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Studien zur Liebeslyrik Walthers von der Vogelweide.

Heike Sievert, Studien zur Liebeslyrik Walthers von der Vogelweide, Goppinger Arbeiten

zur Germanistik, 506 (Goppingen: Kummeric, 1990). 240 pp. ISBN 3-87452-743-3.

No price given. The aim of this study is the assessment of Walther's

special contribution towards the development of the mediaeval lyric on the basis of

detailed analyses of five songs: L 49,25; L 74,20; L 53,25; L 39,11 and L 51,13 (ch.

v). Introductory chapters outline the background to this analysis, i.e. premises

concerning the task of the literary historian (ch. i), the phenomenon of Minnesang

(ch. ii) and problems of its interpretation (ch. iii). A concluding chapter

concentrates on a number of select topics of Walther scholarship: the chronology

of the love-songs, the persona of the singer, images of women and the role of

society. According to Sievert, Walther's main achievements reside in his

discussions of the relevance and validity of Minnesang and in the introduction of

new roles for the singer, the lady and society, with the potential for diversification

that results from this. These are observations that may not come as a surprise, but

they are based on a careful analysis of the songs in question and a thoughtful

discussion of a good range of the relevant literature. A full bibliography listing

publications up to and including 1986 provides a useful guide to the more recent

literature. [Silvia Ranawake]
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Author:Ranawake, Silvia
Publication:Medium Aevum
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 22, 1992
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