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Studio talk.

AT A TIME when public schools across the country are cutting their arts budgets, we thought it both apropos and inspiring to call attention to K-12 institutions where the arts are viewed as an essential element of a child's overall education.

Nichols School in Buffalo, NY, is such a place. In "Making an Entrance," writer Nancy Wozny shares Elaine Gardner's take-all-comers approach in a school that continues to make good on a 43-year long commitment to dance.

Speaking of commitment, Dance Magazine and Dance Teacher have, for a combined total of 110 years, told the stories of the dedicated educators who usher new generations into our field.

For this edition of Studio Talk, we decided to round up a selection of our most recent advice on issues that teachers and studio directors face every day: curriculum planning, discipline in the classroom, preparing students for performance, dealing with parents, working with guest artists, and hiring the right staff. There's sure to be at least one spark among our "Tips and Advice" (starting on page 10) to ignite your creativity!

--Karen Hildebrand, Editor
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Title Annotation:EDITOR'S LETTER
Author:Hildebrand, Karen
Publication:Dance Magazine
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Date:Apr 1, 2009
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