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critical thinking? J-school students and industry vets tackle the tough questions. Galiffa, Dean; Pickering, Scott Column Jun 1, 2019 725
Spontaneous Synergy Happens in a Diverse Classroom. Curtis, Judith G. Feb 21, 2019 845
2019 Knight Visiting Nieman Fellows Named. Jan 1, 2019 344
A Free Press Is Essential to Democracy. Ford, Rochelle L. Sep 20, 2018 707
An Education. Yang, Nu Editorial Jul 1, 2018 645
From digital to print Pathway: Journalism classes teach students how to communicate. Apr 27, 2018 962
Journalism should be taught in colleges: parliamentarians. Feb 17, 2018 249
Exploring perspectives of students studying communication toward media access and Use: A Q methodological study. Riggs, Angel; Montgomery, Diane; Blackwell, Cindy Report Mar 1, 2017 8153
For the lifestyle and a love of creativity: Australian students' motivations for studying journalism. Hanusch, Folker; Clifford, Katrina; Davies, Kayt; English, Peter; Fulton, Janet; Lindgren, Mia; O'Do Report Aug 1, 2016 6852
The New Town Square: Florida journalism students partner with Yik Yak to create location-based newsfeed. Young, Adreana Jul 1, 2015 423
Course on development Journalism concludes at UoP. Jun 11, 2015 430
Kaarle nordenstreng. Jul 1, 2014 963
Socializing journalist trainees in the newsroom: on how to capture the intangible parts of the process. Gravengaard, Gitte; Rimestad, Lene Jul 1, 2014 7022
Journalism students' professional views in eight countries: the role of motivations, education, and gender. Hanusch, Folker; Mellado, Claudia Report Apr 1, 2014 7593
IIMC to launch short duration course in Urdu journalism. Jun 27, 2013 222
A glimpse of sunshine in big sky country: as Myanmar begins to thaw, a group of journalists from that long-isolated country get a taste of a free press during a training program in Montana. Coates, Karen J. Sep 22, 2012 1817
Australian journalism studies after 'journalism': breaking down the disciplinary boundaries (for good). Harrington, Stephen Essay Aug 1, 2012 3782
Teaching media ethics West meets East. Babcock, William A. Jan 1, 2012 1481
Journalism students become investigative reporters. Houston, Brant Jan 1, 2012 853
Newsroom to classroom: books as a thread of connection: with a forthcoming book about undercover reporting--along with a reporter-friendly database of historic examples--a j-school professor keeps her focus on familiar topics. Kroeger, Brooke Essay Dec 22, 2011 1170
Starting over: Donald walking was convicted of murder and home invasion in 2007 and sentenced to 56 years in prison. Spivak, Cary Sep 22, 2011 4178
Learn something new: journalists join the education field. Yang, Nu Aug 1, 2011 368
News literacy: what not to do. Hobbs, Renee Jun 22, 2011 453
Media literacy: learning principles. Hobbs, Renee Jun 22, 2011 409
Questioning the western approach to training: 'international journalism training can have the feel of a quite rigid, institutionalized sense of what must be done even while operating in an environment of increasing contingency and dynamic change ...'. Miller, James Mar 22, 2011 1887
YJS launches training course on journalism quality standards. Jan 4, 2011 176
Is journalism going to the dogs? Opinion piece. Hallock, Steve Sep 22, 2010 1177
Teaching the Science of Journalism in China. Mott, Glenn Sep 22, 2010 2767
Taking those first small steps. Blais, Madeleine Sep 22, 2010 1202
Diploma course in digital journalism. Aug 8, 2010 295
Journalism: English for the 21st century. Wojcicki, Esther Jun 22, 2010 1730
News literacy project: students figure out what news and information to trust. Miller, Alan C. Jun 22, 2010 1488
Critical thinking about journalism: a high school student's view. Chen, Lucy Jun 22, 2010 624
Editorial integrity key to print media's success. Francom, Sarah Ryther Editorial Apr 1, 2010 440
Sexual health education in Newfoundland and Labrador schools: junior high school teachers' experiences, coverage of topics, comfort levels and views about professional practice. Ninomiya, Melody Morton Report Mar 22, 2010 7073
Moving across the border: teaching journalism in Hong Kong. Jordan, Michael J. Mar 22, 2010 1283
Report: J-Schools not making the grade. Brief article Aug 6, 2009 173
St. Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis. Brief article May 1, 2009 158
Are J-Schools Today Taking the Wrong Approach? Porges, Seth Viewpoint essay Apr 3, 2009 882
A time of transition: changing times for an industry and for the Merrill College. Thornton, Lee Apr 1, 2009 813
Balochistan PA demands to introduce journalism in FA, BA courses. Mar 27, 2009 187
Arizona State Gets Bullish on Journalism Education. Brief article Nov 20, 2008 122
Importing Western journalism skills: Canadian trainers teach Iraqi reporters how to avoid boring coverage. Aug 24, 2008 760
Visual Editors to Hold 'Camp Video Journalism'. Brief article Aug 12, 2008 116
Cox Foundation To Support Minority Student Journos. Brief article Jul 24, 2008 231
Journalism school seeks write stuff. Jul 17, 2008 411
Plugged in, left behind. Gup, Ted Brief article Jun 22, 2008 221
A U.S. Journalism Prof Teaches in Saudi Arabia. Hartman, John May 21, 2008 1166
The smiling subversive: And his crusade to produce better-educated journalists. Kunkel, Thomas Report Feb 1, 2008 869
University's free course in journalism. Jan 5, 2008 162
Collaboration among social work and journalism students and faculty: an instructional model. Stone, Susan; Ekman, Eve; English, Deirdre; Fujimori, Sachi Report Jan 1, 2008 4158
Dunlop leaving SLCC-Forets Park. Oct 1, 2007 434
Teaching journalism in the digital age. Sep 22, 2007 1112
Adapt or die of irrelevance: the clash between academic requirements for professors and the education students of journalism need to have grows more intense. Idsvoog, Karl Sep 22, 2007 1886
It's the audience, stupid! At Stony Brook University, thousands of students are learning how to critically examine the news they encounter. Schneider, Howard Sep 22, 2007 2251
The Web resides at the hub of learning: 'for us, the Web is entirely positive: it is a journalistic tool with wondrous powers....'. Lemann, Nicholas Sep 22, 2007 837
How a new j-school takes on a changing profession: CUNY is integrating new digital technologies with the 'eternal verities' of reporting, writing and critical thinking. Shepard, Stephen Sep 22, 2007 1481
Credibility resides at the core of teaching journalism: the challenge involves adjusting to the new rigors of the practice and getting students to think in digital ways. Folkerts, Jean Sep 22, 2007 1637
Teaching what we don't (yet) know: a course about change becomes a constant work in progress as it looks to the newsrooms, audiences and forms of the future. Prendergast, Mark J. Sep 22, 2007 1799
Pushing and prodding Latin American journalism schools to change: a Colombian journalist makes it more likely that students will learn how to 'think online' so they will be prepared to enter the job market in this digital era. Franco, Guillermo Sep 22, 2007 1575
Newsroom training: essential, yet too often ignored: 'only a third of news organizations increased their training budgets in the past five years....'. McLellan, Michele; Porter, Tim Sep 22, 2007 1252
ICFJ Launches Global Business Journalism Program in China. Staff, E&P Feb 13, 2007 259
Students Study 'Critical' Subjects. Crane, Anna Dec 1, 2006 548
How to be a multimedia superhero. Sweeney, Emily Column Dec 1, 2006 825
Be it print or Web, we must always think like storytellers. Hallman, Tom, Jr. Column Dec 1, 2006 1012
Descriptive language can paint wrong picture. Lehrman, Sally Dec 1, 2006 829
The whole picture: when writers and photographers work together, the results can be spectacular. Marshall, Jon Dec 1, 2006 638
Core requirement: although a strong moral compass is necessary to be a good journalist, many schools don't require students to take ethics courses. Peck, Lee Anne Brief article Aug 1, 2006 1289
The great divide: journalism schools around the country are doing their best to churn out students with multimedia skills. But is the industry really ready for them? Birge, Elizabeth Cover story Aug 1, 2006 2091
Disconects, concerns and advice. Birge, Elizabeth Aug 1, 2006 550
Carnegie-Knight initiative puts students on investigative front lines. Daniels, George Aug 1, 2006 1691
How to crack the DNA code of public records. Adams, Joe Aug 1, 2006 848
Edmund B. Lambeth. Brief article Mar 22, 2006 195
J-school applications rising. Brief article Mar 1, 2006 136
If you're thinking an academic career might float your boat ... Wilson, Margo Mar 1, 2006 849
Diversity U.: the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute trains talented minorities to be journalists. Bryant, Erin H. Feb 1, 2006 865
SDX to fund 16 'Ethics Week' programs. Jan 1, 2006 882
Finding a different path into the newsroom: for native students, a summer journalism institute, an online newspaper, and internships can lead to full-time jobs. McAuliffe, Denny Sep 22, 2005 1566
Getting acquainted with newspapers and journalism: students who didn't read newspapers started doing so, and before long they knew a lot about journalism and were inventing news outlets of their own. Tifft, Susan E. Sep 22, 2005 1705
Bringing blogs into the classroom: 'new media' platform gaining steam at universities. Beeson, Patrick Aug 1, 2005 2178
Learning to Get It On the Record. Strupp, Joe Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 244
A challenging experience in Cape Verde. Araujo, Rui Jun 22, 2005 1759
Helping Armenian reporters dig deeper: more in-depth and better-documented stories began to be told after an intensive training program. Fleeson, Lucinda Jun 22, 2005 1749
Advice and guidance for international journalism trainers. Bare, John Jun 22, 2005 2321
Trainers can remain foreign to local journalists: due to cultural and language differences, trainers can be 'regarded as a sort of extraterrestrial as they deliver their advice and lessons.'. Duran, Ragip Jun 22, 2005 1166
Lessons in teaching foreign journalists. Aumente, Jerome Jun 22, 2005 2637
Journalism education that succeeds: students at Tbilisi's Caucasus School learn by immersing themselves in the skills and work of journalism. Idsvoog, Karl Jun 22, 2005 1283
Debating how and why journalists do what they do. Cullen, Kevin Jun 22, 2005 1573
It's tough to find new footholds in journalism. Abraham, George Jun 22, 2005 1806
New tools in telling news stories: in online workshops, Spanish-speaking journalists learn how to convey news in its broader reality. Sack, Daniel Ulanovsky Jun 22, 2005 2194
Teaching journalism, finding a home: a big challenge was balancing 'my strong sense of ethical practice with a desire to avoid preaching an "American way"....'. McLellan, Michele Jun 22, 2005 1416
SPJ revitalizing role as journalism educator. Gratz, Irwin May 1, 2005 839
Training on the go: bring professional development programs into your newsroom with SPJ. Brief Article May 1, 2005 216
A moment in Beijing: Professor: Chinese students breaking journalism barriers. Bosco, Joseph May 1, 2005 851
Schieffer shares knowledge, insight with Maryland students and faculty. Ward, Beth Apr 1, 2005 510
Partnership helps SPJ campus chapter succeed. Lazarski, Maryann Apr 1, 2005 588
A general semantics course in the school of journalism. English, Earl Dec 1, 2004 1608
Bloomberg News, SPJ launch training partnership. Myers, Amanda Lee Oct 1, 2004 564
Partnering with young people: a program to improve child health engages teenagers interested in journalism. Aumente, Jerome Sep 22, 2004 939
Teaching and studying journalism ethics: suggestions for framing journalism ethics course. Black, Jay Aug 1, 2004 1642
The principles of the profession: the actions of a few affect us all. Harshaw, Karla Garrett Aug 1, 2004 763
Ethics in the classroom: preparing journalism students for making tough decisions. South, Jeff Aug 1, 2004 3490
Inside these hallowed halls: how journalism schools are confronting student plagiarism. Whitehouse, Virginia; Nicholls, Julia Aug 1, 2004 1838
Journalism after 9/11: terrorists attacks increased difficulty keeping personal biases in check. Birge, Elizabeth; Nicholson, June Aug 1, 2004 996
On-the-job training: newsrooms double as classrooms to reinforce reporters' decision-making skills. Bressers, Bonnie Aug 1, 2004 3003
Trying times: schools teach about the effects of covering tragedies--for students and victims. Dufresne, Marcel Aug 1, 2004 2537
Reversing youth apathy: universities encourage participation and improved political reporting. Speckman, Karon Reinboth Aug 1, 2004 2238
Dedicating the Knight Center at Lippmann House: the Nieman Foundation works to broaden its reach. Giles, Bob Jun 22, 2004 818
Equipping journalists with tools for emotional balance: a former reporter uses Eastern concepts to prepare future journalists to cope with the stresses of their jobs. Drummond, William J. Jun 22, 2004 1875
Only the methods of stealing are new: plagiarism and fabricating isn't a new phenomenon, but technology makes them easy to commit--and to catch. McKerral, Mac May 1, 2004 843
Busy in Wisconsin. Brief Article May 1, 2004 115
SDX fellowship available. May 1, 2004 444
Hitting home: yet another journalism scandal erupts. Kunkel, Thomas Apr 1, 2004 827
Those who do, teach: journalism schools save money through teaching partnerships with area newspapers. Cirillo, Melissa Apr 1, 2004 646
Look out for more Blairs: many students claim they don't know plagiarism is wrong. Ludwig, Mark Donald Jan 1, 2004 741
Texas A&M offers interdisciplinary J-degree. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 155
J-school launches music-journalism program. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 179
Get ready to step into the ring: in the coming months, this column will help narrative writers with their training. Hallman, Tom, Jr.; Gorman, Kathleen Jan 1, 2004 1008
Mixing young and old to create a new approach. O'Leary, Ellin Dec 22, 2003 1601
Graduate Office, School of Communication. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 260
John S. Knight Fellowships for Professional Journalists. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 216
Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 159
Telling stories. Rosen, Jill Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 234
Back to school. Rosen, Jill Oct 1, 2003 453
Teaching tool works alongside sourcebook. McQueen, Mike Aug 1, 2003 688
Diversity also important for campus media: instilling inclusive values early helps prepare journalists for the real world. Wickham, Kathleen Woodruff Aug 1, 2003 1344
Bringing war into the classroom: the Iraq War helps guide journalism students' critical-thinking skills. Kodrich, Kris Aug 1, 2003 1108
Nixed numerals keep clarity: sentences with a lot of numbers are difficult for readers to digest. LaRocque, Paula Aug 1, 2003 836
Storytelling key to good journalism. Timbs, Larry Jul 1, 2003 1049
BSW Consulting Inc. (People: Ad/PR). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 86
Getting past the 'spin' factor: Connecticut chapter program advises journalists about dealing with "media trained" professionals. Jul 1, 2003 576
Upgrading course offerings: Changing a curriculum can be a difficult task. (Developing Minds). Sudhoff, Doug; Donnelly, Jerry Jul 1, 2003 2008
Deadline reporting: terrorism on September 11. Kay, Linda Jun 22, 2003 2878
News execs and J-students to learn lessons. Moses, Lucia Jun 2, 2003 511
Tribal student journalists balance heritage with future. (around campus). May 26, 2003 588
Tying it together. (Bylines). Wenner, Kathryn S. Brief Article May 1, 2003 195
New directions in ethics: educators consider shifting the focus of classroom ethics discussions. Christian, Sue Ellen Column Apr 1, 2003 4272
San Diego chapter reaches out to mentor at local high school. (SPJ Report). Mar 1, 2003 636
Program benefits young journalists. (SPJ Report). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 253
Looking over our shoulders: anyone who knew Ed Bliss will be forever trying to live up to his standards. (Broadcast Views). Potter, Deborah Mar 1, 2003 832
Knight Journalism Fellowships offered at CDC. (Notice to Readers). Brief Article Feb 14, 2003 277
Young journalists pass on entering profession: youth publications are full of talented kids--who often choose not to pursue journalism careers. (Developing Minds). Yeung, Bernice Feb 1, 2003 1111
Is J-School a joke? (Press & Media). Jan 1, 2003 456
Melding the competing demands of basic skills and emerging issues in journalism: at Berkeley, a professor is using weblogs as a new approach to teaching both. (Journalism Education). Grabowicz, Paul Dec 22, 2002 1154
The bridge between the classroom and journalism: the purpose of journalism education can't be addressed without determining why journalists do what they do. (Journalism Education). Woo, William F. Dec 22, 2002 1095
Journalism's road to becoming a profession: there are key roles for educators to play in this transformation. (Journalism Education). Meyer, Philip Dec 22, 2002 960
What journalism schools do best: important lessons are taught in the much-maligned `skills courses.'. (Journalism Education). Day, Nancy Dec 22, 2002 1233
Passing along the magic of journalism: journalism stands apart from other academic pursuits. (Journalism Education). Maharidge, Dale Dec 22, 2002 1125
Chapter provides outlet for input. (Headlines). Brief Article Dec 1, 2002 239
Scholarships. (Special Advertising Section). Oct 1, 2002 410
Teaching journalism students to report on science; they learn how to put science into its broader economic and social context. (Science Journalism). Starr, Douglas Sep 22, 2002 1715
J-students get life-imitates-art lesson. Strupp, Joe Brief Article Sep 2, 2002 323
Catch your assumptions early: getting story input before approaching sources can broaden a story's focus. (Varying the Voice). Ramirez, Raul Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 654
Columbia's e-mail on mission raises debate. (In-Brief). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 188
The Freedom Forum honored three college professors for outstanding teaching and leadership in journalism instruction. (People & Places). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 405
Expand your contacts and improve your coverage: new resource available for reaching diverse sources. Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 389
High school educators' program yields unexpected benefits. Kresnak, Jack Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 656
Academic pursuit. (Bylines). Wenner, Kathryn S.; Matacic, Catherine Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 142
Should we teach for today or tomorrow? Educators struggle to prepare students for a high-tech profession. (From the Editor). Mohl, Jeffrey D. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 334
Cross - training: in an age of news convergence, schools move toward multimedia journalism. South, Jeff; Nicholson, June Jul 1, 2002 1242
What about diverse faculty? Academia isn't reflecting society, students or the news profession. McQueen, Mike Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 2653
Revitalizing high school newspapers; putting out their newspapers, students learn how to stand up for their beliefs. (Nieman Notes). Knight, Athelia Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 991
Do classes make a journalist? Many journalists say education is important, but not required. Barton, Gina May 1, 2002 2208
'We're taught to document history': students from Western Kentucky University showcase their work from the Sept. 11 attacks. (Developing Minds). White, Doug Brief Article May 1, 2002 823
Journalists in the Making. Smillie, Dirk May 1, 2002 2116
Journalism at Maryland. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 397
New graduates: prepare for 'techno-shock': There are big differences between the technology in classrooms and some newsrooms, but basic skills apply to reporting from both locales. (Developing Minds). South, Jeff Mar 1, 2002 1540
Back to business. (Bylines). Wenner, Kathryn S. Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 166
Serious business: the terrorist attacks have impelled many journalism students to look at their future profession in a new way. Campbell, Don Jan 1, 2002 2577
Of Men and Morals (Investigating Human Behavior). Resources for Courses in World History, World Literature, Journalism, Psychology (for High Schools and Community Colleges). Fulbright-Hayes Summer Seminars Abroad Program, 2002 (Hungary and Poland). Shuhgalter, A. Jan 1, 2002 192
General Semantics in journalism: Introduction. Ranly, Don Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 937
Corrigan named national adviser of the year. Merrett, Tammy Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 907
A One-Man Grad School. Castaneda, Laura Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 593
Grad schools benefit from sluggish economy: When jobs are hard to come by, many journalists consider going back to school. (Developing Minds). Woodhams, Fred Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 688
Access fundamentals. Sep 1, 2001 2900
Teaching journalists to be human. Dankoski, Stanley Sep 1, 2001 1094
Make a difference in a student's life -- join the Society's mentor program. Grimes, Julie Sep 1, 2001 623
Journalism and Mass Communication Educators' Career Choices: When and Why They Entered College Teaching. Olson, Lyle D. Aug 1, 2001 194
CURRICULA GO HIGH-TECH. Nicholson, June Jul 1, 2001 3144
Picking the right school. WHITEHOUSE, VIRGINIA Jul 1, 2001 1401
Hong Kong University Centre for Journalism and Media Studies. Brief Article Jun 22, 2001 255
Mary Kay Magistad was named a Radcliffe Institute Fellow for the upcoming academic year in the field of "nonfiction/journalism". Brief Article Jun 22, 2001 137
Drawing students into the field. (NCEW Foundation). Denton, Tommy Jun 22, 2001 818
Plugging in: Teaching today's technology. Broderick, Jim May 1, 2001 1908
MURDOCH TAKES THE FLOOR IN GORE'S CLASS. Brief Article May 1, 2001 108
GHIGLIONE NAMED NEXT DEAN OF MEDILL. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 132
Focus on work and learning. BENNETT, BECKY Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 566
Good news for school papers. (Innovators). Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 382
Universities Teach Journalists Valuable Lessons. Giles, Bob Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 808
Creating a Network of Young Reporters. Becklund, Laurie Mar 22, 2001 2109
Sparking a Passion for Journalism in High School. Klos, Diana Mitsu Mar 22, 2001 1090
Let Us Now Praise Good Reporting on Race. Morgan, Arlene Notoro Mar 22, 2001 2388
People. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 637
No summer internship? It's not too late. HOLDEN, RICH Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 869
More than `Life's Pretty Parts'. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 230
Keeping dead cats and 'brights' in AP style. DALLY, MICHELLE Jan 1, 2001 2192
Training Tomorrow's Journalists in a Global Medium. Aumente, Jerome Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 772
Ethics Corner. Wolper, Allan Brief Article Nov 13, 2000 818
Media High. Simmons, Greg Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 366
REACT & REPLY. Letter to the Editor Oct 1, 2000 1572
Literary Nonfiction Constructs a Narrative Foundation. Blais, Madeleine Sep 22, 2000 1458
Howard Simons' Legacy Lives On. Greene, Marcia Slacum Brief Article Sep 22, 2000 717
Education is more than a classroom exercise. MOHL, JEFFREY D. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 1051
REACT & REPLY. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 604
Pooling resources: The pros and cons of PR in J-school. Guppy, Macy Aug 1, 2000 2138
Journalism ethics classes: Do they make better journalists? Barger, Wendy; Elliott, Deni Aug 1, 2000 1607
Louisiana students learn live lesson in breaking news. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 236
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (83rd, Phoenix, Arizona, August 9-12, 2000). Miscellaneous, Part III. Aug 1, 2000 301
A College and a Magazine. KUNKEL, THOMAS Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 500
Connecting Native American Students to Journalism. Gutierrez, Bridget Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 354
Surreal state requirements impossible to meet. Corrigan, Don Jul 1, 2000 1240
John C. Merrill: 'There's less and less journalism going on'. Corrigan, Don Interview Jun 1, 2000 2380
Network at SPJ. Jun 1, 2000 2424
Lessons learned: Evaluating J-education. MERRILL, JOHN C. Jun 1, 2000 1427
The clause and effect of writing. LAROCQUE, PAULA Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 920
April Fools. Pollack, Joe Brief Article May 1, 2000 354
Amateurs teaching amateurs. Pollack, Joe May 1, 2000 524
A valuable lesson learned. NIEDERPRUEM, KYLE ELYSE Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 909
Journalists, protect our young. LATTIMORE, LAURIE A. Apr 1, 2000 1288
A new media curriculum. LANGER, RALPH Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 416
Thomson graduates its first class. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 211
HERE. Bishop, Ed Dec 1, 1999 1029
Who's better for j-schools? It's academic, SPJ hears despite the eternal 'ph.d.s vs. the pros' debate, students say it doesn't make a whole lot of difference. Fitzgerald, Mark Oct 9, 1999 600
From Columbine, new beginnings. Fitzgerald, Mark Brief Article Sep 4, 1999 150
Kirtley takes teaching job. Brief Article Jul 3, 1999 376
Happy grads give newest training classes an 'A+'. Strupp, Joe Jun 19, 1999 611
A Campus Newspaper War in Wisconsin. Lisheron, Mark Apr 1, 1999 1155
Falling in Love With Words and How Journalists Use Them. Wenner, Kathryn S. Mar 22, 1999 1838
Teaching Journalism by Adhering to Unchanging Standards. Day, Nancy Mar 22, 1999 2342
Riding the Digital Wave Into Journalism: Is It the Best Wave for Students to Catch? Isaacs, Stephen D. Mar 22, 1999 1449
Are Minorities Getting a Fair Shot At Journalism Jobs? Oppenheim, Carolyn Toll Mar 22, 1999 2831
New Media Initiative leads to ideal online classroom. Mar 20, 1999 355
Dear Diary ... Student keeps record of online internship. Mar 20, 1999 477
Thomson creates its OWN j-school. Stone, Martha L. Mar 20, 1999 1034
A change in style. Kirtz, Bill Mar 1, 1999 1038
Preparing J-school students for new media convergence. Outing, Steve Jan 2, 1999 907
Maryland Journalism Will Be ... Just That. Cleghorn, Reese Jan 1, 1999 574
Shop around for best journalism school. Barnsley, Paul Oct 1, 1998 1035
'Fakes, Lies And Videotape,' Food Lion Slams ABC. Noack, David Aug 29, 1998 695
A photo education. Highland, Jim Jul 1, 1998 1280
J-School Wasn't Such A Bad Idea After All. Stein, M.L. Jun 27, 1998 613
The need for expert education reporters. Interview Mar 22, 1998 1722
I can teach any student to write opinion. Anderson, Laird B. Jun 22, 1997 820
Editorial writing teacher learned the hard way. Rystrom, Ken Jun 22, 1997 544
Accrediting Council fails commentary. Fuller, Harry Jun 22, 1997 694
Extra credit. Shepard, Alicia C. Jun 1, 1997 4816
In praise of young guns. Rieder, Rem Jun 1, 1997 828
Scholarship available (Gil Purcell Memorial Journalism Scholarship for Native Canadians). Jan 1, 1997 160
Reality check, part II. Rowitz, Mary Nov 1, 1996 1499
19 items top Pauley report: task force urges broadcast education changes. Case, Kristin Nov 1, 1996 1096
Bridging the gap: professional journalists and journalism educators should join forces to strengthen both of their domains. Hamilton, John Maxwell; Izard, Ralph Oct 1, 1996 1926
Travails of a textbook author. Mencher, Melvin Sep 22, 1996 4657
Teaching Western journalism. Murray, Geoff Sep 22, 1996 1714
J-school reality check. Dudley, Paul Sep 1, 1996 1248
Quest for perfect lead may turn into disaster for writer: hackneyed, trite beginnings spell doom for bored readers. LaRoque, Paula Column Jul 1, 1996 846
Some universitries begin to rewrite the story of journalism education: report documents trend toward producing generalists. Kees, Beverly Jul 1, 1996 4420
Taking risks works when author turns back on poor prose. LaRocque, Paula Column Jun 1, 1996 854
Survival strategies for J-school graduates. Aumente, Jerome Mar 22, 1996 838
Cliches to live by. Hart, Jack Feb 10, 1996 786
Journalism 101 and the O.J. trial. Conn, Earl L. Nov 11, 1995 632
New education for journalists. Johnson, J.T. Sep 22, 1995 3417
Tracking myths about journalism education. Hernandez, Debra Gersh Sep 16, 1995 836
Double up on journalism? Wolper, Allan Sep 9, 1995 735
What J-profs should be teaching you. Tortora, Andrea Column Jul 22, 1995 1766
A self-centered problem? Stein, M.L. Jun 17, 1995 891
Journalists as writing instructors. Fritts, Harry W., Jr. Column May 20, 1995 640
What makes a great journalism school. May 1, 1995 4050
Experience isn't everything. Sumner, David E. Apr 22, 1995 989
Why journalists should teach. Stough, Charles Column Feb 4, 1995 568
Bring the newsroom's best to the classroom. Overby, Charles L. Nov 1, 1994 392
Making experience count, to a degree. Nov 1, 1994 2868
His message to J-school educators: 'lighten up!' (journalism school) (Column) Corrigan, Don Column Oct 22, 1994 1319
Gannett phases out production coordinators: after 12 years, classroom-to-pressroom fast track will end for production quality specialists at USA Today. Rosenberg, Jim Oct 15, 1994 2464
Journalism educators become more what editors and publishers want. Morton, Linda P. Column Oct 8, 1994 708
A short user's manual for journalism schools. (Toward the Future: Looking at J-Schools, part 2). Cleghorn, Reese Column Oct 1, 1994 479
Where are today's Hemingways? Javers, Ron Oct 1, 1994 959
Here it is: a user's manual for J-schools. Cleghorn, Reese Column Sep 1, 1994 981
Campus mergers and acquisitions. Nelson, Dean Sep 1, 1994 1372
He wants a course in writing columns; Professor Sam Riley tells NSNC meeting attendees about three books he is authoring for such a course. Astor, David Jul 23, 1994 531
Building the rainbow in journalism. Jul 1, 1994 3071
What skills does the journalist require to take advantage of new technology? Fulton, Katherine; Johnson, J.T.; Markoff, John Jun 22, 1994 7022
California editor's group to lobby for j-schools. Stein, M.L. Jun 11, 1994 1043
State of high school journalism: poor; survey shows teachers are often uncertified and untrained to teach the subject; allocated funds are meager at most schools. Hernandez, Debra Gersh Apr 2, 1994 1510
Kids behind the camera: education for the video age. Berwick, Beverly Apr 1, 1994 1162
Empowering young writers with technology. Edinger, Monica Apr 1, 1994 1577
Hoping for a cease-fire in the professor/professional war. Ramey, Mike Column Feb 5, 1994 1231
J-school students saved from photos. Boyle, Patrick Jan 1, 1994 619
Journalism academia out of touch. Corrigan, Don Oct 2, 1993 1316
Register University: in-house newspaper teaching program offers lectures on topics ranging from libel law to foreign languages to analysis of coverage of foreign affairs. Stein, M.L. Sep 11, 1993 1130
Revamping journalism education. Stein, M. L. Aug 28, 1993 1241
Getting it wrong for 16 years. Cleghorn, Reese Editorial Jun 1, 1993 512
Censorship, tight budgets kill high school newspapers. Mar 1, 1993 734
Black colleges look to improve j-schools. Fitzgerald, Mark Oct 3, 1992 521
Future media participants. Panel Discussion Sep 22, 1992 5502
More than just reporting: editors want reporters who care about, connect with communities. Stein, M.L. Aug 29, 1992 819
Notes from the front lines: what journalism students need. Cannon, Keith Column Aug 22, 1992 1091

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