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Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, vol.3, Stereoselective Synthesis, Part B.

Studies in Natural Products Chemistry. Volume 3: Stereoselective Synthesis (Part B). Edited by Attar-Rahman (Elsevier Science Publishing Co. Inc., Box 882, Madison Square Station, New York 10159, 1989. 540 pp. US$165.75) The series Studies in Natural Products Chemistry was initiated by the publishers in 1988. Volume 3 of the series, subtitled Stereoselective Synthesis (part B), comprises 15 chapters in which a wide variety of organic reactions and synthetic strategies are reviewed. The natural products areas spanned include groups of terpenes, carbohydrates, alkaloids, and some anti-tumour agents. Some chapters are directed to the synthesis of particular types of compound, others to the application of particular types of reaction to the synthesis of a variety of natural products. The focus of most chapters is mechanistic and stereochemical, with the development of synthetic approaches in forward strategy and generality rather than retrosynthetic analysis, though the latter is not totally ignored. Stereoselectivity concerns form a significant component of most, but not all, of these review chapters. One chapter, devoted to a synthesis of colchicine, follows the form of a journal article, with experimental details given.

There is much useful review material in this book, and the extensive, up-to-date referencing of individual chapters is particularly welcome. The text is likely to interest specialists in particular areas as well as those more generally interested in the synthesis of natural products. The book is produced from camera-ready copy and it is here that the standard of editing could be improved. It is to be hoped that the publishers will require submission of discs with copy to facilitate editing of future texts.

M.S. Gibson Brock University
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Author:Gibson, M.S.
Publication:Canadian Chemical News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 1990
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