Groves, Christine Report Sep 14, 2018 7353
A whole school approach to the teaching of writing. Grosse, Pam; Farrugia, Lorraine; Daly, Sharyn Sep 14, 2018 1203
Stress-free teaching techniques will help educators. Sep 12, 2018 160
Server room to the classroom: A look at the new roles tech teams take on when districts personalize instruction. Raths, David Sep 1, 2018 1402
It Will Consist In The Provision Of All The Musical Services Of The Municipality, Such As Management Service And Teachers For Music Band And Music Classroom, Which Will Include The Corresponding Classes With Instruments Including Wind-metal, Wind-wood, Pe. Aug 9, 2018 155
7th Pay Commission: Bihar University teachers, non-teaching staff to get revised salary soon. Aug 4, 2018 256
Allow Tennessee Teachers To Demonstrate The Impact Of Classroom Instruction On Student Growth Through The Team Student Growth Portfolio. Jul 27, 2018 348
Dubai teacher prize winner rolls out art classes in London. Jul 9, 2018 775
Comparison between Perception and Use of Alternative Assessment Techniques in Teaching of English at Secondary Level. Bashir, Marriam; Shahzadi, Nazia; Afzal, Muhammad Tanveer Report Jun 30, 2018 4671
GIZ organizes five-day training for teachers of practical classes in GoraA3/4de. Jun 20, 2018 193
'Education should be abouut teaching how not what to think and literrature does that' All children should be taught English Literature says poet and writer Patrick Jones, whose own son was barred from studying it at school. Jun 14, 2018 1808
Teaching about adultery and divorce. Jun 14, 2018 377
Teaching about anger. Jun 13, 2018 424
Teaching about the law. Jun 12, 2018 345
Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: 'Survey of Arab-Islamic Civilization'. Jun 11, 2018 936
Teachers stressed to adopt modern teaching techniques. Jun 11, 2018 135
Supply, Transport And Installation Of Furniture For Several Teaching Centers In The Autonomous City Of Ceuta. Jun 11, 2018 123
Teaching about freedom. Jun 10, 2018 161
Children taught in cloakrooms in 'shameful' and 'dilapidated' primary school; Windows in the nursery also often shatter in the cold weather, according to a governor. Jun 8, 2018 471
The two Welsh universities given the best rating for teaching in the UK; The rating puts them in an elite group ranked highly for both research and teaching. Jun 8, 2018 627
DepEd to put premium on hiring qualified teachers to teach in public schools. Jun 6, 2018 590
Everton striker Fraser Hornby says Duncan Ferguson is teaching him to be a targetman; Hornby only converted to a striker last season but already making waves. Jun 6, 2018 517
Service Of Teaching Courses And Training Workshops Organized By The Employment Guidance And Information Center Of The University Of Cantabria (6 Lots). Jun 5, 2018 112
The Consultation Concerns The Provision Of Innovative Teaching Tools In The Minetest Universe And Their Real-life Experimentation With Users Of Teachers And Students Of National Education. Jun 5, 2018 171
The Consultation Concerns The Provision Of Innovative Teaching Tools In The Minetest Universe And Their Real-life Experimentation With Users Of Teachers And Students Of National Education. Jun 4, 2018 131
Sheikha Hind highlights Education City's innovative teaching model in Washington. Jun 3, 2018 324
Learner drivers on motorways will be taught 'not to hog the middle lane'; Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency say changes to the law allowing learners to practice on motorways will make better and safer drivers. Jun 3, 2018 393
Modernization Of Professional And Language Classrooms, Improvement Of Conditions For Training In The Area Of practical Preparation And Purchase Of Tractor For Driving Instruction At Vo And Sze Beneov. Jun 1, 2018 251
Contract For Technical Assistance Services For The Preparation Of Technical Projects For Expansion, Adaptation, Reform And Equipping Of Public Teaching Centers In The Municipality Of Pilar De La Horadada. Jun 1, 2018 134
Teaching Services In The Fields Of Engineering Sciences And Techniques, Cyber-security And Object-oriented Teaching Topics For Enac. Jun 1, 2018 113
Teaching Services In Languages For The Needs Of The Insa Center Val De Loire. Jun 1, 2018 109
Acquisition Of Teaching Materials In The Context Of The Creation Of Digital Systems In High Schools And General High Schools. May 30, 2018 115
Acquisition Of Teaching Materials In The Context Of The Creation Of The Bts Digital Systems In Vocational Schools And General Education High Schools. May 30, 2018 141
Assaults on teaching staff in Swansea more than doubled in the last year; Council chiefs have stressed violence in schools far from commonplace. May 30, 2018 400
Delivery Of Stage Iii Equipment Specified In Annex 1 In The Framework Of The Program "adaptation Of Teaching Conditions To Achieve The Objectives Of The Project Our Quality - Your Chance A Comprehensive Development Program. May 27, 2018 153
HEC deliberates on raising standards of teaching in higher education institutions. May 26, 2018 280
Transferable Teaching Facilities To School. May 26, 2018 533
From Korean Billy to an England cricketer, the best attempts at teaching Geordie to the world; There have been a lots of videos trying to share Geordie lingo with the world and they can often be very funny. May 26, 2018 386
Teaching to become a yoga teacher. May 25, 2018 320
Tasty treats off the fire ... PREPARING THE FEAST Forest sessions are teaching kids about the great outdoors. May 25, 2018 353
Framework Agreement For The Supply Of Reagents, Consumables And Small Laboratory Equipment, Teaching And Research, In The Field Of The University Of Castilla-la Mancha. May 24, 2018 126
11282 teaching, non teaching staff working in schools, colleges of Capital: Tariq. May 24, 2018 245
11282 teaching, non teaching staff working in schools, colleges of Capital: Tariq. May 24, 2018 285
Philippines : Classes in public schools start on June 4. May 24, 2018 337
teaching capabilities: KMU to use mixed reality to teach about human body. May 23, 2018 171
KMU launches project for better learning and teaching in medical education. May 23, 2018 503
C/o Teaching Learning Centre Tlc For Department Of Adult Education For Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar M.p. May 21, 2018 112
Supply Of Equipment For Mathematics And Natural Science Laboratories And Playground Equipment As Part Of The Project Modern Schools. Equipment With Modern Equipment And Teaching Materials In Primary S. May 20, 2018 255
School Quality Management Initiative launched for monitoring teaching, learning in schools. May 18, 2018 305
School plan to stop teaching reception pupils in English; PARENTS WERE TOLD 'OUT OF THE BLUE'AS COSTS BLAMED. May 17, 2018 546
Teaching Our Students to Fail. Wright, Matthew J. May 17, 2018 876
Appointment Of Agency For Conducting Online Recruitment Test For Selection Of Non Teaching Staff In University Of Delhi. May 16, 2018 206
Students teach students in new venture. May 16, 2018 310
Students teach students in new outreach programme. May 16, 2018 310
Trauma nurses teaching lifesaving skills in schools. May 15, 2018 455
Adorable puppies run riot in school as children are taught a lesson in responsibility in Secret Life of Five Year Olds; The adorable kids have some companions in tonight's episode as they are left with the responsibility of looking after young puppies. May 15, 2018 451
Devastated Students Learn Human Rights in Wake of Shooting. May 12, 2018 358
Language Teaching Service In The Military Room And Royal Guard. May 12, 2018 120
Wajir leaders urge youth to pursue teaching courses. May 6, 2018 172
Gojra college's teachers taking morning classes in private institutes. May 6, 2018 963
How Rizal's life should be taught. May 5, 2018 1216
Virtual Reality helps students learn Arabic in UAE. May 5, 2018 527
Kuwait marks 101 years of teaching English in the country. May 3, 2018 386
Article on Teaching-Learning in 2020 and beyond ... May 3, 2018 1333
Floor Coating For The Agricultural College Bruck - Bhm - Teaching Kitchen And Gym In 5671 Bruck Ad Glstr. May 3, 2018 120
GPS Juniors focuses on teaching football to 4 and 5-year-olds. May 2, 2018 325
Does a Discussion by Any Other Name Sound the Same? Teaching Discussion in Three ELA Methods Courses. Alston, Chandra L.; Danielson, Katie A.; Dutro, Elizabeth; Cartun, Ashley Report May 1, 2018 11261
"It's 1000 Degrees in Here When I Teach": Providing Preservice Teachers With an Extended Opportunity to Approximate Ambitious Instruction. Stroupe, David; Gotwals, Amelia Wenk Report May 1, 2018 10718
Teacher coaching boosts early childhood instruction. Nicefaro, Melissa May 1, 2018 354
Literacy Success for Struggling Readers: Strategies that Work: The importance of research-based instruction and effective digital tools. May 1, 2018 811
Using Noncontingent Reinforcement to Reduce Perseverative Speech and Increase Engagement during Social Skills Instruction. Noel, Christina R.; Rubow, Christopher C. Report May 1, 2018 3486
Evaluation of Behavior Skills Training for Teaching Work Skills to a Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Morgan, Christopher A.; Wine, Byron Report May 1, 2018 3109
Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: 'World Literature and its Discontents'. Apr 30, 2018 6074
Namaste Round Lake students learn yoga is for everyone. Apr 30, 2018 363
100 female teachers complete teaching techniques' course. Apr 29, 2018 483
Delivery Of Beekeeping Equipment Equipment As Part Of The Project Modernization Of Teaching Infrastructure For Priority Courses In Vocational Schools Of The Lublin Poviat Under The Regional Operational Program Of The Lubelskie Voivodeship For 2014-2020, P. Apr 29, 2018 206
Out Now: 'Teaching Modern Arabic Literature in Translation'. Apr 28, 2018 200
Teaching to become a yoga teacher; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE. Apr 28, 2018 320
Reorganization And Renovation Of About 500 M 2 Of Teaching Area To A Textile Area And A Teaching Kitchen On The 1st And 2nd Floor Of The Premises Of The Hundertwasser Elementary School, Ladestrae 5, 28844 Weyhe/Leeste. Additional Renovation Of Approx. Apr 27, 2018 182
Scottish Man Fined $1,100 for Teaching Dog to Do Nazi Salute. Apr 24, 2018 263
Appraisals have improved quality of teaching in Kenya. Apr 20, 2018 420
Strike stops classes in afternoon schools. Apr 16, 2018 420
Journal of pedagogy and its teaching conception for education in the Parana state (1957 to 1966)/Revista de Pedagogia e sua concepcao de ensino para a educacao paranaense (1957 a 1966)/Revista de pedagogia y su concepcion de ensenanza para la educacion Paranaense (1957 a 1966). Silva, Rossano Apr 1, 2018 8218
PITB makes Punjab's student learning outcome date public- No more ghost schools-teachers-students in Punjab: Umar Saif. Mar 31, 2018 459
Osammor, Stella Ifeyinwa: Kadeja the Fulani Pearl Queen (Teacher's Resource Material for the Teaching of the Transatlantic Slave Trade). Sinclair, Sam Book review Mar 22, 2018 261
An Exploration of Preservice Teachers' Reasoning About Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners. Turkan, Sultan; de Jong, Ester J. Report Mar 22, 2018 9974
Teachers' Perceptions of Needs and Supports for Handwriting Instruction in Kindergarten. Nye, Jill A.; Sood, Divya Report Mar 22, 2018 6213
'High quality teaching demanded from teachers in modern society'. Mar 20, 2018 320
Training Stays Abroad For Linguistic Immersion Courses In English, French Or German Language For Teachers Of Non-linguistic Areas With Destination In Public Schools Bilnges. Mar 15, 2018 118
California Teacher Accidentally Fires Gun While Teaching Students About Firearm Safety. Mar 14, 2018 610
Teacher turnover is taking a toll on quality of instruction in UAE. Mar 11, 2018 1530
Loving Out Loud: Community Mentors, Teacher Candidates, and Transformational Learning Through a Pedagogy of Care and Connection. Zygmunt, Eva; Cipollone, Kristin; Tancock, Susan; Clausen, Jon; Clark, Patricia; Mucherah, Winnie Report Mar 1, 2018 10571
Changing the culture of mathematics instruction to better prepare students: Using technology to supplement and complement the work of math teachers. Mar 1, 2018 515
Math instruction: Digital and physical. Wyman-Blackburn, Steven Mar 1, 2018 1253
STOLEN GENERATIONS: TEACHING ABOUT THE EXPERIENCES OF TRAUMA. Harrison, Neil; Burke, Jackie; Clarke, Ivan Report Mar 1, 2018 5891
Sport Education as a Curriculum Approach to Student Learning of Invasion Games: Effects on Game Performance and Game Involvement. Farias, Claudio; Valerio, Carla; Mesquita, Isabel Report Mar 1, 2018 7800
Teaching Real-World Categories Using Touchscreen Equivalence-Based Instruction. Barron, Ronda; Leslie, Julian C.; Smyth, Sinead Report Mar 1, 2018 8591
Let locals teach in North Eastern to curb al Shabaab attacks - Knut. Feb 25, 2018 455
Professional Development Training For Chinese Language Teachers In The Teaching Of Low Progress Students + Co-development Of Learning Resources. Feb 22, 2018 127
Rescue And Aquatic Lifeguard In The Pool Of The Ispilla Sports Center, As Well As First Aid In The Whole Installation Of The Municipal Sports Center. - Sports Teachers For The Teaching Of Aquatic Courses And Activities. Feb 20, 2018 113
The business of child care: NH Community Loan Fund initiative offers support to child care programs. Proulx, Melissa Feb 16, 2018 1316
Mr. Pickens at your service Teacher: Students learn to solve problems. Feb 12, 2018 737
Mr. Pickens at your service Teacher: Students learn to solve problems, think for themselves. Feb 12, 2018 581
Mr. Pickens at your service Teacher: Students learn to solve problems. Feb 12, 2018 581
Provision Of Amis Instructors For The Teaching Of Primary 3 And Primary 4 Ukulele For First Toa Payoh Primary School. Feb 8, 2018 201
NO WITH NOKES; Canadian Gaelic teacher is ONLY CANDIDATE for isle's school, council think SHE'S PERFECT for job, kids CAN'T WAIT to be taught by her and Scotland's Education Secretary has BACKED VISA bid. There's just one snag the ARROGANT Tory immigration minister. So that's a .. Fury as Deputy First Minister's appeal is given the brush-off. Feb 7, 2018 406
Roadshow for people who want to teach; IN BRIEF. Feb 5, 2018 124
improving teacher-made assessments in technology and engineering education: Generating solid evidence of important student learning outcomes begins with good assessment practices at the classroom level. White, Jesse W.; Moye, Johnny J.; Gareis, Christopher R.; Hylton, Sarah P. Feb 1, 2018 3718
Bachelor-level students being taught by clerks in capital. Jan 22, 2018 614
Dance teacher is jailed for sex abuse of pupils; predator who taught in city for 50 years was tracked down by victim. Jan 20, 2018 459
Practical approaches for enhancing literacy instruction: Hands-on, research-based strategies that support teachers and administrators. Jan 1, 2018 552
Classroom Leadership: A Phenomenological Study of Female Chinese and Latina Foreign-Born Instructors Teaching Experience in the U.S. Cruz, Ana M. Report Jan 1, 2018 8342
Aprendizaje-servicio y mejora de la Personalidad Eficaz en futuros docentes de Educacion Fisica/[en] Service-learning and Effective Personality in Physical Education pre-service teachers. Chiva-Bartoll, Oscar; Pallares-Piquer, Marc; Gil-Gomez, Jesus Jan 1, 2018 7773
Assessment of knowledge and skills in information literacy instruction for rehabilitation sciences students: a scoping review. Boruff, Jill T.; Harrison, Pamela Report Jan 1, 2018 10424
Narratives from a bachelor on the construction of her teaching practices in the public university/Narrativas de uma bacharela sobre a construcao de suas praticas de professora na universidade publica. de Souza, Rosalia Beber; Ribeiro, Douglas Candido Jan 1, 2018 6166
Comparison of Teaching Practices in English Writing Classrooms of Secondary School Certificate and General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level. Fatima, Qudsia; Akbar, Rafaqat Ali Report Dec 31, 2017 5116
Weaknesses in Evaluation of Teaching Practice in the Formal and Non-Formal Teacher Education Institutions. Younus, Fouzia; Farooq, R.A.; Tabassum, Rabia Report Dec 31, 2017 3363
Relationship between Attitudes of Prospective Teachers and their Academic Achievements in Teacher Educational Programs in Baluchistan, Pakistan. Karim, Khadija; Ayub, Alia; Khurshid, Khalid; Akram, Mohammad Report Dec 31, 2017 5262
Teaching Styles of Secondary School English Teachers and Learning Styles of their Students and Relationship of Teaching Learning Style Match with Students' Achievement. Khalid, Mubashira; Akhter, Mumtaz; Hashmi, Aroona Report Dec 31, 2017 5860
Role Play: A Productive Teaching Strategy to Promote Critical Thinking. Rashid, Sumaira; Qaisar, Shahzada Report Dec 31, 2017 5709
Up to Dh228,000 annual salary for teaching job in Dubai. Dec 5, 2017 342
Co 1st And 2nd Floor Of Seminar Hall And 15 Teachers Cubicles For Faulty Of Law At Bhu, Varanasi Sh Supplying And Fixing Of Prefabricated Instruction Sheet. Dec 2, 2017 127
Strategies for building a diverse district: Schools want teaching staff to reflect students' racial and religious makeup. Patton, Carol Dec 1, 2017 625
#TechConnect: Connecting teachers, technology and instruction: Auburn School District, Auburn, Washington. Dec 1, 2017 806
Who is teaching science in our high schools? Exploring factors influencing pre-service secondary science teachers' decisions to pursue teaching as a career. McDonald, Christine V. Report Dec 1, 2017 6469
Supply Of Instructors & Facilitators For Teaching Of Scratch (coding For Students) For Innovators Club Cca For Springdale Primary School In 2018. Dec 1, 2017 181
"Do I Really Need a Course to Learn to Teach Students with Disabilities? I've Been Doing It for Years". Sokal, Laura; Sharma, Umesh Report Dec 1, 2017 6722
Using controversy as a teaching tool: An interview with Diana Hess: Teaching students how to engage in civil discussions about important issues is even more essential in an environment as polarized and politicized as America is today. Richardson, Joan Interview Dec 1, 2017 3214
The complicated pursuit of democratic teaching: Learning about democracy and living democratically present challenges in a high school social studies classroom. Gibbs, Brian Essay Dec 1, 2017 3077
Controversial issues in the science classroom: Teaching students how to consider some of the most difficult science issues of our time will better prepare them to be scientifically literate citizens. Owens, David C.; Sadler, Troy D.; Zeidler, Dana L. Dec 1, 2017 2358
From partisanship to pluralism: Teaching students how to listen to each other: A teacher-designed discussion protocol helps high school students have productive conversations about their political beliefs. Sussman, Daniel Essay Dec 1, 2017 2335
TOP 10 reasons students plagiarize & what teachers can do about it (with apologies to David Letterman): Students may plagiarize for many reasons, ranging from laziness to sloppiness to a lack of understanding about the reason for citations, but teachers can employ a series of strategies to prevent problems while also teaching students good scholarly practices. Cleary, Michelle Navarre Essay Dec 1, 2017 2664
TAG Confucius Institute Teachers Attend the 2nd Chinese Language Teaching Seminar in Jordan. Nov 2, 2017 203
United States : Enhanced assessments to elevate science instruction. Nov 1, 2017 711
Supply Of Instructors For 5 Weeks Hip-hop And Lyrical Dance Instruction Programme For General Music Programme In Mayflower Secondary School For 2018. Oct 11, 2017 276
Supply Of Instructor(s) For 2 Day Student Leadership Cum Service-learning Training For Secondary 2 Students For Ngee Ann Secondary School. Oct 3, 2017 278
Genre as instrument to the Portuguese Language teaching in the curricular parameters of Pernambuco/O genero como instrumento para o ensino de Lingua Portuguesa nos Parametros Curriculares do Estado de Pernambuco. Lima, Gustavo Oct 1, 2017 7209
Integrating a 4th Grade Social Studies Lesson on the Five Regions of Virginia With an Obstacle Course in Physical Education. Pankau, Mark Sep 22, 2017 1165
Instructional Vendor- The Estrellita Accelerated Beginning Spanish Reading Program Supports Native Language Instruction By Providing Early Education Bilingual Teachers With A Methodology And Concrete Strategies For Teaching Beginning Spanish Reading To Yo. Sep 1, 2017 136
Co 1st And 2nd Floor Of Seminar Hall And 15 Teachers Cubicles For Faculty Of Law Including Internal E.i. And Fighting System At Bhu, Varanasi Sh Supplying And Fixing Of Prefabricated Instruction Sheet. Sep 1, 2017 135
Role Play: A Productive Teaching Strategy to Promote Critical Thinking. Rashid, Sumaira; Qaisar, Shahzada Report Aug 31, 2017 5709
Engagement Of Instructors For The Teaching Of Introductory Dance For Latin Ballroom Dancing For Primary 2 Students For Ftpps. Aug 17, 2017 177
How Teaching Math In The US Must Be Changed. Reprint Jul 20, 2017 1166
To Expand Our Students~ Worldview & Widen Their Horizons Beyond Their Sch & Country. To Deepen Their Understanding & Appreciation Of The Chinese Collaborate & Learn Through Sch Exchange & Interaction Between The Students & Teachers Of Both Coun. Jul 18, 2017 339
United Kingdom : 4.2m to boost teaching of Welsh. Jul 6, 2017 566
"Into the realm of the politically incorrect": Intercultural encounters in a service-learning program. Palpacuer-Lee, Christelle; Curtis, Jessie Hutchison Report Jul 1, 2017 7537
South Korean students' responses to English-medium instruction courses. Chun, Seungwoo; Kim, Hyondong; Park, Chan-Kyoo; McDonald, Karin; Ha, Oh Sun; Kim, Dae Lyong; Lee, Se Report Jul 1, 2017 5442
Teaching Shona Culture in Secondary Schools: A Case for Masvingo Urban Schools in Zimbabwe. Eunitah, Viriri Jul 1, 2017 4008
From the Field: From Barrier to Bridge: Partnering with Teaching Faculty to Facilitate a Multi-term Information Literacy Research Project. Pickard, Elizabeth Report Jul 1, 2017 3581
A pathway to teaching in the north country: WMCC-PSU program allows future teachers to learn, live and work in the region. McCord, Michael Jun 9, 2017 508
Breaking language barriers: teaching content in native language shows promise, though translations beyond Spanish can be hard to find. Yaffe, Deborah May 1, 2017 1855
Qatar Foundation International and the Education Development provide professional learning opportunities to teachers of Arabic in Qatar. Apr 24, 2017 455
Effects of the Order of Abstraction and Type of Reflection on Content Knowledge when Teaching Experientially in a High School Classroom. DiBenedetto, Catherine A.; Blythe, Jessica M.; Myers, Brian E. Report Apr 1, 2017 6158
An Exploration of Relationships between Teaching Practices in Secondary Agricultural Education Programs and Student Engagement. Friedel, Curtis R.; Anderson, James C., II Report Apr 1, 2017 8226
Promoting emotional well-being while learning through online mentoring in a Hispanic female pre-service teacher population. Ainsa, Patricia; Olivarez, Arturo Mar 22, 2017 3585
Putting teachers first: leading change through design--initiating and sustaining effective teaching of mathematics. Proffitt-White, Rob Mar 22, 2017 3250
Reform-oriented collaborative inquiry as a pedagogy for student teaching in middle school. DeMink-Carthew, Jessica Report Mar 22, 2017 7918
Closing success gaps with a comprehensive personalized learning approach: Indianapolis district enlists the expertise of education elements to transform instruction and redesign how we teach and engage our students. Mar 1, 2017 476
So how do you teach literacy in teacher education?: literacy/English teacher educators' goals and pedagogies. Kosnik, Clare; Menna, Lydia; Dharamshi, Pooja; Miyata, Cathy Feb 1, 2017 9770
Subject area literacy instruction in low SES secondary schools in New Zealand. Wilson, Aaron; McNaughton, Stuart; Zhu, Tong Feb 1, 2017 9503
Dole appeals to OFWS to come back, teach in PH. Jan 21, 2017 383
Teachers' experiences with literacy instruction for dual-media students who use print and braille. Herzberg, Tina S.; Rosenblum, L. Penny; Robbins, Mary E. Report Jan 1, 2017 5401
TEACHING FOR EQUITY IN THE MILIEU OF WHITE FRAGILITY: Can Children's Literature Build Empathy and Break Down Resistance? Masko, Amy L.; Bloem, Patricia L. Essay Jan 1, 2017 5037
Relation teacher--Achievement obtaining: A glance of the teaching process in the school/Relacion maestro--alcance del logro: Una mirada a los procesos de ensenanza en la escuela/Relacao professor--extensao da conquista: Um olhar sobre o ensino na escola. Villalobos-Martinez, Jose Luis; Florez-Romero, Gabriel Antonio; Londono- Vasquez, David Alberto Jan 1, 2017 8223
Teaching oral production in English by using Podcast: reporting the experience with elementary students/Ensino de producao oral em lingua inglesa por meio de podcast: relatando uma experiencia com alunos do ensino fundamental. dos Reis, Susana Cristina Jan 1, 2017 8470
QFT Based Robust Positioning Control of the PMSM Using Automatic Loop Shaping with Teaching Learning Optimization. Katal, Nitish; Narayan, Shiv Report Jan 1, 2017 8757
Promoting Process-Oriented Listening Instruction in the ESL Classroom. Nguyen, Huong; Abbott, Marilyn L. Dec 22, 2016 5552
Study on the application of computer network in aerobics teaching in normal colleges. Xu, Zhihua Dec 1, 2016 2114
Promoting more effective mathematics instruction: guiding and supporting teachers to ensure deeper learning. Dec 1, 2016 1239
Indonesia : Ethics Teachers Training Course in Surabaya, Indonesia, Organized by UNESCO and Airlangga University, 24-28 April 2017. Nov 9, 2016 154
Indonesia : The Launch of UNESCOs Ethics Teachers Training Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nov 9, 2016 219
Teaching to the sext: How Texas educators tackle a NSFW election. Nov 3, 2016 1723
Rural school teaching in Zimbabwe: Mentoring experiences of 'beginning' primary school teachers. Manwa, Lilian; Mukeredzi, Tabitha Grace; Manwa, Lokadhia Report Nov 1, 2016 7914
Practice study of the teaching of urban planning and architectural design assisted by computer. Li, Huan; Jiao, Yinghui; Feng, Zhenyi Oct 15, 2016 3890
Direct instruction fit for purpose: applying a metalinguistic toolkit to enhance creative writing in the early secondary years. Humphrey, Sally; Feez, Susan Oct 1, 2016 8062
Using contact theory to examine a service-learning experience in a social foundations course. Tinkler, Barri; Hannah, C. Lynne; Tinkler, Alan Report Sep 22, 2016 6456
Thinking, feeling and relating: young children learning through dance. Deans, Jan Sep 1, 2016 6243
Blended learning magnifies a teacher's power: digital tools provide the data to truly personalize instruction so students can guide themselves. Elsberry, Cindy Sep 1, 2016 597
Creation And Implementation In Practice Of The Educational Institutions Of The Russian Federation, A Multimedia Electronic Interactive Educational Complex For Training Of Teachers, Librarians Development And Implementation Of Integrated Classes In Extracu. Aug 28, 2016 110
200 Hours of Transformational Yoga Teacher Training Course in Stunning Nepal. Aug 23, 2016 631
Procurement of Instructors to Teach Online Student Courses. Aug 12, 2016 124
Improving the Quality of Teaching in Haiti. Aug 11, 2016 383
Modernizing teaching in New York. DeNisco, Alison Aug 1, 2016 462
Filipina in exchange program enjoys teaching in N. Carolina. Jul 28, 2016 979
NUT says stress causing teaching 'crisis' in Wales. Jul 25, 2016 473
MIT program gives NH teachers a course in coding: Manchester schools, UNH Manchester, Dyn team up for 'TeachCode Academy'. Allard, Edie Jul 22, 2016 597
"Get this sorted" - Jeremy Corbyn supports Durham teaching assistants in contract row; Durham County Council is set to dismiss and re-engage 2,700 staff after months of contract dispute. Jul 10, 2016 360
Effect of use of Teaching Kit on Performance of Students at Primary level. Survey Jun 30, 2016 2134
Teaching strategies for students with ADHD: findings from the field. Hamilton, Nancy J.; Astramovich, Randall L. Jun 22, 2016 5064
Creating Inclusive EAL classrooms: How Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Instructors Understand and Mitigate Barriers for Students Who Have Experienced Trauma. Wilbur, Amea Essay Jun 22, 2016 7878
Every kid's yoga: a yoga instructor based in new york city has developed a school of inclusive yoga to provide group instruction in yoga and mindfulness for kids with a range of developmental abilities. Roth, Sarah Jun 1, 2016 1888
Where Do the Art Students Go? May 31, 2016 588
To provide the services of Part time teachers & non teaching staff to KGBV Katkol, Ramdurg Block in BELGAUM District. May 7, 2016 123
provide the services of Part time teachers & non teaching staff to KGBV Ugargol, Soundatti Block in BELGAUM District. May 7, 2016 121
United States : U.S. Department of Education Collaborates with ASCD and National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to Provide Grants that Support Teacher Leadership Projects. May 4, 2016 673
Teaching in the professional Exact Sciences Masters' Degree program: conceptions and knowledge of teachers in training/Ensino em mestrado profissional de Ciencias Exatas: concepcoes e saberes de professores em formacao/ Ensenanza en maestria profesional de Ciencias Exactas: concepciones y saberes de profesores en formacion. Schuck, Rogerio Jose; Martins, Silvana Neumann; Marchi, Miriam Ines; Grassi, Marlise Heemann May 1, 2016 4113
Innovative use of data helps Johnston County Schools close achievement gaps: North Carolina district uses i-Ready to differentiate instruction and improve classroom outcomes. Apr 1, 2016 507
Efficacy of teachers training paraprofessionals to implement peer support arrangements. Brock, Matthew E.; Carter, Erik W. Report Apr 1, 2016 9575
Pre-service teachers' perceptions towards multicultural education & teaching of culturally & linguistically diverse learners. Taylor, Roben; Kumi-Yeboah, Alex; Ringlaben, Ravic P. Mar 22, 2016 6374
Bangladesh: Second Teaching Quality Improvement in Secondary Education Project. Mar 4, 2016 440
Telling reflections: teaching sustainably in a complex learning environment. Prescott, Debbie Mar 1, 2016 5138
Teaching timebomb in our classrooms Teaching timebomb in our classrooms Teaching timebomb in our classrooms Teaching timebomb in our classrooms. Feb 11, 2016 955
Your questions on Teach First answered; WE have teamed up with Teach First in its bid to recruit 40 teachers in the North East to improve the education of kids from low income communities. We answer readers questions about the organisation and what awaits those who sign up. Jan 27, 2016 507
SDP-15-2015 RFP to develop the contents of a course in differential line for teachers and administrators to promote the development of socio-emotional skills in students and higher average. Jan 11, 2016 112
Transforming schools by transforming our mental model of instruction: the principal's instructional vision is critical in the shift to rigorous, standards-based classrooms. Toth, Michael Jan 1, 2016 626
Contributing to the state of the art about Open Educational Resources for language teaching and learning in Brazil/Contribuindo com o estado da arte sobre Recursos Educacionais Abertos para o ensino e a aprendizagem de linguas no Brasil. Costa, Alan Ricardo; Fialho, Vanessa Ribas; Bevilaqua, Andre Firpo; Leffa, Vilson Jose Jan 1, 2016 9903
Teacher and university educator perspectives on teaching languages in rural settings: a sonata form case study. Evans, Jenny; Morgan, Anne-Marie Case study Jan 1, 2016 9296
The use of documentaries as previous organizers in the teaching of non-Euclidean geometry in the classroom/A utilizacao de documentarios enquanto organizadores previos no ensino de geometria nao Euclidiana em sala de aula/La utilizacion de documentales como organizadores previos en la ensenanza de geometria no Euclidiana en el aula. Brum, Wanderley Pivatto; Schuhmacher, Elcio; da Silva, Sani de Carvalho Rutz Jan 1, 2016 4069
Notes for a history of the teaching children's literature in teacher's formation courses for elementary school in Brazil and in Portugal/Notas para uma historia do ensino da literatura infantil na formacao de professores primarios no Brasil e em Portugal/Notas para una historia de la ensenanza de la literatura infantil en la formacion de profesores primarios en Brasil y en Portugal. de Oliveira, Fernando Rodrigues Jan 1, 2016 6430
Request for proposal for conduct of short capsule course in chinese language through native instructors. Dec 16, 2015 139
Fueling student growth: formative assessment, data-driven instruction, and overcoming the problem of limited time: finding ways to use assessment and interventions to create personalized learning. Dec 1, 2015 1217
Teacher education nepantlera work: connecting cracks-between-worlds with Mormon university students. Kasun, G. Sue Report Dec 1, 2015 7270
The long-term impact of an education for sustainability course on Israeli science and technology teachers' pro-environment awareness, commitment and behaviour. Abramovich, Anat; Loria, Yahavit Dec 1, 2015 7144
Relationship between Teaching Style and Students' Performance. Paulican, Apolinar T.; Paulican, Lorna T. Dec 1, 2015 4295
Orff-Schulwerk as a pedagogical tool for the effective teaching of Italian to upper primary students in Western Australia. Paolino, Annamaria; Lummis, Geoffrey W. Report Nov 1, 2015 6627
Teaching assistants in County Durham facing 'life changing' pay cuts of up to [pounds sterling]5000; Durham County Council is looking to cut the pay of teaching assistants on 52 week salaries as its [pounds sterling]250m budget cuts continue. Oct 29, 2015 467
Newcastle High School for Girls pupils get Spanish lessons with an energetic twist; Zumba exercise classes are being used to teach youngsters Spanish at Newcastle High School for Girls. Oct 4, 2015 393
Former teacher celebrates 100th birthday with a party at Fenham care home; Among the guests were family members and friends, as well as Iris Gray and Barbara Dodds, who were taught by Dora in 1939. Sep 24, 2015 400
Innovative university-school partnerships co-teaching in secondary settings. Morton, Brenda M.; Birky, Ginny D. Report Sep 22, 2015 4985
Linking practice with theory to model cultural responsiveness: lessons learned from a collaborative service-learning project in an urban elementary classroom. Endo, Rachel Case study Sep 22, 2015 8156
A program based on task-based teaching approach to develop creative thinking teaching skills for female science teachers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Ibrahim, Manal Hassan Mohammed Bin Sep 22, 2015 4477
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Difficult knowledge and the English classroom: a Catholic framework using Cormac McCarthy's The Road/Connaissances difficiles et la classe d'anglais : utilisation de la route (The Road) par Cormac McCarthy dans un programme d'enseignement catholique/Conocimiento dificil y la clase de ingles: un marco Catolico usando The Road, de Cormac McCarthy. Jarvie, Scott; Burke, Kevin Critical essay Sep 1, 2015 7207
What can Jesus teach us about student engagement?/Qu'est-ce que Jesus peut nous apprendre sur l'engagement des eleves?/?Que nos puede ensenar Jesus de la motivacion del estudiante? James, Glenn; Martinez, Elda; Herbers, Sherry Sep 1, 2015 10087
Improving teacher effectiveness with an in-classroom camera system: Viewpath allows teachers to reflect on and improve their instructional methods. Sep 1, 2015 523
Primed to teach: how the top teaching colleges prepare students for today's classrooms. Lacey, Kylie Sep 1, 2015 1686
Conduct of short capsule course in chinese language through native instructors. Aug 24, 2015 138
To provide training & consultancy services leading to the following outcome- i)all teachers will be able to use assessment to inform them of students~ learning. ii) to provide general training for all. Aug 11, 2015 131
Supply teachers getting less than they are due; Former journalist, Cardiff Central AM Jenny Rathbone, has been looking into supply teaching in Wales. She explains her concerns about their pay and conditions... Jul 16, 2015 682
County Durham toddler teaching business prepares for French expansion; Angela Sterling created the Lingotot business while taking a break from teaching to care for her two daughters. Jul 5, 2015 446
Head of the class; SCHOOL new boss is former pupil Retiring Irene hands over control to woman who was part of P1 group she taught in first year as teacher in 1976. Jul 4, 2015 397
A structural equation modelling approach for massive blended synchronous teacher training. Kannan, Kalpana; Narayanan, Krishnan Report Jul 1, 2015 7595
Mother, woman ... teacher! gender issues and teaching in contemporary education agenda/Mae, mulher ... professora! questoes de genero e trabalho docente na agenda educacional contemporanea. Dametto, Jarbas; Esquinsani, Rosimar Serena Siqueira Ensayo Jul 1, 2015 4838
Organizational analysis of school inclusion classes in France/ Analisis organizativo de las clases de inclusion escolar en Francia/ Analise organizativa das aulas de inclusao escolar na Franca. Cara-Diaz, Maria; Sola-Martinez, Tomas; Aznar-Diaz, Inmaculada; Fernandez-Martin, Francisco Survey Jul 1, 2015 6368
Govt school teachers will be taught how to teach. Jun 24, 2015 605
Kyrgyzstan develops computer courses on reproductive health for teachers. Jun 15, 2015 144
Can values be taught? The myth of value-free education. Sutrop, Margit Essay Jun 1, 2015 6643
'It's the nature of the subject': secondary teachers' disciplinary beliefs and decisions about teaching academic language in their content classes. Gleeson, Margaret Report Jun 1, 2015 7293
Arabic teachers' challenges when teaching in private schools. May 17, 2015 742
Former Kenton School teacher banned from classrooms after arrest over indecent images; Gary Duggan, who once taught at Kenton School in Newcastle, has been banned from schools by the National College of Teaching. May 5, 2015 367
Coding from kindergarten to graduation: districts expand computer science instruction to give students critical job skills. Remis, Katie Kilfoyle May 1, 2015 1883
Improving classroom behavior through effective instruction: an illustrative program example using SRA FLEX literacy. Martella, Ronald C.; Marchand-Martella, Nancy E. Report May 1, 2015 9025
Using methodology for teaching-learning in schools of futsal with children aged between 6 to 10 years/A UTILIZACAO DA METODOLOGIA PARA O ENSINO-APRENDIZAGEM NAS ESCOLINHAS DE FUTSAL PARA CRIANCAS COM FAIXA ETARIA DE 6 A 10 ANOS. Alves, Amanda Rezende; Navarro, Antonio Coppi Apr 30, 2015 6388
Differentiated instruction: characteristics of teachers who differntiate reading instruction. Wilchcombe, Dana L. Report Apr 1, 2015 166
The Atualidades Project--a generator of improvement in the teaching-learning process: report of a teaching method carried out in a higher education institution. Orlandi, Orlandy; Junges, Ivone Ensayo Apr 1, 2015 7585
Microteaching to video classes in the digital age/Do microensino a video-aula na era digital. Carravetta, Luiza Maria Cezar Apr 1, 2015 4685
Develop the school as a collective learning organization, linked to student learning and what teachers contribute in the classroom. Mar 30, 2015 195
Peacelearning and its relationship to the teaching of nonviolence. Morrison, Mary Lee Mar 22, 2015 5681
Technology to the core: Math-in-CTE and introductory technology courses get students off to a great start. Farmer, Tom Mar 1, 2015 1628
A comparative study of students' track and field technical performance in sport education and in a direct instruction approach. Pereira, Jose; Hastie, Peter; Araujo, Rui; Farias, Claudio; Rolim, Ramiro; Mesquita, Isabel Mar 1, 2015 7904
Teacher Assessment Resources for Monitoring and Improving Instruction for Foundation Phase (TARMII-FP). Jan 21, 2015 179
'Train to Teach' event in city. Jan 14, 2015 191
Watch: Ashington school using toilets and cupboards for classrooms due to overcrowding; Central First School in Ashington is turning pupils away and being forced to teach children in make-shift classrooms, including the garden shed. Jan 13, 2015 771
A study of planned changes in university instruction: Origins and development of educational innovations/Un estudio sobre cambios planificados en la ensenanza universitaria: origen y desarrollo de las innovaciones educativas. Pizzolitto, Ana Lucia; Macchiarola, Viviana Jan 1, 2015 8271
Feedback of medical students on teaching and evaluation methodology in physiology. Lalvarmawi, Florence; Banik, Uttam; Devi, M. Anita Jan 1, 2015 1519
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Impact of Teaching Techniques on the Performance of Learners in Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2014 5885
The School of Royal Yoga Inc. Announces That They Will be Offering a Free Introduction Session on Their Certified Yoga Instructor Training Courses in Chester, NJ. Dec 8, 2014 219
Studying the effect of teaching creativity to the teachers on the creativity of second grade elementary students in Dezfool in 2013-2014. Afshari, Margan; Harandi, Setareh Kanaani; Ahmadi, Amineh Report Nov 1, 2014 3982
Supplementary courses in public schools suffer from lack of instructors. Oct 14, 2014 396
Pronunciation instruction and students' practice to develop their confidence in EFL oral skills/La instruccion de la pronunciacion y la practica de los estudiantes para el desarrollo de la confianza en habilidades orales en ingles como lengua extranjera. Tejeda, Ana Cristina Tlazalo; Santos, Nora M. Basurto Oct 1, 2014 7762
Technical Services and Subject Matter Expertise to Support an ongoing initiative to improve adult education language instruction by improving the abilities of teachers working with adult English langu. Sep 23, 2014 109
Expand your reach: new-world role combines coaching teachers and teaching students. Bertrand, Romain Sep 22, 2014 748
Increasing English language learners' engagement in instruction through emotional scaffolding. Park, Mi-Hwa Sep 22, 2014 10421
A service-learning immersion in a remote Aboriginal community: enhancing pre-service teacher education. Lavery, Shane; Cain, Glenda; Hampton, Patrick Sep 1, 2014 5884
Professionally developing as a teacher educator. Loughran, John Report Sep 1, 2014 10458
What should teacher educators know and be able to do? Perspectives from practicing teacher educators. Goodwin, A. Lin; Smith, Laura; Souto-Manning, Mariana; Cheruvu, Ranita; Tan, Mei Ying; Reed, Rebecca Report Sep 1, 2014 15200
Social justice issues and music education in the post 9/11 United States. Wagoner, Cynthia L. Report Sep 1, 2014 8113
It was a privilege to be taught by him; Former pupils pay tribute to teacher killed in Mali plane crash. Jul 29, 2014 388
Service school meals, with food preparation at the center of the supplier~s production, the pupils of the public schools and kindergartens teachers and teaching staff involved in the service. Jul 17, 2014 135
Enhancing small group instruction through audio technology. Jun 1, 2014 1234
'Protect standards if teacher's absent' Supply staff covering 10% of classes in Wales. May 13, 2014 458
Lessons from a Zen garden: as her family begins the restoration of a traditional Japanese-style garden, Zen teacher Karen Maezen Miller receives a teaching of love--and of letting go--in the fleeting beauty of its flowers. Miller, Karen Maezen Reprint May 1, 2014 1997
Assessing the perception of teachers and students regarding new teaching technologies in undergraduate management courses/ Avaliacao da percepcao de discentes e docentes sobre novas tecnologias de ensino em cursos de graduacao em administracao. De Padua, Fabio Pimenta, Jr.; Filho, Joao Pereira De Castilho; Neto, Pedro Jose Steiner; Sobrinho, Z Apr 1, 2014 7992
Classroom management: a world of misconceptions. Garrett, Tracey Mar 22, 2014 3780
Self-efficacy: a prerequisite to successfully entering the Academic discourse community. Adams, Joyce Mar 22, 2014 9957
The role of student agency: exploring openings during literacy instruction. Vaughn, Margaret Mar 22, 2014 7135
We were there too: Learning from black male teachers in Mississippi about successful teaching of black students. Hayes, Cleveland; Juarez, Brenda; Escoffery-Runnels, Veronica Mar 22, 2014 10211
Technical Services and Subject Matter Expertise to Support an ongoing initiative to improve adult education language instruction by improving the abilities of teachers working with adult English langu. Mar 10, 2014 116
Putting math standards into motion: tips for translating Common Core into classroom instruction. Meyers, Harriet Mar 1, 2014 796
Ex-substitute teacher now a police officer: college helps woman make transition from English classroom to street. Heard, Kenneth Feb 3, 2014 597
Deteriorated education system in Sindh. Mallah, Amjad Ali Jan 26, 2014 1102
Technical Services and Subject Matter Expertise to Support an ongoing initiative to improve adult education language instruction by improving the abilities of teachers working with adult English langu. Jan 15, 2014 115
TEACHER'S PET; German Shepherd Amber's teaching children to read... and your pets can help too. Jan 11, 2014 456
How do teachers build their practices in arts education? Reflections on quality in arts education/Como constroem os professores as suas praticas de educacao artistica? Reflexoes em torno da qualidade no ensino das artes. Fernandes, Sandra Isabel Rosado Jan 1, 2014 2466
Culturally relevant, purpose-driven learning & teaching in a middle school social studies classroom. Milner, H. Richard IV Report Jan 1, 2014 9542
What are we teaching our students? Miller, N. Warren; Lassmann, Marie E. Dec 22, 2013 2875
Influence of university level direct instruction on educators' use of technology in the classroom. Garner, Angie M.; Bonds-Raacke, Jennifer M. Dec 22, 2013 7280
Make a splash with a career which goes swimmingly! Careers in swimming instruction Sue Kelbrick on a career suited to great swimmers with the desire to help others. Dec 12, 2013 406

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