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Study Demonstrates Accurate ABO Blood Typing and Compatibility Testing Using Guava PCA and PCA-96 Benchtop Systems.

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HAYWARD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 26, 2004

Comparison of Guava Technologies' Microcapillary Cytometry with

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics' ID-Micro Typing System(TM) Published in


New data published in the journal Transfusion (Roback JD, Barclay S, Hillyer CD. Transfusion 2004;44:187-196) shows that the Guava(TM) PCA and PCA-96 cell analysis systems can perform blood typing and compatibility testing with great accuracy and sensitivity in the research setting. Scientists at the Emory University School of Medicine demonstrated that blood typing results obtained using either of the Guava PCA systems was of comparable or greater accuracy than that obtained by the currently used Ortho Clinical Diagnostics ID-Micro Typing System.

"Our findings support the feasibility of using Guava's microcapillary cytometry technology as the basis for a fully automated system that offers great accuracy, sensitivity, and quantitation for pre-transfusion blood testing in an easy-to-use benchtop format," said John Roback, M.D., Ph.D., lead author of the article and assistant professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine.

The researchers tested blood samples from 749 hospitalized patients for ABO group and D type, and samples from a smaller group of 428 patients for rare blood incompatibilities (unexpected alloantibodies) using both Guava systems. These results were compared with data from analysis of the same samples using the ID-Micro Typing System. Discrepancies between the two methods were resolved using tube testing. The accuracy of testing when using the Guava PCA systems was comparable to the ID-Micro Typing System for analysis of normal blood samples, and the Guava PCA systems performed better than the ID-Micro Typing System in detecting weak antibodies and mixed-field reactions.

"The majority of blood products used in transfusion medicine are cellular products," commented Peter Christey, Ph.D., vice president, partnerships and new markets at Guava Technologies. "The Guava PCA and PCA-96 are highly versatile, easy-to-use systems for conducting cell analyses. They offer the potential to perform on a single instrument a number of quality control (QC) and product characterization assays in transfusion medicine such as ABO typing, leukocyte reduction QC, cell counting, bacterial detection, antibody screening and other applications. The data generated by the team at Emory University illustrate the capabilities of the Guava in a core blood banking application."

According to the American Association of Blood Banks, demand for blood in the United States averages 38,000 units of red blood cells daily. In all cases, donated red blood cells must be carefully matched as to type and other immunological factors with the recipient patient prior to transfusion.

About Guava Technologies

The Guava PCA systems offer an integrated, optimized approach that takes the guesswork out of single cell analysis and counting. Based on patented micro-capillary technology, the Guava PCA systems are available in three formats: the Guava PCA for single tubes, the Guava PCA-96 for fully automated 96 well plate processing and the Guava PCA-96 AFP for screening fluorescent protein expressing cells in 96 well plates. These cell analysis systems are flexible, highly affordable and ultra-compact, requiring only a few microliters of sample volume, thus saving precious and expensive cells, reagents and compounds. Guava offers a variety of assays and dedicated software modules for the Guava PCA systems, enhancing the system's overall ease-of-use. Guava's systems are for research use only.

Guava Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated, fully optimized microcytometry and cell counting systems. Guava serves the worldwide life science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, offering a state-of-the-art, comprehensive portfolio of products designed to accelerate discovery and increase productivity right at the laboratory bench with accessible, easy-to-use solutions to the biologist's testing problems. Guava's products have broad applications in scientific research, drug discovery, cell counting, and optimization of commercial bioproduction. Guava's technology also offers potential for use in clinical testing and blood processing, as well as other areas where single cell counting is important.

More information about the company and its products is available at

Guava and Guava Technologies, Inc. are registered trademarks of Guava Technologies, Inc. PCA and PCA-96 are trademarks of Guava Technologies, Inc.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 26, 2004
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