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Study Predicts Rise in Heavy-duty Hybrid Powertrains.

Collaborative product and technology development firm TIAX and industry forecasting firm Global Insight recently released a new report, titled "The Future of Heavy-Duty Powertrains," which predicts that new developments in powertrain technology will lead to the future use of cleaner and more efficient heavy-duty vehicles.

According to TIAX and Global Insight, the study was commissioned by a group of oil companies, engine and vehicle manufacturers, and component suppliers to investigate the impact of more stringent emissions regulations, increased traffic congestion and a shortage of skilled drivers for large vehicles on the heavy-duty vehicle industry in North America, Europe and Japan.

TIAX and Global Insight said the report projects that the new high-efficiency, low-emissions homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) technology will power nearly 40 percent of heavy-duty vehicles by 2020; that 15 to 25 percent of heavy-duty vehicles globally will incorporate either hybrid electric of hydraulic hybrid technology by 2020; and that the demand for self-shifting transmissions technology in heavy-duty vehicles will "increase dramatically" over the next 15 years.

Contact: Twig Mowatt, TIAX, phone 617-498-7366; Phil Gott, Global Insight, phone 781-301-9141.

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Publication:Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Today
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Date:Mar 9, 2005
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